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Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡

vito's ordination song but it's the acoustic and ur listening to it on ur shitty car radio in the rain
  • vito's ordination song but it's the acoustic and ur listening to it on ur shitty car radio in the rain
  • sufjan stevens

i live in oregon and my shitty jeep has a radio that sounds like this and i wanted to make something that sounds like home so here y’all go

Missing Trains at 2am (m)

Word Count: 5,739

Warning: Jimin Smut

A Christmas special based on an anon request I got~

You swung your backpack onto your back, staring up at the green digits that jumped around the grey screen stressfully. Names appeared where others vanished, some turning red as if to spread panic when your eyes checked them. Out of a nervous habit, you chewed on your lower lip, trying to find the specific name you were looking for between the sea of moving letters.

Right then, you found it, and your body froze.


You started running, your feet dragging you forward through the slim crowd of people as fast as they could. Heads turned as your feet collided with the ground like stones, your breath so irregular that you sounded like you were gasping for air. The voices of people you bumped into, their shoulders crashing into yours, chased after you as you kept moving forward, counting the numbers by the staircases like crazy. Nine, ten, eleven, far from the twenty-one you were looking for. Still, time was not showing any mercy to you. As you ran, you could almost feel the seconds pass by, nearing the finish line much too quickly.

Dammit, why had you postponed it until so late at night?

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I believe in you

Such simple words spoken,
To save the soul about to be broken.
Faith in one to live and carry on,
Trust that TOGETHER we will see the next dawn.
Shed not those tears oh darling,
You can conquer with whatever you are dealing.
Please stay strong and carry some hope,
That thread will soon turn in to a rope.
So take my hand and believe what is true,
I will never let go, because my love, I believe in you.


Aged up! Marinette and Adrien 

Kinda inspired by this fic  by bullysquadess in which Chat Noir comes back after two months on holiday and PUBERTY IT HIM LIKE A FRKNG TRUCK and Mari is like “wtf is this”.


I was going to wait until I drew the all 7 of them but turns out that I don’t have patience at all so whatever I’m not planning on drawing the rest of them so I’m posting it.



Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself

i’m so scared for them

A LOOK!!!!! AN ICON!!!!!!!!