i'm not interested in little girls

  • Me: I need to stop fangirling about my OTPs and start doing something productive with my life for my own sake.
  • All my otps: *stand next to eachother* *share a scene* *look at eachother for more than 5 seconds* *do something adorable* *are slow-burn or are broken up in the process of getting back together or one of them is dead and that makes watching them more interesting* *breath* *exist*
  • Me: Okay, nevermind. I'm doomed.

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Are you kidding me?! I'm a kid, and I love Voltron. I don't care if the fandom ships people, but this is S T U P I D. Even a little girl knows this. I'm 12! Come on. Its a fictional universe. Its NOT REAL. Who gives a care? We all are entitled to our own opinion, which is in the constitution and although you do have the authority to dislike it, you don't have to be a hecking d*ck about it. Gosh darn.

I like you, kid. You’re gonna be an interesting adult.

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Hi!! I love your books, they saved my new found anxiety ridden life! Anyway I not sure if I'm supposed to ask questions on this but, I know Julian is like the dad of the family but does that mean Emma acts like the mother? A couple times in the book you said Livvy was putting Tavvy to bed and that's a little mom like. I thought also Emma would have to help them with all the new girl puberty things and for me that's motherly? Sorry for so many words

That’s an interesting question. I would say that the thing is: Julian is the children’s parent. He is basically a father to Tavvy, Dru, Ty and Livvy. Emma is not. She is not their stepmother, but more like an older sister. 

Sometimes Livvy puts Tavvy to sleep, but Julian does it the most often. Responsibilities are mostly his, and I don’t think of them otherwise as being broken down along such gendered lines. Julian cooks and puts kids to bed, and would have been fine telling the girls about the facts of life, though probably relieved if Emma helped. Emma is much more likely to help the kids with aspects of growing up that have to do with training and fighting. So I would say no one acts like the “mother” or “father” so much as that in Julian they have a parent and in Emma an older sibling.

I think some people are forgetting what it means to be a REAL daddy/mommy😡🙄

Sometimes I feel like I will never find a daddy that is ACTUALLY okay with a clingy, needy little😒 I work during the day, so having a daddy to come home and talk to is so important for me😩 I need someone that will just accept me for me and love the princess I am 👸🏻

I meet these guys that claim to be daddies, and then they don’t really want to commit to the part! Being a daddy/mommy is about more than sex. It’s about more than just having a girl/guy call you daddy/mommy!

Being a daddy is full time! It means being there for your little👧🏻👦🏼 It means protecting her or him 🙅🏻🙅🏼‍♂️Watching out for their best interest. Making sure they are taking care of themselves🍎🥛being supportive of their goals 👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏽‍🔬👩🏻‍🚀👸🏻

If you’re not willing to put your all into being a daddy/mommy, stop wasting littles times and breaking hearts. It’s not fair.

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If Archie is our Troy Bolton then...

Betty is Sharpey Evans (beautiful blonde who pines for Archie/Troy) 

Kevin a is Ryan Evans (i mean obviously)

 Veronica is Gabriella Montez (cute new girl, who Archie has a little interest in) 

which leaves Jughead to be Chad (somewhat angsty friend who doesn’t get the attention he deserves)

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I'm all for gay Stanford, but he's gay-coded in the show how, exactly?

totally forgot about this message sorry anon!

For my piece, I think ‘gay-coded’ is a little inaccurate, and ‘queer-coded’ is the phrase I prefer to use, but the “ford is bi” crowd is populated by gross straight people so. baby steps.

Ford, as a child, was singled out for being a freak and having traditionally non-masculine or weird interests. He didn’t perform masculinity well in his early years.

Furthermore, and most damningly, his whole ‘talking to girls’ phase? (Cathy Krenshaw, “the ladies”, etc) Is notably awkward and performative (Ford repeatedly states that he doesn’t ‘get’ romance and has no desire to marry).

Ford also has a desire to mold his outward appearance into something as ‘normal’ as possible, gets more invested in the weird and strange as he gets older but also gets more isolated and (most importantly) used to keeping secrets and strange bedfellows.

Most damningly, when he meets Dipper and Mabel, two kids? He lies and edits stories about Fiddleford (whom he kept anonymous in all records)(he did the same with himself but only as an afterthought: he had his name and face in the journal before tearing or scribbling them out, but he always referred to Fiddleford as F. He also obscured Fiddleford’s wife’s face) but continually refers to Fiddleford as a partner. I take this as evidence that Ford, an adult who’s probably not aware that Dipper and Mabel are from Piedmont, California (close enough to San Fran to reasonably assume they’re not homophobic) and wouldn’t want to divulge his queerness to two kids anyways. When Ford retells the story to Dipper later, after Ford trusts Dipper a lot more, the story changes and we go from this:

to this:

Whatever he is, he ain’t straight I can tell you that.

PS there’s also that bit in the journal where Ford fawns over the invisible wizard

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question for u: do u have any ocs girls? i like all of ur ocs, i rly do! i've just noticed all of them boys (like, noah + robin. ur wolf boys. and ur mermaid boys). so like, do u have any girls? some badass girls maybe? just askin' cause i'm curious. thanks for answer in advance & take care <3 (hope i didn't stress u too much w my question).

ohh yes i do <3 i have many lovely girls and some nonbinary characters, too. the OCs i am currently drawing are very very few of the actual OC army i have. but i have no idea when i should draw them, i’m using all my time for current project/s

let me go look for old drawings of some of my favorite girls

Jidal, Ceres, and Vega. they’re dragons from my cancelled comic Fire and Stardust. Jidal is only 14 and is much tougher than she looks, she’s a healer / doctor. Ceres and Vega are in their twenties! and they’re lovers ~ Ceres speciality is sewing clothes, armour, tents and creating tools for the group. Vega is a hunter and defender (uhm, she protects the group from human hunters basically, together with some of the dragon boys). just a little insight on them

Leiyana is a space princess. she lives on a water planet, and she’s a key element on winning or not winning a space war. and she does so with breaking the rules and singing to gods (huge whale like creatures), who in return produce energy with their voices… etc etc wow

Morgenstern. she only talks in rhymes. she’s a princess, too, but she’s very calm and not interested in leading or fighting. she has a little brother she loves dearly and would do everything to protect him, though. also she’s totally grabbing her boob in that first drawing, well done past self

i have many more, but i’m going to end it with those two babies. Vivian and Juno. THEY’RE PART OF GHOST LIGHTS! they’re lovers 💘 and they’re Noah’s close friends. please look forward to meeting them soon (i changed their designs a little bit in the meantime tho)

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So I'm a little flabbergasted. I'm a male writer who has been trying to write interesting and complex women that appeal to women, and if we go by my female beta readers, I've failed. But apparently you didn't? What do you think I'm missing that you have going for you? Be as blunt as you need to be.

I spent a decade listening to ladies who beta’d my stories/novels instead of asking another guy how to write women.

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I'm soooo eager to know what you think of 5H's new album??

Well, here’s my verdict… *drumroll* IT’S A FUCKING GREAT ALBUM!!! 👏👏👏

I really really like it except for a few little things - I’m gonna break this down song by song.

1. DOWN - still don’t like it, lyrics make me cringe, to me the biggest mistake of this album, there was no need for that collab girls - anyways moving on to the good stuff

2. He Like That - I really really love the beat and the melody - the lyrics are a bit too hetero-basic for me, kinda boring and not really interesting - but the melody is my fucking jam so I guess it makes up for it 

3. Sauced Up - I also fucking adore the beat, especially the chorus - but again, the weak part is definitely the lyrics, same boring story, I mean come on “Don’t you know I’m fluid in the bro-code?” What? 😂  But still a really good song melodic wise

4. Make You Mad - one of my fave for sure (Camren vibes 🌚 ) I love the melody ,the fucking bridge I adore and also the lyrics are good to me, no male pronouns, finally a song my little lesbian heart can relate to.

5. Deliver - I have very mixed feelings about this one, I don’t really know if I like it or not 😂  I changed my mind at least 10 times while listening to it. I really like the piano background, that’s really dope, also the bridges but I think it’s the chorus that doesn’t really do it for me, the way they say “deliver”, I don’t really like it - but anyways it’s still a very good song, but again, still about boy problems 🙄  #cantrelate

6. Lonely Night - one of my favs too! Especially the chorus break down, it’s just really good, also Ally’s part I really love it - I’ll let the “boy” in the song slide #denialinordertorelate

7. Don’t Say You Love Me - my favorite!!!! Camren as fuck of course 🌚  I just love everything about it, the melody, the lyrics, their voices, the fact that it’s pronoun free #canrelate - MY FUCKING JAM!!

8. Angel - I’ve said it before, I really love Angel, it’s a great song, I really adore the beat, the lyrics are alright, and I’m slowly getting used to Ally’s rapping, it’s growing on me 😂

9. Messy - I like it, I don’t really have much to say about it, it’s a good song, it just doesn’t really stand out for me because I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before - but it’s a nice song, and finally no boy story! Hallelujah!

10. Bridges - I like it too, a bit like Messy it doesn’t really stand out for me melodic wise, feels like it’s been done before  - but the lyrics are fucking great, great message - it’s a good song 

So all in all I think melodic and beat wise it’s a really really great album, their voices and harmonies are also on point! So to me the real weak point of the album is probably the lyrics and the song concepts - I think they could’ve dive deeper than this, get more emotional or have lyrics that are a bit more interesting, but anyways most of the melodies make up for it.

I’m definitely real proud of our girls! That’s what I call a come back!! If that was to be their last album as 5H than they’re definitely leaving on a bang!💥

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you say you're a bitch like it's something to be proud of like i can guarantee you that when people talk about a bitch, it's never anything good and you're probably an ignorant little shit. blaming guys for being boring and not worthy to talk to you is pathetic. and before you say that i'm probably a guy, i'm an 18 year old girl

i remember when i was 18 and thought boys were interesting :/ glad that’s over


ya girl finally published a poetry collection! it’s got a little bit of everything–angels, witches, road trips, apocalypses, lesbians, love, faith, mental illness and a whole lot more so if you’re into any of that, you should check it out! if you aren’t interested but your friends/family might be, you should tell em to check it out! pls support your local starving writer

you can order a paperback version here
you can purchase an ebook version here


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Tink, girl, I need you to be real with me for a sec: do you think we'll ever get a destiel sex scene? I think it'd be interesting to see the contrast from both Dean's long history of one night stands and Cas' little fling with April. But...I'm not sure if they're willing to take that step 'cause it's pure dude-on-dude action. (It's romantic/emotional to us, but to them it's black/white) I'd be content with it simply being implied but it's such a big moment for Dean it deserves more.

I will be pleased no matter how they make Destiel canon because it’s just confirming that they have written it as such for years and it is just a natural conclusion to the story. I just like it when stories make sense and conclude as they should.

HOWEVER I will be pissed if they have a mentality on the show that they cannot show a m/m true deep love scene but they can show lots of casual sex if its m/f and a f/f make out session with Charlie and the fairy?

It’s just double standards and homophobia tbh to have different standards and that is NOT COOL. IF they had never done sex/make out scenes etc with het or a f/f couple I’d say it doesn’t need to happen because that’s not what the show is about, they don’t often really get naked or have sex, it’s about the emotional journeys, BUT because they HAVE shown this it would be unfair and homophobic not to do it with the couple who are the ultimate OTP on the show!

So yeah, I don’t need a full on sex scene but at least something remotely showing that this has happened / is happening is the bare minimum and really we need one kinda hot scene even if it’s mostly flashes here and there and not really really blatant, there needs to be something just for it to be EQUAL with the other sex/lovemaking scenes.

Because this is LOVE, this is the OTP, it would be so weird to be like… yeah ok they’re together but we are not going to show it for *reasons*.

It’s the red face test, if you can’t justify something it’s wrong and I think this would be the case here.

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I'm v sad because I found out the guy I like is interested in another girl, WHO LIKES HIM. I mean, I'm happy for them, but I'm still hella sad. May I so humbly ask for some comforting Tyler head cannons? Thank you!

*Hugs you* I’m sorry it’s taken forever for me to get to this one. I hope you’re doing well and I hope this can help you feel better, even just a little bit!!

- Tyler throws some blankets into the dryer for a little bit to get them nice and warm for you
- Big Spoon Tyler
- (But also, Little Spoon Tyler and you can bury your face into his broad shoulders and it’s nice because he’s like a giant teddy bear.)
- He’s good at just hanging out and giving you cuddles
- But also he knows that fresh air and hanging out with Chica might be good for you too
- He holds your hand while you guys walk her around the park
- If you get mentally/physically exhausted he gives you a piggyback ride on the way back. 
- If you start crying he just holds you and soothes you
- “It’s okay, everything is going to be okay.”
- Lots of forehead kisses
- The way he says “I’m here.” makes you feel super safe and calm
- Buys you your favorite sweet treat to have during movie night
- Most of movie night consists of you sprawling out in his lap, dozing off here and there because you haven’t been sleeping well
- He strokes your hair while you nap and it’s v nice

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A long time ago I wrote a story of a female zombie who grew attatched to a little girl who would wander the woods all by herself from morning until evening over the span of 7 years. She wondered why when all other humans were so expressive and lively, this girl, now a woman, was so expressionless. Eventually they encounter each other, and after getting close the zombie asks her. The girl tells her she has Walking Corpse Syndrome and was abandonded here long ago. Should I continue it? I'm unsure.

Yes! That sounds amazing! It sounds so complex and interesting. Please continue and let me know when you post it!

Back then you were a quiet little girl.
  • You : How were you in high school?
  • Yoongi : Lonely!
  • You : So was I!
  • Yoongi : Interesting babe!
  • You : Wow, I think this was the shortest conversation we ever had...
  • Yoongi : Not true. The shortest was the first time we made love. Back then you were a quiet little girl. Now, you're noisy as fuck!
  • You : Shut up!
  • Yoongi : Not that I'm complaining. Just stating the facts!

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I definitely think it would be more interesting for Jughead to have that choice& not go there. In his mind, he is a free man, betty doesn't love him, possibly never did, there's a girl here showing interest, but he chooses not to let it go further. I'm thinking back to HP Deathly Hallows, last movie where Harry and Hermione were dancing together. They got a little bit close but it showed they had that option but chose not to go there themselves. And J*paz still has the potential to stay platonic

I am in full agreement with you. 

And if I may, I’d like to direct you to an excellent meta by @stinkysmellyopinions that touches up on this subject beautifully: i wish we could leave it all behind: the tragedy of ill-timed lovers.  

She writes, and I quote: 

One thing I want to emphasize is that Betty and Jughead got together so young. I’m willing to bet good money that they’ve never been in a relationship this serious before they got together. It’s so easy for couples like Betty and Jughead to wonder, years down the line, if they’re only together because there was really no one else available. By giving Betty and Jughead more options than just each other, they’re making their inevitable reunion so much more meaningful. Because it means they’re not together because fate says so, or because it’s the most logical or convenient thing to do. They’re together because they choose to be together. Because they share a connection with each other that they may never share with anyone else.

And that pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter too. I want Betty and Jughead to have options and still choose one another.

What’s interesting is that we were actually presented with this fact in episode 2x03 with Kevin and Betty. Kevin reminds Betty that she is the epitome of white upper middle class privilege. Her romantic options (and life choices in general) are not limited the same way Kevin’s are limited – or even Jughead’s. It doesn’t strike me as an accident that Toni brings up Betty’s ‘Northsider privilege’ the very next episode. And while it sadly doesn’t surprise me in the least that that Kevin’s issues were glossed over and dropped like a hot potato after 14 seconds of screen time (give my baby Kevin a storyline that doesn’t revolve around his sexual orientation and some love, PLEASE),  I will say that his point is very valid. And it is worth mentioning that this is the first time that Jughead has other options. Like you, I want to see Jughead CHOOSE Betty not just be with her because he won the lottery for the first time in his life.  I want these kids to fight and claw and grow and confirm that they want to be with one another, not just because they got lucky the first time. 

Summer Night (Modern AU)

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Pairing: Shay Cormac x reader

Word Count: 2,123

Note: This was a random little something I wrote in two hours for @shay-makes-my-luck / @waterbird-loves-pasteis

Shay… can you not?” You mumbled as an elbow nudged your lower back.

This was the fifth time one of his limbs had come into contact with your body in less than an hour. Honestly, you were about ready to pull out the duct tape and strap him down to the goddamned bed if he didn’t stop with his tossing and turning.

“I’m hot…” He sleepily replied, his words barely intelligible. The man was obviously half-asleep still.

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