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Hi! I want to purchase kpop merchandise but I'm not really sure what type of website I should be using... can you come up with some recommendations for me? I've seen you purchase things before so that's why I thought I'd ask! 😊

hello, anonymous! ofc I can recommend you sites to shop from! I wrote down pros/cons about each one, so go with whichever site you prefer :*


/ pros

  • very nice/helpful customer service
  • good variety of merchandise → they sell japanese, korean, chinese, etc+ merchandise.
  • often has a lot of good/cheap deals on merchandise (especially around the holidays, like christmas)
  • they have signed merchandise
  • free shipping & handling on orders over 39$

/ cons

  • the merchandise is a bit expensive / overpriced
  • the shipping can be slow (usually 2-4 weeks)

comment: I’ve been shopping with yesasia for a long time, and I’m very pleased with their services. even though their albums are a bit expensive than most sites, I find that I still end up saving money because they offer me free shipping. I usually end up buying 3-4 albums each time I make a purchase, so it’s very convenient for me that they ship it for free.


/ pros

  • very nice/helpful customer service
  • cheap signed merchandise
  • offers meet & greets online chats with celebrities
  • offers free shipping on orders over $25 that weighs less than 1,900g

/ cons

  • they only sell signed albums
  • lacks variety
  • is sometimes slow with shipping out merchandise

comment: mwave used to have non-signed/regular albums, but they stopped doing that a few months ago (I was devastated). I hope they’ll go back to doing that later because the prices and shipping were so cheap. but I guess it didn’t really benefit them, so they switched to only having signed merchandise. but the signed stuff is cheap so they’re a good website for purchasing signed albums! though, most of the albums are signed by groups/artists that don’t have a huge fanbase yet, some of which I haven’t even heard of before. but from time to time, they have signed merchandise from well-known groups! so look out for those :)


/ pros

  • fast shipping
  • offers signed merchandise
  • often has a lot of good/cheap deals on merchandise
  • packs merchandise safely

/ cons

  • expensive shipping & handling

comment: I haven’t used this website more than once, because their shipping & handling is too expensive for me. but the brief experience I had with them, was very pleasant.


/ pros

  • fast shipping!
  • good variety of merchandise
  • packs merchandise safely

/ cons

  • can be expensive

comment: I have used ebay multiple times, and I’ve never been dissatisfied by their services. I’ve bought from multiple suppliers, and they’ve all been very kind and has shipped the merchandise out to me really fast. I intend to use ebay when I’m on the hunt for only one album.


/ pros

  • cheap merchandise
  • cheap signed merchandise
  • good variety of merchandise
  • offer ‘pre-order’ gifts

/ cons

  • rude/slow customer service
  • merchandise is poorly packed
  • slow shipping
  • refuses to give full-refunds if merchandise is damaged
  • expensive shipping & handling

comment: kpoptown was the first website I used for purchasing kpop merchandise. I stuck with them for a long time because I didn’t feel comfortable switching. but after getting fed up with them and tried a different website, I’ve hardly ever bought from them again. It’s very rare for me to purchase from them.. but sometimes they have albums I can’t get anywhere else so I use them as a last resort (I thought I’d mention them since their variety of merchandise is good).


/ pros

  • cheap merchandise
  • great deals
  • free gifts
  • fast shipping

/ cons

  • expensive shipping costs
  • merchandise gets sold out quickly (takes awhile to restock)

comment: I’m fairly new to this site but I must say that my experience so far have been very pleasant. the prices for the merchandise is very cheap, and they send it to my house within one-two weeks, which is really quick compared to other sites. the only problem I have with them (like most sites) is that the shipping is expensive (even with the cheapest alternative). but nevertheless, I find that I buy from this site a lot lately.


there are a few websites I haven’t used yet, due to them having way too expensive shipping, but you might want to check them out nevertheless. I know a lot of people who live in america like to use some of these websites! kpopheaven & gmarket.


what I recommend is that you sign up & log into all of these websites. put the albums that you want into your cart and compare the prices! (+ make sure to include shipping price). & then go with the site that have the best/cheapest deal ~ usually the result is different for each time because the sites can sometimes have good deals/offers. so always make sure to double check the prices on each site!! :)

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Thank you! Either way I'm gunna be up then haha. Ooh do you have any blog recommendations to follow in the fandom too? Or favourite blogs to follow?

I follow only around a hundred people so I assure you anyone I recommend I REALLY LOVE


  • def @miraculousubs for new episode stuff (and download links)
  • @sorarts does really cool pro level arts
  • @huffiestrikes does really sweet art and also reblogs a lot of quality
  • @peachbunni is like THE MASTER OF CUTE and also reblogs quality
  • @shishitsunari can’t be overlooked (AMAZING ART AND COMICS) 
  • @min-xie is a gift// her art is so dang good 
  • @gamnamu is a korean artist who doodles a lot of ladybug in their free time 
  • @coccinellu makes amazing illustrated ladybug videos and just has the most gorgeous style and is part of the french subbing team I believe
  • @michigopyon is one of the first mari/ladybug cosplayers and also reblogs so much quality is is generally presh
  • @syrva has GORGEOUS ART
  • @20053 is just so quality
  • @imasdf for MORE QUALITY REBLOGS 
  • @pozolegirl is like the fandom sweetie and always reblogs a lot of good stuff and draws really cute comics
  • @yaushie​, @spatziline, and @spcake​ have really really great art too
  • @clairelutra writes really good shit (really a++ though often nsfw)
  • @arinyac-2 has VERY VERY NICE ART!!
  • @miraculeusecoccinelle for quality quality reblogs and news
  • and I run @miracurefladyblog​ if you ever need any refs (and have a lot of ladybug doodles over on @caprette​)