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Spelling Bee Songs, Summarized
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: drink every time they say the title of the show- also why am I crying already
  • The Spelling Rules: you better pay attention bc this is some sick foreshadowing
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO
  • My Friend, The Dictionary: who needs friends when you have books amirite
  • The First Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny as the actual characters
  • Pandemonium: this is what I like to get down to at the club
  • I'm Not That Smart: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
  • The Second Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny reprise
  • Magic Foot: that vibrato tho
  • Pandemonium Reprise: hahaha get rekt Chip
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: schadenfreude, basically
  • Prayer of the Comfort Counselor: FINALLY we got rid of all of the guest spellers
  • My Unfortunate Erection/Chip's Lament: how many penis and/or boner jokes can we pack into 2 and a half minutes
  • Woe is Me: smol bb has so many problems- also why am I crying reprise
  • Spelling Montage: break it down now
  • I'm Not That Smart Reprise: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure reprise- also why am I crying reprise reprise
  • I Speak Six Languages: holy crap this girl can do everything- also slay me bc I am not worthy
  • Jesus/Pandemonium Reprise: I didn't think this bee could get any crazier but I was wrong
  • The I Love You Song: this is when most people start crying but I've been crying since the opening number
  • Woe is Me Reprise: don't cry for me Putnam County- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO reprise
  • Second: wait no I didn't want that person to win... at least Olive's happy
  • Finale: so none of the ships got together??? is that what I'm hearing???????
  • The Last Goodbye: yes hello I would like a different ending please and thank you- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise reprise

sooo, i decided i’d keep up my 1 episode + 3 screencaps + 60 minutes exercise with season 3? we’re halfway through the season so i thought i’d post what i’ve done so far. all studies have taken at least 5 minutes and 45 minutes at most. 

Sometimes I don’t think authors understand just how amazing it feels when characters come out as lgbt on-page, and just how devastating queerbaiting can be. 

Because the former feels like fireworks in my chest because we got one!!!!

And then the latter is just so fucking disappointing because you have all of those fireworks ready, every cell in your body is screaming IT’S GAY IT’S GAY JUST LIGHT IT UP ALREADY LETS GO PARTY but you can’t because the author decided to put two wet fingers on the fuse at the last second.

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I couldn't message you, and I'm quite new to this whole tumblr thing, but here are the two characters for the "pick two characters and I'll chose one to draw" Greed or Ling. Because obviously both are amazing :))))



Ichabod x Abbie | Unlock the door. Let’s go home.

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I see a lot of us have moved to Sanvers but I don't feel the same intensity as Clexa. I wonder if it's the same for you? Will there be another ship like Clexa?

I was not expecting to love Sanvers this much. I knew I loved Alex, but it has grown SO MUCH MORE. And I adore Maggie so much too. I’m head over heels in love with Sanvers and alex x kara’s dynamic and the support surrounding both of their “coming out” stories. 

So, yes, I do feel the same intensity. They are both extremely special to me. Clexa is so special to me and it will NEVER be replaced. However, aspects of Clexa have been unfortunately tarnished for me because of the fandom, blarkes, and the show. Sanvers does not come with a ‘Blarke” fandom, the actresses are vocal about their love for the ship, and we are all not at each other’s throats. It just adds to the ambiance of unity, love, joy, and happiness it reminds me of pre-s3 Clexa fandom if you took out the Blarke component. Looking at Sanvers I see hope, with Clexa I feel the loss of a loved one. I still love Clexa and it will never be replaced, but Sanvers and Chyler and Floriana’s caring reaction to the fandom and impact they have fills me with so much joy. I don’t feel like a burden, like something that is toyed with to be then discarded, attacked for liking the ship, and cast posts about sanvers without massive hetero backlash. It is just….nice. Everything put together makes my love for this show, ship, characters, and cast increase to a level I never thought was reachable after Clexa was ripped so viciously and unapologetically from us. 

But I saw this tweet from @peejayand33 and I think it shows how I will see Clexa in every wlw ship from here on out:

I will always love Tiva no matter what and the fandom frenzy these past few days was part of my love - the hilarious commentaries and gifs and beautiful edits and fanfics and the different insights and opinions. While I do plan to stick around I feel like this really is our last hurrah and I’m really sad about it. We’ve been in a lull these past few years but as long as Tony was still on the show there was always the chance of Tiva reemerging, just as it has for this finale.

So basically, this is a tribute to the fandom. We’ve all got our reasons for connecting with these characters and this ship and we’ve been through something I think it’s safe to say no other fandom has ever experienced. It’s been real. It’s been wonderful. It’s sucked at times. It’ll be one more roller coaster of emotion, no doubt. 

So here’s to you, lovely fandom and followers, for this epic journey with the ship to end all ships, I thank you. 

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Christmas countdown: DAY 1! 

Operation Mistletoe, coming soon! 

So this is the start of the countdown to Christmas as there is roughly 12 days to go and on Christmas Day this Short fluffy comic strip will be revealed! 

Multi character countdown, because I love them all! 

And yeah follow me for daily updates and follow the countdown!

Are you ready? 

Let the countdown begin!

I Won’t Let This Happen To You -meta

Guys we need to talk about the weight behind Abby’s words in that trailer, “I won’t let this happen to you.” Because not only is this the man she said was her hope just a few episodes ago but this is coming from the woman who fiercely declared that ‘hope is everything’ (reading between the lines, it’s not hard to come up with a ‘you’re everything’ out of that, almost to the point that it feels painfully intentional)

But let’s just take a moment to remember the last man that Abby was this close to: her husband, committing treason by defying a direct order from the council; deliberately undermining those instructions in order to do what he believed was the right thing; and then that man was sentenced to death and executed and he was executed right in front of her. 

So when she tells Marcus that she won’t let this happen to him again that has the full weight of history behind it. It’s not just about not letting this happening to him; it’s about her not going through it again; not standing back and watching one of the most important people in her life be killed before her without doing anything about it. 

Her face in the trailer when she is presumably finding out about Marcus’ fate speaks volumes. Can you imagine what’s going through her mind in that instant? She’s falling for someone else after losing the love of her life, the father of her child, her family, her friend, her everything. She’s let herself be strong, she’s let herself open up again, she’s let herself have hope again, she’s let herself find hope in Marcus again after losing it, and almost everything else. And now she stands to lose it all over again. 

History is repeating itself for her in the cruellest way possible and when she stands in front of Marcus and tells him that she’s not going to let this happen you can hear her pour every ounce of who she is and what she has into those words. 

Frankly, I’m beyond ready to watch Abby Griffin tear down the world and stride through hell itself without batting an eyelid to save for the sake of her hope; Marcus Kane. 

I did it! I hit 5,000! And you guys are the reason, every single one of you! So I want to do something to say THANK YOU for getting me here. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be writing. 

First of all, I’d like to send a shoutout to beakaleak32 for the awesome graphic! Thank you for making it for me. 

In celebration, I will be writing 500 word or less drabbles prompted by you, my awesome followers. I am opening up my asks to one sentence prompts, three word prompts and asks. 

The Ground Rules:

  1. Please specify Sam or Dean (as most of you know, I prefer to write the boys). If you can’t decide, I’ll pick for you (though that means it will probably be Dean). Also, I will write for any of my AU characters. And yes, that means Professor Dean.
  2. Please, no Wincest or Destiel or way out of character prompts.
  3. Please specify smut or no smut (I’m willing to do both).
  4. I reserve the right to not write anything I am uncomfortable writing.
  5. You can send in as many prompts/asks as you want, just send them in separate asks.
  6. I’ll do this until I don’t feel like doing it anymore.
  7. I will tag these as “5000 follower celebration” if you want to blacklist them.
  8. Most importantly, lets make this fun!

Ready. Set. Go!