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🌹 with Paper? (preferably with a small picture of OJ next to him)

🌹 Hanahaki disease ft. Paper 🌹

This is the last request of the edgy art meme that I’ll do. Thank you all for your requests! I usually never get any asks whenever I reblog those things.


Smol and cute ball of energy Xiumin hyping up the crowd (≧◡≦)
From my EXO’rDIUM in Singapore fancam!


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE |  adoringjensen vs galaxystiel
round 28 | Brothers + Favourite Outfits | Dean’s Henleys & Sam’s Red Plaid

Neil takes up a hobby

A concept: Neil Baking™.Just sayin’

  • okay, so neil and andrew are mindlessly flicking through channels on tv when they stumble upon one of those baking shows where they teach you how to make aesthetic cakes
  • neil is intrigued™
  • he sees andrew’s eyes light up at the prospect of the sugary goodness
  • so decides he needs to make it for him
  • he tries smth and goes to matt (god bless his soul)
  • matt suggests to start with smth more simple so he doesn’t poison andrew
  • so he tries making brownies (emphasis on tries) 
  • he’s proud.they’re a little burnt but otherwise they seem okay
  • so he gives them to matt
  • poor matt didn’t know what he was signing up for
  • he nearly chokes on them, but tells neil they’re great,yeah, keep goin kiddo
  • cue matt nearly dying from food poisoning many attempts later
  • nicky finds out, so he decides to help neil (don’t tell me nicky can’t make the best cakes ever)
  • and so, neil manages to make That One Cake that he saw on TV
  • everyone is impressed™ it’s actually really good
  • “wait until andrew tastes it” nicky laughs
  • neil, all flustered and blushing just shoves the plate of cake under andrew’s nose while they’re on the roof
  • andrew is only a little confused 
  • lbr he probably figured neil was up to smth when he showed up covered in flour one day
  • “what’s this?”
  • “cake…i made it”
  • “this better not kill me josten”
  • andrew takes a bite and… it’s rly good???? wtf
  • “234 josten”
  • neil beames he’s so happy andrew likes it


  • neil making exy related sweets, the junkie
  • like orange paw cookies
  • cookies in the shape of exy raquets
  • andrew is not amused
  • not even a little
  • nicky takes a shit ton of photos of them and puts one on their wall


  • andrew ordering obnoxious desserts just to see if neil will make them
  • which he does spectacularly so
  • andrew is so proud of his boy, but he’ll never admit it

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh


Seven Seas Treasure & Amulet Fortune!
“Yo, Princess.”

@chiisanahoshi suggested i do an edit of seven seas treasure since i find ikuto’s normal palette so boring… amulet fortune also has a finicky colour scheme, so i included her as well.

this was actually pretty fun to do!