i'm not gonna apologize for my heart okay

eddsworld-dump  asked:

I'm gonna be honest.. I love this AU with my heart and soul, you're great, keep up the good work, okay bye-

//Im really grateful for your honesty! ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL

// I didn’t expect that I’d be working on projects in my summer,, so

I apologize for the inactivity.

// I’ve been feeling discouraged lately.. But there’s no need to worry!! ^^ Im pretty emotionally strong. I can manage! 

Green Bowties Cause You To Be Uncreative

 asked you: Yay, someone’s writing fanfics~! How about them having a fight and her ending up crying. Then he would hug and comfort her until she’s better and happy :>

“No! No no no!” Notepad stamped her foot, the sticky noise signaling that she was coating the floor with her inky skin.

“Don’t dirty the floor,” Clock stated, fixing his bowtie after Notepad had tried to pull it off. “It’s nothing bad.”

“It's green.

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