i'm not okay in the slightest

okay but like. remember when someone took red beanies to a book signing and got dan and phil to wear them and the blurry pictures taken from a distance were everywhere because beanies. remember when dan apologised every time his hair was even the slightest bit curly. remember when he’d insist he looked absolutely terrible when a fan told him otherwise. and now dan just casually did a liveshow in a pastel beanie with his hobbit hair. like it’s not the biggest deal but he just looked really soft and comfortable and happy and it makes me feel all warm inside and i’m just really grateful for dan howell

okay but tater is absolutely the biggest baby ever when it comes to scary movies. we’re talking even the slightest hint of a scary scene and tater just nopes the heck out of there. like, he still can’t watch the hunchback of notre dame all the way through.

but he is definitely not going to mention that to kent. especially since he knows that kent loves that he’s so big and strong and tater’s pretty sure that ‘screams like a little girl at cgi monsters’ does not fit that description.

except it’s a date weekend and kent’s put on his netflix list of 'quintessential american films that you need to watch tater, how have you not watched these you weirdo’ and then. gremlins comes on. and tater is excited!! gizmo is so cute!! but then the actual gremlins come along and look. tater is a Big and Strong hockey player. he is definitely not scared by evil reptilian dolls. no siree.

it takes kent approximately 2.3 seconds to notice. 'babe,’ he says slowly, 'are you scared?’

'no way,’ alexei 'no pokerface’ mashkov forces out. for a second all kent can do is stare at his giant, russian teddy bear of a boyfriend before he basically lifts tater onto his lap. 'how are you this cute??’ he grins with a face of brown curls. and while tater is pretty terrified he’s also?? all warm on the inside??? because this gorgeous, talented, loving man is His Boyfriend

(that night kent is woken up by tater shaking his arm and plaintively whispering, 'hey…can I be little spoon now?’ and kent just MELTS. tater doesn’t mind scary movies too much after that.)

No okay but I have this headcannon that once Julian figures out Barry is the flash he becomes super overprotective

-Julian following Barry around mothering him and freaking out if he gets even the slightest bit injured
- Barry eventually can’t take it anymore and him just screaming ‘I HAVE SUPER-HUMAN HEALING’
-This becoming a running thing so whenever Julian goes “be careful” everyone screams SUPER-HUMAN HEALING
-Cisco never shuts up about all the times Barry’s almost died for the sole purpose of pissing off Julian
-“Hey guys remember that time Zoom broke Barry’s back and he couldn’t walk”
-“Or that time his heart stopped”
-“Or that time he kind of exploded into the speed force”
-“That was weird”
-Julian getting really annoyed with everyone and swearing like the posh British dude he is
- Cisco asking why the hell he cares so much to which Julian responds by angrily kissing Barry on the mouth
- Barry is… surprised to say the least but they walk out of star labs holding hands 😍

Okay listen… If you trust me in the slightest: Black Mirror, season 3 episode 4, titled, ‘San Junipero’. It’s on Netflix. Watch it. Apparently the show runs a different story every episode (different setting, characters, etc) so you don’t need to have seen others, and this one?? young lesbian falls in love w local bi girl in the 80s w a sci fi background. it’s essentially a 1-hour 80s wlw sci fi movie. all I’ve ever wanted??? and!! happy ending!!!!!!! and it’s the cutest!!! and has a great & unique plot!!!!! I’m so used to giving

Okay but imagine JuminZen’s kid starting their Alolan Pokemon Journey

(I’m totally going to channel this in my Pokemon Moon playthrough)

  • “Dad, can I be a Pokemon trainer?”
  • “Ask your father.”
  • “ Dad, can I be a Pokemon trainer?”
  • “Did you ask Hyun already?”
  • @_@
  • They sign up anyway and they get accepted!
  • Jumin doesn’t know the slightest bit about Pokemon and does research
  • Lots and lots and lots of research
  • Poor Jaehee really needs a vacation (maybe she should become a Pokemon trainer)
  • Jumin is now an expert and tries to prepare his 11 year-old
  • Zen tells them to just go in blind, it’s an adventure!
  • “That’s not safe.”
  • Oops now they’re arguing
  • “We’re not fighting, we’re having a discussion.”
  • Riiiiight.
  • The fateful day arrives!
  • “Why is this Professor not wearing appropriate lab gear?” “Jumin, no.”
  • Time to choose a starter!
  • They choose Popplio!
  • Zen is so happy with the graceful dancing seal, he could cry
  • Jumin highly disapproves
  • “Litten is a better choice.”
  • “You just think so because it’s a cat.”
  • “Their typing makes them a solid battle pick.”
  • “Popplio is much prettier.”
  • And they’re fighting again
  • All other adults feel awkward
  • Off to Alola! They will be staying with a local family for the entire time
  • During their journey, Jumin constantly calls to ask if they need money
  • Zen calls and acts like he’s not worried but he’s so worried
  • “Have you eaten? If the food’s too spicy there, I can-”
  • “Daaaaaaaaaaaad”
  • They’re forced to put their phone on silent because so overbearing omg
  • Calls them every time they earn a gym badge
  • Sends selfies of their team and friends and themselves
  • They’re so proud
  • Jumin hangs photos of them up in his office and Zen puts them in his dressing room
  • “Dad, I can easily handle Team Skull. Please don’t send the entire police force here.”
  • If they lose a battle, both of them drop everything to comfort them over the phone
  • Don’t talk shit about how they’re doing, Jumin will bankrupt your company and Zen’s fans will virtually murder you.

oh god I need to think of a name

this is pretty fun I might do one for each pairing

Okay, so I’m not a writer in the slightest, but when I read this post…


and knowing that Patsy is for sure coming back, I just kind of wrote this idea down…..

I can see it now. Delia has been working long and hard at the hospital all day. There was another reprimand of a sort, not for her magnificently done up bun but for her slightly aggressive attitude towards a snobby, slimey, know-it-all doctor. Making snarky comments is in her blood, she just couldn’t help herself. She returns home, opens the door and runs into Sister MJ who greets her with a beaming smile and says something in her riddle ways along the lines of “we have been blessed with a gift today, though the rain has been hard on the harvest, the sun has finally returned” (along with hand gestures, of course). Delia just nods and smiles not entirely sure what the lovely nun is on about, makes her excuses, and heads up the stairs, ready to change into something a little more comfortable and for a relaxing lie down. As she reaches the top step, she bumps into Phyllis, by this point she really just wants to get to her room, but Phyllis with a small grin on her face stops her to say “You look as if you’ve had a hard day lass, you alright?” Delia, not really wanting to deal with small talk at this moment in time, but still far too polite to brush past her replies with, “Yeah it was an interesting day, I just need to go to my room and lie down for a bit.” The smirk on Phyllis’s face is trying to be suppressed but she is failing massively, so she starts to descend down the stairs, casually responding with, “I’ll make sure no-one disturbs you, enjoy your lie down.” Delia lets out a small sigh, walks over to her room and turns the handle on her door. Before she even fully opens it, she can smell something. Perfume and bleach. Only one person in the entire world has that smell. She enters the room and who is there waiting, with that side smile painted on her doll like face, with her flame hair perfectly lacquered into place and with those beautiful blue eyes staring into the pits of her soul. Patsy. Of course, you can all imagine what happens next. Delia has never moved so fast in her life. Within 5 seconds, the door is shut, Patsy is against a wall and Delia has her lips planted on hers in what is the most breathtaking kiss the BBC will have ever seen.

the monster never stops lurking under the bed. 

there are some nights when it feels gone, you finally feel alone and free and gone from the childhood memories of terror but it all comes back when the lights go out and you’re jumping at the slightest sounds and you know it’s fake but you can’t help yourself even now; you are too old for fairy tales but this is a tale you can never outgrow. 

there is a vault in the back of your mind guarded and locked, sealed shut and this is where horror lurks but somehow, somehow in the dead of night, it can pick the locks and open its coffin where you left it for dead, but it is not dead, no, it is living and breathing down your neck and this what it’s like to be afraid.

it is okay to not be good at something the first time, even if the expectation is that you will be. it is also okay to not be good at something even if you were good at it at first. 

we have this idea of success where if you show the slightest ability in something, particularly academics, they push you. they push you hard. “what do you mean you don’t understand this next unit of math? you were doing so good the first semester!” “if you just practiced more, you’d be better, you started so strong…” 

any love you have for your talent dries up like this. worse is when you already love your talent and have to face the dry spells with no voice but your own saying: “why can’t you draw?” “why can’t you write?” this is what is supposed to be your future, after all. this is what they’re all proud of you for.

but it is okay to be bad at something you were once good at. i know they will act as if you poisoned them, and i know you will internalize that voice and play it loudly while you’re trying to sleep. but it isn’t true. sometimes we are blank, and that is hard enough to get through without wondering why we aren’t good for anything. 

i spend hours staring at a blank page because i’ve always been so good at writing. i have to hold up every work to my last “best piece”. if i don’t get an A on every essay, is there even anything good about me?

it is okay to fuck up it is okay to fuck up hard it is okay to fuck up hilariously. it is okay to forget your negative signs and only get a B, to write poetry that’s basically a joke, to start typing a story and somehow end up with exactly 2 lines before you realize you’ve got nothing to say. it’s okay to be bad, to be awful, to not understand. 

we are all learning. we are all growing. we will have a good day again. i don’t care what your parents say or your teachers or really anybody. i care what you think about yourself and that’s about it.

yeah, you drew a picture of a snake that looks like a limp noodle - but you kept going and honestly? that’s bravery.

Skulduggery Pleasant Series: Nefarian Serpine

His red right hand is much akin to a beacon: In the middle of a crowd, he has but to raise it, and instinctively the masses will turn to gaze at it in horrific astonishment. To think someone could do such an act with their own flesh, to corrupt it and turn it into a weapon-

To turn yourself into a weapon, without the slightest hint of a flinch or grimace- Is that a show of willpower? Of arrogance? 

The red right hand like a shout, like a flare firing up against the sea of the night, like the color of your favorite candy, dripping, glistening under the light. Knees bend, heads bow, screams force their way out of mouths already distorted from cursing his name. It’s almost mesmerizing.

The red right hand like a lover’s kiss, the way it points across the room to gesture to some lucky soul. How intimate, the gesture. How blissfully infinite, the pain.

He pulls on the glove when he’s finished, amusement in those viper-like eyes of his. What a beautiful smile, all sharp edges and malice on a level so few understand. 

He has turned himself into a weapon. The red right hand, more part of him than his family crest. Every inch of him screams danger, screams wild, screams run, run, run.

It’s best to heed that advice. 

I really just want to see a lot of growing back together moments okay. Like how about Katniss and Peeta working on the memory book together? Or Peeta showing Katniss how to bake? Or the two of them walking hand in hand by the lake, or even better, swimming?

What about them cuddling close by the fireplace, or having breakfast together early in the morning? What about Katniss showing Peeta how to hunt, and he fails miserably, but they both laugh and enjoy themselves? What about Peeta popping into the room and surprising Katniss with a bundle of dandelions and cheesebuns?

Or how about their more intimate moments? Soft kisses to rouse each other from sleep in the morning. Bathing each other and tracing one another’s scars. Holding each other tightly and whispering sweet words after nightmares. Forehead touches and kisses on the cheeks and lips as they watch the sunset. Their toasting ceremony. Falling victim to that first beautiful night of intimacy. 

There’s honestly so much to work with, so much to elaborate upon. And I hope Francis at least gives us something; I trust him.

things that are okay:

- admitting gerrard fucked up and made a big mistake
- being angry at gerrard without making a too big of a deal of what happened and without disrespecting him

things that are not okay:

- justifying what gerrard did
- shitting on gerrard without the slightest bit of respect, that he deserves regardless of how he plays