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So I decided to write a story I've been turning over in my head for awhile and this is part of it. It's not really apart of a fandom it's just in my head. It's a little violent, and angsty but that's really it

“Everleigh I’m gonna need you to come with me.” Alex said with an outstretched hand, and a look of fear on his face. I looked at him through tears in my eyes.
“Why would he lie to me?” I said my voice cracking, i shakily took his hand. “Why didn’t he tell me the truth”? I say as he helped me stand up.
“He had his reasons, and I’m gonna show you those reasons.” He said taking a big sigh. He seemed nervous. “Clear your mind, and close your eyes, don’t open them til I say.” He says bringing a hand to my face, and making me look him directly in the eyes. I wiped my tears, and nodded. I took both of his hands, and cleared my head. I closed my eyes as he started chanting some gibberish. As he continued chanting I got the sensation I was falling down a well. I squeezed his hands harder, and fought the urge to open my eyes as we seemed to fall faster. Suddenly it felt as if we were on solid ground again “you can open your eyes Everleigh.”
I opened my eyes, and gasped. I looked around and saw there were open fields with a few stone houses, and little what looked like gardens next to them. The air smelled so fresh, and clean. I let go of Alex, and took a few steps forward.
“I’ve been here before.” I say in almost a whisper. “This is medieval England.” I say looking back at Alex in shock as a brush of wind went through my blonde hair. “Why are we here”. I say as he walked towards me.
“There’s some things you need to see… to learn”. He declared sternly. I looked down at the ground, then back off into the distance slowly. I looked at the houses up the hill. I watched children at play, as the men plowed the fields, and women washed clothes in a nearby stream. I turned my head slightly to look at Alex
“Ok so we are here, what is it I need to see”? I asked with a hint of worry in my voice.
“Everleigh you should know where to go”. He said with a stoic face. “I’m here as your guide only, you must learn all there is on your own, but I will warn you do not stop any of the events you are about to see.” He said with a hint of warning. My eyes widened in fear.
“Ok I understand.” I say with a nod. I tried to appear strong, but I had honestly never been so scared my life. I had no idea what I was about to see, or why it was so important.
Alex turned me to face him. “Stop, and think Everleigh, can you sense him?” I looked at him confused.
“I don’t have anything of his, I didn’t”. Alex shook his head, and cut me off. “You don’t need it, think hard enough, and you will sense him. He’s apart of you.” Alex placed his hand on my heart, as he said that. I nodded, and closed my eyes, and thought of him. His perfect hazel eyes, his brown hair, and smile. The way he spoke to my soul when I would hear him sing. I thought of our first kiss by the ocean, the way his hands felt so strong around my waist. I felt tears pour down my face. My eyes snapped open, and I turned my head north of us.
“There!” I exclaimed. “There’s a city just north of us”. I pointed. “He should be there.” I started to walk off, but Alex snatched me back, and looked at me with danger in his eyes.
“Listen to me!” He said with a low dangerous tone. “Do not let him touch you, as of now he can’t see, or sense you”. He said squeezing my arms with a bruising force. “If he sees you, there will be no future for us to return too, so no matter what you see, you must stay in the shadows”. He said releasing me. I looked at him concerned. I nod, and we proceed forward. We walked for what felt like years through dark misty woods. The whole time we walked I couldn’t help but worry. I didn’t wanna tell Alex, but i what I felt was dread. I had a feeling what I was here to see was not for the faint of heart. I sensed death, pain, and suffering. I felt a cold chill travel down my spine that made my blood turn cold.
I was snapped back into reality by the cry of an eagle. I looked up as it landed on a tree branch above me. When he landed his eyes met mine in a way that seemed to peer right through me. He cried out again, and flapped his wings all while never breaking our stare. I felt like this eagle was suppose to be here at this very moment. I felt like he was trying to tell me of what was to come, and it didn’t feel good at all.
“Everleigh!” Alex called from ahead. “We are here”! He waves me forward, and I sprint up to see the stone city with wooden gates ahead of me.
“How are we suppose to get in?” I ask exasperated. “It looks like it’s heavily guarded.” I couldn’t help, but notice the city looked dark, and not just a normal dark, an eerie unforgiving dark.
“Since this is not your normal time, you are like a ghost here.” He said never taking his eyes off the city. “The only one who could see you would be Leo, but he can only see you if he touches you. So we can just walk through the gates”. I looked at him like he had three heads.
“You know my life was normal a few weeks ago, now I’m back in time cause I just figured out some random British person with powers like a vampire has been connected to me throughout time.” I say bitterly crossing my arms. Alex shrugged his shoulders.
“Your life has never been normal, no matter what you two would have found each other.” He says with an annoyed tone. He stomps toward the city.
My eyes widened. “Wait, what?” I yelled after him. He snapped his body around as the wind picked up, and it was unsettlingly cold. I shiver.
Come on!“ He yelled with a sense of urgency. “You’re wasting time, we have to go now”! I run after him, as we jump through the gates of the city. I landed abruptly on my knees. I let out a whimper of pain from the harsh landing. As stand up I look around the city, and noticed there is no one here. It looks as if it’s been deserted. I was taken back by a sharp stab of fear, but it wasn’t coming from me. I let out a cry, and put my hands over my heart, and drop back to my knees. Alex drops next to me placing his hand on my shoulder.
“Alex he’s in trouble!” I say my voice breaking, and tears going down my face. “I’ve never felt this from him before.” I say letting out a sob. Alex helps me back up, and looks at me with softness in his eyes.
“I’m sorry you have to see this, but it’s time.” He says tears starting to well up in his eyes.
“Alex what did you bring me to see!” I yell dread completely taking over my whole body. He grabs my hand, and pulls me through a narrow alley. I see light at the end of the alley. I squint my eyes, and fire comes into clear view. I also see a crowd that appears to be gathered around a wooden platform. As we get closer I hear indistinct yelling. When we are on the edge of the crowd I can finally understand all the words they are yelling. “Monster! Killer! Murderer! Kill him!” I looked at Alex stunned.
“Alex who are they talking about?” I say the fear growing in my heart. Alex with tears now streaming down his face motions for me too look ahead with his head. I turn my head slowly, and cover my mouth with my hands as I looked upon the horror that was before me. It was Leo, down on his knees in just pants, and his hands tied to two wooden poles at each side of him. He had tears rolling down his face, and the fear from him was almost too much.
“Please!” He pleaded. It amazes me cause his voice, and accent sounded the same as it did in our own time. It hurt so much to hear such sorrow behind it. “I just wanted to see her again!” He yelled. My eyes widened in realization. I turned to look at Alex. “Me?” I say though tears eyes as i pointed to myself. Alex nodded slowly.
“You guys have always been together.” Alex said turning to me. “This is the year it all began, you guys met, and immediately fell in love. It was fate, but a few months ago you died of a sudden fever, overwhelmed by grief he made a deal. He sold his soul to the dark lord, because it was foreseen that you guys would meet again. That’s how he obtained them powers he still has even in the future”. I listened to him in absolute disbelief. “But he was never taught to control his powers, which heighten his emotions, so still overwhelmed by grief he slaughtered a whole village of people just south of here”. I gasped. “Now he’s being punished, he never told you because he didn’t want you to feel that it was your fault, he’d take this punishment over, and over if it ment he’d get to see you again”.
I sobbed as Alex ended his story. I dropped to my knees, and let the tears flow. I couldn’t believe that he’d do such a thing, especially for me. I look back up at Alex with a tear stained face. “Ok is this what I needed to see? I don’t think I can handle anymore.“; I say with a fragile voice. Alex shook his head. My jaw dropped.
“What else can there be”? I say getting hysterical. He gets behind me, and wraps his arms around me as if he was bracing me for something. I turn my head slowly towards Leo, as I see someone walking up behind him with a dagger in his hand.
“Wait why is his punishment to be stabbed in the”. I stopped and it felt like my insides were set on fire as I realized in complete horror what was about to happen. My mind flashed back to the eagle in the woods. It was there for a reason trying to warn me of what was to come. “Blood eagle”. I shakily whisper to myself.
I’m taken from my flashback at Leo’s cry of agony as the dagger was plunged into his back. I let out a scream, as I watched the one I love who I know be so strong, and sure if himself be brought down to such pain, and fear. I looked down, as I felt something wet reach my knees. Blood, and lots of it soaking my knees, and hands. I try to jerk forward feeling, an overwhelming urge to save him, but Alex tightened his grip on me.
“No!” He said forcefully. “You are not done here, you must finish this out!” I stared at Leo in horror as they started working on his ribs now. His head hung down, and his body trembled in shock. He looked back up at the crowd as blood poured from his mouth. He cried out as his rib cage sprang from his back with a sickening crack. I closed my eyes tight, and tried to steady my breathing. I just wanted this to stop I wanted so bad to save him from the hands of his suffering, but I knew I couldn’t. I looked back up slowly, as his lungs were dug out, and placed over his shoulders. He gasped for air, blood poured from his back pooling around him, and going into a trail that led to me.
The crowd started to leave, leaving him there to suffocate, slowly suffer. A sudden urge of strength was spread through me, as I broke from Alex’s grip. I crawled towards him, reached out with my hand, and gently touched his shoulder. He looked up at me with pleading,suffering, eyes.
“Please?” He begged before choking some more. “End this?” Blood poured out of his mouth in thick gobs. I cried as I hugged him. I took his face into my hands, and peered into those pretty hazel eyes that moved like an ocean. An ocean that told a story of love, longing, pain, and death.
“Don’t worry, it will be over soon”. I say shakily as I grab the dagger, and crawled behind him, and lifted his head up exposing his throat. I gasped as a flash back flashed through my mind. I saw Leo, and me the first night we ever made love. His voice echoed through my head. “I don’t remember much of my past, I just remember a girl releasing me from my suffering, if she wouldn’t have i would have never died, came back, and found you”. He said smiling. I gasped as the dagger slipped across his throat, and his body went limp. I stood up blood covered still holding the knife, and turned to Alex. “It was me.” I say softly. “I was the girl who saved him.” The dagger fell from my hands, and hit the wood with a thud.
Alex nodded, and walked towards me. “It always was you Everleigh.” He said smiling. “You were always ment to release him from his suffering so he could find you again, and it always will be you.” He said taking my blood covered hands into his. “I touched him.” I say weakly. “Won’t everything be messed up now.” I ask with a touch of worry to my voice. Alex shook his head. “He didn’t fully see you.” Alex stated. “He never knew this was you, and he never will.” I let out a sigh of relief. I looked back at his body as Alex started chanting again. “Forever.” I whispered as time blurred around me

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PLEASE GIVE US A FEW POLY HEADCANONS! Just anything off the top of your head!

-Connor and Evan both worship you,,

-the cuddles are fucking amazing, you’ll usually snuggle in between them and connor’s arms will go over you and be on Evan and it’s so snuggly and warM OH MY GOD

-you and evan have totally conspired to make out a lot and make connor jealous because he’s sO HOT WHEN HE’S JEALOUS

-you and connor both kiss away evan’s tears when he has anxiety


-I have this guilty headcannon that connor can be super dom to the point of like lowkey degrading nicknames and shit but that’s just me heEhEhe but Ev is just so sweet he just wants to make you feel good


-just connor being
‘do you seriously think you can act like this and not expect me to fuck you right here, right now’

-and evan’s lilke
‘yeah you look r-really pretty y/n’



@nebulousneko and i have solidly decided that Magic Kaito and 2DPV Ladybug take place in the same magical anime universe (and i’ve been meaning to draw a bunch of stuff for it for aaages but never got around to it)

coming to paris was a horrible idea, kaito; these particular gems seriously aren’t worth it no matter how magical akako said they were