i'm not really married to sterek

  • Person B: Quick! I need you to act like you're in love with me!
  • Person A: What?
  • Person B: I just saw this asshole from work, that still doesn't believe I'm in a relationship, coming this way, so... act like you're madly in love with me!
  • Person A: ... but I AM madly in love with you, though I'm starting to reconsider it
  • Person B: *whining* But I need you to really show it! I know! Get on one knee and propose to me!
  • Person A: I literally just asked you to marry me last week
  • Person B: And? Do it again!
  • Person A: You're unbelievable
  • Person B: I know, so propose to me again before I ask someone else to do it
I'm trash for...

1. “Marry me and I’ll stuff you with food every day” Au.
2. “I demand you to be my breakfast, lunch, dinner,… And snacks.” Au.
3. “I’m hungry for food but hungry for you more” Au.
4. “My food is tastier when it’s on your body” Au.
5. “I really hate it but still eat it if you feed me” Au.

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anonymous asked:

Why won't you write Stiles and Derek with anyone else, is it a singular pairing sort of deal or? I'm just curious, you absolutely don't need to justify it or anything, which I'm sure you know. Shipping habits are just interesting :)

it is absolutely a single pairing sort of thing. i’ve never shipped either of them with anyone else, and i’ve never read it. i get really (stupidly and irrationally) cross when other pairings pop up in fic and it’s not tagged. i’m there like ??? i did not sign up for this?? there is no need for this stiles & danny hook up i was not warned about??? PARRISH?? why is this random boring cop in here??? i just want sterek?? so, yeah, generally i avoid big fics where one of them is married, or they cheat on each other, or split up and there’s a block of fic dedicated to them with other people, i won’t read threesomes with them, either.

i have every other pairing with the two of them blacklisted, and generally, these days, i don’t follow anyone that ships other pairings with them hardcore. if a gifset pops up on tumblr mobile (god damn i hate that you can’t use tumblr savior on mobile) i’ll unfollow and then refollow later so i don’t have to keep seeing it as i scroll? i used to feel bad about my weird insistence on only shipping them, but, tbh, it’s my choice, and my tumblr experience and you gotta do what’s best for you at the end of the day. it’s nothing personal, it’s just shipping.

mostly i don’t write it because idk, i just don’t enjoy them with other people, and a little because i guess if i’m never going to get it in canon, i don’t see why i have to read it or write it, too. i used to reply to asks requesting it saying “no” then i went through a stage where i just wrote prompts for other pairings with sterek (as it was on my FAQ, still is, that i won’t write other pairings, and i grew tired of being asked for them) BUT that got me in muchos trouble because i didn’t realise if you have [insert ship here] in the ask it APPEARS IN THE TAG? and people got mad, and mean, and i was fortunate enough to not be following any of the people involved but i knew of them, and they damn sure knew i knew, some of them still pop up on my dash via other people and boy does it make my teeth grind. you know that post going round about the levels of how much you hate a ship, i am seven, always, with teen wolf.

so yeah now, i just delete the asks or i lead as a disclaimer in tags that i will just never ever write anything other than sterek for stiles or derek.