i'm not ready to grow up guys


Press release about David’s new EP with quotes about each song. My favorite:

“I wanted to politely say to back off and let me grow up.” 😂 🙌

Gravity Falls {Sentence Starters}
  • "Finally, a good reason to punch a teenager in the face!"
  • "Is this some kind of negotiating tactic? Because it's not going to work!"
  • "Let's grow some mustaches!"
  • "No 'buts' except yours out the door. Now shut your yap and get to work!"
  • "You guys are butt-faces!"
  • "Haha! You fight like a girl! Who is also a baby!"
  • "Your wife is going to be beautiful!"
  • "Yeah, I'm the guy who spray painted the water tower."
  • "Ready to blow up these hot dogs in the microwave one by one?"
  • "We're gonna have to break in."
  • "You never wanna do girly stuff with me!"
  • "And then he chased me around with a paddle for like, three hours!"
  • "He's looking at it, he's looking at it!"
  • "We need to just learn to hate each other in silence."
  • "TV. It knows what I want."
  • "That makes perfect sense! That was totally worth the drive!"
  • "Check out this huge smooch mark he gave me!"
  • "I'm not acting suspicious! You're acting suspicious!"
  • "I don't trust anyone whose hair is bigger than their head."
  • "You're a lot more clever than I gave you credit for."

me: *thinking about seventeen and how i constantly sacrifice sleep to stay up and stream their performances, wait for their teasers, and re-watch videos but also remembering how i don’t mind doing all that because i genuinely love watching these 13 boys perform and goof around and laugh, seeing their hard work being rewarded and realizing how far they’ve come and how far they’re going to go, and that seeing them grow up before my very eyes makes me so so so happy*

'Things said at the conference' meme.
  • 1: "I have a condition."
  • 2: "Is this what it's like to be blind?"
  • 3: "My butt is damp."
  • 4: "Does anyone have some glue?"
  • 5: "Don't look at my boobs."
  • 6: "Does anyone have white duct tape?"
  • 7: "Oh my god, dogs."
  • 8: "They don't have a window."
  • 9: "Her legs are gonna lose circulation."
  • 10: "That'll be long, like my dick."
  • 11: "I thought you just petted me."
  • 12: "HoLY SHIT."
  • 13: "Let's get rekt."
  • 14: "There's a Starbucks around the corner, I dunno which corner though."
  • 15: "Why does everyone want to have sex with me?!"
  • 16: "I was beautiful once, I was beautiful!"
  • 17: "I thought he said 'fill me up'."
  • 18: "Ah, FUCK!"
  • 19: "I don't have diseases, how dare you!"
  • 20: "Oh fuck off!"
  • 21: "What am I suppose to be doing anyways?"
  • 22: "That is one hell of a nose."
  • 23: "I'm getting food, and then I'm getting food for later, and then I'm getting food for later later."
  • 24: "Where is your project? Where is MY project?"
  • 25: "Caution: may get wet."
  • 26: "Hello! Fuck off."
  • 27: "We're broke, we're like homeless."
  • 28: "I just want my noodles!"
  • 29: "That me."
  • 30: "Kill him."
  • 31: "Just get the fucking food, damn it!"
  • 32: "I can't do maaath."
  • 33: "Let's get it."
  • 34: "I love these pants."
  • 35: "My eyebrows have bad dandruff."
  • 36: "I got your dollar sweetheart."
  • 37: "Get the Bible out, ask Jesus."
  • 38: "Get in my pants!"
  • 39: "White boys make me nervous."
  • 40: "I am going to fight him."
  • 41: "I'm going to fight her."
  • 42: "I'm going to fight everyone."
  • 43: "What did you do?"
  • 44: "No seriously- what'd you do?"
  • 45: "Who's this chick?"
  • 46: "I don't like her hair."
  • 47: "POOL SEX!"
  • 48: "I'm just gonna be over here."
  • 49: "When nature calls, you don't leave a voicemail."
  • 50: "I thought you were about to say 'take your clothes off.'"
  • 51: "Oh, wait, no- that sounds really bad."
  • 52: "You can hang off the pole like a bat."
  • 53: "We all need pillows!"
  • 54: "My eyebrows are uneven."
  • 55: "This is fancy."
  • 56: "Who wants to see my underwear?"
  • 57: "You, my friend, are an author."
  • 58: "You, my friend, are a weird dude."
  • 59: "I thought that maybe one day I could grow up to be Indiana Jones."
  • 60: "Vagabond Traveler/Scuba Guy."
  • 61: "You ready to go look for crocodiles?"
  • 62: "If you itch your butt wrong you fall in the water."
  • 63: "And then the guy says "KILL IT! KILL IT!" and I was awake."
  • 64: "So its just me and certain death."
  • 65: "So my brother ended up getting malaria and his girlfriend dumped him."
  • 66: "I came to Honduras because my shirt was made here."
  • 67: "I gave the guy who made my shirt my shirt."
  • 68: "I'm a really horrible farmer."
  • 69: "Did I just see Larry the Cable Guy?"
  • 70: "Cancel her muffin basket!"
  • 71: "This guy won't let me flirt with him."
  • 72: "I made a mistake."
  • 73: "Kinky."
  • 74: "You guys are gonna have to fight me- I just took my bra off."
  • 75: "I'm weak."
  • 76: "Shut up! I have a plan."
  • 77: "I punched myself in the face."
  • 78: "Its fine. This is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is on fire. This is fine."
  • 79: "She's kinda wet."
  • 80: "Now try to get out."
  • 81: "I can fit."
  • 82: "She's my mommy. Get the fuck over it."
  • 83: "They went Super Saiyan!"
  • 84: "It sounded like he said 'Porn Shop.'"
  • 85: "Clean that white shit up."
  • 86: "Shut the huckle up."
  • 87: "I'm just a pile of meat."
  • 88: "Buy a fucking watch."
  • 89: "I do good."
  • 90: "Oh great, now they're talking about masturbating."
  • 91: "You're gonna tear my nose off!"
  • 92: "Don't you hate when you get something stuck in your mouth?"
  • 93: "A-cheese-ment."
  • 94: "Crap! Where are we?"
  • 95: "Don't touch the bread!"
  • 96: "I have to pee."
  • 97: "Why is she laughing in the bathroom?"
  • 98: "Somebody just died."
  • 99: "Pee time!"
  • 100: "It's really hard to suck out."
  • 101: "I'm taking my bra off."

Let’s talk about Lucas feelings shall we?

This was originally an ask I was going to send to @yeoldeshipper about all these theories about Lucas liking Maya since season 1/before he liked Riley (idk there are several theories) and how that had the potential of making Lucas look like a jerk if the writers were to ever reveal that to the audience.

I agree with those theories that say Lucas has liked Maya since season 1, heck since the beginning (I’ll later explain my take on this). But I don’t think he knew it. I don’t think Lucas consciously liked Maya. I think he consciously liked Riley. Or rather, he had his own definition of “like” which he applied to Riley and, in the meanwhile, he didn’t fully realize what was going on between him and Maya.

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validatedstandby  asked:

Why aren't Riley and Lucas going to the movies alone? Why is Maya going anyway? She doesn't have to feel like a 3rd wheel if she isn't there. I'm not asking this in a mean way but are Rilucas not spending time alone? Are they not ready for that yet?

The fact that they not-so-subtly called back to Sneak Attack (which of course ends with the Core Four making plans for a group movie hang right before Missy says “grow up,” and Riley replies “not yet) is very 👀.

Maya looks over at Riley and Lucas after Zay asks her to the movies, and tbh I expected one or both of them to say something like “oh we were gonna go just us. don’t worry, you guys don’t have to third wheel it if you don’t want to,” but nope. And this the the ONE AND ONLY Rilucas date that’s even mentioned onscreen. We never actually see them go on a date as bf/gf and no other offscreen dates are ever mentioned. Pretty interesting choice on the writer’s part if you ask me. 🤔