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Hi guys! A little fire-breathing flying reptile informed me it's going to be Alice's (aka thegreatorangedragon's) birthday on Feb. 16, and I was wondering if someone might be able to drabble a little something for her? There's no truer friend to the folks here and champion of Everlark authors, and I know she'd love to see something. (Bonus points if someone can give her a puzzle to figure out... I'm sure you've noticed she's a clever one). Thanks for everything you guys do. <3c

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Happy birthday to the @thegreatorangedragon!! Thank you @papofglencoe for sending in the ask! Here is a fun little fic submitted by @peetabreadgirl just for you. Hope you have a fantastic day!

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this little one shot. Rated S-E-X. For sex. There be smut here, folks. Sorry if I ruined the surprise. Thanks to the girls who run this awesome blog and make cool stuff happen. Pbg

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rated E

It started out as a joke. A way to pass the awkward time while listening to the sound of my neighbors through the thin walls. But I can’t deny anymore that I wish the sounds Peeta and I are making were real. I don’t know what to do about it. He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember.

Since I moved into my place, Peeta and I have spent most Saturday nights in the studio apartment, scarfing down tubs of cheap udon noodles or greasy slices of pepperoni pizza, watching various movies from all different eras and genres.

But a few weeks ago I got a new neighbor. A very loud, sexually active one. Apparently said neighbor also has standing appointments on Saturday nights. Whether it’s for money or not, I’d rather not know. The neighborhood I live in is a bit seedy, so it’s a possibility. But in any case, the first time it happened took us by complete surprise. I was stuffing my mouth with cheese fries from the bar on the corner, Peeta beside me, a beer bottle tipped up to his lips, when it started.

The moaning and wailing were enough to make me lose my appetite, and Peeta looked white as a sheet. I tried to laugh it off, but it didn’t take. Peeta wouldn’t look at me, and to be honest, I couldn’t have looked him in the eyes either. I turned up the television, tried to watch the movie. Tried to ignore the knocking and cooing and ‘yes, right there, oh yes’s’, but it seemed the more I tuned them out, the louder they became.

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Hi hello hi. I’m having it really rough financially - basically I don’t have insurance anymore so I can’t get a grip on my mental illnesses. I can’t hold a job and I’m in a lot of debt and this seems to be the only thing I can do right now so here I am. I’m gonna do my best. Even if you’re not interested thanks for lookin’. Message me or send me an ask if you want one! If the prices are a problem just let me know.

Stuff I’ll do! OCs, fandom, animals, ur face. I do stuff besides jojo I swear.

Stuff I won’t do!  I mean. Porn. Idk I’ll let you know if it’s a no go? ???

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So my boyfriend when we first started dating kept teasing me on how big his cock was and I kept telling him to prove it to me. About two months in to our relationship, he asks me to come over. Me being a little confused went over anyways. I saw him butt naked, and sitting on his couch when I opened the door. He said, "look I'm proving to you how big my cock is!" And we started fucking right then and there. Luckily no one was home because I was moaning so damn much and we were all over the place.

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Hi, sorry to bother you. I'm kind of new here and I was wondering if you have any recommendations for riverdale accounts to follow or any good fanfics or art. Thank you so much.

@gogenevieveart is an amazing artist for Riverdale along with a few other shows. 

As for fanfics, it depends on what kind of fanfictions you’re looking for. Bughead? Reader inserts? Go ahead and send me another ask if you want with which ones you’re in to and I’ll see what I can do in that department. 

@saunabakkoush @vegaslodge @thesuitelifeofjughead @freetimefase @colelili @adorebughead @bettydooper @chiaroscurous @carltonclutterbuck @buymemilkandtea @bettytail @roadtoriverdale @fiendfyrx @cooper–jones @riverdalili @bugheadboi @reinnarmy @sprouseharts @bettybettycooper @wheninriverdale @annioe @it-happened-one-starry-night @camimendes @ariquitecontrary @rarecolesprouse @itstenafterfour @chaoticbombshells @jeemyjamz @lilireinh-art @chxronica @fuckyeahriverdaletrash @lilirenhart @jenzig @bettyluvsjuggie @cheryls-bombshell @theshaggingwagon @southsidejuggie @musingmola @peacelovebughead @theblueandsilver @onceuponagladerhead @betty-and-jughead @jugandbettsdetectiveagency @bettycomics @bugheadjones-the-third @riverdales-daily @ju-gg @veronicas-logde @mantleismagnificent @riverdalesource @tasteofswallowedwords @fyeahriverdale @thatsadbreakfastclub @little-adorable-angels 

are some amazing blogs that you should definitely check out, too! 

For more you can visit my blogroll here  


          After a year I’m finally open for commissions again !! All prices are base, and may change depending on subject matter. Prices in USD and to be paid through paypal only. Doing them in batches, so you can buy one bust, three, or six. Do not have to be the same character, so feel free to mix and match!

I’ll be doing these in batches of TEN ( 10 ), so ten reserve slots and then I’ll close until those are done. To reserve a slot send me an ask, contact me on tumblr IM or email me at ohmyhubris@gmail.com

Imagine Stiles has to go out of town and he asks Scott to dog sit Derek.
Scott objects to it but agrees to come over and keep Derek company. That doesn’t stop Stiles from leaving a list, however, that tells Scott what Derek can eat, what he is and isn’t allowed to do, and any special requests.

“‘Derek is allowed one dog bone or special treat a day’,” Scott reads. He turns and glares at Stiles. “Do you mean your kind of ‘bone’ or an actual bone?”
“Scott, come on,” Stiles growls. “You are not allowed to bone by boyfriend, that’s a privilege only I get. And by treat, i mean one of the cookies in the jar above the fridge.”
“‘Play time includes playing fetch and a walk around the block’,” Scott reads. “You do realise Derek will kill me if I try any of this… ‘Affection: big hugs, little kisses, belly rubs and scratches behind the ears’. Stiles, do you want your boyfriend to kill me?”
Stiles just smiles in response.
“’Derek is not allowed to pee on the furniture, bark at passing pedestrians, or to leave the loft/get hurt’. Dude, he’s an alpha!”
Stiles glares at his friend. “For every scratch or bruise I find, I will break one of your bones.”
“Finally, ‘Send a photo of Derek every day so I can see he’s okay’. That is the only reasonable request here. Although, i think you’d like the photos more if you asked him to send you them, he might me more… personal.”

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A guy called me really late one night and asked me to come chill at his house. I was with my friend so we both showed up. Fast forward and I'm losing my virginity to a guy I just met while my best friend and his roommate had to listen. He insisted on me calling him Daddy and they heard everything. The only thing I regret is that I didn't stay longer because my friend was bored of hearing our loud sex moans.

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Another bombarding! BUTTTT!! (Just popped in my head after my last msg) Harry's POV during and after the fight and then his convo with Cam when he sends him home! (Sorry I'm just in love with TWG and would die for more, whatever it is!) 💜💛💚💙


Harry looks down at the floor, back up at Louis, the insecurities coming out before he can stop them. “I don’t always know how you feel about me.”

The looks Louis shoots back is downright menacing. “You must be kidding.”

“No,” he says softly, “I’m really not.”

“I have been nothing but honest with you from day one,” he sneers. “Do you expect me to trip over myself for you, like everyone else does?”

“No,” Harry replies honestly, “never. That’s what I like about you. That you never act a certain way around me.”

“Then what are you trying to say?!”

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I’m finally open for commissions!

Some base things not mentioned:

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission/commissioner for any reason.
  • Backgrounds aren’t listed but simple color/ color blocked backgrounds are free, more complex ones please ask me!
  • I just don’t feel comfortable offering full body humans at this time, please don’t ask me to make an exception.

Please send me an ask or an im on here or on my art blog, where you can find plenty more examples! 

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How has Sakura has surpassed Tsunade yet she hasn't shown enough feats that put her above Tsunade. Yes, she learnt all her techniques but there is nothing to suggest that Sakura surpass Tsunade at all. Sakura is not surviving decapacitation without the seal (something only Tsunade is able to do due to her Uzumaki lineage), she has great chakra control, so? Tsunade has that too. Sakura heals Shikamaru, only to be fully healed by Tsunade with one touch. Genjutsu, I'm sure Tsunade can counter it

Oh my goodness I am so tired of reiterating the same thing to you people over and over again. Did you even read this post where I very explicitly clarify why during the war Sakura, was well on her way to surpassing her master? Because I can’t imagine you’d read that and then send me this, because the vast majority of what you said here was already deconstructed in that post.

Even in that very post, the Anon started by asking how I could possibly say that Sakura had surpassed Tsunade, and on three occasions before that, I had answered the exact same question.

But I’ll humour this topic, again

“There is nothing to suggest that Sakura surpass Tsunade at all”.


That panel alone is enough to prove your claim to be utterly false. Oh but wait, recently people have started advocating this absolutely ridiculous idea that Hashirama was comparing Sakura to Tsunade when she was a child! Lol, as if that makes the slightest bit of sense. Why on earth would Hashirama, after witnessing Sakura’s amazing show of power, essentially go on to say:

“What raw power… It may even be greater than a 5 year old’s!”

Can those people not see how stupid that sounds? What purpose would a comment like that serve? And yet they actually think that’s what Hashirama was implying… Goodness gracious man. I could go on and on about the stupidity of that comment, but I’ll move on.

  1. Hashirama stated that her raw power was greater than Tsunade’s.
  2. Tsunade didn’t get decapitated, she got bisected.
  3. So what if she’s able to survive getting bisected? If anyone gets bisected, the battle is over. Tsunade being able to survive that doesn’t make her a better Kunoichi because she’d already have lost.
  4. Who ever said anything about comparing their chakra control?
  5. Saying “[You’re] sure Tsunade can counter it” with regards to genjutsu tells me all I need to know regarding how weak your point is. Because now you’re resorting to making up random claims with absolutely no evidence whatsoever in order to support your already frail argument.

Now I guess I just have to wait for the next Anon to come by and tell me how ridiculous it is to believe that Sakura had surpassed Tsunade… Fun times.

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Hi there, your headcannons such beautiful so I have a question. Can ficwriters use it for their fics (with your authority signed of course)?

((I’m gonna answer this one early bc it’s super important!!

OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! I would be absolutely honored if you used any of the hcs here!! I only ask that you credit/link back to the blog and plEASE SEND ME A LINK WHEN YOURE DONE!!! This applies to fan art as well, but yeah GO FOR IT I CANT BE ENTHUSIASTIC ENOUGH OMG!!!))

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Coworker of mine and I planned to meet up after I got off work and hang out at the park. Well when I get off work its pouring. So we still go to the park and talk in the back of his car. One thing leads to another and next thing I know I'm losing my virginity in the back seat of this guys car. Anyway so we finish and no more than 2 minutes later a cop shows up and asks what we were doing at the park. Luckily we both already had our cloths back on. Pretty sure the cop knew what we were doing 😏

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Another shy black boy here! Ily and you have been one of my BIGGEST inspirations to do the stuff I'm doing in my life rn and one day I hope to make a cool game like you and we can play it together or something idk

PLS MAKE A GAME AND SEND ME A BUILD!!!! shy black boys are the future of game dev

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hi! may I ask where all these pictures from the bbmas are from? Can I have a link to the full article please? 🤗 (I'm on mobile so when I click the redirect link it only gives me the full screen picture :c)

There isn’t really an article, it’s just posted by Dispatch on Naver. If you look search 방탄소년단 디스패치 it will come out for Naver. Here is the search results to make it easier (x).

You guys didnt get any ask about dispatch or…?

So there is no special pic of JungKook from Dispatch??

Did you send this one about Jungkook? I actually answered a similar question in the last post. But anyways, I was out for a bit so that’s why I didn’t reply. I’m pretty sure they are posting them in waves, so they will probably be out later. 
- Kylie

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Hello again! Is it possible to request a part 2 for the doctor!Midorima x patient!reader scenario? Since you didn't kill her off (and I'm glad you didn't c;), how about Midorima had become so desperate to keep her alive that he asked her family to send her to the US to receive better treatment? He hadn't had any contact with her for years since he doesn't mind if he won't see her anymore as long as she's alive (backstory again heheh). - 1

PART 1 can be found HERE


“Excuse me, can I get a serving of takoyaki? With extra seaweed please, thank you.”

You paid the counter with exact change and found a place to sit, shading you away from the blazing sun. Putting your suitcase to one side, you started to munch on the delicacy you have missed oh-so-much.

Your eyes drifted to the busy streets of Tokyo. The crowd had a life on its own, the vibrant clothes shone in the morning light and the people moved like enchanting shoals of fish. There was a chatter between sellers and buyers, old friends catching up, new friends made. It was busy for sure, but the hustle and bustle brought life to the city that you wouldn’t want to be without.

To observe and to cherish – those were the two things you have never failed to keep up ever since –

You stopped chewing.

Ever since… America.

And it was all thanks to him.

You considered going to the hospital he worked at. But what if he had someone else? What if he had someone new?

You didn’t blame him of course. It was only normal for one to move on after what, 7 years?

Especially him.

He had it all – a successful career, blessed good looks and an amazing personality.

But his eyes. Oh those eyes. You could still remember the way they met yours before his lips did.

And you wondered if he was looking at some other girl with that same loving gaze.

You threw away your empty box into the trash, trying to steer your way around the wave of people. You called a taxi and headed over to your parents’. It had been so long since you’ve last seen them too. They couldn’t afford to visit you ever so often, considering your medical bills and living costs in the States.

Words alone couldn’t describe how grateful you were. To your parents, to your doctors, to him.

After countless medications, treatments and surgeries –

Did you even deserve this?

“Wait.” You said.

The taxi came to a sudden stop and your driver questioned if you would like to be dropped off. You nodded, paying the man.

You shook your head stupidly. You just had to stop here…

In front of you was the familiar white hospital building you were being treated in 7 years ago. The place where you thought you met the love of your life.

You placed a hand on your chest, feeling the sudden pacing of your heartbeat as you entered the building, the familiar smell of perfumed scents and the beautiful framed pieces of art on the walls brought on a pile of nostalgia. Nothing has changed.

You found your way to the familiar double doors that would lead you to the lounge rooms – somewhere he used to like taking breaks; sipping his long black and reading yesterday’s news. There was a faint chatter inside but you pulled your hand back, letting second thoughts get the better of you.

You spun around and started to walk away, a million scenarios and ‘what-if’s playing out in your head.

“Good morning, miss. Is there anything I can assist you with?”

The friendly chime of a nurse’s voice broke off your train of thoughts. You shook your head and smiled politely.

“No thank you, I was just on my way o-“

Your smile faded, and you held your breath involuntarily. The man that had just passed by looked like he didn’t truly belong in the midst of dull painted walls and bored looking people. Not with his bright green hair and eyes that never failed to show his love for his job. Your head turned just as he brushed past, his name caught in your throat. Though his legs moved slowly, he was still walking away as fast as any staff member, each stride carrying him further.

“Midor-“ You stopped yourself, clutching your luggage handle tighter.


His name echoed through the narrow hallways before it reached his ears. You could see his shoulders tense as he turned around slowly, his eyes growing wide as they landed on you. His lips parted, as if he was about to say something, but he closed them again. A look of pure disbelief in his eyes as he carefully made his way towards you, taking in the image of your being thoroughly.

“Y-You…” He appeared to be at loss for words.

You looked up at him.

How many times have you pictured this moment happening?

How many times have you rehearsed this conversation in your head?

…So why were you  so tongue tied right now?

You couldn’t think straight – No, you could barely see straight anymore. Unplanned tears have made their way down your cheeks, allowing you to see nothing but blurs.

Midorima took a step forward, almost like he wanted to comfort you – but you knew that the hospital setting prevented him from doing so.

He cleared his throat, “How are you? Have you been well?”

“I’m great. Better than I’ve ever been actually.” You smiled.

“That is very good news. It appears sending you for treatment in America was the best choice then.”

The both of you were holding back. As if afraid to say something or step over a line. But there was no mistaking the mixture of excitement, happiness and surprise hidden underneath both your twinkling eyes.

“Do you want to… Maybe grab lunch… later?” You stuttered out, feeling a blush creep onto your cheeks.  “I-I mean if you’re not busy… With your friends or… girlfriend, or anything…”

He cleared his throat again, “Yes. I have my lunch break in an hour. And no. No, I… I don’t have any plans today. For anyone… on that matter.”

“Oh-Good. I-I mean I, uh- I’ll head home first then.” You declared, glancing at your luggage bag. Midorima nodded before he adjusted his glasses.

“Hey.” You said before walking away.

He had a questioning look on his face.

“I’m not your patient anymore, Shintaro.” You spoke softly, feeling both a tinge of familiarity and unfamiliarity as his name rolled off your tongue.

“Yes. That… That’s right.” He said, still trying to maintain his professional image when his heart wanted to do otherwise.

You let yourself sink into him as you wrapped your arms around his waist in a tight squeeze, breathing in his scent and the warmth you have been missing.

“That means it’s fine if I do this…” You murmured before quickly pulling away. He hadn’t gotten a chance to react, but the flush on his cheeks told you all you needed to know.

“T-Then I’ll see you in an hour. It was nice seeing you.” You sped away, dragging your suitcase behind you noisily. The redness on your cheeks were too deep to be referred to as ‘cute’ and if you had stayed for a while longer you would have made a fool out of yourself in front of him. You stole a peek at him. He stood there as he watched you leave, a smile gracing his lips before he turned the opposite way.

  • Send me one of these sentences and our muses will have a simple chat, using only dialogue:
  • "Where have you been?"
  • "Are you nervous about tomorrow?"
  • "Do you have a special someone?"
  • "Can I talk to you about something?"
  • "What's on your mind?"
  • "I don't know what to do."
  • "I can't sleep."
  • "I keep wondering if I made the right decision."
  • "You look tired."
  • "I'm glad you're here."

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Hello! One thing before I make my request, one, I really love your blog! It feels like you write the phantom thieves so accurately and you seem like a really awesome person, so full of optimism and energy! Anyway, I've read your female!Akira headcanons, and I have my own (odd) headcanon that Hiruta (the only attractive male teacher) is a confidant and potential romance, like with Kawakami. So, I was wondering if you agree with this, and if you do, add some headcanons for what it be like! Thanks!

SJDKHSKHS you are a beautiful and bright ray of sunshine like I could never compare?? Thank you for your compliments, it means a lot!!! ;A; As much as I would LOVE to write about our dear Hiruta, requests are unfortunately closed. Sorry, and thank you for taking the time to write this!!

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I'm AMAB and recently started identifying as demigirlflux (not 100% sure, but it feels right). Being seen as male makes me very uncomfortable, but I'm not entirely confident with a thoroughly feminine presentation either. What are some more subtle things I can do to manage this social dysphoria?

one of the biggest things that helped me with my social dysphoria was socially transitioning. being called my chosen name and proper pronouns by my friends really helps. 

if you haven’t decided on your pronouns yet choose a set of pronouns and ask your friends to try out the set of pronouns and that can help you figure you out which pronouns are right for you. you can also send in an ask here: 


personally i present as mostly male so i get misgendered in public by strangers 99% of the time. being misgendered sucks but for me it hurts more when someone who knows i’m trans misgenders me. 

so depending on how you present, you might get misgendered in public. and if that happens, just remember that we are all socialized to assume everyone’s gender. i’m not saying that they have the right to misgender you but if you look at it that way maybe being misgendered in public will hurt less. 

like i said earlier i present as mostly male. i also carry a purse with me and i sometimes wear makeup or at least just some lipstick, and sometimes i paint my nails. so if you don’t want to present as fully female or as fully male you don’t have to. no matter how you present you are valid. 

something that i do when i’m around my parents is paint my nails with clear nail polish. it’s really subtle but it really helps my dysphoria. 

here are some more dysphoria tips: 


if you need help figuring out your gender send in another ask and we’ll help. 

or you can check here: 


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Someone is copying your work on ao3??!? How rude!!

i can’t say for sure someone is, but i’m like 90% positive the user Werecakes (which is super close to my username, Werepirechick) is using my poltergeist Donnie idea for their (poorly written, completely OOC) tcest fanfic.

i’d been holding off telling people on here, but i’d like to ask you all something. would the lot of you mind going to this link here and checking the story over yourselves? and then come back to me here and tell me if i’m just being paranoid or if this person really has been copying my writing. (i can’t make my brain focus on it all the way through, and i’m biased, so i haven’t been able to decide.)

it’d be a real relief to finally have a concrete conclusion to this dilemma, since its been bothering me on and off for a while.

(looking at how the title is arranged too feels like my own work. “I hear static, I hear you” vs “Come out, Come out” ://)

snuffles’ bday page! 🎉

because i sometimes suck at remembering birthdays (anyway, i remember them but i sometimes mix the dates and it’s definitely not cool), i decided to open a bday page!

  • must be following this nerd over here
  • send me an ask with your birthday to add it to the page (i still have to decide on one)
  • “gifts”: ask, little promo and maybe a surprise edit (if i have time, uni can be a bitch.  also, i still have to finish some requests but that’s another different thing)