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Omega obi wan and alpha mace with Yoda (or anyone, im not picky) playing match maker cause mace has the BIGGEST crush on Obi-Wan and obi wans completely oblivious?

Curling himself slowly around the shivering body, Mace made a soothing noise into Obi-Wan’s ear while wrapping his arms around the omega. “Its alright, Obi-Wan its alright.” He assured quietly when the other whimpered.

That got a small laugh out of the redhead as the alpha tucked even closer to provide body heat, his head resting on an arm. “I think you’re lying.” He whispered and then twisted a bit. “I’m sorry for getting poisoned still.”

“Don’t be, you couldn’t have known.” Mace rumbled as he rubbed the others chest slowly. ‘Not quite how I wanted to share a bedroll with Obi-Wan.’ He thought dryly as Obi-Wan continued to try and filter the poison out of his systems.

Unfortunately that, combined with the poisons effect, left Obi-Wan weak and unable to keep his warmth. And since they were hiding out they couldn’t light a fire to help him gain it.

“We had lacking information about the spice smugglers. We should have been more then a two man team.” Mace continued, wanting, no needing to reassure Obi-Wan.

“I guess but…” Obi-Wan sighed then whimpered a bit as a fresh body ache tore through him, making his concentration falter. “Urk…I still don’t get why Yoda assigned only us two to this.” He breathed out once the ache faded.

‘Because Yoda is a meddling old troll.’ Mace thought grumpily as the whimper tore his heart in two. But out loud he just sighed. “I have no idea Obi-Wan.”

Despite the situation, it was kind of nice with the little emergency light and the two curled together in the same bedroll. Mace just wished Obi-Wan wasn’t in pain and it wasn’t for the sole purpose of sharing body heat.

He had found Obi-Wan pretty from the moment he had become an adult but when the other had become an equal, a knight of the order, it had become more.

Obi-Wan was warm and had a wicked dry sort of humor that could get a laugh out of Mace on the worst of days. The way he smiled when he knew he had the up on someone in a debate, the wry curl starting at one side of his lips. He had an engaging mind and never backed down from debating his points to convince to at least consider his options and the man was no weakling, able to hold his own against Mace in duel with Soresu against the Vapaad.

And Mace wasn’t stupid, Obi-Wan had one hell of a rocking body and a smell so sweet it made Mace wonder how no one thought to bottle the essence to appease uppity brawling alphas.

He was sure that Obi-Wan’s scent alone could do it.

But there was a few problems with Obi-Wan.

And that was that he was utterly oblivious to any kind of flirting even if he flirted with everything with a pulse. It made Mace want to hit the old gundark over the head as he was sure that it was a result of needing attention that Qui-Gon had never shown him or at least not the adequate amount Obi-Wan had needed.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you?” Mace murmured.

“I’d rather you focus on keeping us safe and me warm if I’m honest. And alpha’s tend to put my game when I’m working through foreign invaders in my body.” Obi-Wan mumbled.

“Something you figured out with Qui-Gon hmm?” Mace was not going to comment on ‘foreign invaders’ in the body. NOPE.

“Just so.” Obi-Wan laughed airily while snuggling back against Mace.

‘Fortune favors the bold…’ Mace took a deep breath then leaned a bit up on his elbow to press a soft kiss to the others bearded cheek while keeping his hand on the others chest, fingers picking up on when Obi-Wan’s heart beat started to raise.

Obi-Wan shifted enough to look at him, eyes wide as he stared up at Mace. Surprised yet hopeful.

That got the Koruns shoulders to relax and he smiled a bit down at the other, moving his hand up to stroke the others cheek gently. “So I was going to do this properly, certainly not during a mission with you all…well like this but…seems as good a moment as anything. Obi-Wan, would you consider letting me court you?” He questioned quietly.

“Court me, properly?” The redhead questioned quietly as he leaned into the hand.

“Properly. With the end goal hopefully being a bonding.” Mace continued slowly stroking the others cheek.

He wasn’t a man accustomed to being nervous anymore but damn if Obi-Wan couldn’t get him as skittish as a newborn calf.

“If I survive the night-”

A low growl from Mace interrupted his words and Obi-Wan laughed a bit. “Alright, when we get home, ask me again. Because I’m not really in the best state of mind right now.”

“Fair enough.” Mace rumbled, voice still gruff before he pressed a new kiss, this time to the others temple and then settled back down to keep Obi-Wan warm.