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You're my best friend

I just got my hair cut and I’m feeling overly emotional, and I don’t know how these two things relate, but here have some sterek.

They have been together for a while now. They just got their first apartment together, and saying that both of them were high on love (for each other) and hope (for a new happy life) would be quite the understatement.

There had been a time when either of them had thought that they could never have the other, that after Derek left they would never find each other again, and they had never even thought possible that one day they could have a place, a home together. And yet, here they were.

They just finished mounting their new bed, and Stiles falls on the bare mattress with a satisfied “oof” Derek following shortly after him.

And it’s then that somehow it hits Stiles. It hits him so hard and so suddenly that he’s so overwhelmed with it that his eyes burn and he wants to yell it at the top of his lungs, but at the same time the emotion is so strong that clogs up his throat, and he can barely manage to speak.

So, he just makes a small noise (all he can muster right now) and rolls over to Derek’s side, throwing one arm over Derek’s body and burying his face into Derek’s neck.

Derek huffs out a surprised laugh, but promptly starts rubbing his back soothingly.

“Derek,” Stiles mumbles, when he finds his voice again.

Derek hums questioningly and Stiles hugs him close, a little bit tighter, before he gets out of his hiding spot and looks up at his boyfriend.

“You’re my best friend.” He says, all intense, earnest and sincere eyes.

Because it’s true. Yes, Scott is the friend he knew longer, they had their high and lows and highs again, and he’s like a brother, but that’s just it, Scott is his brother.

Derek is his best friend.

Derek is the person that he thinks about first when he’s thought of a stupid joke and wants to share it with someone. Derek is the one he looks for when he wants to tell someone about what his favourite character is going through, even if it’s a show or a book that Derek hasn’t watched yet. Derek is the name on his lips when he wants to tell or show someone how he managed to do something, even if it’s just as ordinary and banal as Stiles managing to doodle a real-looking wolf shadow, he knows that even if his first reaction would be to roll his eyes, he’d do so smiling in that warm way that always tell Stiles so many things. Like how loved he is, and how Derek is proud of him, even for the little things. And Derek is the one that he glances up to look at before he even knows why.

And that’s why he hates fighting with him so much, because he’s fighting with his boyfriend and best friend. And really, there’s no one in his life that can match with everything that Derek means to him. Derek is his special person, everyone has their special person, don’t they?

And Derek is Stiles’ person.

And yes, Derek is his boyfriend, and they had already said their ‘I love you’s to each other a long time ago, but Derek is also, and maybe most importantly, Stiles’ best friend too, and Stiles really needs him to know that.

“You’re my best friend,” he repeats, because he needs him to understand.

And of course, because Derek is his everything plus his best friend, smiles small and understanding, before he leans down to kiss him on the corner of his mouth, feather-light and all softness, and whispers “you’re my best friend, too.”

And Stiles knows that Derek understands, because he can see in his eyes that Stiles is his person too.

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all these little things seem to matter so much

um??? this was just supposed to be a doodle and then i got super into the background, and i’m still not quite satisfied with it but i really have to go study now so i decided i should just st OP

anyway let’s talk about how they started the episode fusing while facing away from each other bc they weren’t being honest about their feelings, and then ended it totally open and honest and there for each other; idk i have a lot of feelings about this

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could give me ideas on how to be excited to journal? I love to journal but lately I've been dreading journaling because it's all the same. I sit down and write why I'm sad that day, and I tell myself it's going to get better but it doesn't and all my pages have been depressing. I don't like the idea of writing down why I'm happy or what I'm happy for, because then I'd be lying to my journal. I just need to get excited to journal. any ideas?

I get that. I really do. I also think that life and its many pursuits should bring joy and happiness — and journaling is a fantastic way to heal, grow, learn, practice mindfulness…

So that being said, here are my ideas/suggestions for you:

1. Take a break from journaling

You may just be burned out. It happens. Too much of the same thing, enforcing a strict routine, doing it day after day…it can tire you out. Take a break for a couple days and see what happens when you return to it.

2. Practice gratitude

I truly believe (through both first-hand experience and by listening/reading the accounts of others) that the simple act of feeling thankful has incredible affects on the psyche. For any skeptics, I whole-heartedly recommend the book A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed My Life

External image
. I’m not usually affected by this stuff — best-selling motivational memoir stuff is NOT my thing…I couldn’t even finish Tuesdays with Morrie. Ugh.

But I do think that focusing on the little things to feel grateful for can yield powerful changes in your own perspective. I’m not talking about broad issues like “I’m glad I have a roof over my head” (unless you are truly grateful for it and can appreciate such a seemingly-simple thing that you ARE fortunate enough to have, in which case I commend you). I’m talking about writing down the little things.

“I’m grateful for the hummingbird I saw today. I’m grateful that it rained today and I was able to sit by the window and gaze outside and get a few minutes of peace. I’m grateful that we still had a scoop of ice cream left at the bottom of the carton when I was craving it after dinner. I’m grateful for my morning coffee. I’m grateful that I bought a new book to read at the store because I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’m grateful that my friend supported me through a difficult decision.”

By shifting your focus from “let’s chronicle the sad things that happen” to “let’s deliberately shift attention to the tiny wonderful things about life,” it becomes much easier to put those sad things in perspective. They will have less power and hold over you.

You don’t have to lie about these things — you just have to pay attention. Start noticing them. Consciously focus on it. As you go about your day, cast your eye around and look for the little things that bring you glimmers of happiness. And slowly you will start to notice more and more of them.

3. Heal

Recognize that writing down all those sad things can still help you, up to a certain point. As long as you write it down, process your feelings, and then shut the book on them, then you can move past the sadness. Don’t let it take hold of you. Get it out into the world (like telling someone about your scary nightmare to make it seem less real), and don’t let those thoughts and feelings control you.

There have been numerous studies that show that:

(1) people suffering from traumatic experiences — like soldiers suffering from PTSD — show signs of healing and improvement when they journal about it and

(2) that taking a step back from the immediacy of your feelings and putting them in perspective as if you’re viewing them through someone else’s eyes, even if you’re wallowing in melancholy, can improve your feelings about the situation.

You see this in young kids listening to angsty or sad or depressing music — absorbing that melancholy and reflecting on it as if from outside their own selves allows them to process and even appreciate their own sadness, as if from a distance. I’ve experienced this myself — and you probably have too, and so have the people reading this.

It can feel sweet and satisfying to indulge melancholic moods through music and journaling, especially if you imagine that you are removed from the situation, chronicling these events as if they’re happening to someone who isn’t quite you.

4. Enjoy yourself

Make the journaling experience more enjoyable by setting the mood.

Clean your desk or workspace, snuggle up in bed, light a candle or plug in some string lights/mood lighting. Get a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage. Put on some music that makes you happy. Take pleasure in the act of journaling itself.

You can even liven up your notebook with some other artsy/creative things that may make you happy — try doodling, pasting in pictures or stickers, drawing or sketching. Do things that are repetitive, where you can relax and stop thinking and just focus on the task.

I hope this helps. Good luck! You’re awesome! <3

@zenwisterias i’ve been seeing a lot of nessa and oliver on my dash lately and nessa is just so adorable. so much so, i found myself doodling her! it’s sketchy and unfinished and i don’t know enough about her to know which poses exactly to draw her in but here is your daughter.