i'm not going to tag all the fates here

i wish i could make high-quality gifs or draw beautiful art or write amazing fanfiction but really all my contributions to a fandom lie in shitposting

janezoey  asked:

Hey :) First off all thank you for helping me find great fics through your blog it can be hard to figure out which ones are actually good :) I did go through your tags and I know you have one for multi chapter fics but I'm not just searching for that I would love to have a few recommendations for fics that have over 100.000 words or for some that are already over 50.000 and still being updated regulary. Also they should be written in the got universe so no modern world fics ;)

Here you go - fics all over 100k word count set within canon verse. I’m listing them by longest first!

These should keep you reading for a while ;) -Rumaan