i'm not handling any of this every well

hamdipls  asked:

i recently started iscribble and i'm not handling it very well? is there any tips you can give me? its all very strange and new but i like it! thank you for reading this!!!

iscribble is actually very hard !! but even as a restricted user (since youre new) theres so much you can do with the basic tools available. (theyre p much the only ones i use) my tips for beginners is to not take it too seriously and have fun and just play with every tool till u figure out which one works best for your style ! 
i use pen tool, line tool, and area picker (blending) 

example of line tool:

area picker: your BFF for blending

BOTH!! jazz hands

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm working on this story and I'm having trouble of coming up with stuff and I'm thinking of giving up but I don't want to because I really want to write this story. How do I keep myself from giving up?

So you want to give up because you can’t come up with any ideas for your story, but you really like the concept and want to continue, yet not matter how hard you try, you can’t shake that nagging voice that whispers, “you can’t handle this”? Well, guess what? You absolutely can.

You’ve already admitted to yourself that you really want to write your story, so, write it. Every writer, no matter who they are, gets stuck. Sometimes the ideas don’t flow. Sometimes you hit a wall. Sometimes you come up with an idea that just doesn’t work out. All of that is okay.

Here are few things that might help you out:

  1. Find a sounding board, whether that be a beta reader or a buddy to bounce concepts off of. Find someone who’s interested in what you’re working on and use them as a resource.
  2. Outline. It can be as detailed or as general as you want. An outline is just a guide that may help you discover the path you want your story to take. I wrote up an article on them here.
  3. Get inspired. Read another book in your genre. Watch a movie. Sit down with a TV show. Play a video game. Find something that’ll get those creative juices flowing. A lot of works we see today are inspired by those that came before them. There isn’t really anything that’s entirely original anymore. It’s not about the idea, but what you can do with it.
  4. Write fan fiction. Working with another person’s ideas in their world is a good way to start developing your own.
  5. Take a break. If you really can’t come up with something, it’s possible you may later after you let your mind rest. You’re not a machine. Sometimes great ideas hit you in the weirdest places. Trust me on that one.

Anyway, don’t give up on something you want to do. I hope that helped at least a little.


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Hi! I'm a senior and I'm really struggling in school and I normally do really well. :( At this point I'm just really discouraged. I have the same teacher twice a day and he gives us the most difficult pop quizzes in both of his classes. I try to study every night for his classes' quiz but I end up falling behind in my other classes. Then other times I study for the quiz and somehow still fail. Any advice? It's AP Bio. and AP Environmental Science if that helps.