i'm not moving on from anything i love you

I was scared to fall for you. I didn’t want to be let down or disappointed again. I let my feelings take over and it blurred my judgement. I was naive. I would have given you anything you wanted and you knew that. You took advantage of that. The day I ended it you said nothing. So I guess that means in your eyes I meant nothing.
—  Raenuet - Pages from my journal.
  • [Marinette and Adrien are backed against a wall, surrounded by Hawk Moth and all his Akumas, including Lady Wifi and Antibug; Adrien has in his hand both of the most powerful Miraculouses, having been able to recover them from Hawk Moth, but they are completely discharged and Tikki and Plagg no longer have the strength to activate the transformations]
  • Marinette: Adrien, what's happened?
  • Adrien: Hawk Moth cheated.
  • Hawk Moth: CHEATED!? (To his Akumas) Hold on a minute! (To Adrien) Oh, grow up. What do you think this is? A game of kickball on the playground? You never had a chance to defeat me, fool! And you know why?
  • Adrien: Because you cheated?
  • Hawk Moth: NO! Not because I cheated! Because I'm a GENIUS. And you're just a kid. (laughs) A stupid kid! (Hawk Moth and his Akumas laugh hysterically)
  • Adrien: I guess you're right, Hawk. I am just a kid.
  • Hawk Moth: Of course I'm right. Now my Akumas take the Miraculouses from them and...
  • Adrien: And you know, I've been through a lot in the past two years. And if I've learned anything during that time, It's that you are who you are.
  • Hawk Moth: Exactly. Now...!
  • Adrien: And no amount of Miraculous magic... [Turns to Tikki and Plagg] ...or unrequited love (turns to Marinette) ... or who knows what else... can make me anything more than what I really am inside: A kid.
  • Hawk Moth: Very moving. Now, get back against the wall.
  • Adrien: [over a microphone] But that's okay!
  • Hawk Moth: Now what?
  • Adrien: Because I did what everyone said a kid couldn't do. I protected my friends! I defeated all your Akumas. And Paris was always saved thanks to us!
  • Hawk Moth: All right, we get the point.
  • Adrien: So, yeah, I'm a kid. (The two Miraculous in his hands are intensely illuminating) And I'm also a goofball. And a wing nut. And the worst comedian ever!!!
  • Hawk Moth: (sees the Miraculouses) What... what's happening!?
  • Adrien: But most of all, I'm...
  • Hawk Moth: Calm...
  • Adrien: I'm...
  • Hawk Moth: Take it easy...
  • Adrien: I'M...
  • Hawk Moth: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?
  • Supreme!Chat Noir: I'M CHAT NOIR!!! ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your last post made me wonder, do you not like Chaol or something (i'm not trying to start a fight or anything btw, I'm just curious)?


Okay, so I have to preface all of this with: I love the series. But, no, Chaol is not one of my favourite characters. I guess I opened a can of worms with that answer!

I can appreciate him for the character he is, and his part in the plot (and I just adore Sarah for writing female characters that move on from love interests.) But I never got Chaol. I was never on board the Chaol train. I always found him to be a bit of a wet blanket to be honest? I mentioned before not really falling for the series until Heir of Fire.

I like characters that have a bit more umpf to them: I always thought Dorian was a cutie, a roguishly sweet and charming character despite being a player, if you will (although I was never bothered about him romantically.) But I literally slammed my book shut and almost threw it across the room screaming ‘THERE’S MY GUY’ when Rowan turned up. Brutal, loyal Rowan. (I’ll stop there cause I could ramble all day about Rowan.) I HAVE A LOTTA FEELINGS. There’s no other pairing for me besides A&R - and I’m a little baffled by anyone still pining for Chaol. 

I’m still looking forward to Tower of Dawn(!) and seeing what he gets up to - maybe then he’ll grow on me.

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Can you do one where harry is your husband and is oblivious to the fact that your "friends" Mistreat you and you just don't say anything because they're the only friends you have left And harry finds out one day and it's a lot of loving from him Pleaaaaase I'm dying to read something like this

I’m so sorry this took forever and I think it might be a piece of shit? I hope you like it though!


“True Friend”


You were sitting on the corner of the couch, surrounded by your friends who were supposed to be over for a movie night. After moving in with Harry and starting a new job, it had been pretty difficult to get to know new people. He had encouraged you to start hanging out with some girls from work so you weren’t so lonely when he was gone for the day, so you’d invited them out for dinner one night and things had progressed from there. But not necessarily in a good way.

You had always been paranoid that people didn’t like you. The slightest glare or sarcastic comment had you worrying that there was just something about you people had a problem with. However, this was different; these girls pretended they wanted to hang out when all they really cared about was belittling you. You weren’t sure if you really hadn’t caught on until recently, or if you were just in denial the whole time.

“Let’s just save the movie for another night and head to the bar!” One of them suggested, and the others cheered in agreement. Your heart sank, because you’d put a lot of planning into that movie night and hoped it would help change their minds and show them that you were just as ‘cool’ as they were.

You tried to protest, but it seemed that once the idea of getting drunk off their asses was in their minds, they weren’t going to be able to let it go.

“I mean, we can just go without you. It’s not like you’ll be much fun, since you’re in a ‘committed’ relationship and everything. I mean, you usually don’t get much attention from guys anyway.”

The way they all giggled after the last comment made you wonder what else had been said about you behind your back. As much as you didn’t want to let it affect you, their words stung. You were in an even worse mood now than you had been before, and you definitely didn’t want to spend any more time around them, so you halfheartedly told them to head out without you. They were out the door within minutes, leaving you alone to pick up the empty soda cans and rethink your idea of ordering pizza for dinner.

It wasn’t long before Harry came home, and he tentatively walked down the hallway expecting to see a big group of girls giggling on the couch. Instead, he found you curled up in a blanket alone while he tossed his keys onto the kitchen table.

“Where is everyone?”

You put on the most realistic smile you could manage, and turned around to meet his confused gaze.

“They decided to head to a bar.”

“You didn’t want to go?”

You shrugged nonchalantly, trying not to let on that anything was wrong.

“I’m just tired, that’s all. I wasn’t in the mood for drinking tonight.” You lied. You weren’t in the mood for drinking, that was true, but only because you got the feeling they didn’t want you to go anyway. Your time at the bar most likely would’ve been filled with their nasty comments, and you probably would’ve been forced to stand alone while they danced with anyone they could get their hands on.

Harry sat down next to you and cautiously placed his hand on your leg, studying the look on your face. He could tell you weren’t happy, but he didn’t really consider the fact that your 'friends’ were the reason you had seemed a little off lately. He’d believed you when you insisted that you were just stressed and overwhelmed after the move.

“Are you sure everything’s okay?” He asked.

You nodded convincingly and looked into his caring eyes. You knew you wouldn’t be able to resist breaking down if you stayed close to him much longer, so you quickly stood up off the couch before tears could well up and made your way to the kitchen before you spoke again.

“I was planning to get pizza for everyone, do you want me to order some for just us?”

He gave his approval and you were quick to dial the phone number before Harry could ask you what was wrong again. By the time you were off the phone, though, he was standing in front of you with his hands on his hips.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” He prodded. He had a serious expression on his face, but you knew by the look in his eyes that he was genuinely concerned.

“Baby, I’m fine. Just bummed I didn’t get to watch that movie.” You joked, managing a small laugh as you turned back to him and smiled.

You knew he wasn’t entirely convinced, but he could tell that you didn’t want him to press it any further. If something was really wrong, he was confident that you’d tell him whenever you were ready.

“We can still watch the movie.” He suggested quietly, not waiting for an answer before he went to spread some blankets and comfier pillows over the couch.

You managed to watch the entire movie without being distracted by the situation from earlier, but the ringtone of your phone made the bitter feeling come back again. You answered the phone as cheerfully as you could, not totally surprised when you recognized the slurred voices of the girls you were trying to forget about.

You managed to decipher their speech enough to know that they needed a ride home, and of course they hadn’t hesitated to call you and use you as their chauffer.

“I’ve gotta go pick them up, they’re wasted.” You sighed, pushing your blanket aside as you unhappily unraveled yourself from Harry’s arms.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

You quickly shook your head as you slipped on your jacket and shoes, assuring him you’d be fine and it shouldn’t take more than an hour. Truthfully, you were just afraid of what they’d say to you now that the last little sliver of good judgement had been taken away by alcohol, and you didn’t want Harry to know that the only friends you made since moving here weren’t friends at all. It was almost like you failed.

The drive to the bar wasn’t long, and as soon as it came into view you could see the familiar figures standing outside. They clumsily piled into your car, giggling while they all tried to speak at once.

“What are you wearing?” One of them asked from the back seat, and you sighed when you realized you hadn’t changed out of Harry’s shirt and sweatpants before you left. You certainly wouldn’t hear the end of it, but you hoped none of them would remember by the next morning.

“Hey, that’s Harry’s shirt! I’m surprised it fits you! He’s so thin and you’re… not.”
They all erupted in laughter and you tried to take a few deep breaths as you drove off. The entire car ride was filled with their snide comments and them constantly trying to talk over eachother’s slurs.

It seemed like it took hours to drop them all off, but you were on your way home in record time when you finally let some tears fall. You couldn’t believe these were the only people you could call friends. There was nobody else you’d met that seemed remotely interested in talking to you, and you were terrified you’d have to spend the rest of your life with no one else but those girls to spend time with.

You drove around the block a few times while you tried to calm down, but it finally become clear that you had no choice but to tell Harry. It would be much too painful to keep this inside forever, and knowing Harry, he’d probably know exactly what to do.

You unlocked the door, wiping a few tears from your cheeks but deciding you wouldn’t bother trying to hide the fact that you were upset. As you stepped inside, Harry rounded the corner.

“I made some ice cream sundaes if you want to- hey…” He immediately frowned when he saw your tear stained cheeks and sad eyes.

You sniffled as he walked over to you and tilted his head a bit while he waited for you to say something. What he didn’t expect was for you to fling yourself into him, but he was quick to wrap his strong arms around you and hold on tight.
Once your cries and sniffles had quieted down a little, he kept you tightly pressed to him while he looked down at you and spoke.

“What’s wrong?” He asked carefully, afraid to set you off into another round of crying if you tried to explain. By now, he was pretty sure he knew the source of your sadness lately but he didn’t want to push you any farther than you were ready for at the moment. You backed up to look up at him but quickly avoided his gaze.

“I think I need to talk to you about something.”

You could see him tense a little, because you knew it always scared him whenever you acted serious about things like this. You were generally a pretty laid back person, so if there was something you really needed to speak to him about, it usually meant it was a pretty big deal.

He slung his arm around you as he led you to the couch and invited you to sit on his lap. You cuddled into Harry’s chest and his arms held you close to his body, while he rested his cheek on top of your head.

“This is about the girls, isn’t it?” He finally prodded. All he got in response was a teary eyed look from you, and he knew he was right when the wetness threatened to spill down your cheeks again. He stared at you sadly, wiping a few tears that fell before you were ready to speak.

“They’re not my real friends, Harry.” You sniffled, leaning back against him as you watched for a reaction. He nodded slowly, rubbing his hand gently up and down your back.

“You could’ve told me.”

You frowned as you turned to look at him again and saw his eyes filled with complete concern and sadness.

“I know, but I just.. I have no friends, Harry!” You whined, hiding your face in his neck while the emotions seemed to hit you all over again.

If his heart wasn’t broken already, it definitely was now. Obviously he’d meant no harm when he encouraged you to make friends, and he never wanted you to feel down about yourself if things didn’t work out as expected.

“Baby, no, it’s okay. Don’t cry over them.”

He held you tight until you had calmed down again. He didn’t want to ask what was said during the car ride, and he didn’t want to know what else they’d put in your head over the past month. So you both sat in silence for a while until you finally looked up at him.

“I don’t want you hanging around them anymore, okay?”

You normally would’ve argued, but you knew you’d be much happier if you never had to see them outside of work again. Now that the barrier had been broken and Harry knew the truth about them, there was no sense in keeping up the charade that you actually enjoyed their company.

Your comment from a few minutes earlier hadn’t been forgotten; he kept hearing you say “I have no friends” over and over again in his head and it was making his heart hurt.

“And I don’t ever want to hear you say you have no friends, okay?” His voice had the sweetest, most gentle tone possible and when you opened your mouth to speak, he knew exactly what you were going to say. So when it slipped out that you really didn’t have any friends, he had the perfect response.

“You’ve got me.” He argued, pressing his lips to the top of your head.

“I know it’s not the same, but I love all the girly gossip and random stories you tell. And you know I’m always here for advice when you need it and I won’t mind those awful movies you girls watch, because I’ll always enjoy watching them with you. I know I’m your boyfriend and that’s not quite the same as being your friend, but I’m always going to be here for you, angel.”

The end of his rambling had you smiling up at him.

“You’ve always been my best friend, Harry. My true friend.”

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Can I request RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC having to move out cities due to college and having to leave her life behind to start a new one? I'm really having a bad time with this and I'm kinda sad, so yeah... Anyways, thank you very much and I love your blog❤

So I’m not sure if you wanted a long distance relationship or how they were coping without MC but if your sad I want you to feel some love so I hope this works 

And best of luck! I remember moving away, it can be super tough. But, as scary as it is, you’ll find it’s also a bit comforting that you have the opportunity to become anything you want to be. No one in your new life remembers that embarrassing thing from middle school, everyone has a clean slate, and you’ll have so many new opportunities. And everyone back home is always a phone call away. Hope you feel better soon <3 

RFA + V + Saeran React to MC Moving Away 


  • You’re crying on the phone as you leave
  • He’s heartbroken but he stays on the phone with you the whole ride there
  • Once you get there he gives you time to unpack before calling again
  • He talks until you fall asleep on the phone.
  • Thats what you two do
  • You’re on the phone constantly
  • Once your life becomes a little more busy, you guys make scheduled times to talk to one another, to video chat, even just watch movies at the same time and talk about it.
  • Even with a time difference he’s always ready to answer to phone and talk with you


  • She is so supportive
  • Every difficulty you’ve come by, she’s been right by your side to help
  • Whether it be something simple like packing, or the moments your crying as you get ready to leave officially, she’s there. Holding your hand and hugging you and assuring you everything is going to be alright
  • She doesn’t sugarcoat it though, she tells you straight up how hard it’s going to feel sometimes
  • But you appreciate it, because then when she’s telling you how much you’ll adjust and how everything will get sorted out, you believe her because you know she means it.
  • She’s helped schedule everything so your trip there goes as smoothly as possible
  • She kisses your forehead as you leave and tells you to call her if you need anything, or as soon as your settled in. Whichever comes first.


  • He starts saving money to come visit immediately
  • He held you in the tightest hug ever before you left
  • You didn’t know it, but he sobbed his eyes out as your ride turned the corner out of his eyesight.
  • Snapchat became such a thing for you two
  • Constant selfies of each other. Face timing. 
  • You guys would call each other on the phone just to silently enjoy the others presence as you puttered around.
  • In your moments of weakness and misery he always seemed to have the right words to cheer you up, given that made you miss him even more but hey, it was still nice. 
  • He constantly kept you updated on his “travel” fund to come visit
  • Only to end up surprising you one day by waiting outside your building with a bouquet of flowers


  • He tried opening a C&R branch in the city of your new school
  • The idea was shot down, and he was furious for a moment before you sat down and talked some sense into him
  • He gave a discontented sigh and pulled you into his arms
  • He’s so happy your pursuing your education, but he hates seeing you so sad. 
  • He hired people to do the packing for you and arrange your trip to be as easy as possible
  • You two spend the night before your departure just holding each other
  • “You say the word and you have the fastest flight back home” He kept saying
  • “I can’t just come home every weekend…” You sighed
  • “You can.” 
  • “Jumin. You know that’s unreasonable.” 
  • He grumbled
  • He didn’t let the subject go though
  • He ended up buying an apartment in the city you were moving to, it would remain empty most of the time, but he would try to come and visit at least once a month and that’s where he’d stay. Occasionally he’d stay a whole week, telling the office he’d be working from home.
  • He will make this work


  • He is so heartbroken but he will not show it
  • You’re having a hard enough time without him being a cry baby too
  • But also, he realizes that distance is just that
  • Distance
  • He loves you so so so so much, he doesn’t care how many miles are between you
  • He smothers you with kisses whenever you start crying and promise how this isn’t an end, just a start. 
  • He can’t promise to visit often for secret agent reasons, but he promises that he’ll always be watching and that all you have to do is call and he’ll be there instantly.
  • He background checks every single thing and person you will be coming into contact with on your way there and gives you the low down on everything
  • You thought Jumin and Jaehee knew how to prepare? Seven just took the cake.
  • He wants to make your trip as easy as possible and even calls ahead and finds the place your living and tells you all about your future neighbors. 
  • He may even rearrange the quarters so you’re living near people he’ll think you like. 
  • “What no MC of course I didn’t hack your school hahaahhahaha”
  • A final embrace and “I love you before going”


  • He’s so goddamn mature
  • He just gives you so much insightful advice, but when you start crying he just holds you and tells you to let it all out and ugh
  • Everything he does is always exactly what you need
  • He helps you pack and organize and plan
  • He helps with almost everything though you are the one in charge of it because he does want you to be independent since you’re going to have to be while gone
  • But he’s so loving about everything and it’s like he can sense when you’re about to breakdown because he hugs you at just the right time and runs his hands through your hair and rubs your back
  • You try to apologize for making a mess of his shirt but he just chuckles and assures you it’s ok
  • That it’s all going to be Ok
  • Like the others, you two talk on the phone a lot.
  • Sometimes he makes excuses to come out and see you
  • “Oh yeah, I hear the town is lovely for photography…”
  • You always say how he makes everything better, but he’s always quick to remind you that
  • “No MC, you make everything better. I may help, but the power is in your hands and from here you get to take control and choose what happens and what you’ll do. And I believe you’ll make the best out of a rough situation. I love you, MC.”


  • He insists on coming with you at first
  • Saying he’ll find a way to live on his own out there
  • But you tell him that you’d much prefer for him to keep living with Saeyoung, that it’s healthier and safer for him and you’ll feel more at ease that way
  • You both have a really hard time accepting this all at first, but together, you find a way.
  • You make a schedule to call each other, even though it’s often broken and you two call each other at random times anyways
  • Seven did you two a favor and made dolls of each other with little catchphrases the other says
  • As well as provided you both with your own personal face time app that runs much smoother than any other
  • Saeran holds onto you up until the moment you leave
  • “Everything else may change, but we’ll always have each other”

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1/2 - I started taking J2 as the real deal when Jensen announced to move to Austin. I remember I was like 'r u fucking kidding me' when I heard the news (I thought it was a rumor at first, how naive of me). Jensen, you already spent 24/7 hanging out with Jared on set and now you're telling me you guys are going to be neighbors that lives like, a miles away? It just screams official to me. Anyway, I'm curious do you know what had happened before the announcement, or after? I'm not looking for

2/2 - anything specific. However, I consider moving to another state to be a big decision, so I guess I’m interested if you’ve suspect something unusual that year? Thank you! All your observations are pure GOLD to me! Have a lovely week :)            

Hello, dear anon!

Thank you for the lovely words directed at my humble little blog. I agree that the move to Austin was definitely a huge, HUGE deal! It’s probably the biggest reason I’m a tinhat. I mean, one would think it would be enough to spend most of the year with one’s bestie. From the “bromance” point of view, I really can’t make sense of it.

I fear I’m going to have to disappoint you, sweet anon - I’m fairly new to the fandom and wasn’t following any actor gossip at the time all of this happened. Back then, I was only watching Supernatural without a clue of what goes on behind the scenes. I was a casual fan, one would day. Here’s a little something I put together a while back. Unfortunately it looks like the interview video is gone now, though!

As for the gossip and general atmosphere surrounding the official move, I can try to summon a friend who knows quite a bit of J2 history. Let’s try this!

*prepares an elaborate summoning ritual* *dances, bangs drums* *chants and sings* *dances some more* *exclaims* @jdumblr! Can I kindly request that you’d take part in this? I’m asking really nicely and there may or may not be pastries prepared for you. :)

And as for you, sweet anon, I hope you have a glorious week! I hope my dance moves and singing wasn’t a bit too much for you.

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HELP! So I've been an avid sterek shipper for the past 2 years and they are definitely my self-proclaimed OTP, but recently, I have begun to lose interest in it, and I'm sadly becoming numb to it... is there anything I can do to respark that love for them???

//Anon, I am sorry to hear that :( Sometimes, that happens. We move on, even from things we love. But if you want to respark your love, I will try to help. 

The main thing I do to keep my love alive is to separate the pairing from the fandom and the show. That helps me the most. I love Stiles and Derek. Sure, I love TW and the other characters, but the reason I’m obsessed with anything is Sterek. I love Derek’s stupid face and his grumpy eyebrows and his tough exterior and his soft yet resilient interior. I love Stiles’ stupid face and his beautiful eyes and his ramblings and his idgaf attitude unless he loves you, and you better watch out if he loves you bc he will burn down the WHOLE WORLD to protect you.

Maybe you need a good fic. When I get on a string of blah fics, I lose interest. But a good fic, that period where you are pulled in and you can’t stop reading about these two idiots falling in love for the 239802394th time…it’s magical. I can rec you fics if you want, fics that make me love the pairing. Or you can go trope hunting, which is what I do a lot. I want…historical! I want sports! I want coffeeshops! I want college! I want kids! I want deputies, prostitutes, slaves, amnesia, magic!stiles, human!derek, high school…there are so many possibilities. Find fics instead of relying on rec lists. Read outside of your comfort zone. I think sometimes ppl get stuck reading only what they like and don’t branch out and find new fics that can be exciting bc it’s different. I read two fics recently that are not usually my thing. One had a lot of pot smoking, the other was hate sex/enemies to lovers. Neither are my tropes and I usually avoid them. But they were recced to me highly, so I gave them a try. And I LOVED both of them. They were different than what I usually read, but it helped me get excited and think about the pairing in a different way. Read a long fic, esp if you avoid them. I avoid long fics a lot of times bc I’m a slow reader and have limited time. But some of the best fics I’ve read are over 100k. Read short fics. I don’t read much under 10k, but there are some great short fics that can give you a quick fix.

I guess where I find the most feels for Sterek is when I think about them together in ways I want to see. I write fic, so I do this a lot, but I have friends who don’t write fic who come up with ideas all the time. I just love thinking about Derek and Stiles’ lives, in so many different ways. 

Like, I like to think about them being domestic, coming home from long days at work and bickering over who didn’t do the dishes the night before and what to watch after dinner. Taking baths together and washing each other’s backs and pressing each other against slippery bathroom walls and dropping to their knees to blow each other right in the shower. Derek helping Stiles keep from getting too obsessed with anything and practice moderation, and Stiles helping Derek learn to open up and accept that he deserves good things, like a partner and a house and a Pack and a family. Waking up together and snuggling together, maybe lazy morning handjobs while they’re kissing and don’t even care about morning breath. Derek being there with Stiles in the hospital when his dad goes in for something, and Stiles going to Derek’s family’s plots to put flowers on their graves. Derek sitting in the car while Stiles goes to his mother’s grave and refusing to listen as Stiles talks to her. Stiles and Cora ganging up on Derek when they play board games, watch television, choose a restaurant, or do anything really, but Derek doesn’t mind bc he loves that Cora loves Stiles and just stares in awe as Stiles interacts with her like he’s known her his whole life. He thinks about how his mother and father would have loved Stiles, and how he wishes his family could have known him. He thinks about Stiles laughing with Laura and running through the woods with his human siblings, imagines his mom watching them with tears in her eyes bc she’s so happy for them. Stiles sometimes hovers in the doorway when Derek and his father are standing in the kitchen cooking together, or sitting on the back porch drinking beers, or sitting in the living room watching baseball games. Stiles knows that Derek can sense him, but Derek never lets on, just keeps talking to the sheriff. And Stiles can see the love and pride that the sheriff has in his eyes when he looks at Derek, and there was a time he thought he’d be jealous, but he’s not jealous, oh no. He’s so fucking happy because he loves Derek so much and Derek deserves someone to be a father figure, even though he knows it’ll never replace his own father. But he sees the way Derek almost craves the sheriff’s touch on his shoulder, his approval, the way Derek’s chest almost puffs up when the sheriff calls him “son” and the way Derek just lights up when the sheriff hugs him. He never thought his dad would accept Derek, but he’s adopted him like a second son. And they grow old together, get gray and get wrinkles, and they’re still sneaking off to blow each other in public bathrooms and pulling over on the side of the road for a quick handjob at 50 bc if anything, they’re more in love at 50 than at 25, and they’re both in such good places, with adopted kids and a strong Pack and it’s good, and Derek’s accepted it.

Or maybe Derek shows up in DC after Stiles moves there for school. He’s there bc he’s been making his way across the united states and now he’s stopping in DC, and he catches Stiles’ scent on the street and thinks, no, this can’t be Stiles. But he follows it one day, and sure enough, sitting at a table on the quad of a college campus, surrounded by stacks of books and clicking away on a laptop is Stiles. And Derek watches him like a creeper and feels something he can’t put into words- is maybe too scared to put into words - and then he leaves bc he doesn’t want to disrupt Stiles’ life. But Stiles, of course, befriends the wolves on campus and ends up at a full moon pack party and guess who is there? Derek fucking Hale, all long limbs and Henleys and scruff and Stiles is just fucking angry, but happy to actually see him, so he acts cool and sarcastic, and the other wolves are confused about what’s going on, which is to say NOTHING about the confusion Derek and Stiles feel, and they aggressively snipe at each other for weeks when they HAPPEN to cross paths (bc Derek just happens to go to the coffee shop and public library near campus, and Stiles just happens to pester his wolf friends to invite him to things) and after weeks of being sarcastic shits and angry at each other, Derek ends up pressed against the brick wall in a side street bc Stiles pushed him against it and just kisses him stupid and they’re pretty sure they would have rubbed off on each other right there against the brick wall if someone hadn’t said something as they walked by. But they end up kicking out Stiles’ roommate and fucking each other into the mattress and Stiles doesn’t even care when his roommate comes back and gets an eyefull of Derek’s glorious ass bc he just tapped that ass all night long.

But maybe you want to think about them in AUs, like Derek as a baseball player and Stiles the batting coach, and they spend hours together training and have sweaty sex in the locker room. Or maybe they’re both turn of the century lords in fancy houses who need to get married bc it’s their duties, but they’re in love with one another so they’re sneaking around at London balls just to have a moment to kiss each other or to hold hands. Or maybe Derek is a mermaid and Stiles is a marine biologist who saves him from a net he’s been caught in, and Derek is terrified of him, but Stiles is like “dude, I just want to observe you for science!” and they fall in love as Stiles learns about merpeople but he never betrays Derek’s confidence, even when Derek introduces him to all his merfamily and Stiles could change science forever.

You may be ready to move on. You may pick up a new fandom or love, but you can still love Sterek. My first otp was Harry/Ron from harry potter, and I still love them though I’m not as active in the fandom.I still read fic sometimes. I’ve currently been obsessed with Downton Abbey and took a sterek reading/writing break, but I plan on writing again soon. Sometimes we need a breather just to renew our love.

Most of all, just remember that you love that grumpy werewolf and that rambling human, and despite all their bickering, they love each other and care about each other and will protect each other.

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Writingwife83′s Fics for your SAMFA 2017 consideration

Wow, nomination time opens in just 3 days! Here’s a chronological list of some of my fics from this year and info about each one. This is not everything I’ve written and posted during ‘17 (so it’s not like you can’t nominate anything else) but these were the ones I especially wanted to highlight based on the award categories. Would love if you guys would take a peek and consider nominating one or more of them if you’re at all moved. Thanks so much!! ;D

Night Shift- one shot, rated T  

Molly takes the overnight Sherlock watch and is at first a little concerned about how to keep him busy, but they eventually fall into a rather revealing conversation. A conversation that ends up being exactly what they both needed. (Post TLD, angst, hurt/comfort, light romance)

Complicated Little Emotions- multi-chapter, rated T, complete 

Before Molly even saw his name on the screen of her phone, she was already thinking about Sherlock Holmes. Both she and Sherlock went into that staged phone call with some unseen baggage. Now that the dust has settled, they’ll need to rebuild what was very nearly lost. (Post TFP, ILY scene aftermath, angst, drama, romance, happy ending)

Half Agony, Half Hope- multi-chapter, rated T, complete 

*co-written with @artbylexie*

Sherlock Holmes knows the name Molly Hooper very well. But he hasn’t laid eyes on her for many years. It feels like a lifetime ago. But when he’s finally forced to see her again, memories and regrets come crashing in. He’ll be forced to come to terms with their past, and will find himself daring to wonder if there might be some hope for their future. (modern Persuassion AU, drama, romance, friendship, angst, happy ending)

He Needs the Space- one shot, rated G

Molly and her flat became such an integral part of Sherlock’s life and happiness. But how did that all start? (first sleepover HC, bed sharing, friendship, light romance)

On Again, Off Again- one shot, rated T

Molly has just had an extremely unexpected conversation with Mummy Holmes and it’s time to call Sherlock out on some rather bad behavior. (fluff, humor, romance)

Unsaid- one shot, rated T

What if Molly never picked up the phone? The emotional context might just destroy him beyond repair. (TFP AU, ILY/coffin scene AU, angst, happy ending, drama, romance)

It’s Left Me So Undone- one shot, rated T

The emotional aftermath of the ILY phone call for Molly Hooper turns out to be positive in some ways as she realizes it’s finally time to start fresh. And it turns out she’s not the only one ready to try something new. (Post TFP, ILY scene aftermath, angst, drama, romance)

Louder Than Words- multi-chapter, rated T, complete

Sherlock asks Molly for a little extra assistance after his faked suicide. And as usual, she seems to be just what he needs. But little does Sherlock know, he’ll end up learning more than he bargained for. (Post TRF, Pre TEH, canon compliant, undercover fake marriage, angst, drama, romance)

Pretense- multi-chapter, rated T, complete

Shortly after the case of the Abominable Bride, Sherlock Holmes is given another case. But this time he finds himself temporarily without an assistant. This provides the perfect opportunity to offer the position to the other Doctor in his life…and it happens that Molly Hooper is currently very much in need of distraction. (Post TAB, Victorian AU, friendship, romance, happy ending)

Strands- multi-chapter, rated T, in progress

Among Sherlock Holmes talents is the ability to know exactly what a client sitting in his chair needs and to execute it perfectly. He may even be able to deduce something more obscure, like why a style change is needed in someone’s life. What he does not deal with as naturally is his own personal life. But one of his most loyal and long time clients, Molly Hooper, is about to help him improve in that particular area. (Hairdresser AU, friendship, romance, humor, happy ending)

MBTI types as ''The Room''quotes
  • INFJ:
  • ''...Are you ready to see reflections of your life?''
  • ''Peter, you always play psychologist with us!''
  • INTP:
  • ''Oh man, I just can't figure women out. Sometimes they're just too smart. Sometimes they're flat-out stupid. Other times they're just evil.''
  • ''What are these characters doing here?''
  • INFP:
  • ''I'm tired, I'm wasted, I love you darling.''
  • ''Nobody wants to help me. And I'm dying.''
  • ENTP:
  • ''That's the idea!''
  • ''She was beautiful, but we had too many arguments.''
  • ISFP:
  • ''Oh, actually Johnny, I got a, I got a little bit of a, tragedy.''
  • ''Johnny: Why? Why is this happening to me?
  • [pulls out a pistol]
  • Johnny: God forgive me.''
  • ISTP:
  • ''You don't understand anything, man.''
  • ''Your point of view is so different from mine.''
  • ESTP:
  • ''Denny: I'm okay!
  • Claudette: What's okay? He's taking drugs.''
  • ''She's beautiful. She looks great in her red dress. I think I'm in love with her.''
  • ESFP:
  • ''This is a great party, you invited all my friends, good thinking.''
  • ''Anyway, how is your sex life?''
  • ESTJ:
  • ''Yeah, I'm thinking of moving to a bigger place, man. I'm making some good money.''
  • ''I feel like I'm sitting on an atomic bomb waiting for it to go off!''
  • ISTJ:
  • ''Denny, two's great, but three's a crowd!''
  • ''They betray me, they didn't keep their promise, they trick me, and I don't care anymore.''
  • ISFJ:
  • ''Anything for my princess!''
  • ''Mike: Did you, uh, know... that chocolate... is the symbol of love?
  • Michelle: Mmm... feed me''
  • ESFJ:
  • ''I'm so happy I have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much.''
  • ENTJ:
  • ''I have a problem with Lisa. She says that I hit her.''
  • ENFJ:
  • ''People are people. Sometimes they just can't see their own faults.''
  • ''If everyone love each other, the world would be a better place to live in''
  • ENFP:
  • ''...And she loves you too, as a person, as a human bean!''
  • ''Shit… Alright?''
  • INTJ:
  • ''Don't touch me...get out''
  • ''I'm just sitting up here thinking''
BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode.
  • I hope you like it @little-miss-sherlock Lots of lub to youu 💕💕
  • Smol Warning: This involves certain health issues that.. Well, I don't know if it would offend anyone that I'm writing about chronic illnesses I don't understand fully. I looked up the symptoms of all these and I'm going with that, if you know you'll get mad or your sensitive to this material please don't read.
  • ———————
  • ~ Kim Seokjin/Prince Jin:
  • Jin always heard you talking to yourself but he felt it was normal for people to do so and he found it cute. Until one day you forgot to take your medication. Your mind was everywhere you kept telling the wall to "Shut up" then-
  • Jin: Y/n? Are you okay? What's wrong? Look at me.
  • You: Who are you? Where am I? Where's mom?
  • Jin: What? Y/n. It's Jin.
  • You: Jin? Like... Gin?
  • Jin: No with a J.
  • He decided to take you to the doctors and surprisingly he found the one you go to for medication. Everyone seemed to know you, know what was going on and he found out you had schizophrenia.
  • Your personality was all over the place, you heard voices, and sometimes short losses of memory. When he found out he was extremely confused and mad. Why would you hide something so serious from him?
  • Jin: Explain.
  • You: I was ashamed.. Embarrassed. Who would want to date someone like me? I didn't want you to leave me..
  • You: I'm sorry..
  • Jin: -Holds you and kisses your forehead- I've told you. I'll love you till the day I die no matter how cheesy that sounds, it's true.
  • Jin: We'll work together, and I'll take care of you. You'll never have to deal with this alone.
  • Jin: I love you.
  • ~ Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • While you and Yoongi were going out to get grocery's you had fainted. Immediately he dropped everything to get you to a hospital.
  • Yoongi: What happened?
  • Doctor: Have they not told you? They've been here a few times.
  • Yoongi: For what?
  • Doctor: Their medication. We have them on two at the moment. They have GAD. Which stands for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. They fainted for lack of sleep. Their anxiety is very bad, she/he has horrid thoughts of her/himself, she/he has told us about her/his troubles sleeping, she/he has had thoughts of death, now that you know please do take care of her/him.
  • He was furious that you didn't tell him. He wanted you to trust him with everything and it definitely seemed like you did but to know you hid something involving your health he questioned how much trust you actually had in him.
  • Yoongi: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: It's always made people back of from me.
  • You: It has ruined so many past relationships and I just don't want to lose you. I love and care about you so much Min Yoongi, I couldn't risk it.
  • Yoongi: But you could risk your health?
  • Yoongi: You know everything about me and after hearing you didn't leave me. What makes you think that THIS would want to make me leave you?
  • Yoongi: Anything you need just ask. Your health is the most important thing because you are important to to me.
  • ~ J-hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • You both were about to go to bed, at the time Hobi stayed over and when he went to go ask you something he saw you scrambling to find something.
  • Hobi: Y/n?
  • You: -You jump slightly- Yes?
  • Hobi: What are you looking for? Can I help you?
  • You: No. It's nothing, just needed a sleeping pill so I can sleep well.
  • Hobi: If you don't find them there's many ways I could help you sleep.
  • You: Today. I think I just want to cuddle with you Hoseok.
  • Later while he had fallen asleep, you went back to look for your medication. Then you started tantrum-ing, sobbing. getting emotional, you broke glass, and you weren't yourself. Of course Hoseok heard and ran out to see if you were okay or what was going on. He saw you sobbing on the ground, your hands bleeding from shards of glass that were on the floor.
  • Hobi: Oh my god. Y/n? Come with me. I'm taking you to a doctor.
  • You: Leave me alone, Go away! I don't need your help.
  • Hobi: Yes you do. Come here. -slowly approaching you-
  • You: I'm warning you to get away!
  • Once he manages to grab you and semi calm you down he takes you to a doctor and he found out you have a extreme Bipolar disorder, He was frustrated and heart broken that you never told him, and that he had to find out like this. When he saw you, you were going to talk but he didn't want to hear you.
  • Hobi: Don't you talk. Listen.
  • Hobi: Don't ever hide anything like this from me again. Do you understand? I thought that I took care of you well and to know that I wasn't able to help you for this, wasn't able to take care of you better is the worst thing I have ever felt.
  • Hobi: Understand that I love and care for you and I want to take care of you till the end.
  • You: I was just worried you wouldn't be able to handle it. And you would leave, just like everyone else.
  • Hobi: Then I'm offended that I'm just "Everyone else" to you. I am your boyfriend, your lover, and someone who wants to take care of you like you take care of me.
  • Hobi: So let me.
  • ~ Rap Monster/Namjoon:
  • You: Do you what an Inhaler looks like?
  • Nams: I guess I do, why?
  • You: Random thought.
  • You and Namjoon took walks around beautiful areas a lot and walked to your house a lot. You looked through your bag to check if you had your inhaler and for some reason it was gone. You know you had taken it and you were worried because you might need it.
  • Nams: Y/n why do you have this? -He holds up your inhaler which you take from him immediately-
  • You: I'm taking it to someone later.
  • Nams: Don't lie to me.
  • You: I don't lie.
  • Nams: That was a lie. Do you have asthma?
  • You:
  • Nams: Answer me, Y/n.
  • You: Yes, I have asthma!
  • Nams: Why didn't you tell me?
  • You: Because I was embarrassed. It's embarrassing to breathe from a tube in public or in front of you.
  • You: And I figured you wanted to date someone normal. Someone who isn't bothersome and you won't have to worry about so much.
  • Nams: Baby, You don't ever need to feel embarrassed, I still love you, I'm falling in love with your personality. I love you just as you are and I will take care of you, alright?
  • Nams: From now on, tell me everything and anything. Nothing can change how I feel about you.
  • Park Jimin/Chimichanga:
  • You liked asking Jimin to teach you dance whether you were good or not didn't matter, it was just fun to move around to the beat of music, but today you forgot your pain killers so you were limping and falling a lot. .
  • Jimin: Are you okay? You're very off.
  • You: Just dandy.
  • Jimin: What's wrong?
  • You: Nothing.
  • Jimin: What's. Wrong?
  • You: I have Chronic pain, which is basically forever pain in the same place... I have it in my knee.
  • You: anddd oh my gkkdbd it's cramping up. Can you go get my pain killers please??
  • Jimin: Why didn't you tell me??
  • You: Because knowing you, You wouldn't let me out the damn house.
  • You: Even if we don't live together. I know you'd somehow watch me.
  • Jimin: I would let you out..
  • You: 1 step out the door would be too far for you.
  • Jimin: I just care about you.
  • You: I know but what you CAN do is help me with the medicine and take me to my doctors appointments.
  • Jimin: I can't drive...
  • You: You can accompany me to my doctors appointments.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • When Tae came over to hang out with you, he opened the door with the spare key you gave him.
  • Tae: Honey!!! I'm hommee!
  • You guys had this joke where you acted like a married couple. You usually replied with something funny as well but you couldn't.
  • Taehyung went to the kitchen only to find you crouched, leaning against the wall behind you, and holding your head.
  • Tae: Y/n! Are you alright?
  • You: Medicine. Please. -You point to a cabinet- Get a white and blue bottle.
  • After he gave you the medicine and you were feeling a bit better you guys started talking.
  • You: Why are you here so early?
  • Tae: I wanted to surprise you but you surprised me. Are you okay?
  • You: I'm fine now. I mean, it'll happen tomorrow, the next day, the next, and after that, then so on.
  • Tae: That's impossible.
  • You: Not if you have a Migraine.
  • Tae: How come I didn't know?
  • You: I was embarrassed, I'm pretty sure you didn't want to date someone who was forever sick so it was nice knowing you—
  • Tae: Shhhtsh I'm staying and caring for you, and cuddling you, and being with you until the day I die.
  • Jeon Jungkook/Kookie:
  • You didn't hide it from Jungkook but you also haven't told him.
  • You'll take your medicine in front him and when he asks you say your sick.
  • But you've been sick for the whole year you guys have been dating so of course he is going to get suspicious.
  • You: I read a new book~
  • JK: Yeah you told me about it. You're on page 289, It's interesting, and you would like to find more from that author.
  • You: When did I.. You know I probably have bed memory.
  • JK: You told me about this book four times.
  • You: I have? Oh wow.
  • JK: How'd you forget after four times?
  • You: Ah hmm, I have ADHD, bad memory, bad at paying attention. um um oh wow suddenly I'm bored. Did I bring my pills??
  • JK: I don't think so, let's go home alright?
  • You: Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you. I just, it's not attractive. Yeah.
  • JK: I'd still love you with any sickness, how you talk to me, treat me, take care of me, love me, and your personality is what made me fall in love with you.
  • You: Thanks Bunny boy.
  • JK: Let's eat at Wagwan after alright?
  • You: I heard they give out Snickers now. I don't know why but I'm down.
  • JK: You're adorable.

anonymous asked:

Hi there!! I was reading a lot of your fics (practically all night) I'm in loooooooove😍 and my fave so far was Sleepy Hobi smut I was wondering if requests for Drabble are still open or anything? If they are could you write one for Jinyoung from GOT7? Same plot as the Sleepy Hobi one?? Thank u so so much and if it's not open that's perfectly fine I'll come back another time!! 💕💕💕

I could write a small drabble. Thank you for the love honey I truly appreciate it!

Fingers moved across the small of Jinyoung’s back for the fourth time that night. He wanted to sigh, but he did that twice before and she wasn’t giving up. Instead he pretended to scratch his leg, and felt her hand move away for a second before beginning it’s slow descent down his thigh.

He was tired, beyond tired he was exhausted and all he wanted to do was sleep, but her long, soft fingers kept brushing over the tip of his member making it jump. Making his heart race just enough that he couldn’t calm down enough to sleep well.

She wasn’t even fully committing she was teasing, stroking him, getting him hard and when he fidgeted she stopped long enough for him to get soft again before she started back up.

It was pure and utter agony. Especially after a two hour dance practice, a video shoot, and a fan meeting of over 2,000 girls and women. He wanted to sleep hard, the kind where your mouth was open and you snored loud.

But no, she was stroking him once more, the feel of her fingers going up his skin as her thumb rubbed over his tip made him clench his teeth.

“>>>, stop.” She jumped hearing him call her name.

Shifting in bed, she cuddled close to him and he realized she was naked. His skin rippled into goosebumps as her nipples touched his back. She lifted a leg and placed it over his, snuggling close enough to get both of her hands around his member, stroking eagerly.

“Jinyoung, when was the last time we had sex? You didn’t even notice I was naked in bed.”

“That’s because I’m tired.” Gently, but forcefully dislodging her body from his, he turned to face her. “It’s been awhile, I’m sorry but let me sleep. I’ll be cranky and I don’t want to hear you whining cause you think I’m snapping at you.”

She stiffened her arms, making it hard for him to push her away. Reaching out with her legs she grabbed one of his in an attempt to pull him closer. He fought with her a bit, trying to get her to stay on her side of the bed before he pulled a tactic he knew would would.

“Last warning, stop >>> and sleep, or I’m gonna piss you off and then you’ll leave me alone.” In the darkness he could still see her sly smile as she sat up, her slender torso curving down to wide hips.

Damn, she was hard to resist and she knew what he liked. Peeling from under the blankets like that, biting her lower lip as she peeked at him from under her lashes. “What are you gonna do? Teach me a lesson?”

He said nothing, laying on his back hand ready for the minute she reached out to him again. There was a lesson coming alright.

Just as her hand reached for his crotch, though he was tented in his pants, he snatched her precious bonnet off her head and tossed it somewhere onto the floor.

“You play too much!” >>> shrieked as she jumped from the bed, hair wrapped and secured with bobby pins, he laughed watching her fish around in the dark.

“I told you, now sleep. Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll come home and do you good.” He chuckled turning over onto his side, when a slap landed on his bicep.

“Ain’t getting shit now, you know I hate that.” As she turned around to walk to the bathroom, silently cursing because she felt a few pins come loose, Jinyoung growled grabbing her arm.

Forcing her onto the bed and onto him, he pushed her legs around until she was straddling him, his hands on her thighs. “Ride then. I’m lazy and you want it. Ride me.” He rolled his hips into her, watching her mouth shift from annoyed to amused.

“No.” Crossing her arms she turned her head away, trying to quell the hunger that was building from his hip rolls.

“>>>, this is your last chance.” He rubbed slender fingers up syrup colored thighs, squeezing them right at the point where they met her waist. He let his fingers drift down the v of her womanhood until he was scissor kicking her clit. “Take it or leave it.”

Groaning, she felt her body shake, she hated when he did that. Looked at her with that come hither stare

and pursed his lips at her in a kiss. He was already pulling down his boxers, she lifted her body just enough to move them out of the way. Lowering her upper half down, he cupped his hands around her face and kissed her.

Letting their lips come into full contact, his nose gliding over hers, he breathed in her scent as she lifted her hips and rubbed him against her slit. He was serious, she was going to work. After getting his fill of the taste of her mouth, he rested his hands behind his head and watched her body undulate on top of his.

The beads of sweat breaking down over her chest, her hands planted firmly on his chest as she moved herself up and down, making small wiggles with her hips as she breathed heavily, moaning quietly.

“I can’t hear you.” Jinyoung whispered, watching her eyes meet his, half way poised on his waist. 

She opened her mouth as her body connected with his, letting the sound flow from her mouth. Lifting a hand, Jinyoung put his thumb in her mouth, groaning as her lips closed around it sucking on the digit. 

“Turn around.” Getting into reverse cowgirl, he watched her ass bounce and shake, with him holding onto her calves for support as he lifted his waist in time to meet her bounces. 

He wasn’t going to touch her, he was going to let her finish, but the prospect of finishing together, and holding her close was too much of a temptation. Sitting up, they maneuvered their bodies so he was still inside her, knees on the bed. Her back to his chest, his arms around her body, he bit down on her shoulder as they came. As she slowly went limp, Jinyoung chuckled letting her down gingerly on the bed. 

“Now we can sleep.” She mumbled, kicking the covers around.

Jinyoung grumbled about her being a spoiled brat, before snuggling up behind her, moving his head as she adjusted her bonnet once more. “We’ll see how this plays out when you’re tired.” 

“Bet.” >>> smiled as she closed her eyes. 

Chuckling, Jinyoung shook his head, cupping one of her breasts causing her to grunt happily.

grey’s anatomy sentence meme

( other grey’s meme made by yours truly 1 2 3 4 5 )

  • i can be a better man/woman with you
  • are you better? or are you fake better?
  • you should kiss me
  • welcome back, you had us worried there for a minute
  • do you think they’re going to make it?
  • you don’t need a man to build a future, build it yourself
  • who keeps pissing off all the women?
  • i slept for the first time in weeks because of you
  • you gonna chew that?
  • you’re gonna pull that ‘i was raised out back by the trash cans’ attitude and beat the living hell out of him, right?
  • would you wanna be alone at a time like this?
  • i learned how to play dirty on the playground
  • you know, i’ve seen people come back from worse
  • are you upset with me?
  • we can do this, all you have to do is meet me halfway
  • do you think he can handle it?
  • whatever happens, you can handle this
  • you need to tell the people you love how you feel while they can still here you
  • you have changed
  • take care now
  • i said i love you
  • i can’t breathe without you
  • we can do this
  • go ahead, get it off your chest
  • you made me promise you that you wouldn’t live like this
  • i’m sorry, that’s the first time i said it out loud and it took the wind out of me.
  • we’re all scared
  • okay, i’ll just stand here with you then
  • i’m moving on
  • everyday is like this
  • what do you want to promise each other?
  • nobody walks out, no matter what happens
  • i was so scared
  • does this feel real to you?
  • you need to cry, you need to scream
  • you’re my only person
  • i need you to keep breathing
  • i swear to god, i need you to stay alive
  • you just being here helps
  • you’re sure about this?
  • you are far more twisted than i realized
  • please, just open your eyes
  • i don’t ever want to live without you
  • it might all be gone tomorrow
  • i don’t deserve your forgiveness 
  • are you crying?
  • this doesn’t feel real
  • just back off, okay
  • i just need a minute
  • there’s no need for you to keep living in this bed
  • you need to take it easy
  • we’ll keep trying
  • you’re gonna regret this
  • i can’t sleep
  • i don’t even recognize you
  • you’ll never have to be alone if you don’t want to be
  • will you wait for me?
  • you should see me without a shirt on, it’s kind of ridiculous
  • he deserves to know
  • i should of been there for you, but i wasn’t
  • i know i don’t have the best track record, i’m sorry
  • can we talk about it?u
  • why would you do this to me?
  • i can’t just watch people die
  • you make me nervous
  • i don’t believe you
  • you’re gonna have to make this up to me with a lot of sex
  • oh god i’m gonna hurl again
  • i’ll understand if you don’t want to come back
  • my aim is exceptional
  • we changed each other
  • it’s too easy to lose your way in this world
  • this is not over
  • i’m not perfect, not even close
  • i stopped fighting
  • i can’t do this alone
  • what happened to you?
  • i’m someone you need to get to know to love
  • you’re ignoring me
  • so you think i’m broken?
  • i don’t know how to sleep alone
  • why do people always leave?
  • it’s good to see you
  • i’ll see you around
  • don’t touch me
  • i know people are worried
  • i should be greek tragedy, turned to stone, bat-crap crazy, but i’m good
  • instead of moving through the pain, you always run from it
  • the carousel never stops turning
  • there is no time
  • don’t be afraid
  • i don’t want you to be alone
  • you’ve survived worse
  • you are a piece of me
  • i love you too much
  • you’re worth me standing like a fool
  • you’re anything by ordinary
  • there are people dying 
Five months. Five whole months. I told myself I’d be okay by now. Ages ago, infact. I’m not. Although I did genuinely expect to be- I’ve never been hung up for this long on some boy before. But you- you’re different. You’re magic. You made me light up and i’ve never been happier than when I was with you. Never. Gosh I miss you so much. You’re doing fine though. I wish I moved on as quickly as you. But here I am still wishing you’d come back and we could be something again. Friends, something more. I don’t know. Anything but this. I can’t be whatever we are for any longer. I want you so much, please come back.
—  Please.

holy gosh @ my 300+ followers!! Thankyou all so much xx

darkrivermori  asked:

My Nidoking (Shinichi) is really friendly and loves to play with kids, but sometimes one accidentally gets poisoned. I keep tons of antidotes and Pechas on hand to counter anything so nothing major happens, but usually an irate parent (who I don't blame at all) ends up forcing us to move from the neighborhood. He gets really upset when that happens and I was wondering if there was a place we could go that is more understanding. I'm willing to move to any region to where this place could be.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m really shocked you haven’t been sued or had legal action taken against you, considering all regions have strict liability causes. Your Pokémon has a history of hurting people (it doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not) and you are ultimately responsible. If you cannot insure the safety of the people playing with Shinichi, I’m afraid you have no business letting him be with kids, and it’s only a matter of time before both of you get into serious trouble.


I’m so moved, I feel loved and it’s really thanks to you all that keep me want to make more art.

So THANK YOU! And I hope you will like it here. 

Mean Girls x GOM
  • Murasakibara to Aomine: If you're from Japan, why are you dark?
  • Midorima: Oh my god, Murasakibara, you can't just ask people why they're dark.
  • ———————————
  • [Trying to avoid plans with Akashi]
  • Midorima: I can't go out. *faux coughs softly* I'm sick.
  • Akashi: Boo, you whore.
  • ———————————
  • Some random girl: Nice hair, Momoi. What's it made of?
  • Momoi: Your mom's chest hair!
  • ———————————
  • Akashi, to others: On Wednesday, we wear our coordinate colors to represent rainbow and Teiko.
  • ———————————
  • Akashi: Midorima, I'm sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes & Nobles.
  • Akashi: And I'm sorry for telling everyone about it.
  • Akashi: And I'm sorry for repeating it now.
  • ———————————
  • Murasakibara: [delivering candy canes] Kuro-chin, two for you. Kise Ryouta? FOUR for you, Kise Ryouta! You go, Kise-chin. And uh... "Shitaro" Midorima. Do we have a "Shitaro" Midorima here?
  • Midorima: It's Shintaro.
  • Murasakibara: Oh Mido-chin, here you go, one for you... And none for Aomine Daiki, bye.
  • ———————————
  • Kuroko to Aomine: Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise?
  • ———————————
  • Akashi: Why don't I know you?
  • Kuroko: I'm new. I just moved here from the third string.
  • Akashi: What?
  • Kuroko: I used to be on third string.
  • Akashi: Wait... what?
  • Kuroko: I joined basketball and got in to third string because I don't have enough talent back then.
  • Akashi: No, I know what third string is, I'm not retarded! So you've actually never been to first string in your entire life? Shut up! Shut up!
  • Kuroko: I didn't say anything.
  • ———————————
  • Kise: Oh my God, I love your shirt! Where did you get it?
  • Midorima: It was my dad's in the '80s.
  • Kise: Vintage, so adorable.
  • Midorima: Thanks.
  • Kise: [after Midorima walks away] That is the ugliest f-ing shirt I've ever seen.
  • ———————————
  • [Aomine and Momoi introducing the other members of first string to Kuroko]
  • Aomine: That one there, that's Murasakibara. He is one of the dumbest boys you will ever meet. Momoi sat next to him in English last year.
  • Momoi: He asked me how to spell vegetables. God, he hates them to the point he couldn't spell it out.
  • Aomine: That nerd one, that's Midorima.
  • Momoi: He's totally rich because his dad invented weird yet popular Kerosuke.
  • Aomine: Midorima knows everybody's business, he knows everything about everyone.
  • Momoi: That's why his hair is so green, it's full of secrets.
  • Aomine: And evil takes a human form in Akashi Seijuro. Don't be fooled because he may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, he's so much more than that.
  • Momoi: He's the king bee - the star, those other two are just his little workers.

anonymous asked:

Oh, sonja. Reading your anon and your response about el being there to keep louis bearded up makes me so so sad. And I agree with both of you. Yesterday when I saw the pics of louis, I was so so sad and angry, he looked drunk and sad. He doesn't get anything from this. I'm so so worried. I hope he knows we all love him so much just the way he is. I hope people around him remind him that everyday.

i just want to know why he’s still trapped in every way imaginable and why all of the other boys get to move on while he’s left behind. how is any of this fair?

Fall in love a thousand times a day.

Fall in love with the man on the subway, the one who holds the door for you every morning, because you can never quite get ready on time. Fall in love with the girl in the grocery line, who dances in place, humming along to the music in her headphones, not caring who’s watching or judging. Fall in love with that intern at work, the one who brings coffee every morning, not to win people over, but just because they want to, because they like the way people smile. Fall in love with your best friend when you get back to your shared apartment and she asks about your day, actually listening when you tell her. Fall in love with the boy down the hall, who brought you cookies when you moved in and has never been anything but kind.

Fall in love with everyone and everything. Fall in love with people and cities and sunsets. Never be afraid to fall. There is infinite beauty in people and life, if only you choose to see it.
—  EMJ // Fall In Love

anonymous asked:

did they specify that they're moving in together or separately? cause I don't think they did, and I'm quite nervous that might be the case because of all the blue and pink post-it-notes? which might represent dans belongings and phils belongings? do you have anything to reassure me they're not moving away from each other?

you sent this before yesterday’s photo so i’m sure you’re reassured by this point but the lovely thing is that they didn’t have to say they were moving together–they treated it like an understood premise, a certainty that they didn’t need to express in words because to think otherwise would just be so far off-base. that was one of my absolute favorite aspects of their announcement video.

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Hey crew! I'm looking for two fics! The first is set out like emails or letters or something similar? and I remember it had Theo/Luna as well but that's I remember. The second was a triad and it had draco Hermione and Blaise and D&B were death eaters hiding Hermione in their house. I'm sorry this is vague but If anyone could help id be so greatful!!!


The Letters From Everyone By: Jade Presley - T, 13 chapters - “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” - Phyllis Theroux. A collection of short letters and notes sent to and from various characters throughout a year of their lives. Features: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Luna/Theo, Ron/Pansy.



Also may I ask hat next time you have multiple fics to find, you send in two different asks, thanks.

- Lisa


Thanks, everyone, for your help!

2: No Greater Love by Colubrina - M, 17 Chapters - Voldemort has won, or mostly, and Death Eaters don’t have a retirement plan so Draco Malfoy is stuck serving a master he hates. He and Blaise Zabini just try to keep their heads down and not attract attention. They aren’t heroes. Then Hermione Granger gets Snatched and they make the fateful, stupid decision to save her. COMPLETE