i'm not lesbo

in case you haven’t noticed…., i’m a lesbo. i’m a Lesbian. i don’t “Fit.   In”, and i DON’T………. Wanna fit in. have you ever seen me not Lloving women? that’sLezzy


When I started drawing Lesbo Mum Adventures on some scrap paper, I never imagined that in a few short weeks it would amass such an incredible following. ~ But holy heck, look at you all !! ~ Obligatory 500+ follower post with additional IRL photo bomb of my gorgeous little family! 

Seriously, thank you all so much`~   !!  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ❤ ❤ ❤ -Mayticks

If you don’t like messing with skateboards and surfboards or going to the beach or just going on long adventures or long drives or just staying in and watching Netflix while I cuddle you or show affection in public or aren’t out or don’t know who Halsey, Demi Lovato, Lauren Jauregui and Shannon Beveridge is or don’t like scary movies or don’t like animals or don’t like jeeps or are a hater of cats or pitbulls or won’t dance and sing with me to Ed Sheeran songs or aren’t sexual but also not too sexual or aren’t into me for me and not just my looks (even though I’m ugly af) or do drugs or smoke anything or abuse substances or don’t live close to me or don’t have supportive parents or is just leading me on to hurt me or isn’t okay with spending a lot of time with me….WE CANNOT FUCKING DATE

this girl in my pre calc class has a huge beef with me for no apparent reason

like today we’re in a dif classroom and there was like 3 open seats and i took one that Just Happened to be near her & she gasped like she saw a ghost and moved as far away from me as possible

and then i tore out a piece of notebook paper and she glared at me and acted all personally offended like >:O

this is ridiculous


GUYS . (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ My wifey surprised me this morning by singing this song to me on my birthday. ((TODAY’S MY BIRTHDAY)) We’ve always loved writing parody songs since we were smol but haven’t done it in yeaaars so I was really excited !!

Wifey is sick so her voice was real mad croaky but I just love this song so much !!  and she sounds so cute. //////

Parody of George Ezra’s Budapest. Title “Birthday-pesto”. 


From the script for the undone musical “Sappho” episode titled “Last Dance,” written by the amazing Melissa Good.

The whole premise of the episode being that Xena and Gabrielle get commissioned by Aphrodite help a couple of couples find love again, including Sappho (played by Renee) and her partner Morai (played by Lucy). X and G go to the island of Lesbos posing as their lookalikes while Aphrodite has sent Sappho and Morai away on a romantic vacation.
Things get a little complicated when Sappho and Morai return and the classic Xena lookalike chaos ensues, now doubled with Gabby also having a twin of her own.
In the dramatic final act, our soulmates share a very beautiful moment in the form of a deep, sincere and passionate kiss.

Please tell me why this episode was never made?

And also, if the reboot doesn’t bring this script back somehow, maybe sans the lookalikes and have Renee and Lucy playing the older Sappho and Morai?

littlestr  asked:

Call out for Magnus sorta, I said "ha that's gay" when talking to to my gf and he gave us a lecture about it cause he must have thought I meant that "gay" was something bad... Dude... I'm a lesbian... I can say that, you know​ that I'm a big gay... I kiss my gf all the time, you must have seen it... Dude, I appreciate your allyship but I'm a gayo, a lesbo, a gayster, please calm down dude and don't get mad at me I'm very sensitive and soft