i'm not in the graphic making mood


send me a number + fandom and I’ll make an edit/graphic. This meme is inspired by this gif request meme.

  1. favorite female character
  2. favorite male character
  3. favorite villian 
  4. favorite minor character 
  5. most underrated character
  6. favorite ship
  7. favorite rare-pair
  8. favorite brotp
  9. favorite familial relationship
  10. favorite [insert ship] scene/s
  11. favorite [insert character] quote/s
  12. free choice (just request whatever you want)

“Some people are born with tornados in their lives,
but constellations in their eyes.
Other people are born with stars at their feet,
but their souls are lost at sea.”
Perspectives, Nikita Gill

dean winchester graphic challenge | glorioustiel vs. hallowedbecastiel
↳ prompt: galaxy


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.09

[Christ’s] blood allegedly got on the medallion and empowered it and the spear with magical powers.

Critical Role + Aesthetic: Modern AU Keyleth (x) (x)

“We’re gonna save ‘em all, you guys. We’re gonna save all the animals!”


The Matsuno team, future champs in the making


G o o d b y e, Mr. Chandler.


if love isn’t forever
and it’s not the weather
hand me my leather

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 8: a graphic of your otp

I'm not evil - you're just weak
You're too afraid to taste something so sweet
I can't deny what is a part of me
I take joy out of your misery