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Thanks for the earlier clarification; totally makes sense! That in mind, I'm going to ask for something completely different now, haha. I loved your fic with Wells/Raven and would love to see another, this time in an Ark AU in which they don't come to Earth and Raven is still with Finn, but she somehow keeps running into Wells all over the place... (background Bellarke is a bonus, though interpret this fic to your heart's desire!) Thanks!! (& if I've effed up again w/the guidelines let me know!)

The first time Raven Reyes meets Wells Jaha, he’s with Clarke Griffin, and he says, “Hey, can you settle an argument for us?”

They’re in line waiting for rations, Raven out of her usual station because she had work to do. She’s not used to being noticed by people as well off as the two of them, and the question startles her. “What?”

“My friend here,” he says, jerking his head to Clarke like Raven doesn’t know who either of them is, “thinks that soccer is a better game than baseball.”

“It is!” says Clarke. “You know what’s always happening in soccer? Something. You know what’s always happening in baseball? Nothing!”

“So, can you just tell her she’s wrong? It’s two-to-one, Clarke.”

“She hasn’t said anything yet.”

Wells is looking at Raven, eager and expectant. It’s strange, talking to him like they’re friends. Raven’s never had many of those in the first place, and none of them have been anything like Wells Jaha. And she just met him

“Uh, I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer this question,” Raven says. “I don’t know much about sports.”

“Yeah, but you trust me, right?” Wells asks, and Raven almost bristles, but he looks so open and easy, so unlike he’s saying it because he’s the Chancellor’s son. “More than her. Look at her, you can’t trust her.”

Clarke rolls her eyes. “Your pandering for votes is nauseating, Wells. And I’m clearly way more trustworthy than you.”

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I'm always here for any and all pro Clarke drabbles! I'm in a weird place where I feel like Clarke's been pigeonholed/predisposed to be the 'bad guy' in fics b/c of s2+s3 so far... like she'll always be 'greater at fault' b/c she chose herself/to leave/to stay/left once may leave again/etc. It feels somewhat expected in fandom that she apologize for not knowing how to deal with her trauma? Even sympathetic portrayals imply she's gotta grovel to make it right? (idk this just feels true to me atm)

I struggle with this so hard! Mostly because I write from Bellamy’s POV a lot, and there are many tangled feelings there I think when it comes to Clarke and her choices recently. It can influence my own views on Clarke, which I am trying to keep separate because in my heart of hearts, I feel like Clarke leaving really was the best decision because it was what she wanted.

Clarke Griffin, since landing on the ground, has rarely made a decision for her own benefit. Not that any of the other characters have had that chance either, but Clarke in particular, with her mantle of leadership (which yes, she shares with Bellamy, and Monty too after the Mountain, but also an extra, solitary one placed on her and her alone by the Grounders), sacrificed so much of her morals, and principles, of herself, that I trust she knows what’s best for her. Even if I was screaming at her not to leave, to stay with her people and let them help her heal, Clarke alone knows what Clarke needs (yes this sounds weird because she is a fictional character but w h a t e v e r she is real to me). 

Personally, my own headcanon is that Clarke also knows herself well enough to realize that if she had stayed, Bellamy would have felt it was his job to fix her when she fell apart. And I say when, because it was inevitable. The trauma she went through was unbelievable and a fracturing was bound to happen. Clarke knew just how much it would hurt to go through that herself, and she also knew how much it would hurt Bellamy to witness that. He would try to put her back together again; he would undoubtably feel it was his duty to help her. He would plainly just want to as well. Clarke would never want to put that impossible burden or pressure on him, would never want to put him in a position of potentially ‘failing’ to help her heal. That might kill him more than it would her, and she loves him (yes loves, however you want to qualify that - platonically, romantically, whatever) enough to not put him through that. It may not be the only reason she left, or even the main one, but I believe it is in-character of her enough to make it at least part of her decision. (And not just put Bellamy through that either - she wouldn’t want Monty or her mother or Raven or anyone she cared about to watch her crumble. She loves them too much to hurt them that way, even if she obviously wasn’t trying to).

Yet again as we move into season 3, we see Clarke choosing what is best for her people (staying in Polis to hold Lexa to their agreement) over what she wants (don’t tell me she doesn’t want to go home - the sheer look of relief and happiness in her eyes when she realized Bellamy was there to rescue her from Roan says it all). However: all Bellamy sees is her refusing to go with him, to stay with him again, which is completely understandable from his point of view. It is extra painful for us as third-party viewers, because we know that Octavia is thinking of leaving, and we know that Gina just died. 

Clarke doesn’t know these things. Clarke doesn’t know the weight Bellamy has had to carry in the last few months (Jasper acting out, Monty struggling with his guilt, him struggling with his own guilt, Octavia’s rebelliousness and issues with Lincoln) though I’m sure she can imagine. But also: Bellamy has no idea how lost Clarke has been, how much Lexa’s betrayal really hurt her because of their romantic entanglement, how responsible she feels for all of this and how she probably views it as her burden and her burden alone to make sure Trigedakru holds their deal this time, because she was the one who trusted them the first time around. Clarke is smart enough to not make the same mistakes twice. She will make sure Lexa honors their new alliance if it’s the last thing she does, even if she loses Bellamy and the loyalty and trust of her people in the process. 

tl;dr: Clarke and Bellamy are both hurting, in different ways, and neither one of their pain outweighs or outranks the other.