i'm not italian myself


So since I’m Italian and have so many awesome family traditions and such a strong connection with my heritage I thought I’d share a few things I think Pidge might experience or do! (A lot of these are heavily based off my memories so bare with me!!)

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1. First things first, I hope she has a Nonna and Nonno!! We don’t know much about her family outside her brother, mother, and father, but I can totally imagine Pidge visiting her grandparents every Sunday for a family dinner. There’s probably SO MUCH FOOD and I’m sure Pidge’s parents constantly yell at her to get off her laptop and help her Nonna set the table.

2. THERE HAS TO BE A GRAVY RECIPE!! The paladins constantly argue with Pidge that the term is ‘sauce’ but she refuses to use it. One day Hunk tries to make it but there’s always something off in the slightest and Pidge always notices. I can definitely see Hunk spending all day trying to perfect it, eventually getting extremely frustrated as Pidge sends him back to the kitchen for the fifteenth time, complaining about the tiniest differences.

3. When Pidge is bored and isn’t using tech, she always has a pack of Italian cards on her and plays games by herself. The two games that I know are one player and if you win, you get to make a wish and supposedly it comes true. Every time she wins she always wishes to find Matt. Every. Time. She also tries to teach the group how to use them, which of course does not end well. “How can that card count as a nine, it’s just a guy on a horse!”

4. My Nonno is the biggest handy man I know which I can totally see Pidge having in the family and he could have sparked her interest in building tech. My Nonno also has a small work space under the house which is full of trinkets, supplies, and little inventions. He’s made tables out of bus windows and even a small satellite for one of my dad’s science projects! Pidge would LOVE going down there to see all the cool stuff her grandpa’s created and find herself creating a few things herself.

5. My Nonna calls me “la bella di Nonna” which if you google translate, it sounds weird, but to simplify it’s basically a term of endearment. She says it to tell me how much she loves me and I can see Pidge’s Nonna saying the same, which I feel like might make Pidge uncomfortable at first but once she’s in space and realizes how much time has passed since she’s seen her family, she starts to miss it a lot.

Now here come some pretty strange ones…

6. There’s an Italian saying in my family that we use a lot around dinner time “Mangia la minestra o butta ti da finestra” which basically means “Eat the food or throw yourself out the window” My family just simplifies it to “Eat my food or jump out the window” I could totally see Pidge growing up with this saying being said for fun at dinner, especially when her or Matt didn’t agree with what was being served. And of course she tells Hunk about this saying and he uses it anytime anyone’s tries to complain about what he cooks up in the castle’s kitchen

7. There’s also this another saying (or game you could say) that I learned when I was little. It goes “Moosh, mushie, no belle, schiaffe!” The translation doesn’t make much sense. The important part is that “schiaffe” means slap. (My family has a really strong dialect so if you’re Italian and want to yell at me for spelling and pronunciation I’m sorry!!) Basically on “moosh mushie” you squish the other person’s cheeks and then on “no belle… schiaffe” you slap them (IN MY FAMILY IT WAS LIGHTLY AND PLAYFUL I PROMISE!!) Pidge would totally do this to Lance when he pisses her off “Hey Lance, come closer…no closer”


8. There’s a nursery rhyme that my dad would sing to me all the time when I was a baby that goes: “Batte batte le manini questa sera viene papa. Porte le caramelle, tutto ________ le mangerà” (the space is where my name would go) this very roughly translates to “clap clap your hands this evening dad will come. He brings the candy all for _________ to eat” Sounds really strange, I know but he mostly only sang the first part just to try and get me to clap my hands. I feel like Pidge’s dad could have sang this to her a lot and because of his disappearance, the memory has turned bittersweet to Pidge. Especially because of how the lyrics are about the excitement of a father coming home and we have no idea if Samuel Holt is ever coming home…

If you read this, thank you thank you thank you!!! There definitely can be a part two but I know there’s a lot here already. I’m just happy I can finally contribute something to the Voltron fandom!!

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If someone is looking for a new show, may I suggest "The Young Pope"? Being Italian myself, I'm so proud of Oscar-winning director Mr. Paolo Sorrentino. He's such a visionary! The cinematography is stunning, the costumes are beautifully made, sets and locations are gorgeous, you'll fall in love with the characters (Lenny will grow on you, you can't help it!), the cast is fantastic, and Jude Law is just perfect in this role! It's a story about faith and doubt, and it's all kinds of amazing! ❤

Thanks anon. I will look into this, though I have to say Jude is not really my cup of tea, but if show is good I don’t really care what actors are in it.

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Hey I'm Italian myself and as much as you act pronounced the Gio part of Giorno's name correctly, there's no need to roll the R's as hard ^^ since it's a single letter, in fact it's supposed to be said a bit fast. As opposed to 'Giovanna' where you have to articulate the n's for each syllable part of the word ""joh-van-nah" (to make it evident how its spelt.)

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I'm a scorpio girl that is in love with a capricorn boy but he's so ugh, I don't know, he looks at me so much but he doesn't do the first move, he does nothing about it, he's so reservate and I don't if is a good idea to make the first move myself. Any advide? (sorry for the english, I'm italian)

Capricorn Man Won’t Make the First Move

Make the first move.

Capricorns are one way or another, they’ll always go for it or they’ll never.

If he is looking at you like you say, he’s sure to like you. That’s what we Capricorns do, study and admire those who we are attracted to.

Don’t be afraid and don’t worry about being coy. Capricorn’s appreciate when you cut to the point. Approach him, tell him that you like him and you’d like to go out or whatever it is you desire and you should be good to go.

Also, it’s a good way to start a relationship with a Capricorn man. Show him you’re independent, he’ll respect that.

Good luck!

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March anon here. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS NEW ITALIAN INTERVIEW?! Being Italian myself, I'm just bursting with happiness! Sam going all jealous -but not really- and Cait all giddy. Also, that BEAUTIFUL picture of Sam looking at her with heart eyes is from this video!!! 😍 And her hand on his shoulder at the end! Aaaaaahhh I love them!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hi March Anon!!!! OMG!! I cannot get over how cute they are in this interview. And what’s with Sam asking about the date?! Where did you go? What did you do? She’s not going to admit that they sat in the back of the theater and made-out! Oh sam!!!

Hopefully someone will make gifs, I’m heading out to work right now or I would. But such a great interview to start the day off with!

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Hi, I've just seen your YouTube videos. I think you have a really beautiful face: perfect eyes, nose, lips .... But.. If you'd get thinner your face would be also more beautiful , and for the health that's very important! Have you ever thought about this? (Sorry for the gramatic mistakes but I'm italian)

Have you ever thought that maybe I’m happy with myself. Or maybe I’ve tried but I have a condition that makes it extremely hard for me to lose weight? This message is incredibly rude and I don’t care to be “more beautiful” for anyone besides myself.