i'm not missing anyone am i


Wow, ok. So I know I’m probably considered dead by those who follow me, but I just wanted to say hello again, and I am not dead. You can expect a lot more posting (reblogging) from me now, I am officially back! (not like anyone missed me, but oh well<3)

DANCE MAJORS AU Part 1 (Part 1.5Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) Hip-hop dancer Keith in a ponytail. Everyone is just so mesmerized when he dances on stage or even just during practice. Outside the dance studio, he’s a huge space nerd who’s got a secret crush on the contemporary ballet dancer next door who he may or may have not thought of asking out… next week or next month.

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  • Me before watching KHR: Oh cool a show about mafias.
  • Me after watching KHR: VOOOOOOOOOIIII! Ciaossu, kora! Hahi, I love KHR and JUUDAIME TO THE EXTREME, and will bite every scum and idjits that defies me to death, Kufufushishishi. O-ho. *Sings Namimori Anthem*


Hunk and Lance enjoying some downtime on a peaceful alien planet. :D How I imagine Hance’s relationship:

Lance always reminding Hunk he’s smart, talented, gorgeous and beautiful inside and out – he will fight anyone who makes fun of his handsome bf. ( つ´• д•̀c)(ง︡’-‘︠)ง

Hunk making sure Lance feels admired and loved. On days Lance particularly misses his family or he feels weak, he’s always there to squeeze him extra tight till his loneliness and insecurities are gone. (っ´•ω•`)っ⊂(´;ω;` ⊂)

This ship is so pure and beautiful. T//m//T

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Fav mutuals??

…………..i am so so sorry that it took me so long to answer this 🙈🙈

here’s my blogroll!! and here’s some of my ultimate favs!! (no order)

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If I am with you, I am with you 100%. You don’t have to worry about me being unfaithful, and you definitely don’t have to worry about anyone else coming onto me. I will make it known that I am with you and only you. The world will know that I am yours just like how you are mine.

-Trust me. Believe in me. I am yours and only yours.


I have some explaining to do

…I guess?

First, I guess I should answer all the questions of people asking if I am okay; I am. I am okay. Thank you so much for the inquiries, I didn’t think I’d be missed so much and that I’d worry anyone. For that I am deeply sorry.

Second, to that lovely anonymous person who’s been messaging me with some lovely day occurrences in Germany, I would like to say thank you to you as well. It is very sweet and it’s always nice to hear these kinds of things. Who knows? If all goes well I may be there early next year.

Now, I guess I should explain my unannounced hiatus. I started taking some German lessons some time back which lasted for three months. It was mostly to learn grammar since I never learned proper German grammar. The classes, on top of work, took a lot of my time.

Besides those things, both my grandpa and my grandma on my father’s side were sick. Considered they’re divorced, my dad was very busy bringing them to and fro the hospital separately. I took a load off my dad by taking charge of bringing my younger siblings to and fro school. It also ended up with a whole lot more babysitting of my baby sister, since this trying time became busier for my usually stay at home mother.

Well… My grandpa’s doing ok. His cancer was caught super early and he is now cancer free and he’s looked healthier than he has in years. I am very happy at this and we even recently celebrated his birthday.

My grandma died last weekend. Her kidney’s been failing for months and she finally went quietly and peacefully last Sunday morning. I’m not looking for sympathy here or nothing… I’m pretty sure my grandmother hated me, anyway. But I guess even if I believe blood ISN’T thicker than water, she was still my grandmother. I’m not sad per se, but it’s not the case for the rest of the family.

I’m just doing my best at this point to be as useful as I can to my family.

It’s not really a big help that I still haven’t been paid in months by my boss, but eh. I’ll be seeing to that soon enough.

I haven’t drawn stuff I like in some time, I haven’t even been watching/reading any anime/manga. (I have been using my free time reading Batman though so…? *shrugs*) Neither Daiya nor Osomatsu has been able to keep my attention as of late and I just… Can’t seem to continue any of my comics.

I know my comics meant something to a bunch of you… But I selfishly also do these comics for me so… I’m sorry if I haven’t felt like picking them back up for months.

…Aaaaaaand that’s my story.

TLDR; I’m okay. Sorry for disappearing and worrying you guys. Thank you for those who inquired about my well being. It really does warm my heart.

On that note, I will also have to confess that you guys will likely not hear from me ‘til maybe in January if I turn myself around. I’m going to America to spend the holidays with relatives (my living grandparents on my mother’s side) this December. And then next year, it might really be off to Germany for me.

Happy holidays, everyone.♥


Today I found out that you are with her. Today I finally got the smack in the face that I deserved. That you moved on and I’m still holding on to something I broke. I’m happy for you, honestly I am. But I don’t understand how you can so easily let go of what we had. We had so much more than anyone else ever did. I finally realized why you don’t text me anymore and why you stopped liking my photos. I guess I will stop trying to talk to you, I don’t want to annoy you anyways. I just can’t fathom how anything could be greater than what we had. But maybe I was the one who felt more. Maybe you were just in the relationship so you could feel loved. It’s been 4 months and my heart still hurts when I hear your name. I wish it wouldn’t have ended the way it did. I wish we could still have something. and goddammit I miss you so much.
—  I hate that you’ve moved on

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You seem to be getting... annoyed with asks at the moment friend judging by the way you're replying, why not turn off asks for a while? :)

Do I sound rude in my answers? I always try to give matter-of-fact advice and sometimes I want to be funny or draw someone’s attention to something obvious they’re missing, like the existance of my FAQ or my Q&A (and I don’t want anyone to read all my messages but scrolling through the first page would be nice sometimes.) Maybe I do that the wrong way. I didn’t mean to. I’m bad at social interactions, I’m never nice and tactful enough. I don’t talk to many people, maybe that’s why :) So if anyone felt offended it wasn’t my intention.

Do you ever just...

Imagine Rin and Haru laying in bed after a long day of training. Rin hits the sheets and falls asleep quickly, but Haru just lays there for a moment, body turned to Rin and just slightly curled in against the other’s warmth. Haru listens to the soft in and outs or Rin’s breathing, feels the rise and fall of his chest against him, and softly inhales the scent of expensive shampoo and chlorine that never fades. Outside there’s the soft ambient noise of living in Tokyo, but it’s as though the entire world is narrowed down to the small world of this bed. And just as he’s about to roll over and try to sleep himself Rin’s head tilts to the side and rests against Haru’s hair, still fast asleep. So Haru closes his eyes thinking, ‘it can’t be helped’, and settles in pressed against Rin’s warmth.

tumblr theatre humans that I know irl!

I have a proposition! 

I am missing theater and my theater community…but as a young human on this earth many things in my life are still a work in progress, such as job stability, physical location, etc etc that makes rebuilding/rejoining a theater community also a work in progress. 

I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, whether you’re doing things professionally/semi-professionally/not at all or what your situation is. (Or maybe like me you just have trouble leaving the house.) But if you have some feelings of some sort, read on!

Would people be interested in a monthly/fortnightly/maybe even weekly get together to just sit around and read plays? In my mind this could be virtual (skype/google hangouts etc) or physical (if you’re in the seattle area) or both. We could do shakespeare (I know a lot of of shx peeps) or anything that people are intrigued by or curious to read but can’t get themselves to sit down long enough to focus and finish it.

There are some logistics to figure out, but I envision this as a very casual, low stakes way to keep in touch when distance, time, money, etc. don’t allow for actual productions. Think of it as a book club type thing?

Let me know your thoughts and if there’s interest, I’ll get on top of making some plans/a poll!

I am feeling sad and sappy and recently I saw a post about it on my dash so I guess I’m rewatching mianite now. If anyone is curious as to what mianite is and doesn’t mind me blabbering on about video games and weird-ass subplots pls message me because I am certified mianite trash™ and I miss this series so much and will talk about it to anyone who will listen