i'm not going to lie i cried

Moana: Treasure Trove

Here it is! A stash of Moana fics that I wrote over the past six months that, for various reasons, never saw the light of day. This is part one of two!

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One time I had a dream I woke up as the hero in PMD Blue and my partner asked what my name was. I panicked because I didn't want them to roast my name like they do in the game but I didn't want to lie to them so I told them my name and of course they were like "that's weird! you have a human name?" and while I'm standing there going "uhhhhhh" they start laughing and say "I'm just fuckin with you man we all have human names" and I cried.

oh my GOD

partner why

I'm shook

Madi dies y'all….I cried, I died. I the fits and tantrums and I’m pretty sure the police going be knocking on my door any minute since I’ve been yelling and screaming my ass off. I’m not gone lie it was set up the whole episode. The more I saw Eleanor and Madi bonding the feeling just got nauseous. I knew Eleanor was a goner but Madi!!!! Annnnnnddd then my brain reasserted itself. What gave it a way is it’s anticlimactic end. It’s felt too…cirmcimstance. We see her get hit on the head and then it’s all about Eleanor. Even when they were bonding it seemed more like closure for her. And then her last parting words of advice about going somewhere with your love. Hmmmm too much foreshadowing and set up just for it to end like that. You just see Eleanor go Madi and then dragged herself out. No telling how long she’d been out there. And they are ying and yang to each other this season. Awww and Madi gave us her answer which fed into my initial hysteria but I have literally watched it 6 times now and confident she could easily have woken from her head wound and escaped just the opposite direction. And why did Flint need 5 men? 3 would have been sufficient but I feel for the bruh cause it was totally not his fault but man oh man is he so FUCKED. Whatever love existed died a savage and painful death. Damn it got me more than I thought it would cause I know she alive and it wasnt Flint’ s fault but man did Billy’s prophecy come true. And hit home even more that it was her contribution to maintain the alliance by putting herself in harm that have Flint the troops they need. This is rough. And Flint know it ain’t right that it’s not supposed to go down like that but he’s bout to be So giddy over getting his dream come true he’s not going to notice Hands getting in that ear. Did you SEE Silver’s face after Flint touched his shoulder???? That look was terrifying. It was like an inward fringe of disgust but he is in straight self loathing mode. He made a choice and he thinks as a result it led to Madi dying. I worried about this. Silver being the one to push the friendship and asked her to trust Flint and he knew last episode she was risking herself for what he is now viewing as Flint s war. He thinks this is his fault and that makes him even more lethal because he don’t give a fuck. He ain’t bout to give no fucks at all. The reaction though. First Flint’s when Eleanor told him Madi was dead. There was genuine sadness and that quickly turned to fuuuuuccccckkkkkk. I haven’t been able to fathom that Flint is afraid of LJS more than anything. I saw that fear for the first time in that scene. Then when he walked in the camp, poor man looked ready to pass out. I mean the man just confessed his worst fear to you and now it happened. I almost wish he had someone else drop the bomb. But I know it’s his homey but SILVER’S FUCKING FACE OMG I FELL OFF MY BED ONTO THE FLOOR AND ROLLED AROUND. THEN THAT STUMBLE. HE WAS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE. And timing you dumb as shit that I wish would die. I mean you could tell no one have a shit. Everyone clearly knows. Dammmnnnn Gunn knew????? And Silver’s look when he mentioned her name. He was like what the fuck is wrong with your. Her name is too precious to be coming out your mouth. When he said “its over” y'all I swear to God I was over. I was dead inside. And when I saw Flint open the door and saw his beautiful blue eyes a red and puffy from crying hdidmjsmckhsic8wmdpandvdks…they got darker and again when he said not his fault and he was just frozen and numb I wanted to die all over again. He didn’t get to say goodbye, he didn’t even get to bury her. Ugh and when we walked up to Queen Mother and I thought Silver was going to tell her I just yelled cause my heart couldn’t Fucking take anymore. I love that Madi admitted she loved Silver to Eleanor. Such a thing you tell a sister. Will get a second post out about their scenes too. Now I alllllreeeeaddddyyyyy KNOW people going be freaking out and reverting back to Max is LJS wife or he marries all other random African woman I’m not trying to hear it. Madi is alive until this Fucking show end. I won’t even respond and I don’t even mean that to be rude I just ain’t with the drama and this is the type of things in a show that feed some serious negativity especially in shipping wars. I will block yo ass and move on. On a happier shipper note LJS

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Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2.5K

Summary: After an abortive mission against Hydra, you’ve been captured -and tortured by Rumlow and he won’t quit until Steve, your fiancé reveals the secret he has been trying to hide for almost all his life.

Warnings: ANGST, torturing: blood, pain -well kinda everything, and uh maybe kinda in some case – Steve working for Hydra

A/N: I’M SO SORRY OKAY I started to write this as soon as I heard Marvel’s big news and I know most of you don’t want to think about this anymore but I just had to do this and I’m sorry. Ily, stay strong fellas and please don’t hate me, k? x

Pain gnashing every inch of your body, your forced yourself to open up your eyes, just to meet Rumlow’s bright brown ones only inches away from yours. After failing on a mission against Hydra, you had been held as a hostage for days, the brunet man making sure you weren’t feeling bored as he made you bleed and scream time and again.

“Well, that was fun don’t you think?” He chuckled, his lips turned into a wide smirk as he ran his fingers along with the curve of your jaw, causing shivers of pure disgust to ran through your body.

“Oh, as always,” you mocked, kicking your eyebrow with a sarcastic smile on your mangled, swollen lips. “Would be a shame to stop there, don’t you think?”

Loud cry escaped your lips as he wrapped his fingers around the short, thin knife that was buried to the flesh of your thigh, just to give it a harsh twist –and cause tears of pain to blur your vision.

“Oh, we can keep playing,” Rumlow called out, tilting his head. “As long as you can take it sweetheart.”

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I'm sorry but can u explain more what's going on that last scene with GR ang Goblin? I don't understand why Goblin watched GR and both cried too much...what's behind that??! But ugh this two make mee so sad, I don't lie I cried soo much!😢😢😢

Hey no problem! Ah… yes, that last scene between the two is very deep and touching… Just more to add to the ocean of tears I was already crying. T.T Just to let you know, this is my own personal analysis and interpretation, so it may be different from what other’s think. 

So let’s start from the beginning, Wang Yeo gifted the sword to Shin to fight at the borders. The only time the king appeared before Shin was to tell him to die and, therefore, he commanded Shin to die at the borders in return for his sorrow. As a loyal general to both the previous and current kings, Shin’s promise and duty was to protect the king with his life; therefore, the sword became an extension of that promise, which would include to kill Park Joong Won because he was a threat to the king. But Shin would not kill Joong Won against Wang Yeo’s will if he didn’t command so

We all thought Shin held a grudge against Wang Yeo because he was accused for false treason and for killing his family, but that was not the case. Shin held a grudge against Wang Yeo for taking his own life… the very life that his half-brother, his lover, and himself sacrificed their lives to protect, but it was all in vain. The only thing that Shin wanted of Wang Yeo to ask of him was to kill Park Joong Won… but instead, the sword he used to protect Wang Yeo’s Goryeo ended up slaying him due to Yeo’s royal decree, whom was manipulated by Joong Won

However, this time around… things happened differently. Just as Shin speculated, the purpose of the sword was to kill Park Joong Won, but he couldn’t have achieved it on his own. Wang Yeo/GR came to help and was the one who commanded Joong Won - not like in the past where he was being manipulated by him. This time, Wang Yeo appeared before Shin and Shin was finally able to “reach the king” by slaying Joong Won by the command of the king. 

That’s why when he fell to one knee and looked at GR, he was symbolically bowing to his King (like a general would do) to inform him of his death just as Wang Yeo had ordered him 900 years ago - but this time accomplishing what he wanted to do, “I will now send word to you that I’ve died a heroic death.” And just as Wang Yeo promised Shin 900 years ago, GR/Wang Yeo genuinely expressed his sorrow when he already started to cry, knowing that Shin will die, and tipped his hat to show his respect

So I hope this helps you understand this very touching and important scene between Shin and GR/Wang Yeo. I personally think this scene shows us that Shin and Wang Yeo/GR have reconciled, Shin has fulfilled his duty to his king, and that Wang Yeo/GR acknowledged his general’s loyal feat. UGH… I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad because my two immortal babies are on good terms again… but SHIN DISAPPEARED INTO ASHES and GR IS ON PROBATION!! I just want to see these two happy and living together in that beautiful house of theirs while drinking cooled beers and eating warm boiled eggs.

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so I saw this post a week ago and I was thinking about how sans and papyrus’s specialty are manipulating gravity + sans being able to skip-jump between time frames/game screens + sans being a physics/astronomy nerd, which resulted into this. He probably jumped to different areas non-stop for maximum acceleration before he broke that thing into pieces. What a nerd. 


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Can we hear more about E's second pregnancy? How do R and Small Citizen cope/prepare? Does Small Citizen ever try to bring Smaller Citizen into school for their class Show and Tell? (I did that once with my baby brother and I'm still not sure how I convinced my mom to bring him in)

Small Citizen is super excited when he finds out he’s going to have a Smaller Citizen. 

However Enjolras doesn’t exactly have it easy for dysphoria reasons as well as just general ‘this is uncomfortable/I feel sick/I can’t sleep’ reasons. So he’s kind of grumpy and tired but still wanting to be on his feet 24/7 to do his work for Les Amis. (He went to a rally at 7 months and Joly almost cried because this is so bad oh my god please lie down) 

R is super good about it, tending to E’s weird ass cravings (I mean who the hell puts cabbage and chocolate together? What the fuck?) and generally keeping Small Citizen super entertained so they’re not bugging Enjolras.

It’s a rough 9 months but hey. Smaller Citizen is actually planned.

And Small Citizen definitely tries to bring Smaller Citizen in for show and tell (And, keen to educate kids about gender issues, Enjolras is happy to comply)

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(For your Reapertale AU) I'm not sure if this has been asked before... but the saying "flirted with death"... does that come from mortals? Or just godly gossip?

cries this is a very good question BWAHA – it can go either way really.

In fact, I can actually see Chara coming up with this term bwahaha. The fact that they constantly “flirt” with Death and always slip through his fingers– taunting them, and being so close and yet always out of reach. Mwahaha. B)

Asking Alexandria Inspired Sentence Starters.
  • Karma's a bitch, right?
  • If only he knew about the world without the bullshit and the lies.
  • We could've saved him.
  • But instead I'm here drowning in my own fucking mind.
  • The tears that stain my cheek make me look weak!
  • You need a doctor baby, You scared?
  • They didn't see me coming!
  • I take this blade, I slit your throat!
  • You said you'd cried a thousand times.
  • You can't lie your way out of this one.
  • Now you know just how I feel!
  • I'm gonna go until I hit the floor and I can't find the way back to my feet anymore.
  • Pass me a glass and let's destroy everything in this fucking place.
  • Close your eyes and follow me until the end.
  • Keep your mouth shut and listen motherfucker.
  • I don't feel this anymore I need to get away.
  • All the love in my heart can't even find a way.
  • I won't pretend I'm not disgusted with everything you are.
  • I won't deny that I'm revolted by everything you say you stand for.

Faithfully - Video by Nick Turchen

I told myself I wasn’t going to cry. That was a complete lie. I cried. A lot. So many tears.