i'm not happy with any of those gifs


Happy 50th Birthday Toshi! That’s a great milestone in every aspect. It took time to get here and your life has been full of ups and downs. There’s been dark, depressing and painful times, heartbreaking events and wrong choices but also happy and fulfilling times and heart-warming memories. You’re a strong and brave man who has a good heart. That’s always been both your strong and weak point and it’s caused you both tears of joy and sadness. You can make it on your own - you got up on your own - but also remember there’s a lot of people who love and support you in every way. You’re not alone and never dare to think that you’re not loved or good enough. You’re good the way you are - with all your flaws and imperfections. I hope you’re happy. That’s my greatest wish. Happy in every way and in every aspect of your life. You deserve that. Keep smiling and let’s hope there will be many more good years to come.

Free! 15-Day Challenge
Day 10: Something you may want to change → Haru going pro

I wanted him to be “ordinary” like he said he wanted to in the very first episode and things would come full circle. There are a lot of anime protagonists with gifts and talent and who want to be the best at something, but not that many who dream about being ordinary.

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