i'm not in my best state of mind right now

Let's get one thing straight, I like helping you guys out if you message me asking for my help and I will help you all as much as I can but if for some reason I don't reply whether or not I'm not online or maybe I don't reply because I don't feel like I'll be much help because I'm having a bad day myself, whatever the reason is it doesn't mean that you can message me having a go at me making me feel horrible about the fact that I haven't helped. I especially don't need people's friends messaging me telling me that their friend relapsed or is in hospital because I didn't reply, that's not my fault. If I'm not online then I'm not online, I do have exams and college going on, I can't be online all the time and I'm sorry if you feel like I don't care about you because I haven't replied but I promise each and every one of you right now that I do care and I will try my best to help you all as much as possible but sometimes I'm not online and sometimes I'm not in the right state of mind to help so before you message me sending me hate, please consider why I haven't replied.