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yall, when I was twelve I would have thought “mendel eats dirt” was hilarious. I know anthony is young but I don’t think he’s gonna break because he saw a silly meme that causes no harm. all these 20 something year olds keep writing long posts saying “I cannot believe someone would tell anthony about this, ugh he’s so young and he doesn’t deserve this” its a joke about eating dirt???? nothing innapropriate, nothing crude. really it’s not a bad thing. it’s just a silly joke that people thought anthony would like! and he did! just… treat him like a 12 year old. a normal 12 year old who finds stupid jokes funny


@ohgodnotyou dared me to post here my Les Mis fanfictions “top three”, and also to tag the authors. I’m super scared about this because anxiety and stuff and I’m sooo sorry if the tag is bothering you, authors! 

#Number 1
World Ain’t Ready by @idiopathicsmile (I’m not totally sure if that’s the right profile, but the name on ao3 it’s that one…. I’m sorry if I’m tagging random people) —- This is the first e/R fanfiction that I’ve ever read and it’s the first thing I can think about when someone says Les Mis fandom. It’s just… so important for me?????

#Number 2
Forget me not by @just-french-me-up (again I’m sooo sorry for the tag if it’s bothering you çç I need to win this thing) —- this fanfiction it’s so beautiful and so well written that I cried a lot. Really. It’s not really super angst, but it’s just… perfect?!?!?

#Number 3

ooc: That said, sometimes people misunderstand me IRL and it really bugs me. A while back, a coworker constantly got on me about my quiet nature.

IRL example:

Coworker: Why are you so quiet?

Me: *not sure how to explain it* *thinking: because I don’t trust you yet*

Coworker: You’re so quiet, you’re like that girl Carrie from that Stephen King book.

Me: *offended* I-I’d rather not be called that. *thinking: I’m not scary! I just don’t trust you!*

Coworker: What are you like outside of work? Do you talk a lot?

Me: *caught of guard* Um… *thinking: I don’t trust you enough to tell you how I am!*
Coworker: You really should talk more. People think you’re cold.

Me: *thinking: But I like the quiet. And I don’t want to talk when I’m not comfortable. Ugh, why is this so hard for her to get?* It’s just how I am.


Omg - I watched YouTube so much yesterday around schoolwork!! I’m not normally a weak tummy kinda girl, but watching the aftermath of some of the implants and the pain?? 🤕😣 Ugh!!

One girl, April Munoz on YouTube, did saline (I’m going silicone) under muscle and 780cc from a little smaller breast size than me. She also went under arm for her incision. It was a no bullshit, obviously excruciating recovery. 😯 Scared me and stressed me, but I watched every vid she did. I’m not sure how it ended up, I think 2 months out was as far as she went, actually showing them. I’m confident she continued to fill out differently, after. Also worried now about the massage part since I don’t know if I’ll have someone available to help me with it and you really gotta push them. I’m hoping I’m strong enough to do what I need to. 😣

The vids were great. I am not gonna be doing that, since I can’t show my face like that (work, family, etc). I may do vids, pics, etc, and just keep my face hidden. So many people just talk and don’t show anything and really? Seeing all of it, even the really painful parts, is important. I’m gonna continue to try to find things like that to watch until it doesn’t make me completely pull a full body cringe. Hehe I’m gonna try to document my progress daily, but if not, at least weekly, when I get mine.

She wound up a DD/DDD. Since I have more available tissue, I will hopefully eek out the F I’m shooting for. It’s terrible that I was looking at hers thinking wow… they look smallish?! And now I wanna ask for mid to high profile. More outie than wide and round. I know it depends on how the natural shape of my breast is for the best look, but I definitely wanna make sure I’m happy off the bat. The Docs I’ve been to just don’t go bigger than 800cc for the first set, sometimes at all. It’s silly that I’m worrying already about them not being what I want. Lol I’m just thinking it’s gonna look proportional to the point of not looking big. I’m a tall girl. Hehe I know, shhhh and be happy. One step at a time, goofy self!

Hopefully mine are relatively pain free by the time I go see Daddy and go to FetCon in August. The moving of the implants in the “pockets” looks so f'n painful. 😲 Here’s hoping I can handle it well enough so that I can get the best results possible The “massage”, aka torture, is apparently terrible and yet needed.

Okay… I’m gonna wander off and go look at more crazy stuff on YouTube. If anyone has any good suggestions on vids, message me!! Not the “how it can go wrong”, don’t be an ass to worry me, but step by steps. Preferably 800cc silicone from a B/C. The # of vids out there is kinda overwhelming, so if you’ve seen something I should see, send me the link, please!! 😚

But I’ve heard you talk about your people like they’re wonderful. That’s how I choose to remember them. The Time Lords of old. But then they went to war. An endless war. And it changed them. Right to the core. You’ve seen my enemies, Wilf. The Time Lords are more dangerous than any of them.

You pull the pan from the oven, sending the overwhelming aroma of brownies throughout the apartment. Slipping the oven mitt off your hand, you lightly tap the top of the chocolate surface, just to be sure they were ready to be birthed into this world of temperatures that rarely reached above 100°. A door opens, but you’re too caught up in the music playing from your speakers in the kitchen to notice. Oblivious to your dancing, two rough hands slide around your waist and fold themselves around you. A chin rests upon your right shoulder and a breath breezes by your neck. “I love it when you have days off,” whispers a pair of lips that gently peck a kiss to the spot right underneath your ear. You giggle softly and slink out of his grasp, turning to face the absolute masterpiece that stood behind you. “I love… brownies,” you say as you fail attempting to hold back a massive guffaw and instead releasing a nerdish snort. His face contorts, squinting his too-blue-to-be-true eyes and scrunching his nose while letting out his own laugh and leaning his forehead on your own. You sneakily reach into the pan behind you and grab a fistful of brownies, keeping it out of his sight. He leans in for a kiss but is more than surprised to receive a mouthful of fresh brownies. His eyes flash open, and you know a war has begun. You dart into the living room using the oven mitt as your shield which, admittedly, was a poor decision. He sprints after you, holding the brownie pan strategically on his hip- a fist readily loaded. A thud sounds far to your left as you realize he’s hit the couch. “It’s good you stuck with music, babe,” you taunt, laughing. “You’ve got terrible aim!” At that, he leaps on top of you and the rug in the middle of the apartment living room, straddling you without losing the brownies. He pauses for a moment, picking out a relatively average sized piece, tosses it in the air about his head, leans back and catches it in his mouth in one fail swoop. “Terrible aim, eh?” He said, licking his lips and dipping his hand back into the brownie pan. By now, you know his plan. You shake your head and attempt to wiggle yourself from between his knees. He giggles and brings his fist out from the pan and over your face. You grow still, accepting your fate. He leans down, hovering over your mouth with his and kisses you, tugging your bottom lip between his teeth and laughing- an evil, low growl coming straight from his chest. The second he moves his face from yours, brownie is smeared all across your pores, into your eyebrows, some up your nose. “It’s a great exfoliator, really,” you say, attempting to show a faux chagrin. Once he finishes his smearing, you drag a finger down your cheek to gather brownie crumbs and hook your elbow around his neck to bring him back down face level with you. “Shit,” he said, and as he does, you shove the brownie-covered digit into his mouth and press it against his gums and pearly whites. He tries to fight it, but you can tell he half way enjoys it.

between the sheets | thirteen

Niall liked him first, but that doesn’t matter, really. Niall still likes him. That doesn’t matter, either. Or, it’s not supposed to, at least, but when it comes to Harry, he’s all that matters.

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Here’s why I REALLY don’t like Jesse’s response to the criticism of Joe and Iris’ relationship

Sure, thank to the whole “Flash” thing, Barry needs more advice. The thing is, we don’t just see Joe advising Barry on how to be a superhero. Joe and Barry talk about EVERY THING. 

We didn’t even get to see Iris telling Joe that she was moving in with Eddie, which was a pretty big fucking deal. 

At this point we see no less than 3 father-son types of relationships with Barry. He has essentially 3 dads on the show.  Iris has ONE father. And apparently, that ONE father thinks his daughter doesn't’t need him. SO what if she’s opinionated? He’s forever giving Barry advice, even when it’s not asked for. That’s what the fuck parents DO. My parents are forever suggesting things that I should do, or that my brother should do. Hell, even JOE was doing that in the front half of the season with the blog. 

Iris DOES need her father, not just for love but also for guidance, but her father is so busy lying to her and trying to protect her from shit he really can’t protect her from that he apparently doesn’t see that. 

man I swear to god if this guy makes one more comment about how “sexy” I am, I’m going to break his fucking jaw
like I clearly said “that makes me really uncomfortable, please never do it again” and he kept on
what the fuck is wrong with this straight boy