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So I got carried away and accidentally wrote an entire continuous narrative comic thing that was supposed to be like… One thing over the course of almost a week? Overwatch hell is REAL.

“I say eighteen years,” Jyn, perched on the edge of the table.

“What? No way,” Cassian, leaning forward, focused.

Leaning back on his chair, Bodhi cleans his goggles.

“Well, they were Guardians before the Republic fell, weren’t they?” Jyn is insistent, “They must have had some sort of code against emotional attachments, like the Jedi.”

“Even so,” says Cassian, “It has to be longer than that. Looking at the way they interact, the subtlety of the touches, the shorthand… I say twenty-four, twenty-five years.”

“You’re not using your intelligence-gathering skills for this, are you?”

“Well, it’s not like I can just switch it off!”

“But it’s an unfair advantage!”

Cassian brushes her off and turns his attention to the pilot.

“What about you, Bodhi? What do you reckon?”

“Thirty-two years,” he says calmly.

Then, seeing as the other two are looking at him with raised eyebrows, he adds:

“Give or take. Probably dated for like… five years before that? I’m just guessing.”

“Shit, they’re coming. Credits on the table, boys!” says Jyn in a whisper.

Each of them throws a handful of credit chips on the table.

“Alright, spit it out,” says Baze, walking up to their corner of the mess hall, “the three of you have been staring at us for the last fifteen minutes.”

“I told you,” says Chirrut lightly, “their intentions are pure.”

“I don’t trust your definition of pure. And , in any case, it’s annoying. So what is it?”

Jyn elbows Cassian in the ribs to get him to do the talking.

“Well, we were just wondering… How long the two of you have been together.”

“Married, you mean?”

Jyn nods vigorously.

“Well, we became involved when I was sixteen, Chirrut was fifteen.”

“The bit about no emotional attachments was never really a rule. More like advice,” Chirrut answers Jyn’s unvoiced question.

“Very strong advice,” says Baze.

“Well, we were always unorthodox.”

Chirrut smiles at Baze, who leans in to give him a quick kiss.

“Anyway, we were married some five years later, so that makes it… thirty-two years?”

“Just about.”

Cassian and Jyn’s jaws drop, and they apparently decide to give up on hiding their secret. Both turn to Bodhi.


“How did you know?!”


The two wail and stomp off, grumbling about “two hundred credits!”.

Meanwhile, Bodhi leans forward on the table and gathers his precious winning.

“Guess that means these are mine now.”

“So,” says Chirrut grinning, “are you going to tell them you were born and raised in Jedha City, and that the marriage of two Guardians of the Whills made city-wide news?”

“Eventually,” he says, counting his chips.

I remember one time in 7th grade a teacher was asking us about what certain acronyms stood for and she asked about ‘OTP’ and the kids in fandoms yelled “One true paring!” while the normal kids said “On the phone” and everyone was just so confused


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5


 but secretly everyone’s captivated by Yuta’s sexy body moves ♥ 🔞🔞

hp theme blog aesthetics + make me choose edits

so earlier today i reached 500 followers!! I literally only made this blog a few months ago so i’m shocked that there are this many of you who follow me tbh!! anyways to celebrate i’ve decided to do some hp themed blog aesthetics + make me choose edits (because i want to practice my editing tbh)

what to do: 

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  • just an fyi, i’m currently doing homework so most of this will be done over the course of the next week (the edits especially) but i’ll try to answer a few of the asks tonight and then i’ll tag you in the edits if you request!! 
  • (p.s. blacklist ‘faith rates’ if you don’t want to see this!)

aesthetics format under the cut 

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Things I say because of dance moms:

•throw you/me under the bus
•monstrosity of evil
•save your tears for your pillow
•everyone’s replaceable
•blabber mouth
•those legs are as straight as Elton John

•can kendall have a solo

skype trans support group!

hello!! my name’s jack, and my friend @dorklordprince (jason) and i want to form a sort of skype support group for other trans kids! 

i’m putting everything under a “read more” so it doesn’t become a super long post, but if you’re interested then please keep reading!! 

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FE!SITS AU: New Beginnings

With the sudden disappearance of Ryo, the Dark Mage Mc has been forced to work as Revance’s tactician. Since Ryo took her battle that she came up with for a spell, Revance has took her in and forced her to reclass.
She’s been working as Revance’s main tactician for a while, but suddenly, the mysterious Ryo returns ready as he’ll ever be. He comes back and begins working as their tactician once more.

She questions whether or not Revance needs her anymore, but her doubts only increase when the Dark Knight she’s long admired offers her a deal.

“If you leave Revance’s side, I’ll teach you all you want about dark magic.”

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But why does everyone portray Nico as some hot God of darkness and goth like I’m 99% sure Nico was a nerdy 11 year old who talked nonstop about a trading card game and then started calling himself the Ghost King and making a point of telling people his sword was Stygian iron, making them nearly laugh at how hard he was trying to seem intimidating. This is the kid who complained about the shitty decor in the Hades cabin and how he’d have to redecorate it. One of the only times this kid smiled in the series after running away was when Will Solace mentioned the satyr baby being born. Nico is a huge dork. Was his storyline and young life very tragic and damaging? Absolutely. He’s still a 15 year old fake-edgy dork who’s in perpetual emo phase and probably pretends to hate pop music. And this is why I love Nico.

I know the reunion hug and the “It’s you!” hug are talked about a lot because, don’t get me wrong, THEY ARE LOVELY. (and the hug after he wakes up, the hugging in this movie)

but this remains to probably be my favourite because. HE. IS. STROKING. HER. HAIR. like my heart. please

meanwhile everyone who doesn’t follow me for AIW/ATTLG (so, 99% of my followers) are probably like, stop. posting. this. whoops sorry not sorry? :D


I made a booktube channel !!!

** – so here it is !! i did it !! i’m super nervous but i’m happy i did it. thank you to everyone who was super nice and encouraging about this !! i’m just gonna tag everyone who liked that post <3 @eadrik @vidaconnor @thebluestgansey @herimione @jesperfaehey @ninarrith @neiljostern 

warning: there’s the cliche background music and you’ll get second hand embarrassment from this but oh well !!

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i know he’s a meme at heart; he just looks like a model all the time

he’s knows i’m not a model, but luckily, i’m his favorite meme

i was tagged by wonderful, beautiful people @angelyoons @dokyuml @oexo and @minghuo to do a selfie/selfie-bias tag! <3 i love you all to the moon and back thank you thank you thank you <3

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LIFE HACK for all my pierced babes out here tryna get jobs

(or for if you just have a pair of normal stud earrings you want to get some use out of)

So they sell these flesh tone plugs (you know, using “flesh tone” super lightly bc obviously not everyone is Whitey McWhiterson like me) that are supposed to be “retainers” to hide your stretched ears. But even if you get a decent skin tone match, they really don’t hide anything, they just look like you have giant plugs and bad taste.

But the thing about the silicone is that it’s super soft, so you can actually puncture it with a normal earring stud!

So all you have to do is find an earring big enough to cover (or at least distract from) the plug and then viola!

Where’s that pierced delinquent who sent in her resume? Hiding behind that professional young lady we’re about to hire, THAT’S where!

And an extra cool thing about it is that the silicone is sort of self-healing, so you don’t really damage it or wear it out by “piercing” it, so you can just get one pair and then wear however many different earrings you want with the same plugs.

I don’t remember how much the plugs initially cost, but as you can see from the example I linked, you can get them for less than $10, and these flower earrings I got at Hot Topic for $3, so it’s all pretty low cost too.

Now go look cute and make some bank!