i'm not gonna jump on the bandwagon

dream daddy: offers me a wide selection of cute single dads, including a dark and handsome stranger, a socially awkward music lover with a liking for flower crowns, and my childhood best friend who has grown mysteriously ripped in my absence

my masochistic ass: let’s go for the emotionally repressed priest with a wife and four kids

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I'm gonna jump on this 'Medic has sleeping problems' bandwagon too. I've always supported that headcannon, and I can imagine Heavy (and possibly Spy) would force him to get a good night's sleep. They're the ones who are disappointed and concerned when Medic passes out on the bathroom floor (or wherever Scout's found him this time).


I can imagine Heavy and Spy giving the Medic an intervention.

“Why am I here?”

“We are worried about you Doctor. When was the last time you went to bed?”

“Two days ago”

“Please Doctor go to bed”


This is when Heavy carries a yelling German to a bed and holds the Medic down as Spy cuffs Medic to the bed.

“We’ll be back in a few hours”

Year of improvement

So I’ve been seeing a bunch of people do this, comparing their art from a year ago to their art now.
So I decided to jump on the bandwagon. 
After going through my old drawings from last year, and discovering how cringe worthy they all are, I figured I might as well go with my old drawing of Antonio. Because you know, that’s fitting.

2016 ^



Okay so you all know how much I love posting weird out-of-context quotes from my WIPS, yeah? And how much I love reading other people’s? I totally want to start a thing, right, and I’m hoping some writer friends n writer strangers might wanna jump on board too, because it could be super fun

I reckon we should have a hashtag like #shitwriterswrite for those silly quotes, just for a bit of fun, like I legitimately had a character say “I will lie down and let the digital spiders consume my digital flesh if it will make you happy” and I just. Gosh it could be so fun. I love seeing writers having a good time and taking pride in their weirdnesses, it’s glorious

But hey, maybe this won’t catch on at all, but if it sounds like your kinda jam, throw some stuff in the #shitwriterswrite hashtag or reblog this post to spread the word or whatever man

There’s nothing in that tag yet but I will shower anything that gets posted in that tag with endless love and hugs \o/

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I'm gonna jump on this bandwagon and say Kenny Omega with smut for the game?


“Are you sure Y/N?” Kenny asks for the millionth time, his ocean eyes set on your face as he adjusts himself between your legs, the heat of him making you squirm.

“Yes, for God’s sake yes Kenny please!” You whimper as you wrap your arms under his, griping his back and pulling his face down to meet yours, your lips meeting his urgently.

“I want this, please.” You murmur, making your way down his jaw, and nipping his earlobe.

“Ok, if you’re sure.” He groans, aligning himself with you, and pushing agonizingly slowly into your soaked core.

dear terfs:

fucking trust yall to jump on the pwr bttm bandwagon to be transphobic pieces of shit. 
Trans folks doing terrible shit doesn’t “negate their transness” or “take away their right to ‘female’ pronouns” you fucking morons. They’re still trans. 

Trans folks, especially trans women, are not fucking predators. Stop using the pwr bttm thing to push that narrative. Trust you lot to use such an awful incident to push your shitty agenda, though.

  • Phil Coulson, on a date: So what do you think of Clint Barton?
  • Date: You mean Hawkeye? He's the worst avenger
  • Phil *shoving breadsticks in bag*: I'm sorry but I have to go now

Am I too late to jump on the fusionmatsu bandwagon? 😂

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Uhh hi, I'd like to jump on the bandwagon and file an official complaint about your blog. I think you post too many "science, stuff, and things" and not enough dog. I'm gonna need a lot more dog. Like a lot. Okay, thanks. ;)

I can do that, no problem :)

The very first picture I have of her — she was 6 weeks old

The first car ride home

Her napping on my belly

Giving grandpa #2 a smooch

Eater of thumbs

Helping me carve pumpkins

Her first bath :3

Losing baby teeth

Hanging out with her grandma

Helping her grandma bake xmas cookies

Surprise visit from her Aunt Emilly


Scout the reindeer dog

My New Years smooch

She didn’t want to eat her veggies

The cone of shame

Lunch date with Aunt Emilly

Kush got her too faded

Scout with her boyfriend Spencer

Lazer Doge

Scout was part of our biochem study group last semester

Her first time at the Grand Canyon

And her at this very moment

She the love of my life for all of the above reasons.

First 365 to REBLOG will get their URL put in a jar.
And every day in 2014, I’ll pick out a URL and write them a nice message on anon. 
Please only reblog only once, likes do not count. 
I’m copying this from someone, but I just thought it was super cute.