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millienery  asked:

Hey marcia:) sorry to bother but I needed to ask...How do you establish commission prices?Lately I've been thinking of opening them myself but I don't really know how much it is okay to charge? I know it's supposed to be according to the amount of time taken per drawing,among other things. I'm not sure anyone would be interested, so I'm afraid it won't work, but at the same time I feel like I should just go for it(?)Like, I dont have the courage to start.. Thanks for reading this♡have a nice day

Hi! I’ll be happy to help :)

Honestly, this topic is one of the hardest and the most subjective things in the semi-private sector of art industry. Basically, you’re forced to ask yourself “how much is my work actually worth in the terms of money?” and this can be tricky. Obviously, no one wants to underprice their art and bring themselves down but overpricing will discourage the potential clients - achieving equilibrium is necessary. And difficult.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How long have you been drawing?
    If you’re rather an inexperienced artist/commisionee, you shouldn’t go for relatively high prices. One of the functions of price is informing the client of the quality of the service they can expect from you and the brand value. A new shop selling shoes cannot charge as much as Nike, you get the idea.

  • What is the service you can provide?
    In other words, what can you really draw? People will come to you demanding different things: their  OCs, favourite ships, fursonas etc. and you gotta know what you are able to draw. If someone wanted a dragon in a forest, you can’t just not announce that “you don’t know how to draw trees in perspective” by the end of the commission process! This goes back to experience - the less confident you are about your skills the less you should charge.

  • How long does it take you to make one piece?
    Usually, the longer you draw the more you can charge for a picture, but! Remember that time taking accidents such as “I cant get this hand right, I drew it 5 times and it still does not look ok” don’t count! That would be the effect of your lack of experience rather than you making the piece more detailed. We’re talking about a theoretically smooth process here.

  • How much time are you willing to spend on a particular commission?
    This is a little bit different from the previous point. The questions asks: how much time are you willing to spend to satisfy your client fully? Are you willing to make several value sketches? Colour compositions? How many times will you go back and redraw something because the client informed you they didn’t like it?
    The more you’re ready to do for your client the more you can charge. However, remember!! Each sketch/idea has to be of the same quality!! You can’t suddenly stop caring halfway through or decide that “this composition sucks, the client won’t choose it anyway, so I can half-ass it”
    You don’t get to decide that, the client does.

  • How much would you spend on your own art?
    Be honest and do not be greedy. You’re only starting and since art is surely your hobby, low prices will not hurt at the time being. First, you have to dip your toe in the water and decide if it’s okay, then make changes and eventually rise prices.

  • Check prices of other artists! 
    You gotta know what your competition is serving :) This should be your starting point, but!! Take as a reference several people with relatively similar art styles/experience to yours, and again, be honest with yourself. Adjust these prices to the criteria I mentioned above.

Additional commission related tips:

  • be as informative and neutral as you can be during the commission process; you can throw in suggestions but never any uncomfortable opinions
  • remember that it is you who has to put effort into pleasing the client,
  • it is not the client’s obligation to jump around you,
  • you can refuse to draw something, moreover, you can refuse the whole service if the client is eg. acting shady,
  • in your commission info state your contact, price info, way of paying and when it happens (before/middle/after work), how the commissioning process looks, how much time it takes, your preferences/info about your abilities (not necessary) and what you expect from the client,
  • the more information you provide the more confident the client will feel, it rises the chances of them commissioning you
  • be professional, be serious; surprise surprise - it is your job! :)

I think that’s all, hope I covered the topic fully and it helped! Now go rock the art industry <3

pandagirl7878  asked:

Do... Do you have any tips on drawing digitally? Specifically shading and all that?

Oh heck, erm well I’m certainly not the best teacher but since you asked so nicely I’ll do my best! |`・ω・)9

In general tips, one of the best things I’ve found you can do when sketching/sorting out proportion is to FLIP YOUR CANVAS! Because of the way we are taught to read, left to right or right to left, we tend to have a natural sort of bias in our head when drawing to make it slant left or right as well as focusing on different parts of the drawing, overlooking others.

Ever had that feeling that somethings ‘off’, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it? Chances are it’s a drawing slant or subtle mistake in the anatomy, but because of your eye’s bias you can’t recognise it easily. However, if you flip the canvas it tends to become (all too plainly ;0=0) visible!!

Here’s an example using a quick sketch of my persona, done without flipping the drawing at all:

I’ve been raised reading left to right, and so the left original image looks much better to me! Long story short - especially when doing the intial sketch, flip your canvas every so often to check you havn’t missed anything! You should definately see the results!

For shading… well, it’s quite a broad subject but I’ll try to just go over a few key rules!

1. DON’T SHADE WITH BLACK!!! (Unless it’s a monochronme drawing.) I see people doing this all the time, and it really ruins the feel of a peice and makes the shadows look odd and unnatural, destroying the depth. Instead, use a darker tone of the colour - here’s a comparison!

2. Colours affect other colours! When you’re drawing highlights from a light source, it’s important to remember that the colour of the light will impact how the object lit up will look. A good example of this is from when I drew one of @xgemdrawsx‘s ocs a while back:

Always keep in mind as well as where your light spource is coming from, what colour it is and use the colour wheel to help see how it will affect your subject! (full art image here)

3. Find the right brush for you! A large part of perfecting your shading is experimenting with different brush types in order to find the one that you feel works best with your style!

You don’t need to have a fancy art program like photoshop to get some nice brushes - sure they’re quite helpful, but if you’re a cheapskate like me you can download firealpaca for free and play around with the settings until you find something you’re comfortable with. If you look online or are a tech smartypants, you can even make your own from scratch for maximum customisation!

4. Practice and DETERMINATION!!! When you get down to it, shading is essentially just re-going over the same area, again and again, until it looks just right (which can take anything from 5 minutes to an hour). A lot of my bigger artworks take on average 8 hours each to complete (which is why I have to post so many gosh darn wips!), so don’t expect your work to look amazing immediately! It takes A LOT of hard work and a strong will to keep going, but the end result will always be worth it!

The best way to improve, believe it or not, is just simply to practice. Draw on the bus. Draw at home. Doodle in a textbook (or if your teacher’s looking don’t o=o). If you have an art block, search online, listen to music or do whatever it is you do for inspiration until you’re ready to go again and don’t give up!! You don’t have to draw ALLLL the time, but sketching something no matter how small or simple per day is always going to be better than nothing. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Anyways, I hope you found at least some of those helpful! If you have any more questions, or want me to elaborate further on anything at all, drop me an ask and I’ll answer to the best of my ability - now go forth and create beautiful art!!!

(。+・`ω・´)/ .*:゚:*. :゚: *:゚

For Us

Happy birthday, Danny Boi! I know it’s already June 12 in the majority of the world, including the part Dan’s in, but it’s 10:00 PM on June 11 where I am sO I’M GONNA KEEP THE CELEBRATION GOING WITH A FIC!!!

Description: It’s Dan’s 26th birthday and he’s feeling a bit existential. But Phil comes along with the ultimate day and the ultimate present to cheer him up.

Genre: Extreme fluff 

Warning: Some potential existential crisis-starting material 

Word Count: 1330

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anonymous asked:

Hey can I request brotherly bonding between 2D and Murdoc on plastic beach? Idk I'm just obsessed with tht phase

(Guess who started crying like a little fuckin bitch while writing this???? (hint: its me)…. enjoy the angst but love, also i hope this is what you meant ???????)

Plastic Beach was a strangely beautiful place, 2D had agreed with himself. It felt lonely and melancholy even if you shared the place with someone. Company did nothing about the feeling that this island left in your chest. Then again, sharing the island of garbage with none other than Murdoc Niccals was a difficult thing to call company; he was drunk all the time and when he wasn’t drunk, he was just in a horrible mood. It ended up with 2D spending a lot of evenings by the shore all alone, watching the waves and humming to himself. Murdoc was usually passed out by then. 2D always managed to put him in recovery position and that meant that nothing terrible could happen; he couldn’t choke on his own vomit, in fact, the worst thing that could happen was Murdoc pissing himself. It had happened a few times.

The evening sky was turning several colours of red, orange and pink. Only a glimpse of the sun was left in the horizon, and 2D took a swig of his beer and curled his toes in his flip-flops as a cold breeze washed over him from the sea. The wind seemed to come from all directions and it was pleasant.

Much to his surprise, Murdoc sat down beside him and 2D turned his head to figure out just how much he had had to drink today. It was easy to read if you looked at his eyes and how distant they were.

“You’re sober?” 2D asked in surprise, raising his brows at the sight. It was uncommon and almost quite scary.

“It’s Noodle’s birthday,” Murdoc replied, thinking it was enough of an answer, and it was. 2D couldn’t count on one hand how many times, he had heard him having nightmares now, waking up and gasping for air. It had always been about her.

“That’s right,” 2D said quietly, “Wanna talk about it?”

“Sod off,” Murdoc quickly replied and 2D responded by holding his hands up in defeat, his beer spilling slightly, “Just asking, it’s a special day for her. Remember when we caught her with the trimmer? Fuck, her hair was everywhere. We had to buy her like ten different hats and helmets for her birthday that year.”

“Yeah, poor thing didn’t know what the fuck that thing could do,” Murdoc smiled fondly but it quickly faded again and silence washed over them. 2D looked at the sky, watching how it turned more and more dark, and the waves more noisy and mysterious. Only a couple of hours left of her special day, at least where they were.

“I looked everywhere for her,” Murdoc finally said. Here we go, 2D thought to himself. Murdoc cleared his throat, “It just feels so hopeless, ya know? I don’t know where she is and I failed her.”

“You didn’t fail her, Muds,” 2D reasoned but Murdoc let out a sad chuckle, “Oh shut up, numbnut. I shouldn’t have stopped looking, God knows where the hell she is. She was a teenager, and I should’ve been there.”

“You’re not her father,” 2D shrugged, pouring the rest of his beer out into the water and Murdoc sighed, “But I should’ve been, ya know? I-it should’ve been me, you two were way too young to handle a teenager anyway.”

“Well, I can handle you,” 2D smirked and it earned him a slap to the back of his head, causing him to wince but not smirk any less.

“No wonder I screwed her over so bad,” Murdoc said as he closed his eyes briefly, “I’m not even old enough in my own fucking head to have responsibilities like that. What do I know about raising kids? I sure fucked up.”

“It’s something you learn, I guess,” 2D tried and furrowed his brows. Sober Murdoc felt strange and slightly uncomfortable, “You can’t be good at everything from the beginning.”

“What have I got to learn this kind of responsibility from? My own father? He was an old cunt, loved humiliating me, humiliating the everloving shit out of me, and make me feel like I was a waste of space.”

“Oh c'mon, you old man,” 2D sighed.

“No, honestly, some family, huh?” Murdoc snarled.

“Muds, calm down.”

“No, look - I failed her so badly and I can’t even wish her a happy birthday.”

“Wait here,” 2D finally said and left the seaside. Murdoc rolled his eyes and grabbed the empty bottle, lifting it up and was just about to smash it. 2D grabbed his wrist, “Don’t. I’d have to go get another one and pour it out. Drunk Murdoc Niccals will hate it when I tell about the waste of beer.”

“What on earth are you talking about, dimwit?” Murdoc snapped but tilted his head as 2D handed him a piece of paper as well as a pen.

“Write her something, I don’t have to read it, just write her something and we’ll tape up the bottle and throw it into the sea,” 2D said, causing Murdoc to narrow his eyes. He eventually gave in and took the pen.

It took him a moment to write a short message and then another moment to read it through at least ten times. He eventually nodded and 2D handed him the tape to seal it.

Soon, it was floating away from them and 2D decided not to ask what Murdoc had written. Instead he just stood a bit closer to him, daring to wrap an arm around him. To his surprise, Murdoc did nothing but just leaned his weight ever so slightly into him.

“We’re your family now, Muds.”

There was no answer from Murdoc for a long time but a hand was placed on his shoulder, and it was good enough for 2D.

“I think I’ve got an idea for a new song,” Murdoc said after a long while, watching the bottle float away, “A title at least.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“Empire Ants.”

carry on, darling, we were built to last


Victor was cut off by his own hiccup and Yuuri sighed. A small smile was playing on his lips, but he sighed anyway, just because. Victor had promised to be pacing himself at the beginning of the banquet and it was only an hour later that he stumbled over to Yuuri, slurring his name with a thick Russian accent, the r rolling off his tongue in a way that made Yuuri’s skin tingle just a little.

He wasn’t mad, no. Victor deserved this. If he wanted to drink, he was free to drink, and in the morning Yuuri will be there to pat his back and point out to him with a smile that “I warned you this was going to happen.”

Victor’s jacket was gone, Yuuri noticed when his fiancé draped himself all over him, but the rest of him was as immaculate as when they’d left their hotel room earlier that night. Something stronger than champagne was sloshing in his glass, colouring his cheeks and tainting his breath. He leaned over Yuuri’s back, hugging him loosely from behind, glass pressed to Yuuri’s chest to keep from spilling in his unsteady hand.

“Yuuri,” Victor whined into the side of Yuuri’s neck, breath hot on Yuuri’s skin and making a shiver creep up Yuuri’s spine. “Why is no one dancing? This party is so boring, let’s dance!”

Yuuri, who’s been talking to Phichit and Celestino, shot them a look which could just as well mean “I’m so sorry for this,” or “please don’t comment”, or “see what I’m dealing with here, please help”. They both smiled at him in amusement, absolutely no help at all.

“He’s right, Yuuri,” Phichit offered, the best friend he was, and Yuuri glared at him. “This party is boring, go dance with your man.”

“Right? Thank you, Phichit!” Victor grinned, but his grin soon disappeared as he frowned, turning to look at Yuuri. “Wait, what man? You have a man, Yuuri? Why didn’t I know that?” He gasped, free hand flying up to his mouth. “Are you che–” A hiccup broke his dramatic sentence, but Victor seemed unfazed and continued as if nothing happened. “–ating on me?”

Phichit snickered at that and Victor looked at him, confused and betrayed, beginnings of a pout curling around his mouth. His eyes crossed a little when he stepped away from Yuuri. Yuuri didn’t give him a chance to pursue the topic, though, taking Victor by the hand.

“You’re my man, Victor,” he said, a little flush on his cheeks. “My only man, remember?”

He lifted his free hand to remind him of the matching rings sitting proudly on their fingers. Victor’s face immediately brightened into a grin.

“Yuuri,” he sung, hugging him close. “I love you so much! Marry me!”

Yuuri laughed a little, hugging him back.

“There, there.” He patted Victor’s back, plucking the glass from his fingers and handing it over to Phichit. “Enough drinking for you tonight.”

“Mm, fine,” Victor mumbled softly into his shoulder.

“Do you want to go back to our room?” Yuuri asked, trying to peer down at him and blinking instead when his own eyes crossed from looking too close. He wrinkled his nose.

“Nooo…” Victor pushed away from him. “I want to dance! Dance with me, Yuuri!”

He took Yuuri’s hands and pulled, pulled, pulled, until Yuuri caved and let him lead him away from Phichit and Celestino.

“Have fun!” Phichit called after them, but Yuuri was too busy making sure that Victor didn’t trip over his own legs, or worse, bump into anyone important in his haste.

They stopped in the middle of the room, Victor twirling Yuuri around and Yuuri easily stepped into it. He laughed softly to himself when Victor brought him back into his arms. He was lead in a slow dance he couldn’t even name, it was probably just a random mixture of everything and nothing, but when they slowly swayed from side to side, their feet moving in sync even if they weren’t looking, Yuuri didn’t necessarily care.

“You’re not really drunk, are you?” Yuuri said when Victor twirled them around as if they were doing the waltz.

“Ah,” Victor smiled, a sheepish, adorable smile that melted Yuuri’s heart a little. “Was it that obvious?”

Yuuri smiled back. “You haven’t stripped yet, so yeah, a bit.”

“I knew I forgot something,” Victor mumbled to himself over a hum.

“I’m glad you’re not drunk, though,” Yuuri said, stepping closer to him and taking the lead right out of Victor’s hands. He dipped him down, smiling into the widened, but delighted blue eyes. “This way both of us will remember tonight with no regrets.”

Victor laughed, a happy, little laugh that made Yuuri’s fingers tingle with warmth.

“Yuuri,” he purred. “I never have any regrets when it comes to you.”

Yuuri blushed, the warmth spreading from his fingers over his whole body, reaching deep into his chest and setting it alight. They straightened, but before they took up the dancing again, Victor leaned in to steal a kiss – a short, sweet press of lips that ghosted over Yuuri’s like a promise of forever.

And Yuuri flushed, and smiled, and danced his man all over the banquet hall, drunk on air, happiness and love, because no alcohol could ever give him what Victor had.

This is a late gift for Ashlee’s (@austennerdita2533) Birthday. You said you liked mates and arranged marriages, so you get both. I hope you like it!

“I’m sorry, what?” Caroline said, staring at Klaus as she waited for her answer, but he wouldn’t meet her eyes, his gaze very focused on his palms laying on top of the table that rested between them.

He let out a long-suffering sigh before he spoke, his voice calm as he chose the words carefully, “It is a tradition in our pack for mates to be married as soon as possible, as long as they’re of age. It is… old-fashioned, I must admit, but our laws are what they are.”

“They are your laws. Not mine,” she reminded him pointedly.

Meeting your mate was supposed to be an exciting moment, like something had clicked into place, but ever since Klaus had showed up in her life, she felt like she had been knocked off her feet. He was from a different pack, which wouldn’t have been a problem if they weren’t both the next in line to assume the leadership of their clans, which meant that a long process of union had to take place.

An union that apparently had to begin with their wedding when she had only known him for three days.

Klaus finally met her gaze, his eyes surprisingly warm, “You know that you’ll have to live by our traditions, love, just as I’ll have to live by yours. It’s the only way our people will accept this change and we have to do what’s best for them.”

She was about to ask him if he was seriously trying to use her responsibilities as future alpha to make her marry him, but she realised that it wasn’t quite his intention. And that he was right – which made her completely hate him.

It was frightening.

Our people. We.

Caroline always knew that this would happen, that she would find her mate and that her life would be forever intertwined with someone else’s, but marriage? She was 20 and she didn’t even know him. How the hell was she going to explain that to her friends?

Besides, the fact that Klaus had been on his best behaviour around her didn’t mean that she hadn’t heard the whispers about him; how his wolf seemed to delight in the kill, how none of his enemies could run fast enough to get away from his claws and teeth.

The stories of how Mikael’s body had been found still made the hairs of her neck stand up.

And, yet, she found herself nodding. It wasn’t like she had much choice, anyway. “Fine. When… When should we get married?”

Klaus shrugged, “As soon as possible, love. If you want a big party, that can buy us a couple of months, but even so, we can only get away with waiting until June before people start asking questions.”

Ugh, now that just wouldn’t do – was there anything tackier than a June wedding?

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I'm Just The Pizza Guy- Brendon Urie Imagine

~TW: domestic abuse~

You sit in your room with your best friend, watching some movie they had picked out. You were so engrossed in the film that when the door bell rang, you both jumped.

 "That scared the shit outta me.“ You say and stand up to go answer the door, fairly certain that it’s the pizza guy, the cute one that always flirts with you. He always delivers on the weekends and you just happen to always order on the weekends so you’ve met multiple times. He’s about your age but you wouldn’t know. Hell, you don’t even know his name but you kind of consider yourselves friends. You open the door and sure enough, there he is. 

 "Hey.” He smiles.

 "Hi. Oh my god, I can smell the jalapeño. It’s smells amaaazing.“ You absolutely love the little jalapeño pepper they put in each box of pizza. He laughs a little and you giggle, handing him the $20 bill and him giving you the pizza.

 "Keep the change,” this was no surprise to him at this point because you always let him keep it. 

 "Thanks.“ He shoots you a million dollar smile as he walks away. You just nod and shut the door. You take the box upstairs and put it on the bed next to (Y/F/N).

 "What took you so long?” They ask without taking their eyes off the tv and blindly grabbing a slice. You smile to yourself. 



 "Get the fuck out of my house you fucking asshole!” Your boyfriend, Michael, pushes you roughly aside and storms towards the door.

 "Fuck you!“ He slams the door. 

You stand in silence for a few moments, not knowing what to do. Michael has never been the nicest guy but after he cooled down he was always so apologetic and you always forgave him. You always thought things would get better but they’re not. They’re actually getting worse. You reach your hand to touch your cheek where it was burning from the contact his hand made with your face a few minutes ago. This was nothing new; but today, for some reason it really made you think.

 You sit on the ground quietly sobbing into the sleeves of your hoodie when all of a sudden, there’s an knock on the door which makes you jump. You think it’s one of three things : Michael coming back to get his stuff, Michael coming back to apologise, or Michael coming back to make sure he shut you up well enough. The person knocks again and anxiety runs through your veins.

 "It’s Marie’s pizza!” A male voice yells through the door. You sigh in relief. 

“I forgot he made me order that fucking pizza.” You unlock and open the door to reveal a boy in a black tshirt and black jeans, holding a pizza box and a receipt. The boy smiles and hands you the pizza. 

 "Hey, stranger. Long time, no see.“ He laughs a little and you smile in return.

 "I saw you last Friday, doofus.” You hear him giggle as you dig the cash out of your pocket and hand it to him. You look up and he just stares at you for a couple seconds, as if he’s waiting for you to say something. You chuckle and roll your eyes. 

 "You know I don’t want change. Get outta here.“ He winks before turning and walking back to his car. 

You watch his long legs stride down the driveway before you shut the door, smiling to yourself. You set the pizza on the counter and go to get a plate from the cabinet. You pick up a slice and start to put it on the plate when you realise that you’re not gonna want to come back down for more so you just take the whole box up to your room and never come out the rest of the night.

 ~~~~~~~NEXT WEEK~~~~~~~~

 It’s Friday night again and of course, Michael is asleep in your bed as you shower, washing off the blood and dirt from the brutal beating you’d just received. He was not happy about that fact that you were talking to another boy besides him while he wasn’t around. You were only catching up with a friend but when he saw you it was all over. You have bruises up and down your arms, your ribs hurt, and you’re pretty sure you have a black eye. None of it matters though, it’s not anything some concealer can’t cover up, you never really leave the house anyway. You sigh and continue trying to wash away the pain as the pinkish coloured water runs down the drain.

 Once you’re done, you throw on some leggings and a tshirt and then put a hoodie on because your house seems so much colder than usual. For a second you think maybe it’s Michael’s presence that makes your house seem so less warm and cozy but you shake the thought, deciding it was stupid. You’re drying your hair with a towel when you hear a knock at the door. Pizza. It’s like the rainbow after the hurricane. This also means you’ll see the cute pizza boy. You almost skip to the door to answer it. When you open it you of course see the tall, skinny boy standing on your doorstep. You smile, glad to see him but his face drops. 

 "Oh my god, are you okay?” You wrinkle your forehead in confusion until you see his hand slowly reaching for your face and then you realise that you haven’t covered any of Michael’s damage up. His thumb gently strokes your cheekbone and you can feel the bruise forming there. 

 "Y-yeah. I’m fine. I just…get into trouble sometimes. You should see the other guy.“ You chuckle a little and his eyebrows draw up in sympathy, probably not buying your story at all. You don’t look like the type to get into fights.

 "Are you sure you’re okay?” He asks. You see him glance back in your house, looking for the person responsible for this but there was no one. You simply nod.  

“I promise.” You hold put the cash and he hands you the pizza skeptically but nods. 

 "O-okay. Enjoy your pizza.“ You smile and he does too before going back to his car.

 You set the pizza on the counter, ready to dig into the food but when you open the box, you’re caught off guard by a note written on the inside of the lid in what appears to be black sharpie. ‘I threw some extra peppers in for you :) -Brendon’ He even left a number on the receipt. You grin like an idiot.

 "So pizza boy has a name….” You quietly say to yourself as you pick up one of the jalapeños, taking a bite. You take your food to the couch and enjoy it a lot more than usual. You smile as you watch reruns of Friends on tv and text Brendon, the latter bring your main priority. You find out that he is even more adorable when you exchange more than 3 sentences with him. As you read his texts you could imagine his voice in your head. He was the only thing running through your mind all night and you weren’t made about it at all.

 *******BRENDON’S POV********* 

 It’s Saturday evening and the smell of 4 jalapeño peppers fills my nose as I drive the familiar road to (Y/N)’s house to deliver her pizza. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been putting extra peppers in her boxes since I found out she likes them so much. It’s been a week since I’ve seen her but putting my phone number on that receipt was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

 I pull up at her house and fix my hair in my rear view mirror. I pick up the box and walk up to the door. I knock and hear yelling inside before (Y/N) opens the door. She barely gets the door open halfway before she’s forcefully pulled back by someone. She yells out in pain and then I realise that she’s actually in trouble. I set the pizza on the ground and push the door open to see her boyfriend grabbing her by the shoulders as she sobs and begs him not to hurt her. 

 "Hey!“ I yell. He turns to see me and shoves her to the ground as she whimpers.  

"What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I say approaching him.

 "Why don’t you mind your own damn business? Who even are you?“ He scowls at me.

 "I’m just the pizza guy…but I don’t let assholes like you go around beating up pretty girls." 

 *********(Y/N)’S POV*********** 

 All of a sudden you hear shoes scuffling on the ground and grunting from people being punched. You can’t even open your eyes to look because you’re basically having a panic attack. You didn’t want Brendon to get hurt but you couldn’t do anything. The yelling and punching goes on for about 3 minutes until you hear someone hit the floor, hard and you pray it’s not Brendon. Someone groans, taking the hits from someone else.

 "Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Her. Ever. Again.” You hear Brendon grit through his teeth in between either punches or kicks, you can’t tell. All you hear is Michael groaning in pain. 

 "Now get out! And don’t fucking come back.“ Brendon yells as you hear Michael shuffling out the house. You keep your eyes shut and stay curled up on the ground. You hear a sigh and the door shutting, then footsteps walking towards you. 

 ”(Y/N). (Y/N), it’s Brendon. It’s okay. He’s gone.“ He places a hand on your shoulder and you flinch a little then relax. You open your eyes and see Brendon kneeling next to you, hair messed up, falling in his face and his nose is bleeding a little. You immediately wrap your arms around his neck and he wraps his arms under you legs, picking you up and sitting down on the couch with you. 

 "Are you alright?” He asks, you could tell he’s concerned as hell. You nod your head and look up at his face again.

 "Are you okay? You know your nose is bleeding, right?“ He lets out a small chuckle and nods.

 You stand up and he stays seated on the couch, wondering what you’re doing. You hold out your hand and he takes it. You lead him upstairs to the bathroom and close the toilet lid, motioning for him to sit on it. He does so as you get the rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls from the mirror cabinet. You press the cotton ball against the opening of the bottle and tilt it down, soaking the cotton in alcohol. You stand in front of Brendon and start dabbing his cuts on his face and cleaning the spots of blood. He winces a little and you apologise but continue. Once you’re done he smiles and thanks you. You just sit on his lap, resting your head on his shoulder. Brendon wraps his arms around you and you guys just sit in silence for a few moments. 

 "You didn’t get in a fight, did you?” He asks referring to a couple weeks ago when he saw your black eye and bruised face. 

 "No.“ You whisper out as tears begin to fall down your face. Brendon sighs.

 "Oh my god…..how long has he been doing this to you, (Y/N)?” You stay silent for a couple seconds before answering. 

 "A few months. But if you would’ve asked me a few months ago if I thought it would end up this, I would’ve been offended that you’d even think Michael would do something like that.“ You shake your head in shame.

 "I don’t even know how this happened…” Your voice strains as you begin to cry harder. Brendon rubs your back, trying to calm you down.

 "Hey, look at me.“ You sniffle and sit up to be face to face with him. He uses his thumbs to wipe away your tears. 

 "He’s an absolute dick. He didn’t deserve to ever have you, alright?” His hands cup your face. 

 "And I just want you to know that I’d never ever hurt you in any way. I never want to see you cry. You’re too beautiful to cry.“ You sniffle and smile, looking down before you look up and place your lips on his. You can feel him smile into the kiss and you wrap your arms around his neck as your lips move in sync. You tangle your hands in his hair and grind your hips down a little which causes him to moan. You pull away to your my breath and he just smirks at you. 

 "Are you too injured to keep going?” He asks you and you shake your head, your chest rising and falling. 

 "Nope. You?“ You ask. 

 "Not at all.” He picks you up and starts carrying you to the closest bedroom with an open door.

 "Good. Let’s do it.“ 


 Here’s the second one! This ones kinda short and it was hard to edit and write cuz I’m on my phone but let me know what you think and requests are open! :)

 - Blue

~ I'm not going anywhere // Jihoon/Woozi fluff ~

Request: “Could you do a lil fluff of Jihoon helping you when you’re having a panic attack?”

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, extensive description of a panic attack - please, please do not read if you may be triggered! 

Pairing: Jihoon/Reader

Word count: 1,099

(a/n): I know the person requesting asked for a ‘lil’ fluff but I accidentally started writing and couldn’t stop…oops? ALSO I just wanted to say I’ve only written regarding a panic attack once or twice before and have never personally experienced one, so I had to do a bit of research into the symptoms and stuff because I really didn’t want to give any false impressions of what they are like or offend anybody or anything like that. Please tell me if there are any problems with this, and I’ll fix them straight away. Sorry to ramble but with such an important issue I didn’t want to misrepresent anything, if that makes sense! I haven’t edited this much, but hopefully it’s all okay. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and here it is~

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anonymous asked:

Fanon Allen: angel. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Canon Allen: get out of my fucking way I'm gonna win this poker game and get all the money, strip everyone naked and leave them in the train with no clothes. No mercy. Innocent who?!

It’s amazing because people get distracted by his angel face and round big eyes and polite speech which is exactly what happens in canon too right before he shows his true colors always - actual Allen will talk shit about random women he’s just met, will hold Bak’s “secret” crush on Lena over his head and threaten him through it, will scare the living shit out of a small child the moment he realizes he’s a small child making him believe he’s been stabbed with a huge ass sword, has and will again yell at the most powerful bad on the whole planet while standing on his back??? - has stripped people naked for money and started stripping himself naked while talking about added prices for it, got in a shouting match with two enemies over who had it worse with their debts (related, had absolutely no qualms telling said enemies that his master was the devil incarnated while they were trying to make him defensive over him and I don’t blame him at all) also anything he’s ever done with Kanda ever, like, that’s a whole category on its own

I mean, Allen’s definitely super sweet and caring and protective of his ideals and the people he loves, but it’s part of his actual plot that somewhere inside him there’s still Red and that a mixture between Allen and Red is his true self and I’ll never stop being amused at how the fandom likes to forget about that tbh

Anon said: Different anon here; you said your creativity was influenced by how much material you get on the subject. Once these characters weeks end, would you be interested in getting some fics written for you? I like your art so it feels like a good way to thank you while also helping you get inspiration for more bokuro, I feel it’d be a win/win situation :) Good luck with all the work you have to do by the way!

I’m always a slut for words my friend !!! Tho I can’t promise whatever you write for me will make me want to draw, I could never and I will never say no to words about my otps haha

Anon said: do you mind other people copying certain aspects of your style? like not exactly the same but for example the way you kinda put the blush colour across the knees and elbows and such? bc i know some artists are kinda picky about that sort of thing

I don’t mind at all, go for it! Most of what I do with my style is a patchwork of things I liked in other people’s styles anyway, it would be really hypocritical of me if I told you I don’t want you to experiment with what you like too - let your creativity be free my friend!

And anyway as long as the hand drawing it is different and you don’t purposefully try to exactly copy something, even things taken from other people’s styles won’t look the same - that’s how art works, after all~

Anon said: hi!! so i was scrolling through your art the other day and it’s really cool to see how much you’ve changed *^^* i love your art so much and i think it’s really inspirational to see obvious improvement i guess? thanks ily good bye

OH MY GOD thank you so much!!!!!! *O* I’m!!!!! really glad you can see my stuff getting better???? AHHHHHH!!!!! what a good ask to get, I’m really happy right now hahaha

Anon said: Kirishima has a bad habit of chewing his pencils when he’s trying to focus and because he has those killer teeth his pencils get fricking destroyed and it stresses everyone out except him so his classmates give him a lot of pencils and he’s bamboozled as to why.

It’s good tho because Kiri doesn’t really realize he needs the pencils himself so he keeps on using his chewed-through ones and hoards the pencils he’s given by the others so when Bakugou’s temper ends up making his pencils explode or Kaminari’s stress fries his into uselessness or Mina inadvertently destroys hers with her acid he can just give them new ones and he feels really good about it

everyone else has no clue how to point out that that’s not why he was given the pencils to begin with because Kiri looks so happy about it too - one day Momo will just make a Crimson Riot pencil with an indestructible material and Kiri will love it so much and they’ll solve the problem once for all haha

Anon said: I seriously can’t get over your chibi style. It’s so cute!

AWWW THANK YOU!!!!! It’s super fun to draw too, so I’m happy you like it!!!!

Anon said: The way you are dodging angst is a true art tbh

Oh my god anon I got bad news for you seems like in the bakushima week I gave in to the soft-sads (note to self: never sketch out prompts when you’re feeling emo for other reasons)

Anon said: does bokuto peel the cheese stick or does he just eat it whole?

Anon as an Italian I have absolutely no clue what a cheese stick is. What is that. What are you feeding your kids anon. I’m concern.


“It’s a date.” Betty tilts her head and her pony tail does a cute little swish as she smiles at Trevor. Trevor returns the smile before leaving the office.

Jughead lets Betty’s words sink in and feels a rush of jealousy swarm through him. He doesn’t miss the look Kevin shoots him while Betty stares after Trevor. Jughead stares back at Kevin and figures, judging by Kevin’s face, that his weird feeling of jealousy is showing. He quickly fixes his face so that Betty doesn’t see.

As soon as Trevor has left and shut the door Betty turns around and walks to behind the desk Jughead is sitting on.

“It’s not a date.” She states.

“You just called it a date.” Jughead replied in his usual sarcastic manor trying to keep the jealousy and confusion out of his voice.

He turns to look at Betty.

“You literally said ‘It’s a date’.” Jughead complains. Kevin shoots him another glance and the raven haired boy pulls a confused face. Why is he getting so defensive and jealous over Betty having a date? It’s not like he cares. Does he?

Betty goes on to explain how it’s her cover so she can get information about Jason. For some reason this does nothing to calm Jughead’s jealousy and Kevin picks up on this, quickly changing the subject for Jughead’s benefit. Jughead shoots the other boy a greatful look and begins to listen to Betty talk about cheerleading.

Despite how much he tries, Jughead can’t stop thinking about Betty going on a date with Trevor.

To try and clear his head he goes to his favourite writing spot; his booth at Pop’s. He orders his usual- a burger and fries with a milkshake- and sits down at his booth. The tall boy pulls out his laptop and continues writing his novel.

He manages to get a chapter done before, unfortunately for him, Trevor walks in and takes a seat at the booth next to his. At first Jughead thinks that Trevor has ditched Betty but five minutes later the bubbly blonde enters the diner and sits so that she is facing Trevor with her back to Jughead.

As the couple’s date continues, Jughead finds himself getting more and more jealous of Trevor getting to be on a date with the beautiful blonde. He can’t concentrate on his writing so he orders another burger and subtly eavesdrops on their conversation. However, he can’t focus on anything they’re saying because he’s too distracted by Betty’s golden hair and how it swishes lusciously. Jughead can feel eyes on him so he looks up and catches Trevor staring at him. He’s been caught staring at Betty with god knows what kind of soppy look on his face by the guy she is currently on a date with.

Jughead shakes his head and tries to go back to writing. A few minutes later Betty excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

“What are you doing Jughead?” Trevor asks across the booth.

“Well I’m trying to write, Trevor.” Jughead replies seriously.

“That’s not what I meant Jughead. I meant why aren’t you on a date with Betty?”

“Er… because you’re on a date with her and I don’t do dating…” Jughead replies feeling uncomfortable with this conversation.

“Jughead, I don’t care if you date or not. I’ve never seen anyone look at someone the way you look at Betty.”

“That’s not-” Jughead tries, but Trevor isn’t having any of it.

“Jughead, you look at her like she’s the best thing in your life. Whether you know it or not you clearly have feelings for this girl. And I can’t be on a date with her when the boy who is clearly in love with her is sat right behind her.” Trevor explains.

“Trevor you’ve got it all wrong I-” Jughead tries to argue back but his heart isn’t in it. Deep down he knows that what Trevor is saying is true.

“I’m gonna do you a solid Jughead, but in return you have to promise me that you will give Betty all the love and respect she needs and deserves.” Trevor says seriously and Jughead is so shocked and confused that all he can do is nod.

Before he can pull himself together, Betty returns.

“Okay so where were we?” Betty asks with a bright smile on her face.

“Look Betty, you might hate me for this right now, but chances are you’ll thank me later.” Trevor begins.

“What?” Betty asks, her smile dropping.

“Well, after asking me questions about Jason, all you’ve talked about is you and Jughead.”

“I’m sorry Trev, I didn’t mean to ramble about mine and Juggie’s work.” She tries smiling again.

“Betty, you don’t want to be on a date with me. So I’m going to do the right thing here and end it now.” Trevor smiles. “Maybe you can find solace behind you” Trevor glances at Jughead before apologising once more and leaving Pop’s.

Betty is left confused for a second. She turns around and stares directly into Jughead’s eyes.

“What did I do wrong, Jugs?” She asks looking sad.

“Nothing! Betts it wasn’t you , you did nothing wrong. You’re perfect how could you do something wrong?” Jughead wants to hug the poor girl but he holds himself back. “C’mere.” He gestures for the blonde to come and sit next to him and she complies, dropping next to him and placing her head on his shoulder.

The raven haired boy revels in the feeling and tentatively places his arm around her, rubbing her arm soothingly.

“What did Trevor mean by saying I don’t want to be on a date with him?” Betty thinks aloud. “Unless he means I like someone else? But who?” She wonders. “Behind me?” She mumbles.

Jughead simply listens, not wanting to disrupts the blonde’s thought process.

“Am I really that obvious?” She asks.

“Obvious about what Betts?” Jughead asks.

“Okay clearly I’m not that obvious then.” Betty continues. “Maybe Trevor is just smart, or you’re oblivious.”

Now the tall boy is confused.

“Oblivious.” He echoes the blonde. Is she saying what he thinks she’s saying?

The door to the diner opens and is followed by the loud voice of Veronica Lodge. The girl spots her friends and heads over to their booth, quickly taking in the sight of Betty and Jughead embracing.

“Aww you guys are so cute!” She sits across from them, stealing Jughead’s untouched milkshake. “You finally told him then Betty?”

Betty pulls away from Jughead but still remains quite close to the boy.

“No, Ronnie, I didn’t. I was actually here on a date with Trevor until he told me I didn’t want to be on a date with him and left. Jughead was comforting me.” The blonde girl explains to her friend.

“Oh, bummer.” Veronica replies not sounding that sad.

“Told him what?” Jughead decides to join the conversation.

“Er….” Betty begins, flushing a delicious red colour. Jughead catches himself following the blush down her neck, wondering how much further down it goes.

“Told him, being you, how much she enjoys hugs! Duh!” Veronica covers for Betty.

“Yeah right.” The tall boy scoffs. “I’ve known Betty pretty much all my life, of course I know she likes hugs, just like she knows I don’t like hugs unless they’re from her.” Jughead states.

Betty blushes again and looks down.

“I, er… I’ve got to go.” Betty mumbles before standing up and leaving.

Veronica waits less than two seconds after the blonde girl’s departure before she begins interrogating the boy in front of her.

“Okay Jugs, that was the opposite of smooth. Spill.”

Jughead doesn’t want to spill. He’d rather not talk about how confused he is right now. But there’s a look in Veronica’s eyes, similar to the one in Kevin’s eyes earlier and he knows that his friend in front of him already knows what’s going on inside his head anyway.

So he tells the raven haired girl everything. He tells her how he felt jealous this morning and earlier when Betty was on her date. He tells her how warm and happy he felt when Betty hugged him. He tells her exactly what Trevor said to him.

And Veronica, loud, talkative Veronica, listens to the poor boy’s entire story before commenting.

“You’ve got it bad Juggie.” She states simply.

“I know Ronnie, but what do I do?” he questions. The girl smiles at him. It’s mischievous and enough to make Jughead nervous in any other circumstance but in this case, this smile fills him with relief as he knows his friend has a brilliant plan.

So, maybe it wasn’t a brilliant plan in Jughead’s eyes but to Veronica it’s the best plan. Her friends are both obliviously pining after each other and damn it she’s going to get them together. She brought Jughead over to her house before Jason’s memorial.

“So what are you planning on wearing?” She asks.

“This?” he replies, gesturing to his ripped skinny jeans and his paint splattered t-shirt hiding under his denim jacket.

“Absolutely not Jughead. You’ll wear this!” She produces a suit from who knows where and pushes it into his hands. “When I’m through with you Betty will be speechless.” She smiles at the boy before pushing him into the bathroom to change.

Jughead reluctantly puts the suit on, feeling as though he should humour Veronica. He emerges from the bathroom in the suit. He’s added his braces and he refuses to remove his beanie from his head.

“Well, it’s good enough I guess.” Veronica decides. “Now hurry up, you have to go and get Betty, I’ll see you there Jughead. Good luck!” She calls as she pushes the boy out of the door.

“Betty!! Hurry up I want to see what you look like!” Kevin calls to his blonde haired friend.

“I don’t see why you had to come and help me get ready for a memorial Kev.” Betty calls back before entering the room.

“Betty!” Kevin whines. “We’ve been over this! It’s to make Jughead realise what he wants!”

Kevin quickly sorts out Betty’s blonde hair, tying it into a top knot. He then goes over to the window while Betty puts on her cardigan.

“Oh crap! He’s here. I’m going to sneak out the back, have fun dear! I’ll see you there!” The boy calls as he leaves.

A few minutes later Betty hears someone coming up the stairs and she knows its Jughead.

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast.” She hears him say as he enters her pink room, in that overly sarcastic tone she loves to hate so much. Betty isn’t going to deny it; she finds his sarcasm attractive and very sexy. But she knows most of the time its Jughead’s defence and that breaks her heart.

She turns to face him and is pleasantly surprised by what she sees. He is standing tensely in the corner of her room. His body language screams awkward and gives away the fact he is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to be there. But he looks amazing in that suit and he cleans up nicely.

The tall boy looks like he is ready to be mocked by the blonde girl and he shifts into a defensive stance. But the mocking he’s expecting doesn’t come and instead the blonde girl smiles at him while looking him up and down.

Jughead feels the back of his neck heat up with a blush but ignores the urge to loosen his tie.

“It’s the best I could do.” He says, feeling it was probably best not to give Veronica credit for his clean up. He feels a tension settle over the room when Betty doesn’t reply and just keeps staring at him.

She drags her eyes all over his body before flicking them up to meet his eyes. She shoots him a dazzling smile and all he can do is smile in return. Though he still looks awkward and is sure he looks as red as a tomato he feels truly happy in this moment.

Unfortunately the moment ends and the pair begin to walk to the Blossom’s house for the memorial.

“I’m sorry about your date Betts.” Jughead apologises to the blonde girl.

“Don’t be Jugs. Trevor  was right. It’s for the best, I have to stay single anyway.”

“Oh. And why would that be?” Jughead can’t help but ask.

“Oh just in case the boy I like figures out he likes me back.” She smiles.

Jughead feels a pang of jealousy at the mention of Betty liking another boy.

“You like someone? And you haven’t told me, your best friend of many years, who it is you like!” He replies in fake disbelief.

“I can’t tell you Juggie. It’s not that I don’t trust you it’s just that I can’t-” Betty sounds upset.

“Shhh, Betty it’s okay.” Jughead soothes. “Can you at least describe this boy? I’m intrigued.” 

The beautiful blonde girl nods shyly but still looks hesitant.

“If you describe the boy you like, I’ll describe the girl I may like.” Jughead whispers.

“O-okay.” She takes a deep breath. “Well he’s funny and I love his sense of humour. He makes me laugh and I can be myself around him. With him I don’t have to be perfect because he makes me feel like no matter what I do I will always be perfect in his eyes. He’s tall and sexy as hell and I’m sure my mother wouldn’t approve of the dark vibes he gives off. But I know that underneath all his layers he cares. He cares a lot more than what he lets on and that’s why I like him. He’s also a giant dork and is obsessed with one specific item of clothing.” She whispers the last sentence quietly, worried she’s given away too much.

Jughead’s eyes widen in realisation. All of that sounds like him, but a better version of him.

“So, who’s the girl you like Jugs?” Betty asks and smiles beautifully.

“Well, she’s beautiful and will always be perfect in my eyes. I spent a long time thinking she was head over heels in love with my best friend. I love her lovely blonde hair and how it curls lusciously.” He shifts awkwardly. “I find her beautifully breath taking and there is no way I can say no to her when she stares at me with her beautiful eyes. Everyone sees her as the perfect girl next door but I see her as the broken angel she is. She’s just a normal teenage girl and that attracts me to her even more. But what attracts me to her the most is how safe she makes me feel. She makes me happy and safe and that’s why I like her.” The tall boy rambles, revealing what he thinks is too much but once he’s started he cant stop. He is completely in love with this beautiful girl in front of him.

“Jughead…” Betty turns to completely face him, they have long since stopped walking. She reaches up to touch his cheek and he leans into her soft touch, his arms go around her waist. “ Is the girl you like…” She drifts off.

“It’s you.” He swallows. “Elizabeth Cooper, I don’t want to scare you off, but I am hopelessly in love with you, I have been since we met. It just took me a while to confess it.”

“I-” She smiles another beautiful smile. “Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third I am completely, irreversibly in love with you too. I think I have been for a long time.” He can’t help but return her gloriously happy smile.

“Betty.” He whispers, leaning closer to her soft face. “I think I’m going to kiss you.” He says being uncharacteristically brave.

“I think I’d like that Jughead.” She whispers, before sealing his lips in a searing kiss that takes his breath away. It’s the raven haired boy’s first real kiss and its perfect. All he feels is love, any previous feelings of doubt and jealousy disappear as he clutches at the small blonde girl in his arms. He doesn’t want to let her go.

Unfortunately, she pulls away.

“Crap, we’re going to be late!” She cries and takes of running towards the Blossom’s manor. She pulls the dazed boy along behind him. The make it to the house on time and enter the room. Betty immediately spots their friends and begins to walk towards them.

Jughead catches her wrist and moves his hand down, entwining his fingers with hers. The walk towards their friends hand in hand and sit down, their hands remain joined.

Kevin is the first to notice their hands.

“Yess! Go Betty girl!” he cheers, gaining the attention of their friends.

Archie looks hurt for a brief second before putting on a grumpy face, Kevin continues cheering and Veronica joins him.

When they both calm down Veronica turns to Kevin with a smile.

“ We totally nailed it!” She cheers and high fives the other boy.

Betty rolls her eyes at her friends crazy antics but she can’t wipe the massive smile off her face.  And when she turns to face her new boyfriend she can see his face is mirroring hers and her smile gets even bigger.

Maybe she will say thanks to Trevor.

HI and thank you so so so much if you got involved in this!!!! I’m so excited to be celebrating 1.5k w you guys and can’t wait to dish out some of these lil prizes <3

u guys I’ve had so much fun doing this and I’ve legit sat here for HOURS going through everyone’s blogs and tags and I’m just so,,,, in love,,, this fandom is amazing and u guys are so gorgeous and amazing! I’ve been whining at @peraltiagoisland​ all day about how much I want to include everyone and shower u all in compliments and just!!! I’m so blown away tbh 


- a big personalised playlist from me to u (u kno how I love my tunes)
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if you’ve won/are a runner up please message me so we can talk and I’ll get started on your stuff! i’m so excited to talk to a bunch of you and give u music and writing agh <3

OKAY WITHOUT FURTHER ADO (I have added notes in italics bc I am just so excited and amazed by u guys)

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So cy!! Come on give us your entire opinion on her look HAIR makeup all of it! I'm dying to hear


OBSESSED! I’ve been telling you guys I want her to cut her hair short for months now, the bob is such a beautiful look on her, I almost wish it was shorter but for what she’s doing tonight it’s perfect. Really, really, happy she debuted her new hair at an event, too, I loove when celebs do that. I love that it was down and not pulled back in anyway, it was so chic and fitting for the vibe and something new but still safe.


Not much to say here. It’s a super, simple glam. The natural look we’re use to with her. I really wish she had done a dramatic dark eye, maybe smokey, to bring out her green/blue colour like I think that would’ve really made her face pop even more but helloooo fuck her face tonight was about that BODY.


FIRST OF, BIIIIITCH, THAT BODY. She looks amazing, the whole suit fits her perfectly no wonder she went to multiple fittings and had to be the last out. I think the faux low back (because there’s a nude/sheer mesh going up to her neck) is so iconic, I love it to death, and I think she looks so tall and fit in it. Like tight, tight looks can be so awful but it fits her in all the right ways and I think that has to do with whatever metal wiring he has over it, like I think it’s so cool and unique. I love that she’s fucked doubling it up with Bulgari bracelets, too! Like that little detail I felt was nice. Love the sharp red nails, too. 

It doesn’t really fit the theme but compared to the others it’s one of the best fitting, she didn’t wear a damn prom dress like 90% of the women there tonight and she didn’t look ugly like 90% of the people who nailed the them. It’s a good meeting ground. Love that she wore a full body suit instead of a dress all together, too. Immediately makes her look stand out, imo.

She was eyecatching and I’m glad she has her “Cannes moment” for 2016 down already. Another reminder to keep an eye on Bella Hadid and I’m glad to see it was Wang and to see him iteract with her, he seems to really like her so I hope that’s a sign he’ll use her more for his line, because would be amazing if she could get set with a US designer like she’s already got Karl plugging her for Fendi in Milan, Dior in Paris, and who cares about London, sorry.


DEAR LORD. She was stunting so hard- the twirling and smiling, she didn’t make one sour puss expression the entire time, like truly looked so happy and was serving killer looks. She was giving off such positive, effortless, and confident vibes in her attitude alone that we didn’t even need the faux-nude, skin tight cat suit to know she was feeling the fuck out of herself.


Imma give tonight a 10. Like the outfit is, admittedly, not my favourite thing but I think for this event, the styling of it, her fucking snatched body, and her own energy made up for it not being as wild as I wanted for this event but she brought a new Bella out into public view and I really can think of so little that would make it better.

Body Image

As a plus sized and taller than average individual, I struggled with accepting myself and my body. I constantly felt as though I wasn’t attractive enough because I weighed more than other people around me and that I was bulky and unfeminine because I was taller than most of the girls in my year. It had such an effect on me that I would sometimes cry or breakdown because of how stressed out I was getting.

It is a long road to finally getting to a point where you feel comfortable in your own skin. No one is exactly the same as someone else and their path to finding that point isn’t as easy as other’s could be. Some people are struggling to feel like they are worth it because they weigh more, others are dealing with eating disorders, are struggling with transitioning to the gender they were meant to be, they don’t feel beautiful because certain parts of them don’t fit the typical stereotype of beauty within our society/cultures etc today. Some have been lost sometime along their journey. Some manage to make it out to the end. And others are still trying to find their way. And that’s fine.

You don’t have to completely comfortable with yourself if you feel you have a reason not to be. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you have no right to feel that something about you doesn’t feel right. The moment you acknowledge that you don’t feel right in any way, shape or form, the path to figuring it out and coming to terms with it begins.

I am proud to say I’m finally reaching the point where I feel comfortable in my skin and I honestly cannot describe how amazing it feels to finally be able to look at myself in the mirror and feel happy with what I am seeing. To actually feel beautiful because I am different and that I feel that I’m able to say; “This is me and I’m proud of it.”

To those that have managed to reach the point of accepting yourself and your body, I am so proud of you for making it. You are all so beautiful and amazing in your own ways and to see you blossoming into the people you are today is the biggest blessing I could ever hope for. 

To those that have died as a result to some individual’s ignorance and bias, I am going to do my best to make sure that others do not go through what you had endured. I will stand against those that had caused you to feel worthless and show them that though we don’t fit the mould that society sets for us, we are beautiful. Even with our flaws and different shapes, sizes, skin colours, ethnicities etc. we are all completely worth it. And that we deserve to be shown that we are worth as much as anyone else.

To those that are still pushing and still carving their path to self-acceptance, I want to let you know that I am here for you. You can come to me if you ever need to and I will do my best to let you vent out anything you need to, rage or anything you feel will help you. I also want you to know that you are beautiful and worth so much. If anyone ever tries to belittle you or make you feel inferior to them in anyway, try your best to brush them off and show them how wrong they are. If you can’t, it’s perfectly ok. It isn’t easy. It’s a hard road to follow with many bumps and dead ends but if you keep at it, you will find yourself at the end a much more stronger and wiser person that you were before. After all, to err is human.

I love you all so much, you are beautiful, you are worth it and your flaws are what make you, you.

Bambijo out

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6, 14 (artist ask meme)


OHHHH GAWSSSHHH THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! Wowowow you are awesome thankyou so much for your questions. I’m sorry about the late-ish reply! But, here we go! 

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

OH…OH GAWSH… WOWWWW….WOWOWOWOOWOWOW Like theres just an infinite list but like…AHHHhhHH I’m probably gonna forget some tooooo oh gawsshhh! Okay. Okay. Lets do this.

First off, my sister, @stephratte , who on Tumblr is better known as @inevitably-johnlocked . Not only is she really really talented (PLEASE check out her art!), but she was the one who basically inspired me to start doing art in the first place, and keep at it. Without her, I really don’t think I would have gone so far with it - I mean, I think I still would have drawn, but I wouldn’t have pursued it as far as I have. She inspired me to create characters, to create stories, to just create period - she taught me the foundations that I still use today. She’s always supported me with my art no matter what. 

@linane-art was one of the first Hobbit artists I’ve encountered on Tumblr, and like…Just. Just wow. Linane’s stuff is just amazing, LIKE I HONESTLY CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE and has inspired me to create for the fandom and to continue to create for the fandom. LIKE AM I EVEN WORTHY???? *CRIES*

@shabby-blog OKAY SO LIKE. YOU ARE AWESOME?? Often, when I’m having a “bad art day” (which usually constitutes: “I suck what is the purpose I’m never drawing again IMMA THROW OUT EVERYTHING AND POUT FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY”) , you seriously pick me up and just keep me afloat and like, I JUST. *Anyway I’M ACTUALLY KINDA STARTING TO CRY RIGHT NOW* But seriously, you mean a lot to me, and your art is so amazing and unique and colourful and wonderful I JUST. I was instantly drawn to it the moment I saw it. I’m so glad our paths met.

@cabravitis WOW LIKE. WHERE DO I START? Again, one of the first artists I’ve met on Tumblr, and honestly your stuff is really an inspiration to me. I just admire your stuff A LOT, like. Everything you do is magic, I can’t even find the words to describe your amazingness. I just want to hug you TBH sajflsjakfssaaf!! Your stuff always without fail makes me smile!  

@alcram-dreamers I JUST. I AM JUST. I NEED TO…JUST…LIKE I’M ACTUALLY CRYING NOW UGHAGHHFSDFJAL. I just love you so much. You have no idea. You are just a fantastic, wonderful person and honestly a light in my life.

@indigirl94 *SLAMS FIST* LISTEN. I’ve literally known INDY FOR…EV…ER. Indy has pushed me and has supported me for YEARS and I can’t even find the words right now, honestly you are just really, really, really talented and I can’t believe all these years have gone by. It’s magical TBH. 

@apollos-celticswan - I don’t think we’ve ever talked but like. I just really love your stuff, and I’m so happy whenever I see it on my dash :D

@shinigami714 - I love seeing your stuff on my dash, you are fantastic and never stop doing what you do! 

@ the anon who comments and sends me messages : I both know and don’t know who you are (if that makes sense?), I don’t even know if you have a Tumblr. Maybe you aren’t even the same person. But honestly, whoever you/you all are, it really really means a lot to me. Like, seriously, thank you so much for just being you and being awesome. You mean the world to me. I just hope you see this.

I also NEED to do a shoutout to @chelidona as well . Like… You’ve seriously supported my art since I’ve met you and constantly inspire me to keep going. Sometimes I just think there’s no point in doing some of the artwork I do and just want to give up, but your words are always in my head pushing me forward and never allowing me to give up. Thank you so much for being awesome. You are an amazing writer (a brilliant art form all on it’s own) and I JUST. I’M NOT WORTHY OF YOUR AWESOMESPARKLES.

Also, @fizzy-custard  you really, really, really push me forward as well. I think we both see a lot of each other in each other, and I know that you’re always there, in some way shape or form supporting me and pushing me forward. LET ME HOLD YOU.

Oh…oh gawsh I’m probably missing so many people right now. Like I’m seriously probably missing so many people. I’M PROBABLY MISSING A ZILLION PEOPLE I JUST. So, if I’m missing someone, I am so, so, so, SO SORRY. So, this goes out to EVERYONE:

 Thankyou so much for all your support, for all your likes and your reblogs, and just your comments and they just…they really keep me going. I’m often quite critical of my art, I’m always thinking how I never get anything done, and how this or that. I always felt like no one cares what I do, and I really don’t share my artwork with anyone outside of the internet. So it really means a lot to me know that my art makes someone out there happy. You are ALL inspirations to me. 

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*composes herself*

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

Hmmmm…. I can’t really pinpoint it really. But I’d probably have to say - comics. I used to do a LOT of comics. Like, comic strips, with my own characters. I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist, to be honest, and when I was in my teens I used to do a lot of comics. But then eventually I just…It’s not so much that I’ve stopped, I just…have become a lot more pickier. Like I used to do comic strips, just a few panels with a punchline at the end. But now I just want to do these long, epic, continual story things. I’d like to some comic stuff again. I actually had an idea for a strip series. I’m not sure if I’ll do it. All the stuff I want to do…versus…the stuff I actually do…*sigh*.


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omg i'm so glad i have post notifs on for you... i love all of the prompts! could i please have “I love you. So much. With every ounce of my being" with your mafia yoongi?

⇢ MEMBER Min Yoongi (Suga)
⇢ AU Mafia

“Say that again.”

“I said what’re you wearing to the Christmas party?”

“When the fuck have we ever thrown a Christmas party? We’re the most wanted clan in the entire country. We organise drug trades and assassinations, and now… eggnog and Christmas tree decorations?”

“I guess so, yeah.”

“What happened? Did the boss man snort a little too much cocaine last night?”

“No, I think his girlfriend blew his brains out with a spectacular blow job or something. Remember his birthday?”

“Oh, Jesus. Don’t remind me. I still have nightmares about our boss smiling like that.”

“It wasn’t even an ‘I’m gonna shoot a bullet through your head now’ smile. It was a legitimate ‘I’m happy’ smile.”

“Fuck. I got chills all over again. I will never unsee that.”

“It’s even worse because we’re probably gonna see it again at the Christmas party.”


“Yeah. Anyway. Do you know what you’re gonna wear?”

“I dunno. I might just wear that ugly ass sweater my sister bought me or whatever. ‘Tis the season and shit.”


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Good Things About Trolls for People on the Fence About Seeing it

- None of the characters have traditionally attractive features but look perfect and adorable anyway (crooked teeth, big squishy noses, fat characters that are two of the protags, the lady trolls aren’t hyper sexualised etc)

(Look how cute Bridget is!)

(Get a closer look at those snoots)

- Both the Trolls and the Bergens have people in their society who are nice and who are mean, and pretty doesn’t equal good or better, everyone is capable of being mean or being nice!

- Extremely bright and colourful and really nice to look at; Dreamworks animation is always excellent and its no different here. Everything looks as though you could reach out and touch it! If you like this kind of aesthetic it’s the movie for you!

- Amazing stop motion sequences made and animated practically by @priscillaworks (seriously go check out their work its incredible)

- Even though the story is kinda average, the details of it are what set it aside from other road trip movies. Like character motivations and the themes (sorry i don’t wanna give away spoilers).

- Lesson about happiness being found inside you and that sometimes u just need some support in finding it

- Grumpy character actually has a reason to be mistrustful and grumpy, and isn’t ONLY those things. His worry and frustration come from a really believable place that’s actually pretty heartbreaking.

- A bunch of awesome songs that are well choreographed and sung brilliantly! It’s a jukebox musical so there’s songs you know mixed in with a couple original songs and they’re done amazingly well (the original song “Get Back Up Again” is my favourite). 

- Just pure unfiltered fun! Like… There’s been so many horrible things going on recently, that a shot of happiness might be just what you need. Seeing something fun and happy that isn’t bogged down by the horrors of real life is kinda something everyone needs right now i think.

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Hi! Um, is it possible if you could post a tutorial on how to make an aesthetic? Not the moodboards, but the many picture things you do! I'm trying to make one, but I'm not sure how :/

You got it, Anon! Here are an example of my aesthetics before we start and the rest of the tutorial is under the cut! 

NOTE: I use Photoshop CS2, which I believe you can get free (and legally too?) somewhere on the internet, if you don’t have it.

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