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Clintasha Pearl Harbor AU

Clintasha Week: Day Seven - “Free for All” 

So on my twitter, I saw a tweet that @clintasha made about a Clintasha Pearl Harbor AU and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So…here we are on the last official day of Clintasha Week and I decided to write it. It’s inspired by the movie Pearl Harbor, but doesn’t copy it. I kept the characters mostly as they appear in my VPU story series, so…yeah. It’s fluffy in places and only like 4500 words, but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it! 

This was written without a beta and pretty much off the cuff. It’s only meant as a one-shot so there are some time jumps in it, just…read and enjoy lol

Natasha stared at herself in the mirror, sighing deeply as she took in the white uniform. It was made complete by the equally white cap pinned on top of her head.

A nurse. She was a Navy nurse.

Even a year into it, she still couldn’t believe that this had become her life. Not that she had anything against nurses. The women she worked with were amazing, kind, brave women. But Natasha just wasn’t cut out for this.

For one, her bedside manner left something to be desired. Left a lot to be desired actually. She couldn’t even count the number of times her supervisor, Maria, had told her that telling guys to ‘stop crying like babies’ wasn’t proper patient care.

She couldn’t help it, though, it’s just the way she was.

Beyond that, though, she wasn’t a nurturer or a care giver. She’d been raised in an orphanage where you fought for anything and everything. And she’d learned to fight well.

When this war had started, she’d yearned – as most people had – for a way to do her part. But they didn’t let women into the military. They didn’t let women fight. So she did the next best thing, the thing that at least let her help those who did do the fighting.

She was a Navy nurse.

A banging on the door had her straightening, adjusting her long red hair on her shoulders.

“Natasha, come on, the new pilots just got here!” Anna, one of her house mates shouted.

Natasha rolled her eyes. Anna was only 18, she got moon eyed and drooling every time a remotely good looking Navy boy walked by her. She practically had a fit when a whole new batch of them arrived.

Most of the other girls in her house – Becky, Meredith, and Ali – they all got just as excited. It was only Natasha and Beth – who was mousey and barely spoke – who couldn’t care less how good looking the sailors were.

As far as Natasha was concerned, most of them were absolute idiots who thought far too much of themselves. Especially the pilots. They thought that because they had a pair of wings pinned to their chest they were something special…that they were owed adoration.

Natasha rolled her eyes when Anna banged on the door again.

“I’m coming!” she snapped.

She checked her reflection once more – just because she wasn’t cut out for nursing didn’t mean she couldn’t look good while doing it – and then reach for the door.

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