i'm not reading it till i get the first book

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Do you know of any good resources or books that would be beneficial for a medical-student-to-be-in-September? I've heard that Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is wonderful so I will be purchasing it. Is there any other books or resources or even things that I'll need in clinical settings? My university has said they won't give any information to us till we start but I really don't want to be waiting till then. I want to start now. I'm so hyped for Medicine and it's ups and downs!

First of all hearty congratulations in getting a place!

Hmmm, the first couple of years are always pretty non-clinical and are generally focused on harnessing all the theory and then the latter (clinical) years are where you translate all that into actual practice. 

Don’t be fooled with the massive reading lists med schools love issuing. They are notoriously long and a lot of the books you may never have to use! 

Word of advice, DO NOT BUY any books without having tried them out first. You’ll find out people are buying tons of books in the first few weeks, a lot of is ‘cause of peer pressure, being new etc. You have to bear in mind the reading material is not exactly cheap (average of £50-80 per book). I didn’t buy anything for the first couple of weeks…and instead borrowed books from the library, and if I liked them I would later buy them. Nothing worse than shelling out for an expensive book and realising it’s not actually for you. 

I’ll break it down into:

(disclaimer these were my gen favourites.) 


 - My favourite was Martini. Easy to use, just the right balance of detail. Plenty of pictures so ideal for anatomy. Marieb & Hoehn is also really good. 

- Guyton - infamously detailed with very wordy prose, although very useful if you want more in depth explanations. 


Gray’s anatomy - my favourite. Right amount of text, loads of pictures, sections on surface anatomy. Just all round great. Probably the most popular anatomy book. 

Moore and Dalley - another great go to anatomy book. Awesome pics, nicely colour-coded. Good when in combo with Gray’s. 

Netter’s anatomy flash cards - if you’re a visual person, this is a great tool also. Really handy during the revision period when you want to practice in a group or pairs. 

Pathology / Pharmacology

Robbins Pathology - the mother of all pathology books. Incredibly heavy but incredibly useful.

Rang & Dale - probably the best pharmacology aid. Had always been my go to for all things drugs. 


KUMAR AND CLARKE!!- the bible of medical school. You gotta have one. You’ll be referring to this one during your clinical years quite a bit. 

Davidson’s - lesser detailed compared to K & C but nonetheless, detailed enough to grasp health concepts. 

Oxford Handbook of Clinical medicine and arguably it’s counterpart OH of Clinical Specialties. Actually the former is the bible of med school. Had a pocket sized one that I got for free during freshers! Succinct, right amount of detail, a great section for abbreviations and logically set out. Can’t fault anything with OHCM. It’s a definitive must have. 

Anyway, hope that helps. Best of luck with your endeavours! :)