i'm not obese at all

so calum has the prettiest hands and i can’t stop imagining being curled into his side, close enough to feel the warmth radiating from his skin and the steady rhythm of his heartbeat against your cheek as you cuddled, one of his hands gently working out the sleep-made knots in your hair while the other is clasped tightly between your own. he’d sigh in contentment as your thumb ran gently over the black initials etched into his caramel-coloured skin and his calloused fingertips would feel rough against yours as you traced each long digit carefully, letting your fingers dance together before bringing his large palm to your lips, peppering kisses along the sensitive skin (which would always make him giggle even tho he’d deny it) and you’d tease him about the state of his chipping nail polish, which he would answer with a lighthearted “fuck off” bc you both knew you would help him repaint them, using any excuse to hold your favourite boy’s hand