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brucenat + hp au ?

A/N: I just wanted to give a little snippet of Bruce and Natasha at Hogwarts, and I thought their first meeting would be really cute.

Bruce sat in the booth and tried to calm himself; he took deep breaths, counting five seconds of each inhale and exhale to soothe him that little bit more. When he got angry, he had all-consuming panic attacks and it never ended well, for anyone. Besides, it was his first week at Hogwarts and he didn’t want to get a reputation for being the kid who had panic attacks. Not again. He dropped his head into his arms on the table, and shut the world out, taking himself to his happy place.

“It’s Banner, right?” a gentle voice asked.

Bruce nodded his head; he didn’t want to be rude and snap at her, but he also didn’t have the energy to explain what was happening.

“The school I was at before, we had a girl who had attacks like this. The teachers, they told us to pretend like everything was normal with her, to help her feel more normal,” Natasha said, as she slid into the booth opposite him and dropped her armful of books on the table.

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And now that I’ve gotten her Stripes so that her feathertips are colored, Foen has been completed~

Second-in-command in the lair, has a tendency to take on too many projects at once. Runs the lair when the matriarch isn’t around, since Iraulie isn’t reliable enough to be there when she needs to be. Which tends to make her the one in charge most of the time, if not all the time. Seriously overworked. Girl needs to take a day off.

May or may not also have a hand in constructing the lair, which is still in progress.

I’m very proud of this girl, I got her with no genes but her underbelly at the start all, but she’s a real beauty now that she’s fully gened~ I may look into getting her Facet at some point, but for now, this is her budget-friendly version.

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Now that the anon period for the Not Prime Time Exchange is over, I can publicly admit to writing this fic!

Rating: M 

Pairing: Beleg Cúthalion/Túrin Turambar

Tags: Huddling For Warmth, Orc-slaying, Inadvertently helpful trolls, Pining, Resolved Sexual Tension, Cultural Differences

Summary: A predictable skirmish with Orcs ends with Beleg and Túrin spending a fraught night trapped in a ravine.