i'm not making the same mistake

Seeing Vegeta holding newborn Bra is a very special moment

That part from the preview made me go all the way back to the Buu Saga, when Vegeta was about to sacrifice himself and hugged Trunks for the first time, after admitting he never did it, even when his son was a baby. Now we can see Vegeta is not willing to make the same mistake twice.

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Hey, first, I'm a big fan of yours. I noticed the Octavian you did for Riordan looks different from the one you did where most important HoO characters are together. I don't know if is the face or the haircut. . .

It’s most likely the style improvement, I think…everyone looks different from what I drew back then simply because I can’t draw like that anymore, since I don’t make the same mistakes I used to!

I hope so, at least. I still make mistakes, but i fixed a lot. 

i’m fucking furious guys, up until last week I was the biggest Captain swan shipper, but ever since 6x14 i realized how wrong that was, I mean yeah I was having doubts about the regina/emma relationship since season two, BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING  ? Drama and more Captain swan drama, yeah hook was a villain and now he wants to redeem himself BUT THATS NOT HOW TO DO IT, you either turn him good or let him be a villain, the guy keeps making major mistakes AND EMMA STILL FORGIVES HIM FOR EVERYTHING! I’m not anti-hook, i like the character, BUT when the hell are they gonna realize that its effin too much -_- , when are they gonna stop for a moment and give SWAN QUEEN a chance -_- these two have a better relationship that Supercat even, regina is the one who puts emma in the right path, and emma does the same for regina, THEY ARE MEANT TO BE ! when are they gonna stop the queer baiting ? !!!!

When will people stop hating on Danny Rand for being a human character who makes mistakes and has flaws and sometimes, yeah, doesn’t do the best thing (even if it’s dealt with/corrected later) and condemning him for this. As these same people make excuses when Matt, Luke, or Jessica do the same thing. Because that’s really getting old.

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I just found a job at my local bookstore and I'm a little terrified that I'll have to deal with the types of customers I read about on this blog.

You may very well have the same customers we gripe about. But what I tell my new cashiers treat angry customers as a game. They want to upset you. If you get upset you will say something wrong or make a register mistake. Now they really want you to mess up. Either because they want to complain for free stuff or they want you to lose focus and they can steal from the store. Some will swap barcode stickers. So always look at the screen and make sure it look right. Like if you scan a heavy piece of beef and it scans $1.25 and they are normally $35 or more then definitely ask a manager to look into it.

The goal however is to with the pissed off game. Let them yell let them make a scene. While they do that smile. And I mean smile they they are giving you a present. Remain calm and be polite. If you can do that when they complain they can’t get you into trouble because you didn’t get upset. You didn’t give them anything but 100% customer service. You will win.

Plus it’s fun to watch a customer yelling at you and not getting a rise out of you. It makes them so mad some will just leave. It’s funny as hell to me.


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Marine Le Pen is leading in the exit polls in the French presidential election, THE FEMALE DONALD TRUMP IS LEADING, FLIP ALL PANCAKES AND PANIC. I hope the French people won’t make the same mistake we did in USA. Nazis groups are rising all through Europe as well I'm so scared :(

Apparently they’re doing a runoff in June. God😒😔


Hold on to me (cause I'm a little unsteady) (2/?)

A/N:Trini talks to her parents. Warning: implied suicidal thoughts. All mistakes are mine.


“Trini sit down.”

Trini sits at the end of the table. Her father sits at the other end of the table with her mother standing next to him. Her mother’s face is disapproving in comparison to her father’s exasperated look. Trini makes sure to school her expression to look nonchalant despite feeling like her insides are shaking.

The silence terrifies her as memories of the last meetings she had with her parents resurface. The same table, which is why she avoids dinners (that and her parents judgemental questions), just different walls.

“Trini tell me what’s going on?” Her dad sighs.

“We already know what’s going on! The questions is what are we going to do about it.” Her mother interrupts before Trini can even open her mouth.

Trini instantly feels fear surge through her body. She can’t breath, this can’t happen, not again. 

“Por Dios mujer, déjala contestar!” Her father shouts with a glare as he turns to his wife.

Her mother glares but stays quiet as they both look at her expectantly. But Trini’s heart is beating rapidly. 

“Please don’t send me back there papi.” Her hands shake and she grabs onto the edge of the table in order to steady them.

He looks confused for a second before it dawns on him what Trini is talking about and then a look of regret crosses his face.

“Mija I promise I won’t send you anywhere but I want to know what’s going on?” He offers in gentle voice that Trini can’t remember him using with her.

All those other times they had family discussions regarding what Trini did things tended to get loud and though his tone should be comforting she feels thrown off.

“What happened to your room?” He questions gently.

“I was upset.” She tried to sound as sincere as possible. “And I started throwing things around.”

Her father nods but his gaze is calculating trying to figure out if she’s lying or not. 

“And your neck?” Another tentative question. 

Trini knows this is the hardest lie because she can still feel Rita’s cold fingers wrapped around her throat. Her eyes glass over and she takes a deep breath to will the tears away. She wants to tell the truth, she wants to tell her parents she’s scared out of her mind. No one is safe. Nowhere is safe. But she can’t. 

“I did it to myself, I was angry and-”

“No nos mientas Trinidad!” Her mother yells causing Trini to jump in her seat as she points a finger at her. “That girl was in your bed and you were half naked!”

“Nothing happened, I swear!” Trini pleads.

“You expect is to believe you when all you do is lie!“ 

“You expect me to be honest when all you do is judge me!” Trini bites back.

“What you are doing is an abomination!” She shouts and Trini feels like she’s been slapped. Her shoulders sag and she lowers her gaze, there are now small indentations on the table where her fingers have gripped the wood too tightly. Her mother will never accept her.

“Ya cállate Erica!” Her father shouts as he slams his hand on the table. Her mother quiets but glares at her father, clearly displeased with being interrupted.

“Trini what happened with that girl?“ 

"Nothing but it doesn’t matter since you won’t believe me.” Trini mumbles. 

“I’ll take her to see Pastor Miguel. He’ll fix you this time." She directs the first statement to her father and the last to her.

Trini’s hands begin to tremble. No she doesn’t want too see him again, she doesn’t want too end up in that mental state again, she can’t… It took her to long to be able to function and even now she’s still struggling with her identity thanks to that man. He broke her and she still hasn’t fully repaired. She’d rather not exist.

"No,” her father states firmly, “this time well take her to see an actual qualified professional and one that she’s comfortable with.”

“No, pastor Miguel is a very wise man he’ll know how to deal with her problem.”

Her father’s face hardens. “The only problem Trini has is that she’s feeling upset and she might hurt herself.”

“You can’t be okay with this Patrick.”

“I am, as should you. She’s our daughter and as long as she’s not hurting anyone she should have our love and support.”

“I cannot support this.” With a shake of her head, she walks out of the dining room. 

Her father sighs before turning back to Trini with a forced smile and a calm voice. “So tell me about this girl?”

Trini blushes. She used to dream about being able to talk to her dad about girls but that thought quickly died away after being caught kissing her best friend a year ago, after the way they reacted. But Kimberly she’s an unattainable crush. “She’s just a friend.”

A friend. 

Her dad gives her a knowing smile. “But you like her as more than that?”

Her straight best friend.

“She’s not like that, not like me.” She frowns. 

“Gay? You can say it mija there’s nothing wrong with that!” Her dad says it so cheerfully that anyone else would not believe that at one point her father refused to acknowledge it, to acknowledge her.

Trini should feel happy that her dad has (or seems to) finally accepted her, that he’s trying. But instead all she feels is anger. Anger that they put her through hell and he thinks it’s all okay now. She stands with a start and her father flinches at the sudden movement.

“Then why did you led me to believe otherwise! Why’d you send me to that camp? Why’d you sent me to that man? Why didn’t you defend me from mom?” She’s heaving. She knows she shouldn’t be screaming at her dad and is surprised he’s losing her but she’s been bottling it up for so long.

“You led me to believe for a long time that I was wrong, you made me feel like a deprave and now you want me to be okay with it!” By the time she’s done tears are flowing down her cheeks. 

Her father stays silent as he looks at her with what she can only describe as remorse. She waits for him to say something. 


Trini scoffs as she turns around and walks out of the room and out of the house. She wished She could use all of her strength to slam the door, to break it but instead she slams it as slightly is possible still causing a sound to echo. She expects her father to say something, to apologize, to come after her. If it’s what she wants at the moment, she’s not sure but she still can’t help but disappointed when she stands alone on her front porch. She takes a few deep breaths and wipes her face.

She needs to get away.


A/N: Translations- 1) "Por Dios mujer, déjala contestar!” - by god women, let her answer 2) papi - daddy (in the non-dirty context) 3) mija - term of endearment/abbreviatiabbreviation for my daughter 4) No nos mientas - don’t lie to us 5) Ya cállate - shut up already

Basically the Mystic Messenger cast
  • Jaehee: *looks into the camera like she's in "the office"*
  • Yoosung: "Hello!I'm Yoosung!^^""Hi!I'm-""hello Rika."
  • 707: Gets turned on by memes
  • Jumin: A hotter Korean version of Christian Grey
  • Zen: a selfie a day keeps my suffering away
  • Unknown: post-centipede Kaneki
  • V: I'm blind but I can type long-ass words on my phone without making mistakes at the same speed as everyone else
  • Rika: Satan?
  • Echo girl: The Average 13-year-old wattpad girl
  • Glam choi/Sarah: The embodiment of cliché and they know it
  • Elizabeth 3rd: Secretly the main character in the game
  • MC: No-eyes-syndrome
  • Mary Vanderwood: *Professor Oak voice*Are you a boy or a girl?

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I'm genuinely considering getting a new job because of this one woman I have to work with. She isn't mean or anything, she's just so inept at her job and I'm always the one that has to make sure her mistakes are corrected. It causes so much stress because I have to constantly be watching her make the same mistakes over and over again and I hate it. I'm so surprised she hasn't been fired yet, if she doesn't soon I'm out of there.

How lucky are we to be alive the same time as bangtan, relating to their youth stories and moulding into the best people we can be. ive learned so much from them. It’s important to get to know people’s stories, have petty fights, be immature and make mistakes but isn’t that the point of youth? You’ll one day grow up and be on another phase but when u remember ur youth w/ bangtan, u shake ur head and smile w/ fondness bc those memories are filled with so much love and acceptance

I'm so sick and tired of looking in the mirror and hating my reflection. I'm so sick and tired of making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. I'm sick and tired of being fat. I'm sick and tired of being insecure about my body. I'm sick and tired of that number on the scale descending and then later on increasing when those mistakes keep happening. I'm so sick and tired of being...me. I'm so sick and tired of living like this.

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I think the door's blue on the inside, and black on the outside. I'm pretty sure the floor in the two pictures look the same

Ahh, yeah I see. I think what confused me is that, where the bar of the window in the doors are, seemed like it has a glass of a different color

when in the other takes there’s no glass, Maybe is a color mistake that makes look the building in the back darker. 

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Hi Yuri! Reading some previous asks here in your blog I must say I'm so glad that you and Otabek are taking things slow. I mean, it's so important to build a relationship based on trust and respect. When I was younger I didn't have this advice and I was so naive. I had a crush on this guy and we started dating, but we rushed things up and it went really bad for me, it was awful. I know you two won't make the same mistakes that I did. The pure love you share is comforting and gives me hope <3

Thank you… I really wouldn’t mind taking things a little faster, but i know Beka’s right. We have a lot of time.

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GENDER: female
EYE COLOR: dark brown
HAIR COLOR: black & violet
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: my heart is taken and reserved 
ZODIAC: cancer
FAVORITE COLOR: shades of purple and blue and green but i love lilac and cerulean a lot tbh
FAVORITE SEASON: summer & fall 
FAVORITE PLACE: by the sea
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: new years eve and christmas 
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: ragnarok online, persona and pokemon
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: …13 reasons why. honest to god, please don’t watch it. especially not if you’re easily triggered. i thought i could handle it because i’m not… generally that easily triggered myself but - that show was a mistake to watch. please don’t do it. it’s not safe and it sticks with you even after you’ve seen it. or at least… it did for me. please take the warnings seriously and be careful if you do !! it’s not a joke and don’t ever watch it just to test yourself please. just… don’t watch it at all if you can. if you do, just.. be safe. 

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A Thank You post for friends because I’ve been feeling down lately.

@more-than-meets-the-canon Your selfies and ‘accidental’ boob shots cleanses my fucking soul. I’ve been stalking your blog ever since I started crying over MTMTE and when you first approached (more like screamed) me for the Drift lineart, I honestly thought I was dreaming and I’m glad we continued talking after that! I know I don’t sound very excited whenever we talk but please know that I’m reeeeeeally happy! I love watching you stream and watch you colour my bland lines and making them pretty! The things we talk about are usually fucking random and I apologize for the shit I say sometimes. I still have that snap of you cheering me up when I was doubting myself about having a career in art saved in my phone (Along with many more dumb ones). ILY BAB

@viisivarvaslaiskiainen Ahhhhhhhh precious Kuu… No amount of words would explain how much I appreciate you. Your Dratchet content gives me life and always inspires me to keep drawing them. Your reaction to the Dratchet art I do makes me laugh. Thank you for alway being there when I get really miserable at work and need something to distract me. I’m sorry for being so quiet on Skype these past few weeks but I want to let you know that every conversation we have is always the best! I love you, Kuu <3

@iopele IO!!!!! The first thing I want to thank you is all the encouragement and advice you’ve given me whenever I have doubts about things. The dumb stories you tell in the Skype group always makes me smile. As someone who always wanted to work in the medical field, I admire you and the work you do. Your Dratchet content is just….HNNNNN (maks me really hot wtf). Stay precious forever ILY

To the three of you: you guys have no idea how much love you all. I’m really horrible with words so I can only show my love through Dratchet art. I love you all!

@gundam-jones D!!!! We’ve only been talking for a while but ily… Your snaps are always the first thing I see in the morning when I wake and it’s the best thing ever! I’m sorry if I don’t reply sometimes because of work *grumbles*. I LOVE your voice, like it’s so good and perfect I’m cri… Stay cool forever, my dude. Also I’m sorry I called you Sonic that one time (you know i’m totally not) :3c

@rodimass Youuuuu….. The shit we talk about can go from decent to kinks and shitposting in the speed of light. I’m so sorry my first message to you was basically me crying over your perfect Dratchet art. You’re honestly a really fun person to talk to and I’m glad we’re on the same page when it comes to kinks B) I’m always here if you need to cry about big bots, kinks or need advice about art stuff. ILY, you ass. 

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It kinda annoys me how everyone says Harry was so kind. He really wasnt as nice as people said and described him.

How was Harry not nice? Here are some things I can think of as your possible arguments:

  • In COS he sees how little money the Weasleys have but just sits there eating their food & doesn’t offer to help them
  • Throughout the books he repeatedly sasses Snape and Malfoy, making comments that could be seen as “not nice”
  • In OOTP he snaps at his friends many times and gets angry easily
  • In DH he yells at Remus and refuses to let him join their mission

Ok cool, these are all great moments of Harry being “not nice”. But here are my counter arguments:

  • Harry buys enough candy from the trolley for him and Ron in SS, gives Ginny all of his free books from Lockhart in COS AND gives Fred and George his Triwizard Tournament winnings so they can start their business
  • His retorts to Snape, Malfoy and anyone else are all because he is sick of their bullshit and is often defending the people they themselves are bullying
  • In OOTP he has literally just seen a boy murdered because of him, has extreme survivor’s guilt, is being targeted by the Ministry and Umbridge and left in the dark by Dumbledore, the one professor who he really thought he could trust. Of course he’s angry and lashing out
  • He yells at Remus because he is completely disgusted that one of his father’s friends would abandon his unborn child like Remus is trying to do and wants to knock some sense into him

Maybe you have other reasons for thinking Harry isn’t a nice person. These are just ones that I came up with because I know a lot of people say them and honestly they seem like ridiculous examples to me. Please let me know other reasons for your thoughts on this I’m interested in discussing it.