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Sooooo…let’s get to one of the meatier posts I’ve been wanting to do! I was considering waiting for My Brother’s Keeper to do this one, but establishing it from the beginning seems like a better idea. Plus, I’ve been on a roll today.

I wanna talk about Danny’s powers.

Or, more specifically, how I see them.

Looong post so it’s going under a cut.

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What do you think, I’m gonna tell Dick “I think he ate him, but I didn’t see it”?


I love prince Sidon so much. I’ve been drawing him nonstop for the past two days 😳 I mean… Just look at him! He’s hot and cute and has nice personalities and a charming voice… HE’S MY NEW HUSBANDO NOW.
I wan to play this game so much…

It’s so hilarious to me how at least 50% of the blogs I’ve blocked for shipping ironspider have had some variation of “tired of fandom bullshit” as their blog title like.. maybe you wouldn’t have to deal with so much fandom bullshit.. if you didn’t ship literal children with 50 year olds Linda.. did you ever consider that Kathy..

this fucking article listed roy’s drug addiction as one of (many) terrible things to have happened to oliver queen and im gonna fight the op over this

there’s something incredibly insidious about victimizing oliver instead of roy when roy was… you know, the one that was abandoned by his father figure, and after developing a drug addiction, was kicked to the streets by said father figure. 

but yeah. poor oliver queen :(((( that must have sucked, guys. he was inconvenienced for ten seconds!!


all these little things seem to matter so much

um??? this was just supposed to be a doodle and then i got super into the background, and i’m still not quite satisfied with it but i really have to go study now so i decided i should just st OP

anyway let’s talk about how they started the episode fusing while facing away from each other bc they weren’t being honest about their feelings, and then ended it totally open and honest and there for each other; idk i have a lot of feelings about this

edit: i forgot to mention this blog hit 400 followers yesterday! thank you all so much, i really appreciate it <3 <3 <3

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As another Jewish person I'm gonna have to disagree and I'm kind of am a bit hurt by the fact that you heard that description with not mention of him being Jewish and immediately thought it was anti semetic. There's more to me that a stereotype and part of dismantling stereotypes is using those traits for character of other races too. I feel a bit like you're using us to further your SJW credentials or something. A little hurt and I say this as someone who likes your blog.

hey i can appreciate the concern here, but i most certainly did not hear the description of him and then decide it was antisemitic. this is something that has been brought to my attention by many, many Jewish people (some whom i know personally, some whom i just follow on tumblr/see the posts of) years after i read harry potter.

i get what you’re saying about “using jewish people to further my SJW credentials” - that’s a really valid concern, and whilst i don’t think i’m doing that (i really do believe in just making the world a better place; until very recently this blog was run anonymously so it’s not like it would get back to me personally) i will make sure to think long and hard about things before doing/saying them, and i will keep that in mind. thank you for your input.

hi pals, 
ahhh i don’t really know where to begin, i only officially turned this blog into a wanna one blog about 4 weeks ago and i wasn’t expecting much to be honest but i’ve been blessed with amazing mutuals and followers and i really want to thank everyone so here’s my second follow forever.

to those tagged, charmanders are red, squirtles are blue, if you were a pokemon, i’d choose you! bye, sorry not sorry that y’all have to constantly deal with my cheesy pickup lines.

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Hi! I don't know if you're active or not atm but I'm still gonna ask this question (also sorry if this has been asked before, I don't recall seeing it anywhere on this blog). Do you know if/think Eric and Dylan said anything to each other just before they shot themselves? -K

Hi! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus of late, as I’m sure you’re aware of by now, but I appreciate the fact that you’ve sent me this question regardless!

I did mention this in some posts before, which you can find by searching my blog with the term ‘last words’ (or just by clicking this nifty link lol), but it’s always good to get a chance to revisit this.

The only two people who could have feasibly heard Eric and Dylan say their last words are Patrick Ireland and Lisa Kreutz, who’d both suffered very extensive injuries that prevented them from escaping the library between the shooting and the suicides. Both Patrick and Lisa passed in and out of consciousness and their own pain undoubtedly impacted anything they sensed. As such, the most we have from their statements are the coughing that Patrick heard (assumed to be Dylan’s last breaths) and the “are you still with me? we’re still gonna do this, right?”-statement that Lisa picked up on.

We do not know if Eric and Dylan said anything to each other before they shot themselves. Not factually, at least, because the only two witnesses to their suicides suffered severe trauma that impacted their recollections and observations of the goings-on in the library. Hypothetically speaking, though, we could say that it’s plausible they did – and just as plausible that they didn’t. I have always been fond of the theory that they walked toward the library in silence and that their last words to each other were of the mundane variety (like “you still good on ammo?” “yup”) rather than deeply meaningful. I think they were both very much on their own islands by the time they returned to the library, though they still worked together to engage the cops outside in a way that made the ‘rescue’ of Rachel Scott and Richard Castaldo that much harder.

A lot of the focus for Dylan has always been on his suicidal ideation. People seek to understand Dylan through this, and have used his suicidal ideation as the main reason why he wished to participate in the massacre. It’s not a stretch to assume that Dylan was at once scared and hopeful when the time had finally come to follow through on his thoughts. He was elated about dying, but ritualised his death to the point where he was using all these little things as a way to stave off his nerves about dying. I can see him not speaking because it would take away from the moment he was having in which he finally came to terms with his own death.

With Eric, people’s focus has unfortunately always been mostly on his homicidal ideation. I have said for years that we need to take a really close look at Eric’s suicidal ideation, too, if we’re going to have any hope of understanding Eric at all, and we need to take into account what this signifies in terms of the massacre as well. Eric was very callous with himself and seems to have been painting a target of ‘come and get me I am right here’ onto his back throughout. I honestly will always believe that Eric had anticipated suicide by cop, or some other variation that did not lead to him actually having to pull the trigger on himself. For Eric, dying was an afterthought. I have written a lot on Eric’s suicide over the course of time, but my main takeaway from it has always been that Eric hated himself more than he ever hated anyone else. By the time he was prepared to kill himself, he was likely stuck in this vicious cycle of self-loathing and desperation/panic that would prevent him from speaking.

I think what I really want to say is.. they came to that school together after months of planning together, they killed other people together, they wreaked havoc together, they caused tragedy together, they died by each other’s side.. but in their minds, they died alone. The connection between them severed, their friendship no more than background noise, their own motivations and demons coming out for their final end. If that is bleak, I apologise – it’s my own observation of their deaths, though, and as such the most logical response to your question.

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It's been a while since the original Underfell blog but, from what I can remember, they were always really chill with people having their own interpretations and doing their own thing? Even the stuff they mentioned in their recent post is mostly all old info that just got lost to fandom over time. I don't think they're gonna be a problem and I'm actually glad to have them back because hopefully this means we'll get some focus on characters outside the ufbros again :')

Yeah, like I implied it’s not really an issue. I’m just worried that they’ll feel uncredited if they see this specific game (which I believe they don’t even know about) is all. I’m just trying to make sure everyone is treated fairly since we are indeed basing our fangame on someone else’s concept (but, fairly, at the time of creation - an abandoned concept.)

And I’m just making it a point to those who may have been worried we’d be changing our entire game to base it around the official canon - which we’re not.


Hi guys! So tumblr is being weird and blocking half the things on my dash with this new safe mode, despite the fact that I’m 18+. Not to mention this blog is an unholy mess and I’m very unhappy with it, so, I’m moving blogs. 

My new main blog is @acestronomy, where I’m gonna post about books/writing and such, because that’s kind of what I’ve been focused on for a while and I need to start posting my writing somewhere if I ever want it to take me anywhere. My two sideblogs - @theyoungavengcrs and @starryskywalkers - will be for superheroes and star wars/star trek accordingly. Ultimately @starryskywalkers is gonna go back to my current url, aceleia, bc i love it dearly, but it’s too difficult to change rn. 

I’m gonna follow everyone who I follow on here, and I’d really appreciate it if my mutuals/followers now could follow me back and reblog this? I’d hate to leave this blog when I’m so close to 1k but it’s time to move on.

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hello I'm back again bc two things; one, I failed to mention prior how much your blog gives me life, I just read and reread everything and I never fail to laugh. two, I was thinking about magi and mario kart and now I need your opinion on who they would play as, and other thoughts you may have, if any

Thank you so much!
And yeah, that’s an awesome au! That would be hilarious, can you imagine them yelling at each other?
I’m just gonna do a few characters off the top of my head cause I’m tired, but here:

Alibaba: is clumsy with the controls and rarely wins but enjoys playing a lot nonetheless. Usually plays as Koopa Troopa.

Aladdin: doesn’t win much either but finds the game relaxing, and plays as the ‘cute’ tame characters like Toad and Shy Guy.

Morgiana: quiet, focused; saves up good powers to attack others when they least expect it. Plays as Rosalina (my personal favourite to play as).

Kouha: a badass. Doesn’t necessarily play to win, just attacks everybody else so they CAN’T win. Plays as Baby Peach.

Sinbad: plays as Bowser or Dry Bowser. Plays to win. Focused and good. Has an abundance of red shells.

Judar: plays as King Boo cause he thinks he looks cool. Plays to win but isn’t as good as he thinks he is, and pouts when he loses.

Hakuryuu: will play as whoever is left over, but prefers basic characters like Luigi. Is pretty good when he gets serious. He and Judar are kickass when playing in team mode.

Yunan: plays leisurely and only when invited cause he doesn’t much care for the game, but is really good when he gets focused. Likes to play as Peach or Daisy cause he finds it funny.