i'm not good with silhouettes sorry

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Hi there! I love your art, and it makes me want to draw characters like Gladstone too! But every time I try, I can't come up with a nice, neutral pose (like where the heck should the arms go) and the drawing will end up really.. odd.. What would you do in such situations?

I don’t really know how to help, but I guess I always run through a sort of check list when I’m sketching characters that I learned in animation/storyboarding;

1) can you tell who the character is by their silhouette alone?

2) can you tell what the character is doing by their silhouette alone?

3) can you tell what the character is feeling by their silhouette alone?

This doesn’t apply to all pictures (you can have the feeling/motive of the character solely relying on the face, as with a close up, or a change of expression with two identical poses) but it’s a really good exercise to get your body language clear and keep the ‘acting’ of an image to the point. Try to keep limbs held away from the body so you can ‘read’ them, and remember you can use the hands in communicating emotion too.

I was tagged by @iniwan (thank youu so much (*¯︶¯*) ) to share 10 songs that I’ve been vibing with recently!

  1. Panic! At The Disco - Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
  2. Panic! At The Disco . Build God, Then We’ll Talk
  3. Panic! At The Disco - Nicotine  
  4. Aquilo - Silhouette 
  5. Fall Out Boy - 27
  6. Set It Off - Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (feat. William Beckett)
  7. Day6 - I wait
  8. Flumpool -  Yoru wa Nemureru kai?
  9. Lady Gaga - G.U.Y.
  10. Ruelle - Madness

I have been listening to Panic! At The Disco a lot this days tbh

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I'm sorry if you got this ask before, but what are your favorite stores?

Hmm, I have not gotten this question before - so thank you :-)

I have a ton of favorite stores, mostly stores I wish I could shop at more.  But honestly, the majority of the shopping I do is at the thrift-store or local shops (like Pretty Penny & Slash).  My favorite commercial shops (that are almost everywhere) are as follows:

- Madewell: very classic silhouette, good for basics

- H&M: mostly just the men’s section though

- Free People: I wish I could afford to look like a South Western Druid all of the time.

- Threads for Thought: I will never buy a t-shirt anywhere else ever again.

- Alternative Apparel: great basics.

I’m a huge fan of Slow & Steady Wins The Race & The Uniform Project.  If you want to know the contents of my fashion heart - pls go there.  Those aren’t necessarily shops - but they are ways of fashion life. 

Dream apparel comes from: Prairie Underground, Curator, Feral Childe and the Reformation - they are all so great.

Okay, more than you asked for, but I hope that helps.