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I'm having a really hard time right now, and your comic always picks me up. If it doesn't trouble you, would you mind drawing some Kiera and the girl with big white floofy hair (I'm terrible I already forgot their name I'm so sorry)

Mairead and Keira bonding time

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whispers since u said a very long time ago it was okay 2 share things inspired by u...i wrote a fic called turn to stone on ao3 abt the foretellers largely spurred on by ur hcs. it's abt ava and invi and they just fuckin die.


oh my gosh

first off, i am SO honored. like, you can’t even imagine how amazed i am to have gotten this ask and i can’t believe my little weird headcanons helped to inspire a fic??? like??? thank you.  that really lifted my mood 10000%

second, why??? no?? that hurt??? a heck of a lot??? like??? Their relationship was so beautifully written and i love the little ways you showed emotion, the little actions Ava used like taking Invi’s head in her lap, and the simple but so impactful ways you set the scene!! that was beautiful also it made me want to cry

thirdly, @ everyone else!! read this!!! http://archiveofourown.org/works/11587986 dang this fic is gorgeous and it has gone on literally every one of my fic recs!!  and it will tear your heart out!!

thank you so much for telling me, anon! i really, really enjoyed reading it, and i would LOVE it if you told me if/when you post more of the series!! it was a really great fic and i’m honored to have inspired a small part of this excellent fic!

psychic: *reads my mind*

me: Who is that? (Who is that?) Emerging from his burrow! Who can see today what we won’t see until tomorrow? Shaman of the shadows! Springer of the springs! Is it a squirrel? Is it a beaver? Kinda both, but not quite either! That’s right, woodchuck-chuckers, it’s GROUNDHOG DAY! We’re live from Gobblers Knob talking about everything weather: predictions, temperature… the weather: it’s just nuts! Totally wacky! That’s our town on February 2nd! I mean, what could be crazier than groundhogs in February?!

psychic: what the fuck


Haikyuu!! Week Day 2 - MVP

The whole Karasuno team would be useless if it wasn’t for both Ukai coaches. Though I fancy the blonde one more.

Wow, those are 2 quite different drawing styles (─‿‿─)

melodrama breakdown
  • green light: I want the things ! I want them ! also fuck u
  • sober: okay so I'm uhh completely out of my fucking mind right now but it's good, little worried about what I'm going to be like sober
  • homemade dynamite: we just met but do you wanna blow something up
  • the louvre: we're the best couple. we're a work of art.
  • liability: I'm too much for you to handle.
  • hard feelings: uhhh I didn't realise being in love was going to be this hard
  • loveless: fuck love
  • sober II (melodrama): that feeling after the party or a concert of something where you're buzzing with adrenaline but you're about to crash
  • writer in the dark: take your broken heart and turn it into art
  • supercut: revisionist history
  • liability (reprise): maybe the party is meant to make us cry
  • perfect places: okay lets go party again

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Mr. Gaiman, I'm on the journey to write a lot of different things. Novels, Comics, Screenplays, and so much more. My biggest problem is that with so many projects/ideas in mind, I constantly jump from one to another because I can't decide which project is the "right" one. I worry all the time that if I finish the wrong story, no one will want to read it and I'll blow my chance as a writer. Do you have a way of knowing when it's time to write/release a story, or am I just being silly?

You aren’t being silly, but you need to start finishing things. 

There is no “right” project. You have lots of bad sentences and clumsy stories, awkward comics and terrible screenplays inside you, and you get to the good ones by writing the other ones down. Imagine that each time you write “The End” a  “You are now much closer to being Good” light will go on inside your head, and it will be true. Some of those stories will be bad enough you won’t want anyone ever to see them. Some of them will be wonderful. But what you are doing is learning and getting better.

There is no “wrong story”. There are just stories you should write down and finish and learn from. The thing that is most likely to “blow your chance as a writer” is not writing.

peter pan or dont go? love me right or lotto? my turn to cry or baby don’t cry? my lady or artificial love? the star or thunder? hey mama! or the one? growl or monster? lose control or what u need? for life or promise?

If I could begin to be

Half of what you think of me

I could do about anything…

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Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it