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Hello I was wondering if you could write some happy grantaire hcs? I'm feeling like crap rn and I could really use it. Thank you.

Elise do you have any happy Grantaire headcanons?

  • Grantaire waking up sandwiched between Joly and Bossuet after they all decided to nap together. Bossuet is his very own heating system, and Joly is so cuddly he may actually be made of 100% polyester. Grantaire smiles. It feels good.
  • Grantaire telling a joke that makes everyone laugh in the group. He can see all the happy looks on their faces. He did that. He can make them happy, even for the time of a joke. He can hold on to that on days he’s not feeling so good.
  • Grantaire eating a warm, almost boiling hot soup of Musichetta’s, feeling the warmth seeping through his bones and reaching his soul. Soul food, after all, doesn’t just feed the body
  • Grantaire getting a spontaneous cuddle from his cat, who won’t budge from his lap. He’s claimed. Kitty keeps rubbing its head against Grantaire’s hand, and Grantaire can’t help but feeling loved
  • Grantaire waking up after a nine-hour night of sleep, feeling completely rested and peaceful, for once. It smells like nutella crêpes in the apartment. There’s a sleeping, purring kitten by his side. The fresh air going into his lungs feels pure and cleansing. Today’s going to be good

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Har Har! About the marriage, I actually think Jensen actually went to Jared (not the store) to comfirm the marriage with Elta *Danneels first name* has been legalized, but made it seem as a joke. (Went to the store) To me, "Ready to lock this up?" sounds less intimate and more of a question of business, the way he said he went to Jared afterwards. I'm not on this stuff like y'all are, I'm just a girl who reads stuff but never investigate, but that stood out to me. I would love more insight :)

Hello, sweetheart!

I really couldn’t agree more. Joking about Jared “going to Jared” earlier on gave Jensen the bridge to say this and make it look like a joke. I have no doubt in my mind that what he said was the absolute literal truth concealed as a joke. Jensen had that facial expression he makes when he’s about to drop a bomb.

I can just imagine him and D sitting across each other at a table and her breaking out that question once they’ve set the terms with their lawyers. And him driving home to his sweet Jared afterwards, pretty distraught. No wonder he couldn’t muster up any romantic vibes if any of my headcanon holds true. He really is no good at hiding his feelings (and I love him for that.)

I read some older drops on spn-gossip earlier today and this one drew my attention in particular. Not strictly related to this suspicious statement we’re talking about here, but it certainly explains the salty way Jensen reacts to these wife questions. If it’s true, him and his boy were forbidden to come out and here they are, eight to nine years later, answering questions about how their “wives” were the one.

Thank you for dropping by, dear! If you ever get into an investigative mood, you know where to find me. And well, you know I’m always available for any kind of mood you may have. Have a relaxing Sunday!

On the subject of “what am I doing with my life”, my brothers and their girlfriends came round yesterday. It was a joint birthday thing ‘cause my brothers and my mum all have birthdays within three days. It’s kinda funny when they ask what’s new in my life and I have to actually think about it. I managed to blag something yesterday, but let me tell you what’s really been going on. Hold onto your seats. ;)

Recently I had a dream about Mikko, I can’t remember what we were talking about. Then he turned into a red cat and disappeared……. Wut.

And then the other day Niamh barked at me for squealing when I dropped a piece of cake. I was surprised because I thought it was deep voices she didn’t like, so then I just started talking to her about how much of a shame it was that she probably wouldn’t like Eicca and his deep voice, because he’s so nice and his cuddles are so good they could ease even her anxiety…. Then I realised I was alone on my kitchen floor, talking to my dog about a musician who gives good hugs…. That was the moment I realised I’ve 100% got no life :’D

It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself :’D

I got tagged by @nocturnal-dramaqueen, who I can’t seem to tag properly so I hope you see this! 

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Can we just talk about smol jellybean Matsus? What if s/o is joking with them & is like "Who said that?" Looks around all dramatic "Must've been the wind" finally they're like "oh! I didn't see ya down there!" before smoochin his cheeks...I'm so mean

omg that’s cute! (˶ ・⌄ ・˶ )

I think Osomatsu would absolutely roll with it, giving you a playful “you little-!” while grinning like an idiot. He tackles you later when you’re not paying attention, demanding more kisses.

Since Karamatsu is used to being ignored, he would actually be happy you made a joke with him rather than using him as the punchline. He thinks that it would make a nice recurring gag and will try to convince you to form a duo with him in skits more frequently.

Choromatsu gets pissed easily, and he would most certainly go on one of his “you big people with your even bigger attitudes” rants. Sometimes he tries to kick you in the ankle, too, though it’s always just for show and he never uses enough force to actually hurt you - on the other hand, it makes him look even more ridiculous. He is easily pacified with kisses, so it’s okay.

Ichimatsu would give you the death glare, but that’s all. Expect him later to randomly pounce at you when you’re most vulnerable, though… Biting will be included.

Jyushimatsu would make the face, and after a few seconds of staying silent, he would just randomly pick you up and run around with you as fast as he can.

Totty would honestly just keep making a pouting face at you until you apologize. Beware, he is willing to ignore you for the rest of the day if you’re not fast enough…

Tiny Soriel.

Because you can’t stop me. No one can.

I want to say something about this because I just find it so wrong. Harrison is loved by so many people and I was actually one of them, he always seemed to be the friend that joked around a lot and that made everyone happy, die hard fan of him or not. But even though he likes to joke around and stuff, liking something that jokes about DOMESTIC ABUSE is NOT OKAY!

I don’t care how many people say they still like him and that it was probably a mistake, as far as I know he hasn’t apologised or for it or anything like that. I’m actually so disappointed and i know that I really don’t have that much if a right, but just knowing that someone I looked up to as a role model liked something so horrendous is literally heartbreaking!



‘87.03.13 ♥ Happy Birthday to JJCC’s E.co (Ha Joon-young)
↳ Loving your new age E.co, looks good on you. Many well wishes~!

People really need to calm down with the autistic headcanon, especially in the Steven Universe fandom.

A episode was recently aired called Onion Friend and now people are now calling Onion autistic and saying people can’t make jokes about him being the spawn of Satan since it’s implying autistic people are the spawn of Satan.

First off, he’s not autistic, you say he is but no characters in the show or the staff have said anything about him being on the spectrum. Just because you say someone might be something or might have something does not mean they have it. This also goes with having a fit if people don’t agree with you; headcanons are just ideas you have, people will disagree with you and your word is not greater then canon in anyway. 

Second even if he was autistic, which he’s not, but if he was, it’s not implying anything. Onion is a creepy little weirdo because he’s a disturbing individual who likes to steal things, destroy the things steals, and likes showing people his mother giving birth to him. It’s been joked in past episodes (even in this Onion Friend) that Onion is evil, and the joke will carry on in future episodes as well. 

Third why should people suddenly stop saying/doing something just because YOU say it’s bad? You had no problem with people calling Onion a supervillain in the past, but now that YOU say he might be autistic it’s suddenly bad? Like no one with autistic could possibly be horrible and we’re all sweet little angels that can do no wrong?

I bring this topic here because I’ve been getting nasty messages in my inbox calling me ableist all because I made a joke saying how it would be funny if someone drew a parody of the Exorcist with the girl being replaced with Onion. Despite the fact that I'm autistic and that I made the joke months before Onion Friend actually aired, I’m still getting shit in my inbox all because of a joke.

Honestly if you’re acting this rude over something as simple as a headcanon, I don’t care if you have autism or not, you’re still being rude and deserved to be called out over it.

this is a david nolan appreciation post

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This doesn't prove anything people. It could have been a joke. I'm not saying it was a joke but this is pretty flimsy reason to think your ship has been confirmed. Besides, this video isn't even new, it's been around for a while. They are not going to get outed based on this video. Your celebration is a little premature.

A big joke that didn’t make Kyungsoo laugh and made Suho mad af. Kyungsoo actually answered to the nickname, he knew that Jongin was calling him. 

Maybe this is the joke that is during for more than five years now.