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  • me: *literally just sees One picture of myself*
  • me: *has a full-blown existential crisis*
[Bonus Mode NDRV3 Spoilers]

Maya’s been translating the Izuru events from the bonus game in V3 for me and all I’ve learned is 1) I want to marry Izuru Kamukura and 2) I will literally sell my soul to see his events with Komaeda.

I’m sure this has been brought up countless times before, but I just want to point out the fact that Bill never really addressed Stan by using a nickname. He’s done that for everyone else (question mark, shooting star, pinetree, six fingers, fordsy, etc.), but he’s only ever called Stan by his actual name. Even when he addresses Stan’s family he says “Stan’s family”, not “fez’s family”. He does say “the old man” at one point but that’s about it.

From what I can remember, he’s only used a character’s actual name amongst a myriad of nicknames.

Some advice I randomly found on Reddit that really spoke to me:

Don’t waste time collecting bits of advice on what you’re meant to do with your life from other people, you’ll know when the time is right. Best you can do in the meantime is work on yourself and how you treat others.

Use your skills in your personal life to make the lives of those around you better, even if you never become a radio-nuclear metaphysicist, just by making the lives of the people near you better you are contributing to this world.

Carve your own path. This one is why I wanted to put this post up. You’re not gonna make yourself happy by following in someone else’s footsteps, and life hasn’t prepared a niche for people like you. You’ve gotta find your own way and live your own life, whatever kind of life that may be.

You are resourceful and talented, no matter what you’ll find a way to get by, so don’t get caught up on the idea of careers and all that jazz, none of that is what makes us happy anyway.

Additionally, slow it down and take it easier on yourself. Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you owe it to anyone to do something with it. If you’re staying alive and making people happy occasionally, that’s enough. No reason to put undue pressure on yourself. (x)

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What do you think, how is the first meeting with Mamma and Pappa Næsheim going? Maybe you're up for a drabble/headcanon about this? ♥ Love your blog! Hugs for you!

this was sent the day after the last clip was posted rip….im sorry it took me so long guys but it was ?? really hard for me to imagine this happening for some reason??

  • like. i’m sure it went ok. i’m sure it wasn’t bad. isak was nervous as hell and he combed his hair and wore a nice shirt, and even was nervous as well but he still managed to find it funny how much isak was trying and they got to even’s house and. it was fine. 
  • this meeting i think is primarily to be like ok who’s this guy who’s been taking care of our son and practically living with him, who’s this guy who replaced sonja and is now the New Most Important Person in Even’s Life. 
    • bc i like to think all good parents would wonder those things when their child just had an episode and almost spent a night in jail for being naked outside. after hanging out with this guy all week.
  • but they dont say that, they just smile and shake hands with isak and its a little awkward but even throws them a Look whenever they’re being overwhelming and they remember to tone it down.
    • as per even’s request, they don’t ask questions about isak’s family (yet) or his living situation (too much).
    •  they keep it to school, and friends, and even. 
  • isak stumbles over his words sometimes but he doesn’t say anything that’s inappropriate (thank god) and even’s parents approve of every response he gives. bc they NEED to have SOME evaluation - they can’t have just anyone taking care of even through a depressive episode, ofc they’re gonna be very judgmental.  
  • and even is vividly aware of how little time they’ve been dating, and oh god this is already happening, already feeling so serious. 
    • not just serious, this sort of feels like a job interview. and even can’t stand one second of it.
  • and isak’s ok but suddenly even feels like he can’t take it??? bc while isak just thinks even’s parents want to meet him, even Knows what they’re really asking with all their prods about parties and drinking habits and friends - they’re asking are you good enough to take care of our son?? 
    • sonja passed this test with flying colors but she didn’t turn out to be so great, so even doesn’t think this test is 100% accurate. in fact, he sort of thinks its bullshit.
    • and the fact that anyone would question whether or not isak’s good enough just pisses even off
  • so after a while, even somehow manages to excuse them and drags isak to his room. isak’s slightly confused but he goes along with it, sort of internally thinking what did i do?? i thought i was doing ok??? did i fuck it up??
  • even just slams the door shut and grabs him and says listen it doesn’t matter to me if they like you. i don’t give a fuck if they think you’re God or if they think you’re fucking trash. i don’t care - i’m still gonna be with you either way. i’m still gonna love you either away. we’re gonna stay together either way. you know that, right?
  • isak has no idea where this is coming from but he’s like yeah, of course i know that, i still want them to like me tho????? and you taking me to your bedroom in the middle of a conversation doesn’t really help???????????
  • right. right. of course. even sort of let his head think too much about these sort of things again. so he just smiles and presses their foreheads together and gets himself a moment to breathe, bc fuck with all this thinking he forgot to do basic things like breathing. then he pulls away, nods and pulls isak into a kiss. 
  • they stay in the bedroom a little while bc they need a Break but when they go back, things pick up right where they left off. 
  • even’s mom really likes isak 
    • she remembers how even vaguely explained to her how isak didn’t really have a mother, not the way that most people have mothers, and that makes her biased. 
    • makes her want to take care of him more. so she’s very warm with him, a lot of smiling and the sort of hesitant and polite way he responds, as if he really likes this type of interaction and warmth but isn’t quite comfortable with, doesn’t quite know what to do with himself when he receives it, makes her love him. it really does. 
    • and so she says things like come and get the dishes with me, come help me with this, as if he’s already part of the family. bc he should be as comfortable as family is in this house if him and even are as serious as even makes them out to be.
  • even’s dad doesn’t really know what to think,
    • bc isak is nice and polite and seems to have all the right answers but he’s quiet. he doesn’t really feel like he has a personality. and while even likes to talk and always talks and makes jokes and jabs and laughs, isak just sits there a lot of the time and laughs along and doesn’t say much unless he’s directly spoken to. and even’s father isn’t sure if thats bc he’s nervous or because he genuinely has nothing to say. so he tries to save judgement for when isak’s more comfortable.
  • neither parents miss the way isak looks at even, or the way even looks at isak, how they always seem to do it when the other isn’t looking. its not the way even looked at sonja - and they can’t quite say what’s different about it but something is different about it. and isak - he looks at even like he’s in awe of him. sonja used to look down on even, have a certain haughtiness about her (even at the beginning of their relationship) - but isak sort of looks like he can’t believe he’s allowed to be here, sitting next to him. 
  • he’s self-conscious of course, they notice how he seems to flinch away from even’s touch and catch them looking at him, and how he drops a joke or insult even’s direction but always hesitantly and with a glance their direction. but the longer he stays, the more he seems to reach for even’s touch, the more he sort of loosens up and lets a little bit of his real self show. his guards aren’t completely down but they’re starting to crack a little bit.
  • when isak and even leave, even’s mother hugs them both and even’s father gives isak a strong handshake, a pat on the back and a secret wink that isak’s not sure if he hallucinated or not.
  • the instant they’re out of the house and the door is shut, they exchange a look and both immediately let out a sigh of a relief. 
  • that wasn’t so bad. isak says.
  • wasn’t so bad? that was fucking GREAT. im so proud of you, you did so good. my mom practically worshipped the ground you walked on. 
  • i don’t know if i’d go that far. not bad, though.
  • yeah. not bad
  • yeah. not bad.
Things I, a person who has neither watched nor listened to book of mormon, knows about book of mormon

• it is abt mormons
• they ring doorbells i’m like 86% sure
• to share the good news of our lord and saviour jesus christ
• maybe? is that what mormons do or am I thinking of someone else
• one of them is gay
• they go to war-torn parts of africa to stabilise it with fanfiction idk if this is a joke or what really happens
• they r very excitable
• one of them is andrew rannells
• did i spell it right this time
• i’m learning lots guys look at this

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hi! first of all: amazing blog, this is like a godsend. down to business: i'm writing a world thats a little san junipero-esque in the fact that the human mind is scanned and "translated" into code, then put into a database. Do you know what would happen if such a system crashed? would all the "data" be deleted?

o///o why thank you

Ooooh, transcendence. Neat idea, dunno if I’d be part of the first wave.

Right, business. Serious now.

This is Sam, the Serious Swan. It is now time to be Serious™.

Also got kinda long so imma put this below a readmore ^^

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Hey everyone!

I’m going back to Japan on the 5th of February and this time I ACTUALLY HAVE MORE THAN A DAY AND A HALF TO BE THERE! I’ll be spending my time in Sapporo, Osaka and Tokyo and I was wondering if there were any recommendations you guys would have for me to do while I’m there? (I can’t really do much in Osaka since I’m going there on strictly business) However, in Sapporo I’m going to the snow festival and I’m not sure what else I should look to do there yet? I’ll have a few days in Tokyo to goof off too!

also i updated my blog theme so it’s not christmas anymore

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Just wanted to stop by and ask if you have any new Kabby videos in the works? I love your Kabby vids! Really can't wait to see what you make during s4. And if you're willing to share, I'd love to see some previews. :P

@abbykomskaikru is that you?? I know how much you love previews… :P

Anyway, thanks anon! YESSS I HAVE A MILLION KABBY VIDEOS IN THE WORKS! I’d be happy to share some previews for the ones I’ve started. ♥

Originally posted by kaneabigails

I’ve started these:

kane & abby | wildest dreamsWATCH A PREVIEW HERE!
• will be posted after season 4

kane & abby | unsteadyWATCH A PREVIEW HERE!
• will be posted either during or after season 4
(I’m waiting on a particular scene that might happen, so we’ll see…)

I’m definitely making these but haven’t started them yet:

kane & abby | work songLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• will be posted in March

kane & abby | breathe meLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• will be posted after season 4

And I’ll probably make these but maybe not:

***Please let me know if you like any of these! I’m always more inspired to make a video if I know someone out there wants to see it lol.***

kane & abby | wildfireLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• if I make it, it would be posted after season 4

kane & abby | war of heartsLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• if I make it, it would be posted after season 4

kane & abby | roslin and adama themeLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• if I make it, it would be posted after season 4


Alright then first post will be about my fellow salt bro @kiznais. Even though we only really met over this summer (like for real only for such a short time?) I guess we ended being pretty close in that time (along with the rest of the group). But yeah, Noah is that chill person who can suddenly become a giant piece of salt, but it’s always good salt. Still I sometimes need to remind myself that I’m actually the older one. Because surely, Noah is more mature than I’d ever be at this moment.

But okay, Noah is the friend who can give great advice and will always fight for feminism and (if called out) is ready for war.

One day Noah is going to understand the true meaning of ‘bike is life’, different from me saying that any pedestrian is pretty much asking to die and that if you’re fast enough you can avoid being hit by cars.

Oh and her OCs are so pretty! I love all of them and you should look at them if you can because… yeah beautiful OCs. Sadly my OCs would probably never be able to interact with them ;-;

Also saying ‘GET LIT’ when I have another Smirnoff (and icecream) day!

Comic N-040 “Comfy doesn’t have a T and I’m distressed”

This comic is dedicated to my dog who has started faking wanting to go out so she can steal my spot. Boo, I love you but you’re a jerk.

And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.

live with a man who knows you

do you live with a man who knows you / are you living the life you chose?

Summary: Victor has spent nearly his entire life being cold, from being born in the dead of winter through growing up in northern Russia to deciding to dedicate his life to ice rinks. He’s never thought much of the cold—until spends enough time feeling warm. (Or: adjusting to domestic life in St. Petersburg, the fanfic)

Word Count: 3,569

A/N: Annnnd it’s finished! This one gave me an unusual amount of difficulty to write, but I really, really wanted to do it anyway.  It can also be found posted to AO3 here.

This is the second of a few fics I plan to write for follower requests after I hit a milestone about a week ago. @subteraneans and @demisexualmako both asked me for domesticity in St. Petersburg, and @comet-kind requested something fluffy and sweet and snowy for the season. The two requests ended up in combination here. 

Thanks to @subteraneans for helping me with Russian terms of endearments, and happy belated birthday to @comet-kind, who shares the day with Victor!

Call it a weakness, but if there is one thing that will keep Victor lingering in a store for hours, it is the search for a perfect pair of leather gloves.

He has a whole drawer full of them in his closet, bunched behind soft-knitted scarves and few mismatched fuzzy socks. Yuuri discovers this when helping Victor pack up his room in Hasetsu, his eyes wide with a disbelief Victor rarely gets the pleasure of seeing on him in such a mundane setting. There have to be at least fifteen pairs, he points out. Yuuri pulls each pair one by one from the fingertips and deposits them on the floor in front of him in a damning spread of evidence. For what on earth does Victor need so many pairs of gloves?

The answer is simple: absolutely nothing.

Victor likes the scent of leather. It’s that somewhat sweet, somewhat sharp tang that wears away with age but never fully disappears. He breathes it in from his hands when it clings to his palms and cracks it in the air when he curls his knuckles, flexes fingers with each new glove pulled snug. Good leather, soft leather is pleasant to touch. And most importantly, whether each pair of gloves is lined with fur or fabric or nothing at all, they keep out the cold. 

He jokes to Yuuri that since he has to wear cheaper, moisture-wicking gloves for exercise when he’s skating, he’s had to buy so many other nice ones to make up for all the lost time. Yuuri rolls his eyes and tells him this is absolutely terrible logic. 

Victor laughs and falls back with his head in Yuuri’s lap, holding up a white fleece-lined glove to Yuuri’s cheek.  “Hm,” Victor murmurs. “Perhaps a brighter color would be better with your skin-tone, Yuuri.”

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One of my work for the Uni.


folkin around // panic! at the disco

SPOILER WARNING and some thoughts this morning, but…

As vague as Final Fantasy XV’s lore is, according to the Wiki page the FF series has, Ifrit betrayed the kingdom of Solheim, causing it to fall after cursing people with a parasitic virus called the Starscourge. In order to combat this, the Astral Bahamut selected the first Oracle from the Fleuret family to help combat and heal the Starscourge before it brought upon eternal night and daemons. Also, as they mentioned that the one of the first king of Lucis when the nation was formed was chosen to fight alongside the Astrals with the help of the Oracle to combat the darkness. But the conflict caused so much destruction that it basically was viewed as a holy reckoning by those who didn’t understand the power these Astrals had unleashed.

But according to the Wikipedia page, the Trials of the Six is noted only two thousand years ago, meaning that there’s a really good chance that nobody has ever made a pact with the Astrals like that until that time.

And guess who was king of Lucis about two thousand years ago? Or, at least, going to be?

Ardyn. He was chosen by the Astrals to help them find a way to end the daemons and ease the Starscourge that Ifrit had let out. But perhaps in the wake of destruction they left, Ardyn took the brunt of it all. The Astrals are still beings that seem rather surreal, so you can’t necessarily blame a god for wrecking things.

But you can blame a man for helping them destroy the nation. So as Ardyn was doing his task to heal the Starscourge, he ended up taking the demons inside of him harboring them until somehow, they can be cleansed and Ardyn can fulfill his duty to the Astrals and return to his kingdom once again.

However, things didn’t go the way they planned. Ardyn did everything right in the scenario, but perhaps when he returned back to Lucis, the king he put in charge (Izunia, I believe?) called him to become a demon, a monster, a destroyer of their home in the wake of the Starscourge’s devastation. And perhaps it was then that Ardyn’s corrupted and daemonic nature began to show, the effects of the Starscourge that he harbored in his way to remedy the daemons. And when Ardyn left, hoping to die in sorrow and grief, the Astrals claimed he was ‘too corrupt’ to enter into the afterlife. A man such as Ardyn could not be allowed to pass in such a state, and so, they too betrayed him.

Perhaps thinking back on it though, Ardyn could have avoided this fate. The daemons are infecting people that turned into these monstrous creatures of darkness because light was unable to reach them. But think about it: when Noctis and the others in the party kill a daemon, they merely vanish into a violet haze. All daemons disappear like this, even Ravus when he was transformed. They merely go back up to the darkness that the Oracle usually keeps at bay, and it’s hoped that it stays there. And yet, Ardyn became a host to daemons. Why?

Because, what if, Ardyn thought these people would be saved? He kept the daemons within himself, their souls and spirits, twisted by the darkness, because – at the expense of his own life – he thought the Astrals could save them? He fought so hard to contain the daemons so that they too may find peace in the Astral realm, or whatever their equivalency to paradise is. But his thoughts were too generous, and he ultimately found out that the Astrals would never help those afflicted with the Starscourge, only condemn them for turning in the first place.

Even Ardyn quotes it in a vague sense. ‘His body would come to host a myriad of daemons, that countless lives be spared.’ Ardyn was sparing daemons, saving those that were alive, and yet it still wasn’t enough. His kindness and his compassion for others became his downfall.