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I wanted to draw that ‘I’m a barista at Starbucks and I can never spell your name right, how about you write it down for me and also maybe give me your number?’ au (x) for a long time but in Nyx’s POV. And I finally did it! YAY!

I tried to used the Sexy Librarian Nyx (x) (x) coz I’m pretty sure he needs his caffeine and the cute barista who keeps messing up his name…on purpose.

Sent to Another Dimension starters
  • "...Ugh... Where am I...?"
  • "What- where am I?!"
  • "What happened? How did I-?"
  • "Who are you? Do you live in this place?"
  • "Please help me... I'm not from this world!"
  • "Hey, don't I recognize you from somewhere?"
  • "Don't look at me like I'm crazy! I swear to you, I don't belong in this world!"
  • "You guys do things really differently here..."
  • "Tell me about this world."
  • "(NAME)... I've a feeling we're not in (BLANK) anymore."
  • "You'll help me get home? You mean it?"
  • "Um... Are you okay over there?"
  • "You sure look really strange, stranger!"
  • "What's this you're saying about another dimension?"
  • "Quit paddling on about this nonsense!"
  • "I should take you to a hospital, I think you've gone and hurt your head."
  • "So... Are you some kind of "Extra-Dimensional"?"
  • "Tell me about your world. You know, the one you came from."
  • "Okay, I guess I'll help you out. But only because I pity you!"
Why Lotor Won’t be Redeemed

I’ve seen a lot of stuff about how Lotor is the next Zuko and how he’s going to be getting a redemption arc next season. I pretty sure that’s not what’s going to happen though. I think it’d be cool, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

We really don’t know much about Lotor. We know next to nothing about his backstory and what he’s been doing for the past 10,000 years. We don’t even really know his motives. He doesn’t truly seem to want to take over the empire, seeing as he didn’t do much with it when Zarkon was out of the picture, but he also doesn’t seem to want to destroy it, for much the same reason.

So what do we know about Lotor? Right now, he is in the worst situation he could be. He’s been betrayed by his generals and declared a criminal of the Galra Empire. At this point, he has no one to turn to but Voltron and the rebels. The odds of him actually staying loyal to them, however, are next to zero.

Let’s start with the moment he killed Narti.

When he realizes she’s the reason Haggar’s able to spy on him, he immediately turns around and kills her.

He then looks at her corpse, before turning around and walking away.

If he really felt remorse over killing her, as I’ve seen many people claiming, he could have at least taken her body with him rather than leaving her there on the ground. Better yet, he could have just knocked her out or explored other options before deciding to kill her. Lotor probably doesn’t actually care for his generals much if he’s that ready to kill them off. He’s willing to do whatever it takes, as long as it benefits him.

His remaining generals realizing this is what inspires them to betray him. It gets to a point that even Acxa, his most loyal follower, can’t defend him. She’s realized how untrustworthy he is. Just look at her face when she shoots him.

He manages to escape the generals after their betrayal, but now he is alone in space. He is in a small battleship, with probably few supplies. He’s not going to last long out there on his own.

The situation is not looking good for him, and only gets worse when he runs into Zarkon. Zarkon, who recently declared Lotor a traitor to the empire for going behind his back about the trans-dimensional comet he found. That he didn’t tell his father about the comet reinforces the idea that he cannot be trusted. It might also show he’s not all that supportive of the empire, but that’s a discussion for another time and also makes my argument more complicated so I’m choosing to ignore it for now. He’s shot at and almost dies while flying around a star to escape.

I think this really cements for Lotor how alone he is right now. Before, he’s always had the Galra Empire to fall back on if he really needed it. Now, they’re the ones he needs protection from.

This all leads up to him destroying the barrier around the Zaiforge cannon that Keith was going to die destroying I’m still crying for the coalition. Maybe it’s just that he’s been kicked out of the empire so he can finally work openly against them, but I think it’s more likely that he’s planning on using Voltron to his own advantage.

Sure, he helped the coalition by destroying that barrier. But look at his face when he did it.

He’s completely impassive. He doesn’t view this action as his exciting first chance to openly work against the empire, as he might if he really wanted to join the rebellion. Rather, he treats as a necessary action to take. A means to an end. And that end is gaining Voltron’s trust.

Moments after, when he actually addresses the rebels, he proposes that they talk. Not that he join them, or that he work beside them, but that they just talk. And this is his face when he contacts them.

I’m sorry, but I don’t trust that smirk. He’s ensured Voltron has to talk to him, either out of a sense of gratitude or simple curiosity, by helping them during the battle. Now they have to listen to him, and I doubt he’s going to have anything good to say.

So to recap, since this got a little unwieldy: Lotor is in an awful situation with no one to turn. He’s desperate for allies, leading him to Voltron. He’s been shown to be untrustworthy in the past through his betrayal of the empire and his murder of Narti.

This all leads into the idea that he plans to use Voltron to his own ends, whatever they may be. Maybe he joins the rebellion and maybe he does join up with Voltron (the episode is called “A New Defender,” after all), but that doesn’t mean he’ll be getting a redemption arc. More likely, we’ll see him manipulating Voltron to put himself back into a position of power.

tl;dr I don’t trust this bitch

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I need help figuring out ideas for "fictional segregation" I guess you could call it that. Like I'm really stuck on this, what are some ways the government might separate its people. All the really good ones are taken ugh! Hope his isn't too vague... thanks!

Ooh sounds cool! So, I get what you mean and I started a list, until I realised you might be writing fictional-reality and not fantasy. That is why you have a mixture of fictional-reality and fantasy in the list, sorry, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it all! I hope you can find something that works though:

  • Natural & man-made. City-livers and the rebellions who’ve broken free and escaped to the country? (That’s a little like Delirium though, yes, I’m currently reading it for the 4th time…)
  • Psychics & Seers. Maybe you could think about the contrasting lifestyles and how psychics seem more modern?
  • Vampires & human-monsters (shape-shifters etc.)
  • Upper & lower class, but each have specific needs and talents that work together. As soon as they are split up things start to go wrong and no one can figure it out. A small organisation works underground, containing upper and lower class citizens helping to keep each other alive. (I got a little too excited with this one…)
  • Academics & creative-types. Forbidden to work with each other or socialise?
  • Different supernatural beings? Little does the government realise the supernatural beings were protecting them from something worse
  • Job titles and roles? If a family aren’t at a certain paying rate by the end of a decade, the family is transferred to an island with exactly 2 belongings per person. Much like The Hunger Games, each family is trusted to fend for themselves. Those who are still alive in a decades time will be retransferred to the mainland.

This is all I’ve got for now, what do you think could be added? Thanks for the ask and I hope it helped a bit! Good luck doll, lots of love from Yasmine xox

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Hey I'm not sure you got my previous ask since tumblr has a tendency to eat them... but would you write keith having to get braces and being really pissed about it and how shiro deals with him for your single dad shiro AU? Thank you!

Hi there! I don’t know if this went the way that you wanted, because I also included Hunk, Pidge and Lance because they are Keith’s BFFs forever. I’m sorry this was a bit late, and tumblr did eat your first ask!! Ugh. But I do hope you still enjoy this, because it was super fun to write. BTW, what Shiro did after Keith got braces happened to me with my lunch when I had to first have braces…Thanks so much for the ask!


              “Keith, what do you want for lunch?”


              “Keith? Oh come on now, you can’t ignore me forever.”


              “Seriously, the silent treatment?”



              Shiro sighed heavily and eventually turned around so that he could take a look at his son, who would no doubt be pouting. Sure enough, Keith was pouting with his arms folded over his chest and bottom lip jutting out. It was quite adorable really, on the twelve-year-old. Though, the situation was very serious and Shiro knew better than to laugh at Keith. Keith was fragile in moments like this and laughter would only make matters worse.

              Still, Keith was adorable.

              “Come on now Keith, they aren’t even that bad.” Shiro tried to comfort Keith who could only glare at Shiro. He pressed his lips together in attempts to close his mouth even more than possible. Shiro sighed.

              “You look good in them; better than the kids in all those teeny-bobby movies.” Shiro tried again as he continued to absently pack Keith’s lunch. Keith’s glare sharped and Shiro could almost feel the tension slice through him. He was slightly impressed by Keith’s looks – apparently, he was improving every day. He still needed some work in making them look more intimidating, but he was surely improving.

              “Come on Keith. Braces aren’t that bad.” Shiro said and Keith scowled in his seat.

              “Then why don’t you get them?” Keith finally grumbled and Shiro almost cheered in victory. Point one for Dad Shiro. He saw a sliver of the red braces on Keith’s teeth, before the pre-teen tried to hide them again.

              “That’s because your grandmother had perfect teeth and so did I.” Shiro said and flashed Keith his million dollar smile that made all the boys and girls swoon. Keith sank lower in his seat, pouting again and mumbled to himself.

              “Grandpa cursed me.”

              “Unfortunately.” Shiro nodded in agreement while Keith actually tried to hiss at him. Ignoring the gesture, Shiro packed Keith’s lunchbox into his backpack before handing it to the young boy. “Alright, it’s time for school. Up you go. I already let you go home early yesterday so you’re not missing another day.”

              “Dad no. There’s no way I can go to school like this.” For a brief second, Shiro watched as a flash of hesitation and panic flew across Keith’s face before being replaced with anger. However, he stood up and followed Shiro out the door, all while continuing to argue. “Lance is going to make fun of me and Hunk is gonna laugh and Pidge too!”

              “They will not. Friends don’t laugh.” Shiro murmured quietly while locking the front door. “Your friends will be very supportive, trust me. Lots of kids get braces these days anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to stand out.” Shiro pointed out, causing Keith to sigh dramatically.


              Kids did in fact notice Keith’s braces.

              Pretty much every kid in the school.

              After all, it wasn’t every day that the “weird” kid who talked to himself sometimes and chewed on everything, came to school in braces. Bright red braces. Plus, Lance totally made fun of him, the second he caught of glimpse of those shiny red braces on little Keith’s teeth. Which of course, made Hunk laugh at Lance’s stupid jokes and Pidge laughed because why wouldn’t they? Hunk tried to apologize when Keith walked away but he couldn’t stop giggling.

              Unfortunately, thanks to Lance’s big mouth, everyone had heard about Keith’s braces. Which meant more amo for picking on Keith. Keith was no stranger to bullying at school. He knew a lot of other kids didn’t understand why he did the things he did or was the way he was. Keith always felt blessed that despite growing up, Lance, Hunk and Pidge never once treated him any different despite being autistic. Normally, Keith didn’t care but it was hard to ignore when kids were laughing at him behind his back and tapping pictures of buck-tooth horses to his locker.

              Keith sighed when another kid asked if Keith’s mouth was bleeding – oh wait, those are just your bright red nerd braces. He sat hunched in the back of the cafeteria, hoping that he could simply ignore everyone and that he could eat his lunch in peace.

              Lance, Hunk and Pidge hadn’t been able to spot Keith from where he was hiding in the cafeteria. Slowly, Keith unzipped his lunchbox and hoped for a good time. That is until he opened up his lunchbox all the way.

              Was this a joke? Was dad trying to make a joke?

              Keith stared in dismay at his packed lunch, staring at a hard apple, a bag of crunchy chips, some pretzels and a sandwich on toasted bread. The pain in Keith’s mouth from his braces intensified while his stomach grumbled pathetically. Can I even try to eat this? Keith stared mournfully at his lunch before opening his water. At least I won’t be thirsty.

              He winced at he tried to bit into the sandwich before spitting it out when a sore spot on his teeth became too much. The same result happened when he tried to eat a few meager chips and pretzels. Keith didn’t even bother with the apple before throwing away his lunch. He ignored the laughter that followed after him before scurrying out of the cafeteria, willing back the tears in his eyes.


              “Was that a joke today?!” Shiro blinked in surprise when Keith shouted at him before he had closed the door to the car. When he looked over, Shiro could see that Keith was actually furious and not being dramatic. Shiro could barely speak before Keith had tapped both sides of his heads and nearly screamed in frustration. “It’s bad enough that I have to wear these stupid things for a year, but you couldn’t even think about how much it hurts when you packed my lunch?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?!” Keith tapped his head again and Shiro put the car in drive, catching on to Keith’s signal.

              “I mean, did you seriously have to pack an apple?! And pretzels? You know how much my mouth hurts!” Keith fumed and Shiro felt his eyes widened. A sickly feeling of guilt clawed at his stomach and his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

              “Oh, my god, Keith I forgot. I’m so sorry.” Shiro groaned and almost banged his forehead onto his steering wheel. He couldn’t believe that he had actually forgotten to think about how much Keith’s mouth hurt – would hurt for the next few days, when he had packed Keith’s lunch this morning. He’d just packed what he would have normally packed, without thinking, and Shiro felt awful.

              “I know! I can’t forget these.” Keith hissed, pointing to the braces along his teeth. “I have to wear them every day. I can’t just forget about them like that!” Keith crossed his arms over his chest furiously and glared out the window. Shiro swallowed heavily and sighed, feeling far guiltier that he probably should have. But it was hard for Keith to adjust to sudden and noticeable changes such as having to get braces, and Shiro hadn’t made it any easier for him.

              “You’re right. You can’t just forget about them or pretend they don’t exist.” Shiro sighed when the car came to a stop at a red light. “Keith, I’m so sorry. It’s no excuse, but I’m so sorry that I packed you a lunch that you couldn’t even eat. It was rude of me to not consider how much pain you must be in.”

              Keith felt his stomach churn with guilt at his dad’s apology. He’d been so angry after the atrocious day he’d had a work. At first, Keith wanted nothing more than for his father to apologize for his actions to make Keith feel better, but Keith realized that his dad hadn’t really done anything wrong. Sure, he’d forgotten to pack a soft lunch, but his dad didn’t make him get braces out of spite and to humiliate Keith. Keith’s dad never did anything to hurt Keith, ever.

              “It’s okay. School just sucks.” Keith finally sighed, rubbing his hands along his pants. Shiro glanced over at Keith for a second before returning to the road. “Kids think my braces are a joke. I’m just in a stupid mood.”

              “Are kids making fun of you?” Shiro demanded, and his tone was entirely protective and serious now. Keith snickered at the image of his dad marching to the school. “Do I need to go to your school?” Suddenly, Keith felt guilty. His dad had fought many of the schools in Keith’s past for their treatment of Keith’s diagnosis and each time was a hardship on his dad and him. Keith didn’t want his dad to be under any more stress than necessary.

              “Um, some kids are just making jokes. Like Lance. You know me, I get real hotheaded and annoyed.” Keith rubbed at his jeans nervously and bit his lip. Since he was watching the road, Shiro didn’t notice Keith’s posture and nodded before relaxing.

              “Well, hopefully they’ll stop after today. Jokes get boring after a while.” Shiro smiled and Keith forced himself to smile despite the sick feeling in his stomach.

              “Yeah. Knowing Lance, he’ll probably be joking about some made-up girl he saved this week.”


              I’m sorry about the other day. I’m hoping some extra pudding will make up for it 😊. Dad        

              Keith couldn’t fight the smile even if he wanted to when he opened up his lunch the next day. Instead of the awful lunch yesterday, today’s lunch had two cups of Keith’s favorite Jell-o, two cups of chocolate pudding. Some watermelon and a cup of his dad’s homemade soup. Lance caught sight of the grin on Keith’s face and peeked over into his lunch box before his jaw dropped.

              “That’s adorable, but your dad packed a seriously awesome lunch!” Lance exclaimed and Pidge and Hunk both looked in to investigate.

              “Whoa. Can I trade you a pudding cup?” Hunk asked and Pidge nodded eagerly before scavenging their own lunch to look for something to trade.

              “Nuh-uh.” Keith stuck his tongue out, red braces poking out. “This is my lunch because my mouth hurts.”

              “Dude, maybe I need to get someone to punch me in the mouth so my mama can pack me a goodie pack.” Lance grumbled bitterly and bit into what was supposed to be pizza, but really it could be anything. After all, the cafeteria served sketchy stuff sometimes. Hunk and Pidge grumbled playfully but backed off, allowing Keith to eat his lunch in peace.

              However, just as Keith was about to dive into his second pudding cup, his jaw exploded with pain when he felt something hard and rubber slam into his face. Instantly, Keith dropped his food and grabbed his jaw. His nerves were tingling with pain, since his mouth was still sore from the braces. Keith felt tears due to pain begin to burn in his eyes, just as several kids started laughing. Keith barely noticed when Hunk, Pidge and Lance shot out of their seats.

              “Hey! Why did you just do that?!” Pidge snarled, hands clenched at their sides in fists as the three of them stared down the group of guys who had shot a rubber band at their friend.

              “Wanted to see how much it would hurt.” One kid laughed causing his whole table to join him.

              “Well, let’s see how much this will hurt!” Lance threatened darkly and rolled up his sleeves. However, Hunk snatched his fist at the last second and pulled it back, while simultaneously checking to see if Keith was okay. “I’ll knock two cents into your stupid, tiny brain, you assholes.”

              “Lance!” Hunk whispered hotly and Pidge beamed.

              “Whatever. Don’t know why you defend that loser.” The other kid snorted and his goonies laughed again.

              “Hey! That’s our friend you’re talking about!” Pidge hissed. “Our best friend, whose face is much more appealing than yours will ever be without braces.” The kid frowned at Pidge and his goonies all “ooooohed.”

              “Lemme at him, Hunk.” Lance growled darkly but Hunk easily held him back as he looked at Keith’s cheek.

              “Are you okay?” Hunk asked when Keith wiped his eyes before anyone could see. Just as Keith was about to speak, he flinched back when another rubber band hit his mouth. Hunk recoiled sharply and let go of Lance, who stormed towards the table of laughing kids with Pidge hot on his tail. A dark look settled over Hunk and he turned his full attention to the laughing kids. There was a look in his eyes, almost like that of a soldier, who was on his way to war and it made the lunch room’s atmosphere feel like ice.

              “You jerk.” Hunk said calmly before making his way towards the kid who had shot the rubber bands at Keith. By now, the entire lunch room was deadly silent. Hunk had never intervened before.

              Lance and Pidge each held back a kid as Hunk made his way towards his target. By now, the kid was beginning to sweat and he scrambled to try and get out of his seat. However, Hunk easily caught him by the collar of his shirt before lifting him up into the air, so that his feet didn’t touch the ground. Hunk’s eyes narrowed and he brought the bully’s face right up to his own.

              “You think you can hurt Keith and get away with it?” He said, still in the calm voice he always had. “Well, think again. Nobody hurts our friend.” With that, Hunk grabbed the kid’s shirt with two hands before dunking the kid into a nearby trashcan. Only when the kid was fully submerged in the trash and staring at Hunk with wide eyes did Hunk back away and grab a hold of Keith’s hand. He led the other boy out of the cafeteria with the rest of his lunch in hand.

              “I expect a new chocolate pudding for Keith tomorrow.” Hunk said over his shoulder and exited the lunchroom. Lance and Pidge followed, each pointing to their eyes and back at the bullies with two fingers and then back at their eyes, before they too left the lunchroom.

              No one noticed the small smile on Keith’s lips.


              Shiro had been livid when he heard about what had happened. You can bet on it that he had stormed into the school, furious and raging about the safety of children and zero tolerance for bullying. Needless to say, the next day Keith had several cups of pudding by his locker, his bully was suspended and his mouth didn’t hurt as much anymore.

              Unfortunately, Hunk had gotten detention for throwing a kid in the trash can but Shiro had slid the boy a ten for his work and thanked Hunk for what he did for Keith. Hunk’s smile was enough of thanks for Shiro.

              Keith smiled, braces and all and thought: Maybe this won’t be too awful.

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Please please tell me you have something in mind to tweet to old Maril about the Jamie/Geneva scene I just saw. Of COURSE we have to see shithead Willie being conceived, but not Brianna conceived in love. Fuckers. I'm really pissed right now. What? Are they turning a problematic story scene into a love story between those two. Again...FUCKERS! I'm counting on you Manders! Please let them have it. I'm sure Matt will whine because we're #not good fans Maril will say #you asked for more sex. Ugh

Yep, it was the first thing I did.

At some point in his life
  • Maryse, Robert: So, um, about your sexuality,, are you totally sure you don't like girls?
  • Alec: Ugh, not this again. Listen.
  • 'All my life I've been good but now.
  • whoa I'm thinking what the hell.
  • And I DONT want to mess around.
  • And I don't really care about.
  • If you love me, if you hate me,
  • You can't save me, Mommy Daddy
  • All my life I've been good, but now
  • Whoa I'm thinking WHAT THE HELL!

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Hey! My name is Aria and I'm 16, I currently live in Toronto and it's been my ABSOLUTE dream to visit Nantucket. I think we're planning on going this summer finally ahaha. Can you tell me a bit about it? I'm so interested thanks, aria

Hi there!! Ugh I’m so jealous I want to visit Toronto, wanna switch? Lol

Nantucket is paradise. It’s a very small island with lots of cute shops and amazing restaurants and great beaches. I recommend visiting the lighthouses, at least visit Sankaty and Brant Point. Also make sure to at least drive through Sconset on your way to Sankaty, it’s a pretty quiet part of the island but is also super beautiful and has cute little houses. Town is where everything really happens - the shopping and the eating at least. My top fav restaurants in town: Cru, Straight Warf, and Ventuno but honestly you can go anywhere and you’ll have an amazing meal. I STRONGLY recommend going to Lola Burger. It’s not in town but a MUST for locals and tourists. Fav Beaches: Cisco (mainly), ladies beach, a lot of people go to Surfside and Nobadeer as well if you want to hop around. Lastly, you HAVE to go to Cisco Brewery. They serve their own beer/wine/liquor there. A lot of people including me and my fam head over there after going to the beach (literally in our bathing suits and coverups it’s very casual) and just chill outside and drink and eat awesome food and there’s a live band that plays and it’s just a nice time to relax,socialize,drink etc

Nantucket is basically an island where you shop, tan, and eat lol. Hope this is helpful! Have a wonderful trip and I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Ugh I'm so glad there's been more people who are loving the new series too! I really need people to obsess about it with. I love that in the very first episode, Scrooge has already shared his father's wisdom with Dewey. "You've got to work smarter, lad, not harder".

You should’ve seen me when Scrooge uttered his immortal catchphrase, “Curse me kilts!”

Catchphrases were integral to cartoons and sitcoms when I was growing up, and I know they’re no longer used in media today. So I’m sure me and other people rioted when they actually incorporated it without making it sound dated and forced.

Now I NEED “Blazing bagpipes!” 😂

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I know Riley McCusker personally, and i have no clue what to do about her and Maggie. Maggie is putting way too much pressure on her, and i think Riley is too naive to see that. I'm really scared for her

ugh, I don’t like to hear this confirmed! I totally understand her being naive to it though. I’m sure Maggie is basically selling the Olympics to her. From what I’ve seen her post on social media she is already proclaiming Riley to be a golden child. She’s clearly so talented and by having a coach that kisses the ground she walks on I imagine it would be very difficult for Riley to get to the point where she wants to leave. 

I feel like it was a similar situation with Laurie. From what I saw she had a great relationship with Maggie and probably didn’t even realize or put much weight on the issues.

I know elite athletes have a different mindset from us, but if you’re able to try to remind her that we are so far from the Olympics right now. Just think Worlds 2013 included Simone, McKayla, and Kyla with Brenna and Ebee as alternates. Only 2 of those girls even made it to 2016 Trials. It’s a very long road and racking up a list of injuries now is only going to make her body weaker and more fragile in 3 years. 

The 'creating a community' panel

The thing that pisses me off the most is the potential the panel had. It’s genuinely such a good selection of people and the topic is really interesting too so all in all a really good premise, personally I was really looking forward to it because we never really hear about Dan and Phil’s actual opinions on the phandom and that would have been so interesting to me and I’m pretty sure everyone else. But the host made it so there was no format, no preparation to give any room to talk about anything meaningful. The (few) things that were meaningful were just turned into jokes like toms point about individuals and dans story about the mum. Even the questions that were asked were so meaningless, people could have said things with more depth or things genuinely interesting.

The 'Steve Rogers is intersex' post

So this post is about a year over-due. I guess I kind of hoped someone else would write it so I wouldn’t have to (I am terrible at this, as you’re about to find out*), but well, no one has written one that I’ve seen, so here goes!

*I’ll make up for that by inserting gifs. And by keeping it as short as I can.

Since you’re following this blog, chances are that, like me, you’re somewhere under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.

So you probably know all too well about the issues with the lack of representation for LGBTQIA+ in the media. There’s a particular lack of intersex representation. Last year a couple of the YA books in the LGBT+ category featured intersex protagonists! This is great, because when I was growing up there was definitely no such section in the YA fiction category, let alone a book with an intersex protagonist. In fact, I didn’t know that there were other intersex people in the world. I didn’t know the word ‘intersex’ (my doctors were pretty awful), so I couldn’t even educate myself. Once I learnt the word though and started trying to connect with others like me via the internet, well… that was a big revelation. I read everything I could find on the topic.

And then I happened to come across pre-serum Steve:

Hairless, short, skinny guy with a long list of medical conditions. If you didn’t know: it’s quite common for intersex conditions to go hand in hand with similarly long lists of medical conditions (not always, there’s a huge variety in intersex conditions out there). In my case though? I definitely felt a connection with pre-serum Steve — to such an extent that I can’t see him as anything other than intersex. Not that I’d say we had the same condition, no way, but still… intersex Steve Rogers! 

And at the time I really needed a superhero to be intersex. Seeing him as being intersex is what got me into this fandom and made Steve my favourite Avenger.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier altered Steve’s backstory, so that he didn’t grow up in an orphanage after all. So, less chance of those dreaded communal showers I always hated growing up, and therefore less chance that everyone and their goat in Brooklyn would know Steve was intersex (it wasn’t really until the 1920s/1930s that doctors started to intervene with surgeries on infants with 'ambiguous genitalia’**). Take it from me, you can hide a lot from people if you put your mind to it. However, depending on just how close Steve and Bucky (and their parents) were as kids, Steve might never have had much chance of hiding his intersex condition from Bucky. Even my dad’s generation guys just went swimming naked if women weren’t present. 

**not all intersex people have 'ambiguous genitalia’, that’s just one of many ways in which intersex conditions manifest themselves.

At any rate, I think it’s likely that one thing we would have had in common is that Steve wouldn’t really have known about other intersex people existing. Maybe he would have seen another intersex person 'on display’ at a freak show. Steve would likely have felt a lot of pressure to try and hide his intersex condition from those around him and might have felt a need to, well, prove himself.

Though seriously, my colleagues at my new place of work all assumed I was gay, just because of how I look (not because of how I dress). Pre-serum Steve might’ve had to deal with a fair few people questioning, even if not out loud, whether he was queer or not, based simply on his looks due to his genetics. If word was out in the neighbourhood that he was intersex though, I don’t doubt at all that people would have seen him as being queer.

As for Steve getting into relationships with people, there’s a fair amount of virgin!Steve headcanons out there. I reckon he was having sex with Bucky, so he’s not a virgin, ehem, but okay, let’s say he wasn’t having sex with Bucky… Steve might have gotten quite far only to be rejected because of his genitals, or he might never have found anyone he felt he could trust enough to reveal to them that he was intersex. Waiting for the right partner and all… 

(All the Steve/Peggy feelings at this point).

On that note, no internet, genitals that aren’t considered the norm, well, Steve might (depending on intersex condition) have had a lot of issues with sex anyway. Again, take it from me. When you can’t even figure out how that sort of thing works solo, you aren’t often too keen to try it with someone else.

On a post-serum note to end this post, I don’t think that the serum would have 'fixed’ Steve so that he was no longer intersex. To steal some lines from my intersex!Steve fic (which I will finish once I’m over this really massive writers block, ugh): “I developed the serum to enhance fighting and survival skills. Do your genitals or the shape of your nose or your eye color affect your usefulness in battle? No. So the serum won’t affect any of those things. You’ll still be you after the procedure. You wouldn’t want me to turn you into someone else entirely, would you?”


All Time Low signing session in Cologne (x)

I haven't been active in recent days. Please don't think I'm bored of httyd. Because I got a message about this.

I didn’t leave the fandom. I’m just bored with Tumblr. I don’t know why. 😕 I took a break and after many years I changed the design of my blog. But still same huh. I really love you all and I got many friends thanks to this fandom. I’m still here but perhaps less active 😁 *HUGGING ALL THE HTTYD FANS*

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You like clothes and fashion so much I'm surprised you're not a k-pop stan (From what I've seen they have really cool clothing. All of them)


I’ve actually became k-pop trash this october you could notice that because of my latest drawings ha and honestly their style is like G O A L S

yall, when I was twelve I would have thought “mendel eats dirt” was hilarious. I know anthony is young but I don’t think he’s gonna break because he saw a silly meme that causes no harm. all these 20 something year olds keep writing long posts saying “I cannot believe someone would tell anthony about this, ugh he’s so young and he doesn’t deserve this” its a joke about eating dirt???? nothing innapropriate, nothing crude. really it’s not a bad thing. it’s just a silly joke that people thought anthony would like! and he did! just… treat him like a 12 year old. a normal 12 year old who finds stupid jokes funny

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Haruka rin makoto souske nitori reactions when they find that their so fell asleep studying while wearing the boys' fave shirt/sports jacket. I really look forward to reading the posts on your blog everyday xD you should have something like a "get to know the admin" night. I'm sure your followers wanna know about you xD I know I do ugh i sound creepy sorry >___<"

Asdfghjkl chuu precious lovely thing things like this made me wish I wasn’t so busy so i could post everyday for you lovely people ♡♡♡ And you don’t sound creepy at all my dear! I would love to get to know you all! How about the typical Fridays? Would anyone else like that? Anyways, to the ask now~

Haru: He had stayed late swimming extra laps in the pool like always. It was just an inevitable thing with this boy and everybody knew it. With a small quiet sigh he walked into his house or more like the house of the both of you since you had moved in with him after high school. As he approached the room you both slept in he couldn’t help but be a little surprised that the light was on. It was late and he knew that so why were you awake?

Truth be told you had wanted to stay up to wait for him to get home plus sneak in a little studying for one of your classes you were struggling a little in. As he opened the door to the room the smallest of smiles came to his face as he saw you sleeping peacefully on your desk, your head resting on your arms. Once he approached you though he couldn’t help but be surprised as he finally noticed what you were wearing. It was his old Iwatobi swim shirt. Shaking your body a little you couldn’t help but stir slightly at his touch as your eyes gradually opened and saw him.

“What are you wearing that for?” He asked you quietly and waited for you to wake up enough to focus on your question. “I’m wearing it because I missed you…” You mumbled back at him as you sat up and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. “I always wear it when I miss you because it makes me feel like you’re with me.”

Blinking at your response to him he couldn’t help but cough a little as he felt his face heat up. “Come on, let’s go to bed so we can sleep together.” With a sleepy smile you nodded your head and shuffled over to bed to wait for him to join him. Honestly, you were too cute for him sometimes.

Rin: He wasn’t meant to come home for at least another two weeks according to what he had told you over the phone so when he suddenly stepped foot right outside the door of the place you two lived in he couldn’t help but grin. This was the perfect surprise to him. Just sneak inside your house as quietly as possible and make himself comfy by sneaking inside the covers with you so you could wake up with him in bed the next morning.

Entering the place quietly he made his way over to the steps that would take him upstairs when the light shining from under a door on the first floor caught his eye. That was the room you used as a study for school. Quietly he made his way over and made sure to turn the door knob with caution as his head peeked in and saw you there resting right on the desk.

“You have to be kidding me…” He let out an exasperated sigh that was filled with worry as he approached you and froze on the spot as the words ‘Samezuka’ stared up at him. “That’s…” Smiling a little at the memory filled jacket he made sure to pull your chair back carefully to pick you up bridal style in order to take you upstairs to bed.

“Mh, Rin… five more minutes…” You mumbled and buried your face in his shoulder as he laughed softly and held you tighter. “Rin, your jacket smells just like fish…” Those words made him stop in his steps as he stared down at you with a confused look on his face as you stirred once more and mumbled, “That smell is supposed to be Haru’s job…” Shaking his head continued to walk towards the room you two shared. Sometimes he just didn’t get you.

Makoto: It had been so cold lately that Makoto couldnt help but look forward to arriving home and getting the chance to warm himself up by cuddling you close to him. Stepping inside the place you two lived in he blew some warm air into his hands as he slipped off his coat and hanged it inside the hallway closet. The first step of getting warm was done now the second step needed was to look for you.

Walking further into the house he couldn’t help but stop in his track as he saw you under the warmth of the kotatsu with his old Iwatobi team jacket draped over you as well and a nice pile of papers from school scattered all around you as well. “She must have been working really hard,” he mumbled quietly to himself in an attempt not to wake you up as he picked up the scattered papers around your resting body.

Once those were all settled he couldn’t help but slip in under the kotatsu with you as he pulled your body close to his and smiled at the sight of you resting. “The jacket really does suit you well. You look adorable in it.” He smiled and brushed some of your hair back as if you were awake to talk with him. “This isn’t exactly good for us to do. We should be heading to the safety and comfort of our bed but you look so peaceful _______.”

With a small hint of hesitation he placed a kiss on your forehead as you suddenly stirred and snuggled in closer to him. “Your jacket is so warm Makoto, it makes me feel like you’re really here…” You mumbled full of sleep which startled him a little until he realized you were sleep talking. “I’m going to wear it every night from now on.” Was your small confession which made me smile in adoration and hold you closer. If you wanted to you could wear it for the rest of your life as long as it made you happy.

Sousuke: His jacket had been hung for so long that he never really thought about it being worn ever again. That was at least until he came home from a small little training work out to help with his shoulder to see you sleeping soundly on the couch with one of your textbooks on top of you. The sight made him shake his head with a small smile as he thought about all the times you would nag him to take care of himself and yet here you were completely drained and napping.

The removal of your textbook from your chest is what made him drop it onto the floor as he saw his old swim team jacket around your body drowning it with all the extra fabric due to it being big on you. Carefully he sat dowm on the edge of the couch as a hand reached out to smooth out the wrinkles you sleeping on the couch had given the jacket as small nostalgic memories came to him.

“Its been a while…” He muttered quietly as he stood up once more to look for a blanket to drape over you. He would have tried to carry you to the bed but who knows what strain that would have caused his shoulder. He hated the limitations it gave him but he couldn’t show how much it truly bothered him without you worrying plus he didn’t need any pity felt for him.

Moving back to where you were at he decided to lay down by your side as he felt the familiar fabric brush against the arms that held you tight. As soon as the blanket he had brought over was draped on top of you both he made himself comfortable by your side as he waited for sleep to claim him. Maybe he would give you the jacket instead since he had no more use for it to be worn. After all, it would only be fair that the poor jacket wouldn’t suffer as well.

Nitori: The last thing Nitori expected was to come home one day and see you sleeping rather comfortable in a pair of your sweats and his old team shirt. Who would have thought it was an almost perfect fit as his shirt fit snugly on you. Not too big and not too small. It was basically perfect. What seemed to amuse the shy blushing cutie more though was the fact that despite you resting on your desk, which was something you shouldn’t have been doing, he was more concerned about the fact that you were wearing his shirt.

“That shouldn’t be such a distraction for me!” He exclaimed a little before clamping his hands above his mouth and looking at you to make sure he hadn’t woken you up. As you stirred a little in your spot he held his breath until you finally drifted off to sleep again. “That was close…” He sighed a little in relief and glanced from you to the bed. “Maybe I should move her over.”

Quietly pondering to himself he decided on what to do next as he carefully pulled the chair you were in away from the desk and tried to pick you up. It was a bit of a struggle for him at first but he eventually succeeded as he tucked you into bed and glanced at your cute sleeping form that was still wearing his shirt. Admitting it inside his mind he couldn’t help but blush and feel honored at the sight. You really did look cute in his shirt like that.

confession: i’m not that excited about Thor Ragnorok. i’ll go see it for sure. but neither Thor nor Hulk have never really been my faves. honestly i’m more excited for Hela, Valkyrie, and Loki lmao. (but like i know some ppl love Thor and i’m excired for you, but personally… yeah, meh, shrugs)

(also i’m confused and upset that it’s about Ragnorok, the apocalypse of all apocalypses, but they’re making it seem as a fun and humourous movie??? shouldn’t it be idk darker??? ugh w/e)