i'm not going to be able to handle this week

I don’t feel any better this morning. Arguably worse than yesterday afternoon? My throat swelled back up last night and this morning I’m just hacking up a lung constantly.

Between my feverishness and now my upsetness over how bad of an idea it would be to still follow through on camping, I wanna cry.

anonymous asked:

I am going to a wedding in a few weeks, and I am set to be a bridesmaid. Problem is, I'm nonbinary and strongly prefer to present androgynously/masculine. I am currently closeted, wearing a dress is required for this, and I cannot wear even a compressive bra. All that I might be able to stand. It's mainly all the "you look like a girl for once!", "Don't you want to be pretty like this more often!", and "teasing" comments that I'm worried about. Tips for handling a day of social dysphoria?

This might be way too late, and also this advice is childish but: I honestly pretend to be a spy. This dress, this look? It’s just part of my cover. Oh, you’re complimenting it? Perfect, that means the disguise is working. Secretly, I’m the manliest man to ever man. Or, alternatively, I’m the most androgynous spy to ever trick these fools into thinking I’m a pretty princess. Ha, those fools!

Or you can straight up ask people not to tease you like that. You don’t have to come out to them, just tell them that you really don’t it. If they really respect you, they’ll respect your wishes, too. 

No stream, JodelieJodelie can’t handle the heat :(

I was planning on streaming but it’s just SO HOT in my room (it’s around 25C right now and it’s only going to get warmer today…). My window is facing East/South-East, so I get most of the sun during the day. This means that every morning I basically get fried in my bed, which is one of the worst ways to wake up IMO. I feel so gross and I even with my fan at max speed I’m pretty much dying.

I really want to finish 407 Edgewater Parkway but I’m afraid I just can’t. If I’d know about this (I should’ve checked the weather forecast, that’s on me) I would’ve streamed yesterday. I’m so sorry about this but I can’t handle heat AT ALL (I truly am my mother’s daughter….). And even if I streamed you wouldn’t be able to hear me because of my noisy fan.

So I’m planning on just recording some footage and releasing it as normal videos, because I’m afraid next week is going to be just as bad.

  • me: *trying to hide my tears*
  • someone: ...a-are you okay??
  • me: the upcoming check please updates are going to destroy me. i've seen what's to come and i'm already dying. i've been watching ngozi's streams and honestly, i'm not going to be able to handle this. also, blueliners is coming out this week AND the nhl season is starting up again. my hockey heart can't take this. someone help.