i'm not gonna tag all the movies

do you ever love a fictional character so much that your chest gets tight and you let out little squeaks and you’re all curled into a ball over their mere existence?? only to remember that they exist in a world that’s completely different from your own??

yeah that feeling sucks


and then i made a cover to my own unfinished fanfic 87k and still going pls set me free shadow me (feel free to delete this if you reblog)


i know he’s a meme at heart; he just looks like a model all the time

he’s knows i’m not a model, but luckily, i’m his favorite meme

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Carrie Fisher ( (1956-2016) ) ★ 

I’m so sad about this. We all lost a pop culture icon, a famous female character, and a wonderful woman that empowered so many of us.

Star Wars was my first major fandom and while I’ve drifted from constant activity, the movies have always been my favorites and I remember being a little girl and looking up to Princess Leia so much.

And then being a teenager and learning how inspiring the actress is who played her. She beat addiction, combated mental illness, and still managed to make us laugh and grow to love her through all her flaws and trials. I’m always going to look up to her.

RIP, Queen ❤

ok i’m bored, sick, gonna be out of school for the next 2 days, and want something to talk about, so i’m gonna make a big review of the tamagotchi anime movies :’^)

it’s under the cut because it’s long (this is part 1 because it was a lot longer than i expected to make it)

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hogwarts house: slytherin, but i could be a ravenclaw
pokemon team: mystic
favourite colours: black, dark red, deep purple
favorite characters: hanschen rilow, cassian andor, luna lovegood
dream job: a broadway performer or a comic book creator

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here’s the first chapter of that abo actor au i was tellin u guys about yesterday!!


Up-and-coming movie actor Castiel Novak knows he’ll never be taken seriously if all he ever plays is betas, and as an alpha he certainly doesn’t think it’s a wise career choice to play an omega. However, when he’s offered the omega role in a gay romance and learns that the much more famous (and his crush) Dean Winchester is playing the alpha, Cas decides maybe it’s time to take a risk. But when they meet on day one, Cas isn’t sure what to make of Dean’s scent.

“Bamon shippers who hate Bonkai are hypocrites, Damon’s hurt Bonnie too!”

Oh yeah?

Say what you will about Damon, but he’s never shot Bonnie with a crossbow and watched as she bled out. He never chased her through a hospital like he was in a goddamn horror movie where she was the victim and he was the monster. He never suggestively grabbed her in a car and breathed down her neck like he was going to rape her. He never drained her of her magic, the most intimate and precious thing to a witch. He never stuffed her in a trunk and drove her around like she was a piece of cargo, like she wasn’t a human being. He never pretended to make a truce with her to gain her trust and then brutally stab her with a sadistic smile on his face. He never left her to rot in a prison world all alone. He never drove her to suicide. He never caused her to suffer from PTSD. He never blackmailed her friend into forcing her to see him even though he knew she didn’t want to see him ever again. He never kidnapped her and used her blood to let out a bunch of murderous witchpires, either. And he’s never believed that because he tried to save her once and somewhat regrets everything he’s done to Bonnie because of his brother’s empathy (which he only has because he MURDERED him) gives him the right to deserve her forgiveness.

Bonkai stans can ignore their ship’s toxicity and point out Damon’s wrongdoings to Bonnie all they want, but everyone else knows the truth. Damon has hurt Bonnie in the past, yes. But he has never damaged and traumatized Bonnie the way Kai has.

of course i’d be the one to get injured during one of the most important scenes of the movie. the lack of sleep is finally getting to me, i guess, or at least that’s what the nurses here in canada are saying. but now i just want to leave this damn hospital because i have far more important shit to do than just lay in this hospital bed doing nothing and just staying here is making me antsy.