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Hey I'm a big fan of your tumblr page and i just wanted to ask for a gif reaction if that's ok. Can I get a reaction of when jimin, rap mon, v, and jungkook come home and you are in their clothes asking them for a kiss. Thanks again!

Aww thanks for liking our page!~ We work hard on it sometimes

Jimin: *can’t handle your cuteness* This is just wanted I needed after work jagi

Rap Mon: *gets distracted a bit by the clothing situation*

V: *baby is not quite sure how to react because you’re a cutie asking for a kiss but you are also sexy because clothes*

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Jungkook: Please go put on different clothes jagi *gives you the kiss but immediately sends a death glare to his hyungs that says “don’t make fun of me and don’t gawk at my sexy girlfriend/boyfriend”*

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Ppl getting arguing about Link showing emotions over baked apples? Seriously? Gameplay mechanics are sure as hell different from story mechanics; I'm sure Link was elated when Zelda returned at the end (plus he's rather reserved with his emotions anyway, so…)

Awww no, no. They weren’t arguing haha that post was truly funny! Op was making fun of that situation. I mean, if you’ve seen him react when something that he cooks is EXTREMELY delicious… it’s quite hilarious to watch how his  mouth drools and stuff hahaha (sadly I don’t have a gif of that, my bad) 

In regards of Link emotions and expressions in BOTW… They are THERE but, they’re very subtle… His reactions are not like the ones Toon Link or SS Link had BUT, they are there… And just like you mentioned, he is very reserved with his emotions; contrary to Zelda, who wears hers under her sleeve, and that’s a lovely contrast if you ask me. 

Anyways, here’s an example:  Right after you gather all Link’s memories and Zelda telepathically talks to him, telling him where she is and all… He reacts like this:

He clenches his fists and furrow his eyebrows. That’s the typical “I’m determinated” look in video games. That reaction speaks for itself. Those gestures tell us of how he feels about the whole “Help Zelda defeat Ganon” situation. He is determinated to do it and, in the process, avenge his fallen friends, protect Hyrule and Zelda. 


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Hi! So i'm new to all of this, I actually didn't even know that people did all of this for Fallout 4, if I had known then I would have been on tumblr a long time ago haha, it's pretty great that you're doing this sort of thing, but anyway. . . If this has been requested I am so sorry. So, you can change the appearance of the Sole Survivor whenever you want; i'm just curious as to how the companions would react if Sole gets a face swap? Again, I apologize if this has already been asked for.

Cait: “Hot damn.” She lets out a slow whistle. “Gotta admit, I didn’t think y’were serious when you said you were doin’ this. Guess you showed me. I guess it’ll take some getting used to, but…” She shrugs. “Whatever works for you.”

Codsworth: “Are you… quite sure you like this, Mx. Sole?” It unnerves him a bit, especially when he hears Sole’s voice coming out of someone else’s face. He never expresses disapproval, exactly, but it does make him uncomfortable.

Curie: She does ask why Sole wants to do it, but doesn’t judge their reasons. She does insist on being involved in the process, however. “Plastic surgery is not so simple,” she says. “I would feel better knowing you were in capable hands.” She blushes. “Not that I am so very skilled, but…”

Danse: “Why?” He wrinkles his nose, looking them up and down. “It feels… deceptive. You looked fine as you were.” He shifts uncomfortably. He might not admit it, but he’s attached to Sole’s current looks.

Deacon: “Sweet!” He claps his hands together excitedly. “Oh, wow. Geez. You know, I’m overdue for one, myself. Maybe I can a face that matches yours? Oh! Let’s be twins. Yeah, let’s be twins. That’ll be hilarious.”

Dogmeat: Sole’s face is always lickable, no matter what it looks like.

Hancock: “Any particular reason why?” He quirks one hairless eyebrow. “I mean, I ain’t gonna be mad, I just don’t want you makin’ any rash decisions.” He waves a hand over his face. “Like yours truly.”

Nick Valentine: “Huh.” He scratches his chin with his claw, looking pensive. Then, he chuckles. “Well, I guess it’ll make it a helluva lot harder to track you down. Can’t blame you for keeping folks on their toes.”

MacCready: He frowns, brow furrowing. “Kinda hard to recognize you,” he says, uneasily. “I mean… I guess it’s your choice, but. It sorta skeeves me out.” He’s not a fan of change, but isn’t going to argue with Sole’s choice.

Piper: “Whoa!” She lifts the brim of her hat, staring wide-eyed into Sole’s new face. “Cool! What made you decide to do that? What, uh- what’d you base it on? Why’d you do this face?” She’s more curious than anything. As always.

Preston: “Oh, uh.” He’s a bit surprised, but shrugs it off. “Well, I guess it’s up to you. Gonna be a little hard to recognize you for a while, but if it’s what you want.” He’s seen stranger things. He’ll live.


X6-88: He tilts his head to the side very slightly. “Why?” If Sole chooses to give an explanation, he nods. “Very well.” He doesn’t question it further.

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hey there! so i just stumbled upon a quote i'm not quite sure what to make of and since i know you're really familiarized with diane blair's papers and have used them as inspiration for your writing, i thought i'd ask you your take it on it. what do you make of her (rather offhanded, tbh) comment about how people would react if they "ever hear her swear, discover she's strayed." do you take that as some definitive evidence that she cheated too, at some point? maybe the 80s?

My answer in brief: I’m, of course, not sure exactly what it means. This is purely my own analysis and interpretation, loaded with my own biases and projections. In short, my theory is that this refers to straying from her Methodist faith for a time - not from her marriage.

Buckle up, this is going to be a long one.

A little personal context first: 

My own educational background (post-secondary, post-graduate) is in history (I’ll keep the specifics undisclosed for the sake of anonymity). But as a result of this background, the use and careful interpretation of sources, primary and secondary, in understanding history is near and dear to my heart, as is the yearning for nuance and context. Key words: careful, and context.

You’re absolutely correct that I am familiar with the Blair Notes - in fact, they are arguably one of my favorite sources, because they are (in my view) as “primary” as one gets with First Lady-era Hillary. While most writing about HRC is done from a very specific (positive or negative) perspective and likewise meant for an audience to consume accordingly, Blair’s notes were never meant to be seen. In addition, Blair is arguably one of Hillary’s few, if only, confidantes outside of WJC. That said, I doubt Hillary was completely open even with Blair, and so that needs to be folded in to the analysis. There is still a lens of opacity over the truth, even if it is a bit less opaque than other sources. So it goes with all history - context is absolutely crucial.

Okay. To the meat of the answer: I do not believe Blair is referring to infidelity when she uses the word “strayed”. I believe she is referring to Hillary having strayed in her Christian faith at some point in her life.

First, some historical context on Blair’s note. The date of the memo is late-May, 1993 - a few months after the inauguration, and more importantly, shortly after the release of the Saint Hillary piece in the New York Times

For more context - at the time of writing that note, the public view of HRC (this is reflected in the Saint Hillary article - highly recommend reading it in its entirety) was that Hillary was a kind of “virtuous activist” First Lady, wanting to use her background of left-wing Christianity to find philosophical meaning within political/public life, both for citizens and public servants. It was suggested that this was some of the driving force behind her approach to universal healthcare. Some of this is arguably spurred on by the recent death of her father in April of the same year (see, her “Politics of Meaning” speech in Austin, Texas a few days after he passed - beautiful speech), but at the risk of turning this into an essay, I leave that for another time.

Here’s a key excerpt from the article:

Her sense of purpose stems from a world view rooted in the activist religion of her youth and watered by the conviction of her generation that it was destined (and equipped) to teach the world the errors of its ways. Together, both faiths form the true politics of her heart, the politics of virtue.

Now, Diane Blair’s note:

Saint Hillary piece in NYT - I’m worried about how they’ll tell her down if ever hear her swearing, discover she’s strayed. She says not to worry; she needs all that aura for healthcare.

Given this context, in my view the “strayed” here refers to her straying from her faith at some point (or points) in time, either in her youth or in Arkansas. We get an idea that this happened during her time at Wellesley based on a letter she sends to a friend where she refers to herself as an “agnostic”. Again, will avoid turning this into an essay, and will leave that for another day.

Her response is also key. Would Hillary have responded so lightly, even to her friend, about people discovering she strayed in her marriage - especially given the very recent turmoil over the Gennifer Flowers scandal? I find it unlikely. On the flip side, as a Christian, had someone “discovered” she strayed in her faith, it would be a very different conversation - one that could be shaped, ultimately, into a positive. But very difficult to prove, and ultimately much less explosive than straying from her marriage - hence the offhanded nature of the comment, as you note, and the easy brushing off by HRC.

Okay - I leave this topic for now. Thank you for the excellent question! 

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Okay so I'm not sure if you've done something like this or not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway. How do you think the guy's would react to seeing their s/o naked for the first time? Also thank you for all the work that you do because your blog is amazing :D

I’ve had this for quite a while and I’m so sorry that I’m just now getting to it 

Noctis is honestly in awe, mouth agape and heart racing, and he looks away as the blush creeps over his face. He wants to look, but he can’t bring himself to. You might have to guide him to turn his gaze back on you with a palm on his cheek, but when he looks again, there’s nothing but adoration in his eyes.

Prompto is just as bad of a blushing mess as Noctis, and he’ll gasp sharply through his parted lips. He’s fidgety and stuttering, trying to find a way to compliment you and tell you that you’re so, so beautiful. He can’t tear his eyes off of you, and his gaze becomes more and more intense with each passing moment.

Gladio immediately sighs heavily, eyes travelling up and down your body until he shakes his head and grins. He’s never seen anyone quite like you, and he makes sure you know it and believe it by the time he’s done feeding you with compliments. Honestly, he could admire you for hours without having anything on you except his eyes.

Ignis appears to have a combination of the above reactions, but not as severe. A light blush will creep onto his cheeks as he takes in your form, trying to discretely survey your entire body, and he’ll be at a complete loss for words. Until he finds the motive to speak, Ignis will stare, biting his lip and wondering how he got to be so lucky.

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We've been doing so much fluff these days. How about some ANGST!? How would the suitors react to find the Princess slowly drifting away from their relationship and advising them that they should marry another. She is trying to be strong but is clearly battling her concscience. "She is quite beautiful and smart. Not to mention, she is of noble birth. I'm sure she will bring prosperity to your house/kingdom/s."

Geez.. f'n heartbreak city over here … make me cry… ugh, relationships that fizzle almost seem worse than those that go down in flames, ya know? Ok, *cracks knuckles* angst it is… this is assuming their relationship does in fact end …

Louis - He doesn’t wanna let go, he tries harder - more romance, more gifts, more clingy, he can’t take this, you’re going to break his heart- like he let you in and now you do dis? He will probably just never have a love interest again.

Sid - When he realizes what the deal is he is deeply hurt, but he puts on that rough exterior. He starts to get cruel- you won’t get to see him break. Then he just goes back to his casual affairs- all while being completely broken inside.

Giles- WHY would you do this do Giles? Don’t you know he’s fragile? He’s smart and he sees this coming, but he purposely ignores it to the very end when you leave him. Why you crush him like this? How dare you.

Leo - Another poor soul that will be crushed. You think he’s a flirty ladies man, but inside he’s dying. He tries to talk you into staying, trying to sound logical - but inside his heart wretches. He’ll go back to being a playboy- has a cycle of holding it together for about two months, then spends 3 days in bed…

Albert - He’s heartbroken, he tries to reason with you, he asks what he can do better, what does it take to make you stay? When it’s all said and done, he buries himself in work again and never talks about it. Cries himself to sleep with Benjamin.

Byron- He blames himself, he never shows on the outside, but he’s hurting like never before. It’s so painful, how can another human have this effect on him? He’s quiet, reserved, and a little moodier than usual. He’s just never the same after that.

Nico - He tries everything, and he asks is there another? He wants to fight for you- he’ll be more loving, more caring, what does he need to do? He cries when it’s done- and finds consolation in Byron and Albert (who kinda suck at that)- may try to party with Sid to forget.

Alyn- He wonders what he did wrong? He’s so hurt, he just tries to hide it and ends up getting mad at anyone who says anything (while mostly mad at himself).He bakes four hundred cookies and binges. The only one he shares his feelings with is Louis.

Robert - He knows if you love something you have to let it go, but he knows you’re not coming back. He’s extra reclusive, spending all hours in his studio, then probably takes another long trip away.

Rayvis - He gets frustrated- tries to look at this from all angles- let’s solve this problem. Then when its over -He’s trying to tell himself that it’s just what had to happen, that’s life sometimes. Says he’s ok, but now he’s just an empty shell.

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Hi there! I was wondering if I could ask something from a guy's point of view? You see, my daddy has never went down on a woman before. I know it's as crazy as it sounds. However, I love giving him oral. It's one of my favorite things to do. But, sometimes I want the favor returned. Yet, he's never done it and I'm not quite sure how to bring it up. I don't want to make him feel bad for wanting it done to me. Do you know a way I can talk to him about this? It would be greatly appreciated! xx ❤️

I’m not a fan of getting oral but my god I can eat pussy all fucking day!!!!!!!!!! You, shouldn’t be scared of how the other will react when you speak up. Share your concerns with your Daddy. Communication about this, is the only thing that can adjust this. Drop a hint next time you guys sext..

I don’t think Zircon’s theory about it being a Diamond who killed Pink Diamond quite works, either.

Zircon’s theory seems to be that a Diamond walked up to Pink’s palanquin, no one reacted because this isn’t unusual, that Diamond then shattered Pink and threatened everyone in the entourage to make them stay quiet. This isn’t a bad theory, as far as it goes, but Eyeball doesn’t act like someone being forced to cover up and accuse an innocent. She’s genuinely furious with Rose Quartz and believes she saw Rose Quartz shatter Pink.

So someone who looked like Rose Quartz shattered Pink. Which brings us back to all Zircon’s previous objections – no one reacted as if Rose Quartz was approaching, but after the event they all reported it had been her.

One possibility is that Rose – through shapeshifting, warping with or through a familiar, or some other kind of magic – really did approach that closely before being seen. But this still leaves her shattering Pink with a sword that explicitly can’t shatter a gem.

Perhaps someone else shattered Pink Diamond at the exact moment Rose struck at her physical form? Rose could be left believing she’d shattered her, that she’d somehow been mistaken about her sword not being able to do that. It would explain why she seems to have told the other Crystal Gems it was her.

Sentence Starter..."I'm pregnant"

You find out you’re expecting, you eventually have to tell Diablo.


“I’m pregnant.” You stare blankly past him. Not quite sure how he’d react. It was just as much a surprise to you, as it was currently to him.

He looks at you, but says nothing. The silence is killing you. It had taken three whole days for you to gather the courage to confess to him, and here he was not saying anything. It kind of pissed you off.

“Well say something”, you felt like you would explode if he didn’t acknowledge any part of what you had said.

You knew why he was quiet. He had lost his own children, to his own hands. Shock, fear, guilt, all probably coursing through his body at the same time.

“I..I don’t know what to say, mi amor.”

Your head falls, you knew he would have a harder time accepting this due to his past but you didn’t expect it to be this, awkward.

“Neither do I, but I’m keeping it. And, and I know how you probably feel about it, so, I-I just wanted to know what you are going to do?” You swipe a few stray strands of hair falling from your bun behind your ear. God you felt so awkwardly on display. You could scream with the amount of anxiety seeping off of you.

He’s still quiet. You can’t take the awkwardness. It’s killing you inside. You get up but he grabs your wrist, not forcibly, but a gesture asking you to stay.

You turn around and look him in the eyes.

“How.. how far along are you?” His eyes are soft. A small dose of hope flitters inside you.

“W-well, the test said four to six weeks, but I just found out three days ago.”

He looks down, “Why’d you wait so long to tell me?”

You sit back down, “I didn’t know how to bring it up. It’s, it’s a weird situation for the both of us, because,you know..”

He nods looking at the white carpet, “It’s definitely something I was caught off guard by” he looks back up to you, “but imma look at it like a new chapter in our lives mami. You’ve helped me rise from a dark, desolate point in my life, and I want us to continue to grow together.”

You smile, “So you’re saying…that we’re gonna get through this together?”

He moves his hand to your stomach, aware that though there was no physical difference, his child was growing inside you.

He kisses your cheek, “Like we always do.”

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I'm enjoying how characters from the Mob AU would react to the other counterparts. Your art is so clean as well :3 I love it. It makes me wonder, how Kitten would react to other AU Sans'. For example Murder!Sans. I feel like that would be quite the fight. I wouldn't know who would win tbh. What do you think?

Kitten against Murder!Sans?! I imagine there’s going to be a fight for sure! Depending on how much LV Murder!Sans has, Kitten will either be on par or losing against him. It’s hard to win against a skilled magic user with just a fist!

Though if Kitten was in violent mode, maybe there might be a chance…..

(But Kitten is, after all, just a human that has a stronger SOUL than other humans and can turn violent. Not much of a skill compared to some other AU Sans-es out there! XD)

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36) things you said when we first met

[late August 2016, a few weeks after move in day]

Easton was trying to relax in his bed, propped up by his pillows with his laptop balanced on his legs.  Classes hadn’t quite started yet, unfortunately.  Apparently, the students were supposed to take this time to get to know one another.  The only issue with that was, Easton didn’t want to get to know his classmates.  All he wanted to do was get to work.  

So when his roommate Josh walked into their room, all East did was shoot him an acknowledging look, and promptly went back to his e-mail.  His peace didn’t last though.  With Josh now in the room, he couldn’t focus.  The cellist let out a long suffering sigh.  He was not at all used to sharing his space with another person.  ‘It’s his room too’, he said to himself, over and over, like a mantra.  Asking his roommate to leave wouldn’t go over well.  So he let out one more breath, this time as a bolster to himself, and started to pack up his computer.  

“I’m heading to the student union or whatever it’s called,” he muttered towards Josh, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice.  Without waiting for a response, he looped his laptop case over his shoulder, grabbed his keys and cell phone, and walked out.


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Hello dear. I'm just wondering how Sehun/Baekhyun would react if he sees you, his girlfriend, spazzing and fangirling over BTS's Jungkook (because you just find him so adorable and cuddly). Thanks. And BTW, you're writings are great! Saranghae♡~

Thank you so much! Nado Sarangahe~ <3

Sehun might find this annoying considering that he’s the maknae too and seeing you spazzing over another group’s maknae could trigger feelings of jealousy. He can be quite immature and would definitely try to steal your attention away from Jungkook by acting all cute; making sure to remind you that you have a cute and cuddly boyfriend right here. :P

External image

I think Baekhyun would be alright with this and might even find it adorable at how you’re spazzing over Jungkook. The age gap is pretty big and he wouldn’t think of him as a competition so he wouldn’t feel threatened or anything. Though he can get a little jealous if you spend too much time spazzing over him…

“Yah, jagiya. I’m as cute as him. Come spazz over me.”

“In your dreams.” you mutter as you continue to ignore him, fangirling over a Jungkook-focused fancam. XD

Baekhyun would look at you appalled. And when he sees that you’re still spazzing and ignoring him, he’d sigh and sit beside you, looking back and forth at the video and you, thinking:

WTH does she see in that kid?

haha Baekhyunnie be judging~ XD


Consider it my Christmas gift to you

Wow, was Jung being brutally honest. that’s probably the most direct I’ve ever seen him be. It’s refreshing to see Jung having a confrontation that he didn’t stage and be just sincerely angry without trying to manipulate anything.  But I think this chapter pretty much kills any hope of Jung and Inho ever “making peace” with each other, because depending on Sul’s reaction to this Jung might just kill Inho.

The conversation between Jung and Inho’s actually felt like listening to the two very opposite sides of the fandom hahaha, it was amusing.

If Inho really called Sul on purpose to try and break her up with Jung… then he is a major A*hole, he knows Sul is the person Jung cares about the most. Worse of all if that’s true… that’s exactly what Jung has been saying in this chapter. Although it would be an eye for an eye: Inho’s beloved piano for Jung’s beloved girlfriend. I guess it’s only fair? doesn’t mean I like it.

I’m not sure how much of the conversation Sul actually heard but I don’t think Jung’s words would be something to react the way she did, with or without context. I am only hoping that next chapter gives me Sul confronting Jung about whatever it is that freaked her out, instead of her running away edit: she ran away, pfft. but on the bright side, Jung did run after her. I don’t quite understand what scared her and why she was reminded of the panty thief in this particular situation. 


I was rewatching The Sign of Three yesterday and I noticed something. Sherlock’s incredibly cheerful right after he shares Mary’s pregnancy with the newly-weds; although he knows he’s losing John he’s genuinely happy for them. But then there’s this part- he’s smiling as if he were the happiest person on the planet until he notices something on Mary’s face (first gif- he looks at her, studies her) and the smile disappears. After that he looks at John and the smile’s gone completely. He looks worried now. Almost as if he’s afraid of John getting hurt. We know he had absolutely no idea about Mary’s past, but what if he noticed she wasn’t exactly excited about the baby?

Here’s Mary reaction right after Sherlock tells her she’s pregnant. More than surprised she looks upset. She touches her lips as if she suddenly remembers something that makes her panic. After that Sherlock and John share a few glances, but Sherlock doesn’t smile any more.

Then he suggests Mary and John should dance. Upper gif is her reaction. She seems not only agitated but confused, as if she was deep in her thoughts. There are tears in her eyes which could be tears of happiness, but I think they’re not.

A while ago someone suggested baby is David’s and not John’s. I can’t find the link to that, but after watching this scene again it all seems plausible. Pregnancy makes Mary worried and the only explanation I can see for that is if the baby’s not John’s- we learn she wanted to move on from her past life, she loves John and I’m quite sure she also wants a family. So why would she be worried when she finds out she’s having a child with her husband whom she really loves? Unless she was having an affair, that is.


I like to imagine this is how they reacted when they first saw the other training because, I mean, c’mon, they’re each badass warriors, how is that not super attractive ^_- Even if they didn’t already have massive crushes on one another, it’d be hard to look away, eheh ^-^


All of my Dragon Age work on Tumblr can be found compiled on my Dragon Age Fanstuff Index page!

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Your body is 65% water and I'm thirsty. ((I HAD TO SEND IT TO SOMEONE XD))

Jeremy sputtered and held his nose, soda nearly going everywhere. “PG, man, do you just come in here and hit on me to see how I’ll react or do you have an end game here?” he questioned before laughing brightly. “Although, I’m not quite sure how I can help with the thirsty thing, I mean, I’ve been told I’m a tall drink but come on, that’s a little excessive.”


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You give much knowledge about something like this, so I feel safest asking you. How do I know for certain that I'm Genderfluid? I'm not quite sure what I am and I'm very confused and a bit scared (for lack of better words).

It’s ok to be scared! AND, there is nothing to be scared about here. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone about who and how you are. If you are unsure for the rest of your life, that’s totally fine. I realize you probably want to be sure so that you can feel safe and grounded, but what I would shoot for is learning how to feel safe and grounded *while* you are unsure. That way, no matter what happens, you can react with compassion and love for yourself.

How do you get ok with being unsure? Well, [get my book, but also] practice it. Practice going to scary places and coming back again. Switch the focus from “am I genderfluid?” to “how can I love and accept myself no matter what I am.”

Please! Take very good care (and don’t worry so much about your label right now.)💛💛💛💛

I'm now 100% sure

that CeCe being Charles is just a red herring.

Either she really is Charles and she’s covering for uber A or she’s mentally ill and the real Charles is manipulating her to cover for him.

There’s too many plot holes, time line mishaps and unanswered questions for this reveal to be true.

The writers are being quite clever here, they know how we will react….they would know about all the plot holes, they wouldn’t really release something new this bad if it was real would they?

I bet their Pam Fielding it up and gulping their wine laughing at how we are all reacting

But to quote Mona ,

“Don’t they know that’s what we want?

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Hey I self harm quite a lot, it's been 3 years, but is it weird that I enjoy it? Sometimes I'm not even upset but I just want to cut myself and I'm not sure if this is a bad thing and if I should bring it up with someone? I want to keep it private because I'm scared of how people will react but I've been confused about this for a while and wondering if you could help?

Self-harm may have become a nervous habit for you rather than a cathartic ritual of intense release. It still is harmful to your body, and you should definitely seek help. If you wish to keep this private for personal reasons, telling a mental health professional will maintain your privacy. I do also encourage you to confide in a trustworthy friend or family member. It really helps to have support from you social circle.