i'm not looking forward to the faces either

the signs as matthew gray gubler tweets
  • aries: wanted to look sharp for my driver's license so i shaved with dad's razor but i didn't know i cut my face and now i look like i eat humans
  • taurus: sometimes i drink olive oil
  • gemini: when someone tries to start a pretentious conversation about some fancy novel i only make references to young adult fiction
  • cancer: tag me in your #wonks
  • leo: retweet if you just ate so much pizza alone in a dark kitchen
  • virgo: if you've never had a nervous breakdown you're either lacking passion or are maybe a monk
  • libra: be cool stay in school!
  • scorpio: looking forward to the day i'm finally eccentric enough to carry an umbrella in the sun
  • sagitarrius: the only sport i follow is eating cheese
  • capricorn: beware of snickerdoodle...
  • aquarius: driving to coachella but listening to the soundtrack from shrek
  • pisces: heyoooo it's saturday night, i'm in comfortable pants and about to eat 2 bags of sour skittles

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So, question. Obviously WWJD is a great guide to living life and dealing with people but I'm not sure how He'd handle the situation I'm in: how to deal with a guy who won't take no for an answer and insists you're just playing hard to get (after a bad first date where he was way too forward). You can't be nice because that'd just encourage him but you can't be too mean either because that's not Christ-like? Thoughts?

Sweetheart, pay very close attention because I’m about to tell you something very important:

Staying meek and quiet in the face of disrespect and injustice is not Christ-like.

Jesus was a champion for the oppressed and called out even his own disciples when they looked upon anyone as lesser than them (consult the story about Judas chastising the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair). Suffering well is what Christians do, we are supposed to champion love above all things, but suffering well does not include allowing injustice to continue, and even Jesus flipped a few tables over in the face of utter wickedness. Turning the other cheek means being patient, but it also means refusing to be subjugated by other people. 

This boy dishonored you with his advances and continues to demean you with his arrogant, aggressive behavior. He is treating you like you owe him something, and listen to me, you don’t owe him a damn thing. Your body belongs to you and God, this boy has no power over you, and you need to show him that. Being straightforward in this situation is not aggression, it’s defense, and being straightforward is probably going to include using absolute language that you feel uncomfortable with, but that’s okay, you’re strong enough to do this and you’re not doing anything unethical or immoral or even unkind in the light of human decency.

 Don’t apologize for your refusal, don’t tell him you’re interested in someone else, don’t tell him he’s not your type or you need time to think or or you’re busy. Tell him his forwardness was discourteous, uncomfortable, and disrespectful. Tell him his insisting on your playing hard to get is untrue, sexually aggressive, and sexist. Tell him he doesn’t deserve another date, that he didn’t deserve the first one, that it was a gift that he spat on when he touched you without your permission. No profanity or raised voices are needed, you are above that, you are the Daughter of a King (assuming you’re female, if not you’re a prince or whatever other term you like best) and royalty does not suffer fools or stoop to their level.

The exact same thing happened to me two years ago and I made the mistake of being too gentle out of not wanting to insult him and I have regretted it ever since. Because here’s the thing precious, men like that are always going to be insulted. They will piss and moan and call you a frigid bitch and you must stand your ground and remember that monsters come in many forms but they’re always out to destroy what’s good.

This is a situation in which you need to see yourself as God sees you, which is a a fully autonomous person of infinite value and perfect craftsmanship. You deserve to surround yourself with people who respect you and weeding out the people who don’t is as simple as saying, “Please stop contacting me. I didn’t enjoy our date and I didn’t enjoy you coming onto me and I’m not okay with you pretending like I did. You disrespected me and I don’t want to see you again. Period.”

See? Not mean. Not encouraging. Strong.

OUAT 4x22
  • Regina: *Blows the doors off Adam and Eddy's office and storms inside*
  • Henry: *Follows Regina through the door, carrying the book*
  • Emma: *Brings up the rear, sword in hand*
  • Adam and Eddy: *Scream in fear*
  • Regina: YOU! Peasants! *points at the book* You will fix this!
  • Adam and Eddy: It's not broken.
  • Emma: *Raises her sword* I'd do what the lady says.
  • Adam and Eddy: She's the villain!
  • Henry: She's my mom, dickheads!
  • Regina: *Glares at Emma* I blame you for his language.
  • Emma: Shrugs and High Fives Henry.
  • Regina: *Rolls her eyes and turns back to Adam and Eddy* Now, do you want a lesson in why it's unwise to torture someone who can conjure fireballs?
  • Adam and Eddy: *both swallow* What do you want?
  • Henry: Starts picking through a pile of fan mail addressed to Lana and Jennifer.
  • Regina: I want what you've given everyone else on the show, no matter how little they deserve it. A happy ending.
  • Adam and Eddy: Um... anything specific?
  • Regina: I don't care, as long as I'm happy,and I have Henry.
  • Henry: *Steps forward, and hands Adam and Eddy a letter from the pile* Here, write this.
  • Adam and Eddy: But-
  • Emma: *Raises sword* You heard the kid.
  • Adam and Eddy: Fine!
  • Regina: *Turns and leads Henry and Emma out the door*
  • Adam and Eddy: *Look down at the picture of Emma and Regina kissing at their wedding*
  • Adam: Think they know what Henry just pulled?
  • Eddy: I think we're gonna get a fireball to the face either way.

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Lud making a portret of feli with either pencils/paint w/e as part of the drawing lessons hes doing with feli and like felis i guess encouraging him to just draw what he feels/sees and lud feels its somehow highly sensual drawing felis face bc he has to study it in such detail also he doesnt want to portray him ugly etc etcc. So do your thingggg, i'm looking forward to it :)

(@aph-germany i’m @’ing u bc i don’t think tagging u would show up)

Ludwig frowns at the paper. There’s…technically, there’s nothing technically wrong with the drawing, it just looks off somehow. The Feliciano on the paper stares up at him nothing like how the Feliciano sitting in the chair across from him looks at anything.

Feliciano scoots out of his chair and over to Ludwig’s side to look at the paper, forestalling Ludwig’s half-hearted attempt to hide it. “So how’s it coming?”

“…Not well.”

“Well, it’s a start!” Feliciano leans on Ludwig’s shoulder, face so close next to his that their cheeks touch. “Hey, do you really think I’m that handsome?”

“Wh –” There’s no way out of this that isn’t going to be embarrassing, so Ludwig heads for the most truthful one and mumbles a “yes”. Feliciano giggles.

“So could you hand it to me so I could get a closer look?”

“It’s not – it’s not done yet.”

“Oh?” Feliciano cocks his head. “Well my whole face is there and you didn’t say you wanted to color it and really this paper wouldn’t be a good one for coloring unless it was with paint –”

“No, that’s not – that’s –” Ludwig gestures rather feebly. “It’s missing your…you.” Too late, he realizes the hole this conversation has suddenly dug him into, and too late, he is quiet.

A wide smile begins to spread across Feliciano’s face, soft and reaching to his eyes and crinkling their corners, and that’s what’s missing. “My me?”

Ludwig fumbles for the right words for a moment and comes out with “Your – your…liveliness?” Feliciano, still smiling, leans forward so that his hands slide down Ludwig’s shoulders and his arms wrap around him, and Ludwig loses his tongue for a second. Regaining it, he continues, “It’s missing your personality and I don’t know if I can draw that there’s…a lot of it. And it’s…it’s really, I don’t know if I can draw your personality – your heart into this and do it any kind of justice, there’s just – there’s so much of it and I don’t, I don’t think there’s ever going to stop being more, or there’s ever going to be a point where I could put it down on paper because that would stop it from – from being alive in the picture, and. That’s, um. That’s what’s missing. I think.” His face is too hot, and he’s said too much, probably.

Feliciano, still draped over Ludwig’s shoulders, laughs into his neck (it almost sounds a bit shy). “What I do is, if I’m drawing someone and worried about that, I think about one part of them I really like and then that comes through, you know, in their face and the colors I use if I do and – it takes a ton of practice, though, so.”

“…You expect me to choose?”

Feliciano laughs again and calls him a flatterer.


Hello! I’m Menta. For a few months, I’ve had a big personal Voltron project in mind– and after some thinking, I realized, why not include other artists as well? Not only does it drastically decrease my workload, but I’ll get the opportunity to work together with a bunch of you! 

So, without further delays, the project I have in mind is a short MAP-collaboration. The aim is to draw full-colored pictures, complete with backgrounds, in accordance to song lyrics. Like MAP’s, I’d like the lyrics to be included in the picture, but animation is not a requirement. The reason being is that I’m throwing this together very quickly, and I understand that still pictures are much quicker to make than animations. If you can and are willing to animate, please be my guest!

I’ll be accepting artists through an application process. Here are things to know before applying. Please make sure to read them, just so there aren’t confusions later on.

How to Apply

  1. My e-mail is mentacose@gmail.com. Please e-mail me your application through there.
  2. Your application should include your most recent artwork (about 3-5 pieces is a good number), or artwork that you think would give me a good idea of what I should expect your style to be. Feel free to include animations also, if you are planning to do them.
  3. Include a name or alias that I’ll be able to credit you by. Additionally, please link me to the website you use most frequently to post your art.
  4. Wait for a confirmation or declination. This shouldn’t take more than a few days!
  5. If you’re accepted, I’ll email you the song lyrics, and which parts are available. Please pick one part to draw artwork for. The maximum number of parts you can pick are 2.


  • The deadline for applications is a week from now,  on November 5th. The deadline for your finished pieces is on December 17th. 
  • No NSFW, or suggestive themes. Also, please don’t add extensive gore. 
  • Please avoid ships. I have nothing against them, but the song that I’ve picked for this sort-of MAP is Hey Brother by Avicii, and I believe the theme is directed more towards familial/ platonic love than romantic love.
  • If you’re unable to complete your piece by the deadline, e-mail me so we both can come up with a another deadline that suits your schedule.
  • If you have any questions, message me or @dorks-in-fiction. Either of us should be able to help with whatever problems or concerns you’re facing!

Thank you so much for your time!! I look forward to working with all of you, and am very, very excited to tackle this project! 

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Here's the thing. When Val denies any relationship with you know who, people are all like "no no, they just don't want the media to taint their love" but when Z is all like "here's my jewish brother, lol" people are "see that, they're like siblings." It works both ways, if you think V denying J isn't real then Z DEFLECTING (NOT denying) probably isn't real either. It's written all over their faces. Their body language tells a story that needs no words. I'm looking forward to next year.

I’m just going to leave this here…