i'm not ready for the next 5 months

Right now i feel sick of everything but especially myself and i absolutely HATE feeling empty all the fucking time and having to fake emotions is so exhausting and just a 5 minute conversation drains all my energy. My dad actually followed up on his promise and he called a therapist or whatever today and they’ll call him back tomorrow so hopefully some things will change in the next few months.

Guess What

I am actually working on an imagine that was requested to me like 5 months ago! I’m all done with the requested drabbles! So that means I can finish my ask box full of requests and then soon enough I can open requests! Anyways, the next imagine that will be up is going to be a Bucky one. I really like how it is starting, if I do say so myself. So get ready for some Bucky coming your way very soon!

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Followed your credit advice and got my very own big girl credit card in october, but I'm still a bit confused at to payment deadlines and credit scores. If my payment was due (and paid by) the 26th, should I wait until the 1st to use the card again so my credit score is gucci or do those 3-5 days count towards the next month's payment?

Those days count towards the next month of payments. Once your credit card bill is ready, any day after that counts towards the next payment period. You don’t have to wait to use your card, you can just keep on spending (responsibly, of course).