i'm not quite satisfied with this but it was a doodle so


all these little things seem to matter so much

um??? this was just supposed to be a doodle and then i got super into the background, and i’m still not quite satisfied with it but i really have to go study now so i decided i should just st OP

anyway let’s talk about how they started the episode fusing while facing away from each other bc they weren’t being honest about their feelings, and then ended it totally open and honest and there for each other; idk i have a lot of feelings about this

edit: i forgot to mention this blog hit 400 followers yesterday! thank you all so much, i really appreciate it <3 <3 <3

@zenwisterias i’ve been seeing a lot of nessa and oliver on my dash lately and nessa is just so adorable. so much so, i found myself doodling her! it’s sketchy and unfinished and i don’t know enough about her to know which poses exactly to draw her in but here is your daughter.