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I always feel weird about people getting mad because of the ''sexualisation of minors'' in this game and other games because I don't see anything wrong with seeing anyone over 15 in revealing clothing? BUT that's because im 15 myself so i think I'm excused? So it's just weird to me when people complain about 16-17 year olds being lewd, they're older than me so it's not bad to me. I dont know what my point was. Anyways. have a gr8 day

I see your point. However, the problem with Yandere Simulator specifically and minors being sexualized is because the person making the game is so obviously doing is purely for sexual reasons. In a game like Dangan Ronpa, serialization is all kinda part of it’s weird and kinda niche humor. It doesn’t always work, but it can be done in a much more tasteful sense. Not to mention for the most part, it’s only a minor element to the game.

Yansim however? Taking nonconsentual photos is a core machanic that you really can’t play the game without for the most part. At first it’s kinda funny considering the game’s current state. Kinda like “haha look at this anime game haha oh anime and your obsession with panties” but then you really think about it and it’s kinda like….ew. Not only that, but yandev’s persistence that all the characters are “18 or older even if specified otherwise” is super gross. It’s trying to justify the sexual side of the game without any taste.

Especially when all the characters are in highschool. Highschoolers are not adults, and they are certainly not all 18 or older. 

It’s not so much as actual game content, but the circumstances surrounding the mechanics and the creator trying to justify these themes without really doing anything clever with them or properly justifying it.

This isn’t exactly what you were asking, but I think this video could help just a little to explain what I can’t.

Hope that answers your question!! Have a nice day, lovie!!

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So I'm going to try to word this carefully so I don't offend anyone, because I don't mean to. I'm not sure when to refer to someone as either black or African american. I understand some people don't like being called african american and vise versa. I want to be able to not make anyone mad about anything. I'm from a small town composed of almost all white people. I'm only recently becoming aware of things like cultural appropriation because i was never taught it. I'd be nice to inform me please

African American refers to black people who are descendants of slaves in the US. Black refers to the entire race. If you’re unsure about a specific individual, best thing to do is to ask them.


mildly controversial rant

So, I know lots of people debate over the topic of gender, and people specifically get mad over non-binary people and the use of they/them pronouns. I don’t claim to be a gender expert; I’ve never taken a class or done extensive research on it, but why does it fucking matter if someone wants to be referred to as they/them???

I’m ranting now because I’m kind of pissed at a friend on Facebook who made some post about how “NB people are snowflakes”. They aren’t hurting anyone by identifying as something they’re comfortable with???? I can understand getting pissed about other social issues but I don’t see why this is a problem like goddamn. I’ve always just been a chill person so maybe that’s why I don’t care that much, but I don’t know why it’s so hard to let people do what they want?

CS Au Week Day 4: Future

Gosh, I wonder if anyone can place what fic this might take place in the future of… ;)

Since I was mean and traumatized everyone on Sunday, let’s jump ahead about five years. Come for the Captain Swan, stay for the teasing of Kristanna.

October 30, 2019

She’s not buying a new winter coat, she’s not, she’s not, she’s not. Dammit, it’s cold outside, but her stupid coat still fits. It just… doesn’t zip up anymore.

Emma walks out onto the porch, shivering a bit as the wind hits her full-on; winter had decided to blow in several weeks early, dumping half a foot of snow over the farm on her birthday last week. There’s two snowmen in the yard: a decent-sized one that Leo had insisted on building by himself and a tiny one Ruth had built by herself (with Emma to supervise). “Leo! Ruth! Come on, it’s time for dinner!”


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wouls you csers welcome a former sf-er? now that my ship has, well, "sunk" i've been watching through all the older episodes and sorta grown attached to hook and emma, i kinda had shipper goggles the first time i watched through and i'm sorta now noticing how canon captainswan is (and that theyre actually a p cute couple) soo do you think captain swan shippers would get mad if a few former swanfire shippers joined them?

are you kidding??? i mean i can’t speak for everyone but i have a problem with anyone who would have a problem with you–welcome aboard!! 

let me know if you need to be directed to any specific blogs, like if you’re looking for fics or meta or graphics or what have you. 


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Oh I'm sorry if I made you angry with that ask... No I don't know anyone who I using your style I was just wondering basically if I could learn from it.... I'm sorry if I made you mad....

No anon, wait! I’m not mad at you.

I may have sounded harsh, but it wasn’t directed towards you specifically. Often times when an anon asks me a question like this, it leads to another ask saying “Oh okay because I found ______’s style and it looks just like yours” and it would be art theft, tracing, etc. So I assumed there’s someone who completely copied my style.

Don’t be so hard on yourself anon! I’m not mad at you and I’m glad you asked, and now you know that I’m okay with having my style emulated, as long as it’s distinguishable with differences, with your own pizzazz added into it.