i'm not going to ever get over you

How Klance Breaks Up (True Story)
  • Lance: Keith... I'm sorry, I just don't think this is going to work anymore.
  • Lance: You're just... not who I thought you were.
  • Lance: I don't think I'll ever be able to look at you the same.
  • Keith: *trying not to cry* I get it. I'm part Galra. Clearly, that's not what you signed up for. I'm sorry.
  • Lance: Wait what?
  • Lance: Oh, no I don't care that you're part Galra. I think that's pretty cool actually.
  • Keith: Then wha-
  • Lance: I just can't get over the fact that you're from Texas.

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How can I tell if I'm actually going through emotional abuse and not just being overemotional?

well, here’s a few signs:

  • if you are scared of somebody 
  • if they call you names, invalidate your feelings, apologize insincerely for upsetting you, or manipulate you
  • if somebody has ever called you “worthless”, “useless”, “good for nothing”, or any other variation of telling you that you don’t have value
  • if you think about all your actions in words in terms of “will this make them mad at me” because they tend to get mad over small things
  • if you feel like you have to change your demeanor and personality to suit them because otherwise they’ll be angry
  • if you can’t set up boundaries like “take time to cool down when you’re mad so you don’t call me names”
  • if you don’t have a space that is just yours for at least some time during each day because they invade it
  • if you fear they will go through your phone, diary, journal, etc
  • if you are asking “am i being emotionally abused” that’s also a pretty big indicator that you are
  • Friend: how are you?
  • What I wish I can say:
  • Well, everything is falling apart. I'm barley going to school, I spend most of my days laying in bed, laid in my own self loathing. I feel empty everyday and I'm getting tired of it. I think about ever little embarrassing thing that happened over 2-4 years ago and cringe at myself....everyday.
  • I'm fucking exhausted, and I still can't sleep at night.
  • Sometimes it feels like I'm not even here, and it's like I lost myself somewhere along this dark, muddy path.
  • I can't stop thinking about my past traumas, my hair is falling out, my mood is getting lower, my future seems to be getting more bleak.
  • I have a suicide plan already in place.
  • Because I fucking hate myself, I hate what I've become, and I hate everything about this world.
  • What I do say: I'm good, what about you?

okay so i’ve been watching the get down constantly since it came out, but recently i rewatched p1, esp. in prep for the tgd watch on twitter (check it out here to help us out!!) and i have some thoughts on episode six and dizzee’s experience at the club.

- first of all, i keep forgetting that two minutes before dizzee arrives, there’s the scene where thor’s like “you should come down to soho”

- and it’s so wild to watch that exact scene because as much as we joke about it being love at first sight for the two of them, dizzee genuinely had a crush on this dude ( and i think he knew it too) but hadn’t … like, experienced his awakening yet?

- so how amazing would it have been for him to 1. have met his idol (you’re thor?  wow!), 2. have his idol save him from the police, 3. be praised and admired for his artmaking and ideas, which definitely wasn’t common in his life prior to this ( i like rumi, he’s weird though / your brother’s a fucking weirdo ), and 4. that thor likes him enough to exchange books and hang out with him? then thor invites him to a party?  like at this point dizzee’s crushing on what used to a very highly esteemed colleague, and is now close to being his best friend??  stop??

- he meets up with thor and “beautiful girl” ( i will never forgive them for not giving her a name!! ) but he sees!!  thor!! make out with her right in front of him and you can see he’s like

:/// okay

- but then dizzee goes into the club! and immediately you can see him go “!!!” this isn’t insignificant for him!  this is a HUGE DEAL for dizzee

- thor’s like “yeah this is where the free people run free!!” and dizzee can likely see!!!  wlw !! couples!! and mlm!! couples!!  kissing near him!!

- he can see drag queens and people like him wearing dresses and makeup and it’s like he’s walked into a dream because he’s had thoughts about what if i could kiss boys??  what if i could wear nail polish?? what if i could wear dresses???  and so straight off the bat he’s being validated 100% by these happy dancing people and the cool disco atmosphere i mean he must be feeling high as a kite

- AND THEN and then he gives thor!!!!!!!!!! the fuckingggggggg RECORD

- he’s like “here it reminded me of you!” and thor gives him this HUGE SMILE thats so grateful and like ADORING like can you imagine how dizzee is FEELING right now

- then THEN the beautiful girl goes “you should get carlo to play it!” and dizzee’s like “okay cool who’s that?” and yeah its the dj and then she’s like “ya thor REEALLY KNOWS HIM ya know ;))))” .  dizzee’s fucking 

😱😱😱 does that mean what i think it means?? like this boy???? might like boys too ????? the fuck //????? liking girls and boys at the same time?????

- so he hangs out with the girl while thor goes off and he talks about the performers and he takes in a WHOLE NEW GENRE of art and dance and being!!

- the girl initiates the kiss but he goes in for it anyway and gets tapped on the shoulder

- and thor’s there, and dizzee goes “oh fuck i just kissed his girlfriend now the guy i’m crushing on is gonna be pissed at me” right?


- dizzee goes “sorry” and thor goes “my turn”


- MY






-  and he’s unsure right?  like christina aguilara’s song comes on and thor’s just dancing and dizzee’s like 

…. is this real?  did you just ask to kiss me a second ago?

- and the song keeps going and thor keeps dancing and bopping his shoulder good naturedly so dizzee’s like “no nah nah i’m not gonna do this what if i misread the signals”

- he didn’t

- the beautiful girl leans over and goes “IT’S OKAY, GO ON, KISS HIM!”


- GO ON!



- and dizzee at this point is just like “ ???????????????????????????? IM ALLOWED TO DO THAT IM ALLOWED TO DO THAT IM ALLOWED TO DO THAT”

- the beautiful girl takes this into her own hands and gives him a reassuring kiss, you know, one that’s familiar and comfortable and he closes his eyes and kisses back

- she pulls back and says TO.  THOR.  “HE’S A GOOD KISSER,  I LIKE THAT A LOT.”

- HE’S

- A



- I





- they’re both so shy and it’s so pure!!  like clearly this whole time thor has had a crush on dizzee as well and they don’t want to mess up and the beautiful girl in the corner is just like “this is the sweetest thing ever”

- thor gives him

- a

- mother

- fucking

- smile

- to reassure him because this is a hugely overwhelming experience for dizzee lbr!!

- and you can tell that dizzee is entranced by this whole situation because never in his LIFE did he expect a boy he liked to like him back!! he never anticipated that he would get to live THIS FREE !!

and they get closer and closer together and in a second we see a dozen people lock lips simultaneously, then the two of them slowly part, we’re left to imagine the magic and the wonder of dizzee’s first kiss with a boy (which i ❤❤❤❤❤).






- dizzee has straight up just kissed the boy he’s crushing on well enough for thor to look at him like dizzee is the SUN AND SKY

- they dance together a bit and then the beautiful girl joins them and it’s probably the best romance story ever written.  romeo and juliet who?  i don’t know them. 

- anyway

- i’m sick of this show blasting me with emotions i’m a weak bitch i can’t handle it

Rhysand's Bright Idea
  • Rhysand: As High Lord, I think it's important that my inner circle is close-knit and each member can depend on each other.
  • Mor: Okay, that sounds reasonable.
  • Amren: Just wait.
  • Rhysand: So to bring us closer together, we will be doing a series of trust falls.
  • Cassian: Okay, that's it. I'm out. *gets up to leave*
  • Rhysand: Sit back down. EVERYONE WILL BE PARTICIPATING.
  • Cassian: *sits back down* Fine but this is the stupidest thing I've ever done. And that's saying something.
  • Feyre: This is pretty ridiculous Cassian, but I doubt this tops your list.
  • Azriel: Oh, I know for a fact he's done way worse than this.
  • Cassian: *rolls eyes* Let's just get this over with.
  • Amren: I'll go first and catch you Rhys.
  • Rhysand: Thank you, at least SOMEONE *pointed look at Cassian* is seeing the value in this.
  • Mor: Good for you Amren, because I really don't
  • Amren: *stands behind Rhysand*
  • Rhysand: *leans back and falls*
  • Amren: *steps aside and lets Rhysand fall on the floor*
  • Amren: *steps over Rhysand and looks him in the eyes*
  • Feyre & Mor: *laughing in the background*
  • Cassian: Now can we leave?
  • Rhysand: *sighs* You're all dismissed.
Pay Me With Your Time YoongixReader
  • Yoongi: The sun is shinning! The breeze is breezing! My hair is quaffing! Life is goo-
  • Y/N bumps into Yoongi, spilling her Iced Coffee all over his new white shirt.
  • Yoongi: -cold! Life is so cold!
  • Y/N: I am so sorry.
  • Yoongi looks up into Y/N's eyes. He thinks.
  • Yoongi: It's fine.
  • Yoongi stalks away. He stops and turns back.
  • Yoongi: Actually it's not. Reimburse me.
  • Y/N: What?
  • Yoongi: Did I stutter? This shirt was expensive, and I'm probably never going to wear it again now that you've soiled it.
  • Y/N: Well what about my coffee? That'll be $7.65!
  • Yoongi: One: That is an insane amount to pay for an iced coffee. Two: (LAUGHS BOISTEROUSLY: HA HA HA) I'm not paying you, you walked into me.
  • Y/N: Are you done?
  • Yoongi: One more. Three: I just realized that you are really, really pretty. I mean like insanely pretty, and that and only that is why I will consider buying you another iced coffee and allowing you to pay for the shirt with your time.
  • Y/N: May I speak now?
  • Yoongi: Go for it.
  • Y/N: One: Have you ever had good coffee? Cuz that's how much it costs. Two: I could argue that you walked into my defenseless, motionless iced coffee and spoiled it's existence. Three: I find you attractive too and I'm willing to look over your ass-nality and get a coffee. This way.
  • Y/N stalks away towards the Coffee shop and Yoongi trails after her.
  • Yoongi: Ass-nality?
  • Y/N: Ass-Personality. Coined it five seconds ago.
  • Yoongi: Oh. - So you find me attractive? I just thought you were pretty.
  • Y/N: (Groans) How much was that shirt in hours?
  • Yoongi: About three. I'm hoping you'll ruin another one of my things though. Want to break my phone? That'll cost you at least a week. (Wink)
  • A/N
  • I'm really liking these chats. It's pretty fun to write. La La Land was amazing and it got me in the Meet-Cute mood.
  • ~Armygirl

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hey sorry your anxiety is fucking with you :( maybe as a distraction you could do you top 5 malkin pics/gifs? if you feel like it!

hi, thanks :) it sucks but i’ll push through it. i’ll probably go to bed early or something but yeah top geno gifs sounds like a great idea. lets go:


this gif is honestly something special and i’ll never get over it (also i lov his lil wonky nostrils, why? idk)


shit this gif of him looking at sid, man it fucks me up every time


holy shit


just… what the ever loving fuck


my fav smiley boy

and finally

honourable mentions because honestly he’s a complete dork


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Is there a master post of all the times Harry's done the protective boyfriend arm on Niall? You know the one I'm talking about? Where Harry has his entire arm around Niall's shoulder and his hand ends up flat on Niall's chest? You know the one.

I definitely know the one. I don’t know if there’s a masterpost though, so here:


(thank you @missy14us !)


(even though his arm isn’t fully around Niall)

bonus X2:

(ask me if I’m ever going to get over the way Niall’s arm goes around Harry’s shoulder – or the way his hand goes over Harry’s chest protectively)

  • CaRtOoNz: You heard it here first guys! Ohm is a f***-ing freak alright!
  • Ohm: Why do you say that?
  • CaRtOoNz: He likes for me to pretend that I'm a circus clown...
  • Ohm: Heck yeah! You ever hook up with a clown, man!?
  • Bryce: He's got like a clown kink going on, he has to like imagine he's at the circus to get off.
  • CaRtOoNz: Yeah every time I go over to Ohm's house he puts on, he's like 'let me put on a little music' and flips it on and it's like-
  • Ohm & CaRtOoNz together: *Sing circus-clown music really loud*
  • CaRtOoNz: - and I'm like, WTF!?
  • Bryce: And them Ohm goes 'let me slip into something a little more comfortable' and he puts on a clown nose.
  • CaRtOoNz: He comes out on a unicycle, butt-naked.
  • Ohm: F*** yeah!
  • CaRtOoNz: *clown nose squeaker noise*
  • Ohm: You've never done that?
  • Bryce: This is the best imaginary scenario I've ever heard!
  • CaRtOoNz: It's not imaginary!!
  • Ohm: Don't knock it til' you try it!
  • From Bryce's video- THE REAL MVP! | Rainbow Six: Siege (ft. Cartoonz & Ohm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrzIS7nSJJc @ 16:12

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Hi! I was watching your videos and art and I noticed I was getting super salty and kind of hater-ish. Then I realized that it's because you have great skill and I admire them and somehow I'm bad at admiring. But you are great! So I'm going to drop some fan love because you deserve it and then eat a cookie to get over my saltiness. ¡Que tengas un muy buen dia!

I fucking love this message tbh. This is one of the most honest things anyone could ever say. I think everyone has done this haha I know I have…getting salty over someone else even though there is no good reason to be. Usually I’m just being a jealous hoe. 

Thank you for this incredibly honest message!!!!

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If i remember correctly, a couple of months back somebody asked you about bruce and jason; if they'd ever have a normal, deep conversation addressing their problems. How it'd go? I mean... do they maybe find themselves at a bar after some very peculiar set of events? We're never gonna get a truthful conversation with those two so i'm relying heavily on you to satisfy my curiosity. You're free to make me ache all over from the pain since you can do that well. :D

“If you wanted to watch the game with me, you could’ve just invited me to the manor,” Jason says as he opens the door to the bar. Better food, less drama, and more comfortable seats make Gotham Knights on the 200" batscreen more real and enjoyable than actually being at the stadium. There’s something to be said about the occasional bat flying past your head, but you get used to it. The alternative is some greasy guy’s saliva sprayed all over your hair while he’s screaming to some player to stop dragging his feet.

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I am the worst kind of romantic. I am the one who hopes you’ll be like an 80’s movie. Standing by window with a radio, throwing your fist up in the air knowing you got the girl, or waiting outside a chapel because my sister got married and you couldn’t wait to see me. I’m the one who sings old 2000 songs because well the ones now a days don’t even begin to describe how I feel. I want you to want me the way I want you. I want you to need me. I want you to crave my touch, my voice, my attention, because well how can you love me if that’s not what it is. I am a hopeless romantic. I can’t fix what I’ve become. I’m just damaged goods. Not even goods more like trash. And that’s all thanks to you. Thank you for taking over not just my mind but my body. Because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get away from you.
—  n.m.

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can you do a jealous sasuke pleaaase

characters: sasuke, sakura, sarada
author’s note: sarada’s like 10 here
this probably isn’t what you had in mind, but something tells me papasuke gets jealous too

“this is embarrassing,” sakura rolls her eyes, “sasuke, if you want to spar with her, just ask.”

the dark haired man snaps his head at his wife and looks at her as if her suggestion is completely absurd and incomprehensible. because it is. why should he have to ask her to train with him? shouldn’t his only child yearn to spar with her father? he’s a legendary ninja—a fucking neo-sannin—it’s ridiculous that she hasn’t so much as asked him for the smallest piece of advice.

it was clear that sarada was like him in many ways, most notably in appearance, but subtly in personality; like him, she prefers to be quiet and keep to herself. so he doesn’t mind that she would rather perfect her aim on her own, or work on her teamwork with her squad members or read scrolls in solitude late into the night.

but he does mind that she would rather spar with naruto than him. sure, he was the hokage, but he saw no other reason for sarada to look up to that idiot like he fucking hung the moon. hokage or not, naruto is a bumbling blonde baboon—so why on earth was his only daughter so fucking infatuated with him?

he watches as the two go at it in the backyard, as she expertly catches his punch and uses the momentum to push herself back. naruto smiles and tells her good job, and they go back to perfecting the technique again.

“do you think she still hates me?” sasuke asks, black eyes piercing through the window.

sakura rolls her eyes and sets her cup of tea on the counter. really, this was pathetic. “sasuke, would you cut it out,” she groans, “just because she wants to train with naruto doesn’t mean she hates you. do you understand how ridiculous you sou—”

“shhh, she’s coming inside,” sasuke hushes her.

his wife deadpans as he straightens himself out, and looks at her daughter as she enters the living room. a thin layer of sweat coats her forehead, she’s panting slightly and her sharingan is still activated, but she’s smiling nonetheless. it makes sasuke sick—she was enjoying herself! having fun training with that dobe instead of her papa. 

“training hard, sar-chan?” her mother smiles sweetly, a sickening tone of voice to sasuke. he sure married one annoying woman. 

the dark haired girl nods with that same smile on her face, “uncle naruto is the best, he said tomorrow we’re gonna work on shurikenjutsu!”

the comment nearly makes sasuke come to a boil. “shurikenjutsu? naruto couldn’t hit a steady target in his dreams, how could he possibly teach you shurikenjutsu?”

sakura elbows him to shut him up, “what your papa means to say, sarada, is that if you want to practice your shurikenjutsu with him, he’d be happy to help.”

sarada looks at her parents and sighs with a small smile. she walks towards her papa and beckons him to lower himself to her height before she reaches her right hand forward and taps his forehead, “i’m sorry, papa, but uncle naruto already offered. maybe next time.”

oh, he was so going to murder naruto. a slow, painful death to give him enough time to apologize for trying to steal his daughter from him. he doesn’t know what that kind of brainwashing that usuratonkachi has done to his precious daughter, but he wasn’t going to stand for it. he was not going to have his sarada ditch him for that whiskered fool everyone calls the hokage.

tomorrow came and sarada went out to train with naruto again. she strolls in around dinner time, happily sweaty as she tells her mama about her training. uncle naruto this, uncle naruto that; sasuke was considering going over there and training with uncle naruto himself. 

“are you training with uncle naruto tomorrow, sarada?” he questions over dinner. she shakes her dark hair and reaches for more onigiri. “would you like to train with me? i’m sure i can help you with your shurikenjutsu.”

“um, no thanks papa,” she says quietly, stuffing food into her mouth afterwards, hoping that he’d stop questioning her if she had food in her mouth. unfortunately for her, it doesn’t work. 

sakura opens her mouth to keep the peace, but sasuke beats her to it, “how come you’d rather train with naruto than me?” he finally asks.

sarada sighs and brushes the crumbs off of her lap, “i was hoping you wouldn’t notice papa, i didn’t want to hurt your feelings,” she stands and says, “but i’m not strong enough to train with you yet, so i asked uncle naruto to help me out.”

sasuke sits dumbfounded and sakura smirks in the corner (i told you so, she chants to herself). sarada goes on, “you’re the best ninja out there, besides for mama of course, but she’s the best kunoichi ever so it’s okay. if i’m going to train with you, i have to get better, so i train with someone who’s almost as good as you.”

the shock washes away as he listens to his little girl; it’s soon replaced with a smug smile, “i’m better than the hokage?”

sarada rolls her eyes and walks over to him. this time she bends down to tap his head, “silly papa, of course you are.”

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Hello there! I'm sorry if you've answered something like this before, but I'm 18 and going to be (hopefully) going to college this year and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life (maybe something with the arts and gaming since I love drawing? But I'm not entirely sure and feel kind of hopeless...) So I wanted to ask, have you ever felt kind of lost or hopeless a bit when going into the field of voice acting, and when did you decide that this is what you wanted to do?

I can count at least 3 separate occasions over the course of my career where I seriously, legitimately doubted whether I was entering the right field for me - where I couldn’t really determine if I was simply hitting a wall that I needed to get over, or if I was only adamant on sticking to voiceover because at that point it was the only thing I had to my name and dropping it meant becoming a “nobody” who just plays videogames all the time.

Having friends I could talk to during these moments helped me feel less alone; having my mentor to voice my worries to helped immensely with hearing a voice besides my own. Perhaps ironically, deliberately keeping myself busy (with more voiceover roles, especially during my amateur years) helped to prevent me from dwelling for too long on those feelings of self-doubt, and challenged me either put up or shut up rather than spend more time complaining than doing.

In the end, I could never separate myself from this craft, because there was always something about it that caught my interest. For all the times I wanted to insult myself over a sub-par performance, there was that next project - that next character - that spurred me on, because “God, I want to voice them”. There were so many times when I knew in my head exactly how I wanted a character to sound, but couldn’t quite get the same result to come out vocally; that frustration drove me to continue until I could rather than simply quit.

I wish I could give you a catch-all piece of advice to help determine what path is best for you, but life doesn’t work that way. What I can do, though, is say this: if you find yourself unable to keep away from a certain hobby or profession, no matter how much it frustrates you, no matter how doubtful you may get at times… if your response to a negative outcome is to push yourself even harder and think “I’m better than this” rather than waving it off and deciding you didn’t care all that much anyway… then keep pursuing it.

If you enjoy it, keep pursuing it. If you power through the bad moments (and there will be plenty of them) because the good times feel incredible, keep pursuing it. But perhaps most importantly, try and view roadblocks as a chance to improve and refine your talents instead of immediately accepting them as a sign of failure. I came extremely close to quitting my job at Disneyland in the middle of training because it felt like I was way in over my head in terms of what was being demanded, but almost immediately after I convinced myself to stick through it to the end, the pieces ‘clicked’ together and I made massive strides forward in my comprehension of the job’s process in a short period of time

There are still times - even today - where I worry about if I might be falling back or ‘coasting’ instead of actively making sure my acting is on a path of constant improvement, but having confidence that I am capable in the meantime goes a long way to making it happen. You have to believe you can do it before you can convince others of the same thing, so even if you’re unsure whether something is a good fit for who you are, give it all the effort you can muster. That way, if you ever do decide you’re just not as interested in that hobby/career/industry as you thought you would be, you can safely move on from it without regretting the decision or questioning if you simply hadn’t tried hard enough; a job that frustrates you even at your best will never fulfill you as much as a job that motivates you even when at your worst.

Takenaka Headcanons

Some Takenaka headcanons for you all:

  • Was a super happy and rowdy toddler before his powers developed.
  • His powers kicked in when he was 5
    • The first time he heard the thoughts of other people it really freaked him out
    • He told his parents about it and they just thought he had an overactive imagination 
  • His parents are divorced 
    • He blames himself for their divorce every damn day because he was the one who accidentally voiced his parents true feelings
    • He lives with his mom and visits his dad on the weekends.
    • He has a very formal relationship with both of his parents
  • He started wearing earplugs when he was 12.
  • He’s a Libra
  • For a while he’d use his powers for good, telling others not to steal or do bad things, but he got exhausted
    • He’s heard many, many horrible thoughts and he always feels guilty for not stopping others from doing bad things
  • He tries his best to read people without relying on being able to hear their thoughts 
    • He’s gotten pretty good at it but he still has trouble reading the room sometimes
  • He wants to get closer to others but at the same time he is terrified of forming close bonds with people
    • He kinda acts like an asshole sometimes as a defense mechanism to ward others away from him
  • Falls into self hatred cycles all of the time
    • “No one likes me because I’m an asshole and I’m an asshole because no one like me and I’ll never be able to form meaningful bonds with others because of my creepy powers and………”
  • He joined the Telepathy Club to find other telepaths
    • When he realized that they weren’t a club full of telepaths, he decided to stick around for a while and maybe become friends with the others in the club
    • He left after the club got the creepy representation that they have now
  • He HATES tennis. And most sports tbh
    • He only joined the tennis club because he wanted to get closer to Tsubomi
    • It didn’t work she doesn’t know he exists
  • For the most part his ear plugs block out voices but some people have louder voices that break through (Like Mob’s or other espers)
  • He can send his thoughts to anyone he can see, if he can’t see the person then he can’t send his thoughts.
  • Even with his ear plugs on at night he still doesn’t sleep well
  • He has a lot of anxiety 
    • He gets nervous over completing simple tasks like doing homework or going to class
  • Skips class A LOT
    • His second home is the nurse’s office
  • Frequent headaches 
    • Even with the ear plugs he just gets headaches constantly 
  • He never wants to be reliant on his powers, Like Mob he believes that they are unnecessary to live a happy and normal life.
  • Anxious Bisexual Representation
  • Magnus: And I'd give up forever to touch you
  • 'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
  • You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
  • And I don't want to go home right now
  • Alec: And all I can taste is this moment
  • And all I can breathe is your life
  • And sooner or later it's over
  • I just don't wanna miss you tonight
  • Magnus and Alec: *kisses passionately*
  • Jace: *eating a bowl of cereals* Damn man!
  • Go get a room. I'm having breakfast!
  • Simon, Clary, Isabelle: AWWWWWW
Conversation about special interests (also a play on the me, an intellectual meme) (tag your special interest)
  • Someone else: "You should expand your horizons a bit more, instead of just watching the same thing over and over again"
  • Me, an autistic: "But I like watching it over and over, it's my special interest!"
  • Someone else: "But don't you ever get bored of watching the same thing? You should try something new"
  • Me, an autistic: "No, I love it! I'm just going to stick with my special interest."

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Brian! I'm getting a new cat and I'm really scared. I volunteer at an animal rescue place and about a month ago they got this sweet kitty and we bonded. I love him so much and they will give him to me for free, but I'm nervous my old cat will hate him. I know you have two cats, do you have any tips for introducing them?

I’m sure at this point you’ve managed to introduce them, but my tips for anyone going through this scenario are as follows:

-Don’t feed them next to each other right away, to ensure they don’t become aggressive/possessive of food. Feed them in separate rooms, then over time move the food dishes closer. This helps work wonders when it comes to preventing dominance issues.

-Don’t fret if they don’t get along right away (or ever)! My two boys get into dumb fights all the time, but it’s natural for pets to battle a little. They always settle down right after and do their own things. If it gets really aggressive, ask a vet what can be done.

-Figure out their individual quirks. You already know your one cat, so discover the specific weird behaviors/preferences of your new one as soon as possible. This will help you identify if/when there’s something off!

-Love both kitties! Prevent either one from becoming jealous of the other by showing affection towards both of them. My fat, jerkwad cat Sig gets incredibly nasty if I show my other cat Plinko love first when I come home, so I’ve worked out a system that helps keep him from getting too envious of his brother :P

Good luck and enjoy your new family member!