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Motion drew her gaze down to her hand and she watched, half-horrified, as her wand followed Akko as she walked past. Then Akko stopped, and Diana’s heart jumped into her mouth.

“That’s weird, it’s not… pointing… oh.” Akko followed the line of her own wand and met Diana’s eyes, a flush spreading high across her cheekbones. Diana could have enjoyed it more if her own wand weren’t revealing where her thoughts had wandered during their search.

Fan art for A Believing Heart. @pageoflore


He’s my favorite. Great suggestion, anon! (。・ᴗ-)✧

Thank you for your kind words! ♡

sooo this post inspired the outfit and as I found time to squeeze some drawing in have a go!!

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bruh can i request a guanlin as a barista scenario?? ur a tru homie thanks

aight AIGHt i got u my dude 

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THIS IS KINDA LONG SO ITS UNDER THE CUT BECAUSE I GOT CARRIED AWAY LMAO . it’s not that good either??? could definitely be a little out of character, but !!! I tried as best as I could while being rushed to do it so I hope it’s not too terrible !

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six of crows, @lbardugo || for one of them, revolution is something big, something he admires, something he’s part of. it’s grand and includes fires, set ablaze by sparks. for the other, just kissing another boy is enough. for him, revolution is slow, but steady, and starts by loving a sharpshooter.


Favourite female character: Lacie Baskerville  

I’m usually not much of a fan of female characters, but I love Lacie. She’s so whimsical and pretty and wise. 

I believe in you

Such simple words spoken,
To save the soul about to be broken.
Faith in one to live and carry on,
Trust that TOGETHER we will see the next dawn.
Shed not those tears oh darling,
You can conquer with whatever you are dealing.
Please stay strong and carry some hope,
That thread will soon turn in to a rope.
So take my hand and believe what is true,
I will never let go, because my love, I believe in you.

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May I have some headcanons of Todoroki, Iida and Midoriya having an overprotective, quirkless SO please?

Sure thing dear! I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it =)


- It depends on where his partner gets overprotective. Do they show it by writing him messages to ask if he’s okay? Do they drop by often if he’s in the hospital or to bring him food and something to drink so he stays hydrated? He’s entirely fine with that and he secretly loves that his partner cares enough to actively seek him out.

- Should they show their protectiveness by asking him to stay away from fights or by getting between him and confrontations, he doesn’t feel comfortable with that. For one, he can fight and two, he doesn’t want to feel like his partner thinks he’s incapable of doing things by himself.

- If they are overprotective because they are scared or worried, he takes the time to reassure them and to ask them if there is something they both can do to make his partner feel more at ease. If it helps, he writes them messages or calls them whenever he’s back from a fight safely or to tell them if he’s in the hospital.

- Todoroki is always going to be honest with them and to him, it doesn’t matter if his partner has a Quirk or not, he trusts them to take care of themselves and all he asks is that his partner trusts him to do the same.


- At first, he’s at a bit of a loss on what to do when his partner gets overprotective, though he makes sure to talk things out with them. What prompted them to become overprotective and why?

- If it is because they are worried or they don’t want him to feel like he needs to fight alone and they don’t have his back, he is very touched and lets them know he is happy they want to be there for him.

- Iida also makes sure to reassure his partner that he can take care of himself and that they can trust him to stand his ground. If they insist to speak for him during confrontations, he might get upset with them though, since it makes him feel like his partner doesn’t have faith in him.

- He asks his partner if there are ways for them to feel more relaxed when he’s out and fighting. To him, it doesn’t matter if his partner has a Quirk or not, as long as they don’t throw themselves headfirst into fights without any knowledge on how to defend themselves. If they do that, especially to protect him, he’s angry at himself for letting it happen and upset with them for doing something so reckless.


- Since he knows what it feels like to be quirkless and still wishing to do something, he understands his partner very well if their protectiveness stems from them knowing they can’t partake in a fight between Quirks and therefore, can’t be there to help him.

- Midoriya sits down with them to talk things out, so they know how and when he gets involved with fights and what sort of risks he is willing to take and what not. He hopes they’ll be able to realize what fights are dangerous for him and which are not in the future, so they’re less worried about him.

- If his partner just wants to be there for him and to let him know that he can count on them and that they’re willing to fight with him, he can’t help but smile and blush. It is hard though, for him to accept that kind of moral support, since he’s rather used to being on his own during confrontations or arguments. He also reassures them that he is standing his ground now and other people don’t get to push him around anymore.

- Should his partner go overboard with their protectiveness, he lets them know that he’s not okay with it. He is a hero and he will stay one, this is his future and he will get into fights again and again. He needs his partner to respect that and to trust him to know what he’s doing and to ask for help if he needs it.

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YOUR BLOG MADE ME WATCH GEKKAN SHOUJO NOZAKI-KUN AND OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I just finished the anime today~ so cute. But I wanted that kiss!!!!!

aww i’M so glad you watched it and liked it!! i hIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMMEND reading the manga though like you get SO much more including

* NOZAKI’S YOUNGER BROTHER MAYU who is HILARIOUS with his mikorin interaction  + chiyo’s supportive younger bro + seo’s older bro + nozaki’s lil sis
* just amazing moments like seo pretending to be mikorin’s girlfriend and kashima getting a makeover and nozaki and mikorin acting like school punks
* chiyo touching nozaki’s butt


Where did you get the idea you can sit around all day doing nothing?

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R.P. - kik

//Here you can see a stagnated process of drawing Cas complicated face and a semi ok stagnated progress with drawing Dean.


I-I’m hijacking this live……I-I’m sorry……

Umm……I’m sorry I hijacked this live. If you win I’ll give it back……

I lost……I’ll give you your live back.

I won……I’m sorry……

this is the cutest hijack event ever omg

I♡B can take over my lives any day, I wouldn’t complain www too bad I need to beat him in order to get enough points for the event card……