i'm not quite sure how to react to this

You know, I’ve seen a lot of posts and art addressing how various Inquisitors reacted to and dealt with losing their arm, some quite thoughtful and/or touching, but I’ve missed seeing people dealing with what it might be like to lose the Mark.

What about Inquisitors who always felt they were nothing special, and suddenly they were a hero and the center of everything, able to help people because of this mysterious magic on their hand?  What about Inquisitors who were always indifferent mages, but suddenly they have this astonishing, critically important power?  What about the people who truly believed that they were touched by Andraste, chosen above all others?  Or who felt that they could protect people now and that made them important, it meant they mattered?  Or who gave up everything they loved before, lost the people they were before, all because of this accursed Mark?

And now it’s gone, and it was all a lie.  Stolen power, taken back.  And now they’re nothing special again, but they can never go back to what they were before either.

I can’t help but think that even for the most skeptical and cynical of Inquisitors, that would be a brutally difficult transition.