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crush is whatever you want it to mean

jskdfhkj I need specificity. But okay lemme see what I can do here.

I feel really honestly so blessed to have found so many people on this website willing to engage with me, read the things that I write (fictional) and the things I say (personal or rambling or whatever) and be accepting. Like growing up I fought against being gay for a while, then I accepted it but the idea of there being a community wasn’t something I was aware of, even though I was around for fandoms on the edges? If that makes sense. I didn’t really even meet another queer person irl until a year or so ago. And generally I don’t bring much to the table, so

So I think I will thank the people I chat to a lot. @wingstumpscars just sent me a really cute present for when I visit @ravenrxyes soonish, and I’ve chilled with @idontneedtobeforgiven and @second-stringer

When I used to have trash thoughts I’d be like ‘damn @ myself’ but now I just message @favvnsongs the eye emoji. And I’m in a group text! With bb lexa @shesjacks and the most talented artist @kelseyshea

somehow I have tricked @entirelytookeen into being my mutual >:33 and the mighty @swan-heda as well. and @booasaur :”D who is so unbelievably supportive its like SUSPICIOUS (as are @q-parallel and @hopelesshearteyes)

the cult @skillzyo and @iamthegaysmurf, @youreagoodliar, @leftpawedpolarbear @onlyone-cannoli @belikebumblebee (be is amazing because like years ago i stalked tf out of her swan queen fic and now shes a contact on my whatsapp life is crazy), @kjpopmofo

And I love having tons of writery friends because I’m trying to be more serious about this writery sort of thing, so I’ve got @trashpandacommander @trashbb–did you guys know I wrote her a supercorp fic and won’t post it for another week >:3. speaking of supercorp, @thebaaay. writery friendos! @chaoticspaces (they prefer to be called daddy), @nataliving @teleportingoctopi, @sapphickillers @beluminescent

and at clexacon I met lots of amazing people, among them @wayyhaughtt and @lexagriffinkomtrikru, @jayenator565

Honestly I recently went on an unfriending spree (not any mutuals, just blogs that I wasn’t mutuals with) so I that I’m only sort of following mutuals and people I can interact with so I don’t want to go through here and list everyone because they’re all so great and I also I can’t remember who follows me here or just at my other blog… and just recently someone followed me back and I’m a fan of their writing so that was exciting for me!

When people ask about your style
  • Me: I'm kind of tomboy. Sometimes. And sometimes I'm leaning more again femme. You know? But sometimes I just wear whatever. And you know? It's kind of..all of the styles. But also not really any of them. But some days it kind of is a certain style. Is really varied. You feel?
Do not take, share or search for photos of BTS wherever they are.

Please, let them enjoy this small break they have. Do not let Bon Voyage happen again.

If you see photos - do not share them. If you see the members - do not share their location, take their photo or follow them.

Please. Do not be a part of the reason as to why they feel they always have to stay in their hotel.

If they wanted to share their location with the fan base, they would have. Right now, I do not feel they want this information to be known. Thus, whatever the reasons are, I feel we can respect that.


Who do you think is a Political Animal?”

“I really would say, I mean, at this point I feel like Obama is definitely the most, the biggest celebrity in the world at this point, and also… It’s funny you said, you know, it’s funny because I say that because he’s the most known, but I don’t really think we really know who the most powerful political animal really is.”


IG: DropDeadShy — First real photos I’ve taken in probably a year and half. There will be more to come. I’m excited for what I’ve got in store.

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU


folkin around // panic! at the disco

At one point, I thought I was in love with you. For some reason I could’ve sworn you were the one. But then I met someone else and he held my hand tighter and lent me his t-shirts and paid me back for all the things I did for you. He snuck me in late and sacrificed sleep so I’d feel better next to him all night. He told me he loved me and he didn’t hesitate to show it and I loved that. I love him. And whatever happens now, know I loved you too. I really did. But things change and I changed and he loved me anyways.
—  03.22.17 (via revivee)
Fake Chats #109
  • Hoseok: cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies!
  • Yoongi: you have cookies?
  • Hoseok: no, I want cookies.
  • Jimin: now I want cookies.
  • Hoseok: remember that time you were being all clingy and cute 'cause you wanted snacks?
  • Yoongi: only one time? He does that all the time.
  • Hoseok: it's his natural state of being, hyung.
  • Yoongi: no, being CUTE is his natural state of being. The clingy bit is extra.
  • Hoseok: what about me?
  • Yoongi: what about you?
  • Hoseok: I like being clingy sometimes.
  • Yoongi: you can do whatever you want.
  • Jimin: wow, really feeling the love.
  • Yoongi: you can do whatever you want to.
  • Hoseok: is Jimin cuter than I am?
  • Yoongi:
  • Jimin: I don't think he has an answer for that question.
  • Hoseok: sure he does. It's "I'm the cutest," right?
  • Yoongi: well, I am, right?
  • Jihope: *exchange glances* right.
What if the paladins’ zodiac signs are based on their elements?

Hear me out.

We already have Hunk, whose birthday is on January the 13th - making him a Capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign, and the yellow lion is the guardian spirit of earth!

Shiro’s birthday is on February the 29th, making him a Pisces - the most spiritual of the signs.

If this pattern continues, we have 3 possibilities each for Keith, Lance and Pidge:

  • Keith: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Lance: Pisces*, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Pidge: Aquarius*, Gemini, Libra

(*not very likely, both would’ve been confirmed by now)

My guess for Keith is that he’s an Aries.

Aries are said to be brave, courageous, and trustworthy, but also fierce and impulsive.

They’re born leaders, always willing to take one for the team - but their stubbornness can sometimes cloud their judgement.

Keith has all these traits, as shown in “Across the Universe” and “The Blade of Marmora”. While he was able to pilot the Black Lion in order to save Shiro, he didn’t seem concerned about his own wellbeing in the slightest when he took quite the beating from those Marmora fighters.

Keith likes to push himself. But when a member of his team is in danger and he’s got to make a quick decision, he usually acts very level-headed.

When Allura was taken captive by Zarkon, he proposed to come up with a plan instead of rushing head first into battle, something he didn’t consider at all when he was fighting Zarkon one on one. While this may have seemed cold, it was - strategically speaking - the decision any experienced leader would have made.

And when Shiro was beginning to lose consciousness, Keith didn’t blindly rush to him in a weak attempt to take on those beasts by himself. Instead he placed everything on one card, asking the Black Lion for help.

And it worked. Because he knew what he was doing.

Lance doesn’t seem like a Scorpio at all, and if we rule out Pisces as a possibility, Cancer is the only sign left. And it fits:

People with the Cancer zodiac are sensitive, loyal, creative and spontaneous - but also naive and clingy.

It’s canon that Lance is very loyal to his teammates and friends, but he also likes to internalise his issues and has insecurities that gnaw at his confidence. Let me hug u

As for Pidge, I can see why one would argue that she’s a Libra - but I’m leaning more towards Gemini.

She’s quick-witted, adaptable and a fast learner, but indecisive and a bit of an overthinker at times. Her main goal is finding her brother and father. While this may motivate her and give her a reason to continue piloting the Green Lion, it is also her biggest weakness. I wouldn’t be surprised if the paladins’ enemies used Pidge’s family against her at some point in the future.

Her ability to figure out Olkarian technology in a split second and her eagerness to learn Altean has me convinced that she’s a Gemini. They’re said to be two-faced.

These are my guesses based on Season 1 & 2 and what little information we have on Hunk and Shiro. If you have any ideas or things that you’d like to point out, feel free to add on!

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Kaneki is confirmed 100% bewb man, well just Touka's (I still can get over that, I'm still laughing 😂) Does this mean the he is going to sneak peeks and/or cop a feel when he gets the chance. >////< I have been corrupted by the chapter!!!! (Has also read and reread like all the Touken smut I could get my hands on, but now that it canon everything is so different)

Ahhhhhh! I really wanna write moments in where once they’re back in whatever place they’re staying now, Kaneki can’t stop thinking about it and he really wants to try it again, but they never have time, and he spends his days looking at her curves imagining all kind of things and everyone around him feels uncomfortable because you’re talking to Kaneki and he’s literally or staring at Touka very creepily, or just staring at the wall like an idiot.

OHHH, and what if sometimes, Kaneki drags Touka real quick to a place like behind a wall, a small alley, just to kiss her briefly and then return with the others because he’s too ashamed to kiss her in public 😂 I just really need Kaneki acting like a little puppy following Touka around and just wanting to be around her all the time. 

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I'm African American and I really want to do cosplay but sometimes I feel like I can't/shouldn't because of my skin tone. Do you have any advice as to what I should do or any African American cosplayers I can follow??


Everyone sees the characters differently. We’re all creating our own interpretations of fictional characters… our own storylines, our own head canons, our own looks, our own personalities. It’s just a bunch of make-believe. 

To sum it up, we’re a bunch of nerds playing dress up in our rooms. Don’t stress, just have fun with it. ;) 

As for awesome cosplayers to follow: 

@highwaytothegrangerzone​ )) 

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This is out of nowhere?? but it makes me really happy how accepting you are of other ships despite not being a fan of them yourself!! We need more ppl like u in the fandom honestly..

shdgjakdalhsajkd thank you <3333 this really makes me happy hahaha 

I’m gonna be 100% honest in my early days in the snk fandom I was a lot less accepting of other ships, would get bothered by them and what not…and boi I’m really glad that’s not the case anymore, even just for my own sake lol. It’s just…really healthier? like back then my emotional connection to EM was much stronger and I actually got some positive feels out of that, which has really dialed down compared to nowadays…but at the same time I don’t feel bad seeing ships I once considered notp’s anymore, I made lots of friends who highkey ship stuff I used to literally feel offended by…and having reached this much more neutral, accepting state of mind is probably my greatest achievement over the last year or so lmao. bc honestly spreading positivity is much better than having wank all over the place, for everyone involved, really.  


15 years ago, a 13-year-old Finnish girl fell in love. She fell in love with an athlete, but more importantly, she fell in love with a sport. That athlete was Francesco Totti. That sport was – of course – football.

Thank you Francesco for showing me the light. You will forever remain in my heart as my first great footballing love, and I wish you all the happiness and success in whatever path you choose to take.

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I'LL FUCKJN FIGHT THE UNIVERSE MYSELF TO GET IT TO START LETTING GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THESE BOYS (20 fic continuation with 45 or 71 with "the best case scenario")

-Okay so I too am always a slut for angst, but I’m also a major softie so I’d die without happy endings. Pretty please do a part II of the #20 prompt??? Bonus points for Neil being a little shit about catching Andrew getting all mother-hen over him.

-Will you do a sequel to the Neil coma fic?

-I feel like reading your angst is like me asking you to step on my heart with stilettos on (but like in a good way?? somehow??) It’s like these boys suffered so much in canon that I feel bad wanting them to suffer more but like… the angst tho… But then again I’m always a sucker for a happy ending… So could you continue your prompt 20 post using prompt 59??

lmaoooo okay okay xD here’s the original post. I could only fit 45 and 71 in, but hopefully this is alright for everyone

#45 “What are you looking at?”
#71 “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”

Neil regains consciousness in increments, and it’s nothing like waking up. He feels like he’s floating, and then he feels heavy, and he’s aware that he’s in a bed but he’s not sure of anything else. He’s sure he’s forgetting about something, like there’s a scrap of information at the back of his mind but it’s hidden behind heavy boxes that won’t budge. He would need Andrew to move all of that baggage.


Neil becomes aware of someone talking to him, but it’s not Andrew. He knows that; it’s the only thing he’s certain of. 

He opens his eyes because he needs to know if Andrew is nearby. The first person he sees is a middle-aged woman smiling at him. Beside her stands a twenty-something man in polkadot scrubs. Neil frowns and turns his head the other way. Andrew’s eyes lock with his, and Neil feels less like there’s a stack of cinderblocks on his chest. HIs breath falls heavy from his parted lips, and for a moment he allows his eyes to close, knowing that Andrew is there to keep him safe.

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Coming back on to good ol’ Tumblr.com and being immediately met with drama

SHINee: their s/o acting cute when they want something

Onew:  he has such a weakness for your cute behavior, and probably won’t make you wait for long before letting you have whatever it is you’re asking for. He might put up a front and cross his arms, claiming that this is the last time you’re cracking him like this….but it’s all for show and he’s  pile of mush on the inside.

Jonghyun:  keeps ogling at you and wondering how you always make him weak when you do that, since he always finds himself biding your every wish. After shaking his head and laughing at how childish you’re being, he’ll pat your head, “Alright alright, no need to kill me with the aegyo again.”

Key:  there’s no way you can actually make him second guess himself- he’ll stand his ground and refuses to always let you win when you want something. Afterwards he’ll probably feel bad bc it wasn’t even serious, and he’ll be all *tsundere* when getting you whatever you want, most likely spoiling you while he’s at it.

Minho:  whatever his baby wants, his baby gets. There will be times when he’ll pretend like he won’t give in, just to see your cute reaction and the way you look up at him with pouty lips. He won’t hold out for long since he lives for your cute side.

Taemin:  he’s confused bc you can literally get it yourself if it isn’t hard to obtain, like getting up and getting another pack of cookies instead of making him do it. He’ll huff and stare at you like a kid, and probably copies your cute expressions and twisting his face to look funny, then finally give in.

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Lmfaoo I'm not 17 anymore I have given up on updating this blog. I'm 19 now but! Rec whatever u want, I'm grateful for all of it. I was looking for fics more about the Reds and Blues, not really about project freelancer. And tuckington/grimmons is awesome. But I LOVE fics that put them in actual combat settings? And ones that focus on tucker and caboose's relationship seriously. Ok I get that's super specific but also any that u really like?? Idk I love rvb but suck at finding fics

ok ur archive checks out but u better not be lying to me!!! 

YEAH BUDDY. now i can rec you “put my guns in the ground” by @littlefists​ which i pretty much rec to EVERYONE WITH EYEBALLS.

she also has a rec list of tuckington smut in case u want sum fuk, half of these people are Dear Friends, everyone is talented af (check their bookmarks!!! do it!!!! taller is a huge grimmons fan)

i really like “the ones left standing” by @strangestquiet​ (who can apparently draw and write, it’s outrageous) and “spartan-b240″ by the gr8 gr8 @sex-cymbal​ for Realism™, but if you’re down to get fucked up on a real life au, “oh, the places you’ll go!” was the first thing i ever bookmarked, a longfic by @mdecarabas​ that convinced me long works were still worth reading after a two-week Bad Experience, snort.

i unforunately cannot help u wrt to tuckboose friendship, but i know cosmoverse in salt’s recs has great carolina/caboose interaction. and because it’s my blog and i do whatever the fuck i want, ur also invited to read The Great Carolina/Wash Platonic Bondage Story (“any port in a storm”) by @zalia​, because it makes me want to go cliff diving into the ocean out of sheer joy. 

and while on the topic of ships u didn’t ask for, go read “the drop” by @anneapocalypse​, because i’m only a few chapters in and would already throw down for her maine. more than usual. like, “will fight your whole crew” down. “wake me up at 4 am out of a dead sleep and i’ll still fuck ur shit up” down.


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Number 22 for Jasper please! I would love if it is in an AU but it is not necessary. Thank you xxx

anonymous said: Jasper 4?

anonymous said: 20 22 pleeasssee

(no longer taking requests for this particular challenge, sorry!)

things you said after it was over | things you said over the phone | things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

When she heard his voice, Piper almost dropped her phone. She fumbled it and by the time she had it righted and pressed to her ear again, she’d missed half the message.

“- hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in. I’ve already said that. Shit, I’m repeating myself. I just… Call me. I’d really like to talk to you. Please, Piper. I miss you.”

The message ended and the automated voicemail voice took over. Piper hung up and stared at the phone, clearly offended.

“What was that?” Annabeth asked without looking up from her essay.

Piper didn’t answer for a moment, fighting the bile she could feel rising up the back of her throat. Well, okay, it might have been tears. Whatever it was, she tried to ignore it, swallowing thickly and forcing herself to reply to her roommate. “Jason.”

Annabeth sat straight up, fingers stilling on her keyboard. “He called you?”

Piper nodded, biting her thumbnail. The roof of their tiny little dorm room was suddenly fascinating to her.

“When?” Annabeth asked.

“When I was in class,” she replied evenly, still looking straight up.

Annabeth bit out a particularly inventive curse word and shut her laptop before swinging her legs over the edge of her bed. Piper didn’t move as she took the two steps needed to close the distance between them and enveloped her in a tight hug. “I’m sorry, Pipes.”

Piper shrugged and made a noncommittal sound, something that might have been ‘don’t worry about it’, or, ‘if you let me go I’m going to collapse’.

“What do you want to do?” Annabeth questioned, pulling back but keeping her hands on Piper’s shoulders. “Do you want to delete it? Call him back? Do you want me to call him back, find out what he wants, and then tell him never to call again or I’ll kill him?”

Piper laughed despite herself. “I don’t know what I want to do.”

“Sleep on it, maybe?” Annabeth suggested.

“Yeah, I’ll just leave it for a bit. And decide in the morning.”

Annabeth didn’t look happy, but she nodded. “Okay, good game plan. Wanna go steal junk food from Percy and watch Legally Blonde?”

Piper sniffled once and nodded, but then said, “Actually, would you mind stealing the junk food and I’ll stay here and get the movie set up?”

Her roommate obviously saw straight through her casual tone, but she didn’t press it. “Sure. You get it ready and I’ll be right back with all the best candy. I’ll grab popcorn, too.”

“Thanks.” Piper smiled weakly as Annabeth left the room.

As soon as the door shut, she threw her phone into her pillow with all the force she could muster, and pressed the heels of her palms into her eyes until she didn’t feel like crying anymore.

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It honestly astounds me that there are people who call us that think that Dean is bi delusional. I just watched 'Playthings' and the scene where Dean asks Sam ''why do people always assume we're gay?'' and where Sam responds that it's because Dean supposedly overcompensates. And Dean gives Sam such a fake smile and??? Like to me, that scene just says everything. I'm sorry I don't even really have a point with this, but I just needed to share.

I love that’s not even just Dean’s reaction, but that Sam has a part in it too?

Like that wasn’t remotely a tactful answer. Sam was in such a bad place that week… it’s like the whole thing with soulless Sam where people say he’s all unfiltered and snarking whatever he feels with nothing telling him not to do it. Wrong time wrong place for Dean to ask that and get a weirdly honest answer he hates :P Can’t believe Sam made it all about him. Not like, trying to make it all better for Dean with some peaceful logic, like, well, we ARE two guys checking into a hotel together, statistically someone’s gonna think it every now and again. Sam’s like, nope you know what I’m going to just tell you what I think, and that’s that that apparently you ping people’s radar for some reason, and here’s my best guess why.

And, ouch, close to home, much? Whether Sam’s at all right about why, telling Dean there IS something to it but it’s all his fault??

Well Dean spends part of the episode after that trying to get Sam back for it and all he can come up with is that Sam likes dolls? And he doesn’t? And there’s like no truth to it and he’s just pissing Sam off with it but not exactly hitting him where it hurts, like, at all?

What’s with that, huh? :P

But yeah no clearly we’re making it all up and there’s absolutely no grounds to consider it despite the fact SAM thinks there’s a completely valid interpretation to be made from the question of if Dean’s sexuality is questioned by the text, and already attempted to come up with an answer for us back in season 2. I mean, thanks, Sam.