i'm not hungry but i want it

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💙💙 you're like pizza. Even when you're bad, you're great!💙💙 P.s. I'm like super hungry ughhhhhh, I'm ready to eat everything in the world

i hope you ate something!! why not pizza? ;)
also can you help me with this math problem? it’s x+u=25…… i’m thinking x must be 15 because u sure are a 10 👉 😎 👉


When in Doubt: Do the Exact Opposite of What Mikael would Do. A parenting guide by Klaus Mikaelson. 

Please Buy the Korra Comic

Hate being a shill. Cause I’m all for reading scans of comics online. But I would like to provide a little lesson on comics for those not in the know. Comics are probably the shakiest form of entertainment media. Movies video games, music all mainstream sorts of properties expect to push numbers in the millions. Remember a few years back when Square Enix said the tomb raider reboot under preformed when selling “only” 5 million copies in the opening weeks?

Comics are another story entirely. I’m using numbers from last December, but know that they’re pretty standard. The top selling issue last December was Justice League: Suicide Squad at 179,000 issues sold. The rest of the top ten sellers average about 100,000 with # 10 selling 85,000. When we get down to #100 in the top sellers list, we’ve fallen t0 27,000. And below the top one hundred sellers, issues take a nose dive with #200 selling just 8,000 copies. More people will see a movie in the theater in my city in one day then pick up that comic.

And here’s the thing. Of those top 100, sellers, over a third of them were number #1 issues. It’s a sad truth in comics, that the highest selling issue will almost always be the first of a series. After that, it is a guaranteed loss. A series will sell progressively less and less issues as time goes on. You know the saying? Two things in life are certian, death and taxes. Well a third could be comics sell less and less as they go.

Now, Last Airbender, seems do have done well for itself. But I would like to stress how vital it is that the people who are interested in a comic, go out to read it. Fans of the Legend of Korra we know what it’s like to be screwed by the executive’s and studios. If dark horse see’s the numbers of the Korra comics dip, or not meet their expectations, they may not hesitate to end the series. The folks in charge, aren’t dumb. Sites like tumblr show the following of any given IP, and they will expect to get a reasonably large following for this series. 

So please. I beg of thee fans! Do not, wait for the scans of the pages to appear on the internet. If you are able, buy the series when it comes out. If you are unable to because of money reasons, try to spread the awareness for the series. Do what you can. Show the moneyed powers that we care and that this series will be loved with a fanbase devoted enough to make it worth their while to keep the series alive for years to come. I made a post about this awhile ago, but it is a dream of mine to ten years from now look on my bookshelf and see five or more omnibus’s of the Legend of Korra. I’m thirsty for that dork and her engineer and friends and I know thousands of others are too. So to be cheesy, YOU HAVE THE POWER. KEEP KORRA GOING!!!


Jon Snow and Sansa Stark + parallels (requested by bericdondarrion)


He’s just trying to bond with you Lance I thought you wanted this?

I was gonna add Hunk but he actually likes puns so the airhorns are lost on him … I should draw Shiro and Hunk bonding over puns soon to make up for this grave error

“The front of my eyes, are filled with miracles. I wonder if I can call out your name?” 🌺

I terribly love this song and wants to draw some sheith out of it 😣. It’s originally sing by Kenshi Yonezu but Mafumafu’s cover is just as beautiful ✨💕
jin in the jungle
  • cast: damn its so dark out here
  • jin: *whips out ARMY bomb* well wud u look at tHAT?? i got JUSt the thing
  • cast: what day is it?
  • jin: *whips out BTS wall calendar* carry one of these babies around and you'll always kno :-)
  • cast: i think we're lost
  • jin: *whips out BTS markers* worry not my friend, we can use these to track our steps!!!
  • cast: wait, where are we?
  • jin: *whips out BTS notebooks* we can draw out a map if u want
  • cast: i'm so hungry
  • jin: *whips out 7 BTS dolls* here, eat these, i'd recommend the jungkook one he's got the most muscle
Sad Magnus Chase headcanons bc I'm feeling sad today

💔 Magnus crying alone after his mom dies and having nowhere to go. He flinched in a corner on the sidewalk and cried himself till sleep
💔 He spent 3 days without eating until he started to turn the trash cans
💔 In his first winter as homeless, it was so cold on some nights that he cried wrapped in his thin blanket
💔 It was common for him to spend a few days without getting any change or food
💔 Young Hearth starving himself till the limit because food cost golden coins
💔 Young Hearth not quite understanding what his parents said after his brother’s death because they refused to sign and he was crying too much to read lips
💔 Hearth not caring about if he would live or die while he fells in Nidavellir
💔 Blitz going back to home alone after find out that his father was dead
💔 Blitz having no one to talk. Sometimes, he spent days without say a single word and leave home
💔 Blitz trying to produce something “real dwarves” do but crying in frustation
💔 Alex feeling totally confused because she doesnt feel like a “regular boy”
💔 Alex dressing up like she wants and her mortal father and step mother just saying that she wants “embarrass them even more”
💔 They keeping Alex out of view when received visits because how would they even explain what is Alex
💔 Alex preferring live on the streets that live with her “family”
💔 Sam crying on her room because the kids were being mean about her being muslim
💔 Sam trying to not care about the looks people give to her and her grandparents on the streets
💔 Sometimes, Magnus can’t eat or drink. He’s in the middle of the feast when he suddenly thinks about all the people that don’t have nothing to eat, like him when he was homeless. Sometimes, he lost the appetite for days. On these days, Alex enter in his room and put his head on her lap and he cries while she tries to calm him “I know, Maggie, I know”
💔 homeless Hearth giving the food he finds to Magnus and Blitz because he’s more used to stay hungry
💔 Sam waking up screaming from a nightmare about Loki controlling her
💔 Sometimes, Blitz calls by Hearth, forgeting he cant listen. When he doesn’t anwser, Blitz just panics. So Hearth just finds him crying “I-I thought you left me… I don’t want… to be alone…I’m so so patetic”
💔 The whole squad having existential crisis bc the world will end anyway

Every BB fanfic ever written
  • Sebastian: I'm hungry
  • Sebastian: Maybe I should eat
  • Sebastian: oh right there's a kid, I'm going to eat his soul #notsorry
  • Sebastian: he's kinda cute tho
  • Sebastian: fuck I think I'm gay
  • Sebastian: oh shiet I love him.
  • Sebastian: what the fook I'm a demon I'm supposed to not to have feelings
  • Ciel: He probably wants me just bc of my soul, he doesn't like me back *crying intensifies*
  • Sebastian: I want his soul but also his ass
  • Grell: I'm gay
So I sidestep things that remind me of you / the celtics / supernatural / her / that song I was listening to when we were talking last / things like that / so what am I missing? / when will I stop dodging punches you no longer are throwing? / if I get a message past 10:30 I think it’s from you / but it never is anymore / you said you were tired last Friday / remember when we stayed up late talking? / I’ve been trying to forget / I’m sorry for being so direct / but this keeps hurting / long past when the appropriate time to grieve ended.
—  we won’t talk like this again // we can hardly be friends– lily rain
Random headcanon

J is the most dramatic and attention seeking person on the planet when he’s sick but thankfully Harley enjoys being his nurse (and demanding Frost go get them ice cream at 3am)

To all those who think Tony lives in a mess, I’m telling you he has the most organized mess you’ll ever see. He knows where his things are and that’s all that matters to the need. I know that fandom has this opinion that he would be hopeless or helpless without people reminding him to eat, reminding him of his schedule and such but again, remember that this man has an almost eidetic memory. He remembered quotes, comments, faces, tattoos - he remembers probably more than necessary at times. He just chooses what he wants to remember. And he has snacks everywhere, he makes his own smoothies, he eats when he’s hungry. He’s not helpless or unable to exist without people helping him.