i'm not ready to say goodbye to these characters

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: homestuck is ending tomorrow. Tomorrow. everything andrew hussie has worked towards for seven years is coming to a conclusion on 4/13. after tomorrow we're never getting another upd8, never going to see the characters we watched grow up again. there's never going to be another story like this one again. the fandom is slowly going to grow smaller and move on and stop caring about the incredible world that hussie built. and I know we all like to joke about finally being free from this hellpit, but frankly I'm not ready to say goodbye. I don't want to say goodbye to the characters I've loved for so long, to the comic that's shaped me into who I am today. I'm not even close to prepared for this but I don't have a choice. Because homestuck is ending tomorrow aND NOTHING IS O K A Y
Spelling Bee Songs, Summarized
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: drink every time they say the title of the show- also why am I crying already
  • The Spelling Rules: you better pay attention bc this is some sick foreshadowing
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO
  • My Friend, The Dictionary: who needs friends when you have books amirite
  • The First Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny as the actual characters
  • Pandemonium: this is what I like to get down to at the club
  • I'm Not That Smart: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
  • The Second Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny reprise
  • Magic Foot: that vibrato tho
  • Pandemonium Reprise: hahaha get rekt Chip
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: schadenfreude, basically
  • Prayer of the Comfort Counselor: FINALLY we got rid of all of the guest spellers
  • My Unfortunate Erection/Chip's Lament: how many penis and/or boner jokes can we pack into 2 and a half minutes
  • Woe is Me: smol bb has so many problems- also why am I crying reprise
  • Spelling Montage: break it down now
  • I'm Not That Smart Reprise: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure reprise- also why am I crying reprise reprise
  • I Speak Six Languages: holy crap this girl can do everything- also slay me bc I am not worthy
  • Jesus/Pandemonium Reprise: I didn't think this bee could get any crazier but I was wrong
  • The I Love You Song: this is when most people start crying but I've been crying since the opening number
  • Woe is Me Reprise: don't cry for me Putnam County- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO reprise
  • Second: wait no I didn't want that person to win... at least Olive's happy
  • Finale: so none of the ships got together??? is that what I'm hearing???????
  • The Last Goodbye: yes hello I would like a different ending please and thank you- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise reprise

How do I even express the gratitude I have for a TV show based off of a silly movie about werewolves. This TV show that I’m so grateful I have a second chance to. This TV show that I watched like a hawk. And fell in love with all the actors. And annoyed my friends and family with for the last few years. I know how to say how much I love this show and the characters. I know how excited to get about new episodes. New promos. But what I don’t know what to say is goodbye. This was a stable of my high school life. And it’s like the closing of a chapter of my life. Tonight is the series finale of Teen Wolf. And it’s been one of my favorite shows I’ve ever watched. 100 episodes isn’t enough but I shouldn’t be too greedy. Goodbye Teen Wolf. The ride has been so much fun.

I have no idea how I’m going to survive next week. Today was super intense, but next week it’ll be THE END. They’ll have to say goodbye to Vax. Velora, Zarha, and Kash might be permanently dead too. 

And worst of all, the cast will have to depart with their characters, who i’m sure became part of them at this point.

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Hi I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but can I get an imagine where McCree, Soldier 76, Hanzo, Reaper and Lucio are told that their s/o has died while on a mission and then realizing that the last time they saw them they had a big fight so the last thing they said to their s/o was really hateful or mean?? Once again I'm sorry if I'm bothering you!!

Warning: Character Death. It’s sad. You’ve been warned.

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Today’s the day, the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf begin!. Just remember no matter what happens or how it ends, cherish these last few episodes. You may not have loved every storyline, character, villain or ship but we got 6 years, 6 wild seasons of Teen Wolf. And I for one will never forget what this show or characters mean to me. So make sure the tissues are near by and let’s all go on one final Teen Wolf ride. ❤

of piano players and restaurants

Genre: can you guess it?

Words: 7.970, Jesus Christ. I need to be stopped.

Warnings: Alcohol is mentioned like… twice…

Summary: Phil is a waiter working in his best friend’s restaurant. One day, when the owners decide to hire a new pianist since their last one was a complete fail, Phil is kind of skeptical about it — can you blame him? The last pianist was insane — but once he meets Dan Howell, he realizes it’s not as bad as he thinks.

a/n: Again. One of those stories that I could’ve left at 2k but then I went, “THESE CHARACTERS DESERVE MORE AND SO DOES THE STORY AND I CARE ABOUT IT TOO MUCH TO LEAVE A NORMAL ENDING,” so yeah. God. I need lessons on how to not let myself get carried away.

This is also for my beautiful beautiful friend/wife Ravie, whose birthday is in like two weeks and a couple of days but I like to give her earlier presents. (also hi Ravie. It’s just a habit to give you longfics as presents whoops.)

(also it’s getting really ironic how I can only write cheesiness when I hear Hyper Music.)

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Guys, I just want to say a few words .
This photoshoot was the most important in my life because I wanted to express my gratitude to all the people who worked on the creation of " Austin & Ally ". This show is incredible, and... I do not know what else to say. It is very hard to say goodbye. I'm not ready...
Just - " Austin & Ally " I love you! Fandom: Austin & Ally Characters: Austin Moon, Ally Dawson Cosplayers: Mark Gurin, Benzoate Ostylezene
Dear Person of Interest fandom

Tonight’s the night. Our AI apocalypse is finally at an end, and we say goodbye to the characters that we have loved so much.

But let’s not say goodbye to each other, okay? The show may be over, but I sincerely hope the fandom lives on, in fic and fanart and meta and a thousand AUs where Team Machine lives and are happy. Or at least die differently, and never in vain. 

I’m going to miss POI so much. HOLD ME FANDOM I’M NOT READY <3

I need moral support ‘cause I can’t stand the cancellation of Graceland.

It was a GREAT show, it had wonderful dynamics, character developments and a lot of plot twists and an AMAZING cast.

I’m not ready to let go, I’m not ready to say goodbye! 

  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Oh my god, Wander over Yonder finale is in June 27th. WTF? Dominator destroyed the entire galaxy except for one planet? What are the Main 4 gonna do to save the galaxy now? I’m so not ready for this. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the characters I grew so attached to. I'll never see the planned season 3 stuff they had. I'll miss the friendship moments. I'm gonna miss this show a whole lot and it means so much to me. I'm prepared to die on that day from crying so much. Save WOY! Save WOY for sure until the very very end of time!