i'm not really british but i like queueing!

Mary, bless her, had rightly guessed where I had been, and with whom. Yet she made no more than to accuse me of marrying her under the false pretense that while all the world believed she held my heart, in reality it belonged to Holmes.

Did I just hear this?

Yes. Yes I did.

(from The Red-Headed League, dramatized by Bert Coules)

The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier
  • Holmes: Watson is a terrible writer.
  • Holmes: Every time I complain he tells me to do it myself.
  • Holmes: I guess I will. That'll show him.
  • Holmes: Because Watson is being incredibly selfish and staying with his wife.
  • Holmes: I will solve and write up this case all by myself.
  • Holmes: And you will see that I'm better at this writing thing than Watson.
  • Holmes: Watson is quite an annoying individual.
  • Holmes: case
  • Holmes: case
  • Holmes: This writing thing is actually hard.
  • Holmes: case
  • Holmes: case
  • Holmes: case
  • Holmes: case
  • Holmes: I miss my Watson*
  • (*a direct quote)